Question from sonicvictor

Gran turismo 5 savedata?

where can I find Gran turismo 5 savedata that unlock all premium cars?


rpgnerd1985 answered:

How about you play the game for yourself... what is the point of just taking someone else's data?
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Race_Enthusiast answered:

I see you decided to create virtually the exact same question's my copied answer from your other question.

"Game saves are currently tied to the creator's PSN account.

No one knows if this will change in the future."
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dionsavage answered:

Unable to load another users data... For euro game save please help
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InitialDFanatic answered:

if you're willing, purchase the car pack 2, 3, and the racing car pack. You'll get the Red Bull X2011 Race Car. This car will blow your mind! I used it in all of the championships that didn't have any entrance requirements, and wiped the floor with the competition. But this will only work if you are willing to spend about $20 on a PSN card. But believe me, you won't regret it! Hope I helped.
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MaxCHEATER64 answered:

To answer the question, yes.
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