Question from coopdoop

Asked: 4 years ago

What is the best way to get easy money?

I am trying to get a lot of money like my friend

Accepted Answer

From: ChildeRoland108 4 years ago

the best event in the game, as moonflow213 said, is indy at the All American GT - but it is 118,000Cr. if you have the latest update. Also try the seasonal events, if you get gold in all 5 in the set you earn 2,500,000 Cr. you may struggle with those events though so you should try the first one and see if you can make a profit. Also special events award a large sum of money but again this is not the easiest method, if you want easy money you're gonna have to grind. Seasonal and special events are one time only awards, which is why you get so much.

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you might want to play the american GT on the indianapolis track. its a good option if you play it with the chevrolet ZRI concept with a racing mod. its very easy and you get 98,000 cr. enjoy!

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you can enjoy beating some easy maps in professional as the races are finished fast. You migth get good money this way

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