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Asked: 3 years ago

What car is best for the German Touring Car Championship?

What car is best to use for the German Touring car Championship?

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Lexus IS-F racing concept,i win easily with this car

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Lexus ISF racing concept is a no no if yr are having yr b-spec driver do it,from experience i would say the Audi R8 LMS race car or a car with good power and good tyre durability,That car is brill for b-spec,A-spec is Lexus turf,great choice for race.That was my choice.

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I got a BMW M3 GTR Race Car in the used car dealer for $900,000 and it was worth every penny. U dont even have to upgrade it!!

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DTC races are kind of easy - I've actually been trying to find the Merc 190 DTC car in used, just to make the races harder. My opinion - the Audi R8 LMS is the strongest (I'm surprised it's allowed with so much hp), followed by the Merc CLK '00 and the Astra, then the Audi TT. The M3 GTR is also nice. I've never tried the Lexus.

Btw one thing that really helps - all of the DTC cars understeer a bit so I would max the aero then shave some off the rear, then tweak the LSD to 7 35 15, then brakes at 3 7. With this setup you can park the TT at the line at Nurburgring until 1'00 on the clock, then still crush the other cars to the finish.

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