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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find GT40 LE, and Escudo?

How/ where do you get the original GT40 Le Mans (1960's version). and where/how do you get the Escudo Pikes Peak racer?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Yeah, found the GT40. Its a used car now. I actually saw it on my first day in the game. of course I didnt have the lvl. or cash to buy it :(

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From: GT5_and1 4 years ago

GT40 Race Car '69 and Escudo Dirt Trial Car '98 can both be found in the used car dealership, although it isnt very likely.

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Check to see if the gt40 you are thinking of is even in the game, if it is then it's the same as the escudo dirt trial car, they're both standard not premium so you just have to get lucky to find them in the used car show room until they release the patches to make all cars premium.

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I saw d escudo had d money n lvl but im savin money for my SV, add me IDCI

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