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'66 Chevelle? 3
About ferrari f1?? 2
Any difference Between the RedBull X1's? 1
Are there any Prize Cars that you cannot buy? 1
Best tuned Car? (Cheap I mean) 7
Can any car worth over 500.000 be sold? 2
Can i get red bull X2010 from ticket 1000? 2
Can I win the F1 Ferrari's in any race or do I need the 10 mil/12.5 mil to ever get them? 5
Can some borrow me GT5 Formula 1 car? 1
Can someone help me get a VW Lupo? 1
Can you still aquire trophies offline? 1
Can you upgrade the brakes? 2
Can't use owned items? 3
Car acceleration stops and kicks in again? 2
Car Tuning vs. Racing Mod? 1
Damage lvl 40? 1
Differentiate between Standard and Premium? 1
Does any one know the list of cars we can give the racing Mod colors to in the Gt Auto Shop? 1
Does GT5 have a 3rd person mode? 1
F1 07 or the Formula Gran Turismo? 1
Formula GT - i know it's random, but how random? 3
Free Roam?? 1
Full list a Racing Modable cars? 1
Gift limit? 2
Gifting gifted cars?? 1
Gt Psp to Gt5 premium vehicles? 1
Horizon-00 and Double Stripe-00, Why are the pics clear? 1
How / where do you get the 66/67 charger? 2
How can i make my Mazda Furai black? 4
How do I aquire the Toyota Minolta Race car 88-V? 4
How do I change my tires? 1
How do i get Chrome paint? 2
How do I get more gear? 1
How do you steer the enzo ferrari? 1
How do you unlock the top gear test track on arcade mode? 2
How often does the "online dealership" inventory change? 1
How to improve handling of the Lotus Elise '96? 5
How to unlock more cars in arcade mode? 2
I am at wits end here?!?! 3
I cant change my tires? 1
I cant find a truck? 5
I know that you can gift a car, but is there a way to sell cars online in the game? 2
I need a Nissan R92CP asap ? 2
I Need to find a Bugatti!?? 9
In need of cash, what car sells for most? 5
Is their trucks? 1
Looking for honda 02 euro accord gt5? 1
Need a JGTC or Super GT urgent ? 1
Please tell me how to turn the music off? 6
Red Bull X2010 trade help ? 2
Roadster 4 hours, best car? 3
Trophy Help? 4
Tuning a Corvette ZR1 RM? 1
What cars can be upgraded into racecars? 5
What do you get for completing 24 Hours of Nuerburging? 1
What formula Ferrari is better? 1
What prize cars do I get in the Endurance Series? (Plus Red Bull X1 questions inside) 5
Where are all the cars? 2
Where are the drift racing events? 1
Where can I find (data logger)? 1
Where can I find (the trucks)? 2
Where can I find a pick up and a mini? 1
Where can I find all premium cars? 2
Where can I find cars for the Historic Racing Car Cup and the Formula GT? 1
Where can I find GT40 LE, and Escudo? 3
Where can I find honda dealership for photo? 2
Where can I find R8 LMS? 1
Where can I find Suzuki ESCUDO Dirt Trial Car '98? 1
Where can I find the Formula Gran Turismo car? 4
Where can I find the lamborghini countach? 2
Where can I Find the Opel Dealership? 1
Where can I find The Suzuki Escudo Rally car? 1
Where is America's free cars? 3
Where's BMW M3 GTR? 1
Where/When can I buy trucks? 1
Why does the Mustang Mach One max out at 130? 1
Why is it that not all of the cars are available in the dealerships? 1
Wil be posiible to transfer my garage form gran turismo PSP to GT5 on Ps3 ? 2
Will UK collector's DLCs work with US account? 2
Would there be extra content if i owned previous versions of GT? 3

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
About engine damage and how do i avoid it? 1
Any tip for making $$$ faster?? 3
Any way to speed up b'spec mode? YES! 2
Any way to speed up B-Spec mode? 3
At what lvl do the drivers get up and down arrows? 5
Auto Pit? 2
B Spec Schwarzwald League B ? 1
Best race car? 16
Can you delete trophies to re-aquire the rewards? 2
Car Tuning Questions? 1
Do you get the veyron as a prize car for the b-spec world championship? 1
Does it matter if you direct B-Spec or not on points? 3
Engine Overhauling & Chasis Repair...? 2
Experience points variance? 5
Grand turismo car set up? 1
Hidden trophies? 1
How do i activate the ghost mode in online racing to avoid being crash into? 1
How do i get the SPEED DEMON Trophy? 3
how do i keep B-specs from losing their moods so quickly? 1
How do I reach level 30 A-Spec? 1
How to earn cash quick and easily ? 1
I need a car for Schwarzwald League B and the GT World Championship, what's the cheapest "good" car to use for 2
Is there anyway to win the NASCAR series in B-Spec? 1
Like the wind? 2
Quick XP gaining for the seasonal events? 1
Selling Vehicles?? 3
Special event for nascar? 5
Suzuki ESCUDO dirt trail car? 2
Tuning guide for X2010? 1
What are the pros and cons of having multiple drivers in B-Spec? 2
What does car rigidity affect in-game,and should i repair it often? 1
What is the best beginner car to buy? 18
What is the best Car for Drifting? 1
What is the best drift setup for my 665-669hp awd skyline? 1
What is the best strategy for (Avanced Dirt Rally Event)? 2
What is the best strategy for (gran turismo 5)? 5
What is the best strategy for (racing wheel)? 1
What is the best strategy for Seasonal Event Expert B-spec? 1
What is the best way to flip my car? 3
What is the best way to get easy money? 3
What is the fastest/ most powerful car in the game? 7
What race should I repeat many times to get easy cash? 2
Why doesn't the pit lane work? 1
Will you get another car if you do endurance twice? 1
Winning prize cars over and over? 7

