Question from Psychotron428

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the Formula Gran Turismo car?

I don't know where to get the Formula GT car for the Formula GT event. Do you get it randomly from the used cars, can I win it, or can I use the Ferrari formula cars? Also any news involving used cars would be great.

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From: Psychotron428 4 years ago

I just found the answer to my own question. The car popped up randomly in the used car list. It cost about $5 million and you need to be A-spec level 24.

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Used car lot, 4.8mil, must be level 24.
Would be handy to have an extra $Mil on top of that for the 500k engine rebuild and same price chassis repair.

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I'm pretty sure you can win one in one of the endurance races just like gt4. There is no way you have to find it in the used car lot...

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U'll find it in used cars

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