Question from DarthVader98

How do you win B-Spec pick up truck challenge?

I have the dodge 1500 quad cab pick up truck and the best position my level 12 driver can get is 12/12, he won't let the car go to it's maximum speed. To win do I have to buy a better pick up or is something wrong. P.S my pick up has the most bhp possible for the car.


my96dcmimpalass answered:

I used the Chevrolet Silverado SST Concept '02 truck. I have it (damn near, if not) maxed out. I can't remember if there is a PP or a tire restriction, but that was the only truck I used for the B-spec truck race. I haven't raced with the Dodge Ram, so I can't help you with tuning/setup on the truck.
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SkylineLoverR32 answered:

I used the silverado too. In the first race my 26 driver took till the 2nd to last lap to pass the tacoma. But it is possible to win in a maxed out silverado. I suggest finding a tacoma tho. They seem to be the best truck to use. That or a f150.
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