Other Help Answers
24-Hour race save process? 8
24h Races ?? LITERALLY ?!?! 3
3 Questions in one...? 3
4 Questions in one...? 1
About 1.05 Update? 1
About the full car list? 10
All NASCAR car's have the same HP? 2
Any way to reduce driver personality? 1
Aston Martin Vanquish? 1
B-spec level for more than driver? 1
Bad graphics? 1
Can anyone help me with the japanese classics race? 3
Can I change from military time in GT5? 3
Can I collect the cars as if I would collect Pokemon? 6
Can you paint your race-modded cars? 1
Can you repaint the Formula Gran Turismo? 1
Can you save during 24h races? 1
Can you skip the first half of the intro? 2
Can you still get money when you finish the game? 1
Can't change gear ratios? 4
Cant wait for my birthday, can I change my date of birth and still get the birthday gift? 1
Car acceleration & top speed? 4
Car Contest "If this works and they let me" Intrested? 2
DLC cars? 1
Do you get less money the more you win a course? 2
Does anyone know if game stamped not for resale is same version as game sold in stores? 1
Does this game have trophies? 2
Does tuning a car... Ruin it ??? 1
Error 80710A06? 1
Fire from my muffler? 1
Free roam? 4
Gt5 jailbreak? 1
Help needed...? 2
Hey anyone have a Escudo to trade ? 2
How do a get the tank car? 1
How do I disable the beeps at time splits or after completing a lap? 1
How do i get the 'within one hundreth' trophy? 7
How do i make my car wheelie? 1
How do i send birthday tickets to other people online? 1
How do I upgrade vehicle? 1
How do I use my purchased cars in Arcade Mode? 2
How does painting work over a car with racing modifications? 1
How is PP determined? 1
How many races does it take to get a prize from your B-spec driver? 1
How often do the cars in the used car dealership change? 1
How to make a better B-Spec driver? 1
How to make cars wheelie? 2
HP for Opera Honda S2000 '04 (S)? 1
In GT5 in the garage, there is a "online" area .. waht is that for? 1
Is 20 million all you can earn? 3
Is Gt5 Better Than Need For Sped Hot Pursuit? 3
Is it possible to test my car's quarter mile time? 1
Is online global or region limited? If region limited, what are the regions? 1
Is there 4x4s? 1
Is there a list of credits and xp? 1
Is this for wii? 1
Is This Game Data Transferable To Another PS3?.. 1
Just to clarify....? 2
License question? 1
License Stickers? 1
Mileage? 1
Multiple NASCAR questions? 2
My eyes really hurt playing this game? 3
Odd Question? 3
Pause in B-Spec Mode? 1
Private online race? 1
Racing modifications .. why cant I find a car that accepts it? 1
Special price car tickets? 1
The Long Install? 5
Tire wear rate? 2
Top Gear test track? 1
Two players offline mode? 1
Unlocking Tracks; Nurburgring (full course) in 2 Player arcade mode? 1
Update the game? 1
Was there supposed to be a youtube uploader in GT5? 1
What are "Museum Cards" for? 1
What car do i get? 1
What do the colored arrows next to my b-spec drivers mean? 1
What is more hard to pass GT4 or GT5 ? 1
What is the 3D like in this game? 2
what region is USA ? 1
When can I get an 88 Minolta Toyota Race Car? 2
Where can i find Bugatti veyron? 1
Where do you get the redbull x1? 9
Why aren't there any MPVs or SUVs? 2
Why can't I sell bought used cars? 1
Why did it take five years to make this game? 2
Will data from gt5 prologue, or gt-psp be able to be used in the full version of the game? 3
Will GT5 change from dusk to dawn during the 24 hour endurance races? 3
Will GT5 include Porsche,Koenigsegg and Masserati? and will there be a paint shop as well?(vinyls and stuff) 2
Will it have local multiplayer? 1
X2011 Fuel Disaster?!? 1

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