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What's the easiest way to level up?

I've started just the game yesterday, but I want to know how to get my hands on the lambourghini!!!

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ChildeRoland108 answered:

Do the bonus races, you get 250,000exp, and 2,500,000Cr for 5 gold in each set(one time only though, but easier than specials and licenses).
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SolidPlatipus answered:

For earlier levels, just play the game as it doesn't require any grinding. Do special events ASAP when you unlock them as they give you a lot of money and experience. As of right now, you can't grind Special Events so go for the gold and be patient. You can also earn a countach in one of the events, not entirely sure which one sorry.
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MrPotatoHead_13 answered:

I'd try and complete the licences and special events. The licences can get a bit boring and frustrating but are an excellent way to get your levels up. The special events are really fun, especially Karting and NASCAR racing and as you level up, difficulties on these races get higher so you can really challenge yourself! Also try doing some Clubman & Sunday Cup series races, they are really simple with a normal car.
PS - I bought a HONDA, brand new from the car dealersip for just under Cr.20,000, it is pretty fast for a first car and is available at Lv.0!
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MrElgemann answered:

U should buy the first Ferrari as fast as possible,its cheap,its fun to drive and u will win many races with it. Worth every dollar!!!! I buyed the Toyota MR2 as my first car.

Thats the way to level up!
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bklynfinest2k1 answered:

Find a race that gives you the most driver points thats a way to level up
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aquaspin2win answered:

Early on do the special events and licences you will earn enough money which you can used to buy a car which will easily win events for credits and level up points.
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BamaR1 answered:

I agree with the bonus races: by far and away the most exp and not really that hard .
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Necroceir answered:

Play online, you can use your arcade mode cars, and still gain money and experince. an alternative is make it to the super car event, and keep racing the daytona track paying out at $21,000 for first dunno the exact exp pay out. personally i use a 734hp mach 1 there no problems.
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FSgamer answered:

Do license tests, special events & seasonal events (A-spec).
Do the highest lvl races available (A-spec/B-spec). Like if you're lvl10 keep doing lvl10 races until you reach lvl11, once you get to lvl11 keep doing lvl11 races until you get to lvl12, and so forth.
On the highest lvls you can keep doing the Indy oval race (lvl21 Like the Wind/lvl24 Dream Car).
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faceforradio answered:

I found a great way to earn cash and huge amounts of XP at the beginning was to buy a mini cooper (as its cheap) do a few a spec races to fully tune it then look for the Seasonal Events which require the PS to be connected online. You still race the AI but the rewards are great for very little effort. Sadly no cars as rewards though just about 35k-70k per race.
I also bought the 1961 e type jag for the classic car races and a lambo for the 4wd ones. The races will change every month or so.
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Minolta1989 answered:

If level 23, go to extreme events, and do All American race, and get Corvette ZR1 RM or some other good US car.(buy all highest parts+ soft tires for ZR1)I got $97,600 cash+18,000 exp for it.
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vipermanyo answered:

also lvl 22 European Championship Rome Circuit is super easy use the lambo, gets you 82,600 takes less than 6 min and gives you some exp
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