Minimal Car Buying Guide by blowseph

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------------------------------- GRAN TURISMO 5 -------------------------------
---------------------------- WRITTEN BY: BLOWSEPH ----------------------------

With all of the races in this game and all of the different restrictions those
races have, sometimes it can be hard to know what car to use on what race or
where to get a car to use on a certain race. This guide is intended to provide
you with a "map" to get you through all of GT5's Aspec and Bspec races while
buying as few cars as possible, and to help you find a car to use any given
race if you're stumped about what to do next.



If you level up and a new race opens up to you that you do not have a car for,
that doesn't mean you have to go and buy a car to do that race right then and
there. If you skip over the races you do not have cars for, somewhere down the
road you will almost always come across a new prize car that you can use in
the races you have skipped over.

The cars I have listed to use are only suggestions. At times there may be
different cars you come across that you could use other than what I have
noted, which is OK. There's more than one way to get from point A to point B.

Before starting the races, go do the license tests. These will not only give
you some much needed exp/levels right off the start, but will also give you a
few nice prize cars to use before you've even done any races.

For some people license tests are hard, and getting anything more than a bronze
may be out of the question. For this reason, I have not included any prize cars
awarded by license tests over what you can get at the bronze level.

Some of these cars require tuning (in some cases extensively) to be able to
win. But they can still win.

You will at some point find that there are no more open races at your level
that you have a car for. You will need to re-visit races you've already won
to gain more exp and level up to open new events and gain new prize cars.


To do ALL the Aspec & Bspec races, you only NEED to buy 4 (or possibly 5) cars

1 - Any Mini Cooper (do not buy the Mini Cooper 1.3i '98, you win it later)
2 - Any Ferrari (do not buy the F40 or the California, you win them later)
3 - Lamborghini Gallardo
4 - Formula GT
5 - Any NASCAR** (unless you can gold all three of the NASCAR special events)


The following chart will be laid out in this format:
Races you will have to buy a car for will be preceded by **

Sunday Cup - Any car - pretty much any starter car you pick will win this
FF Challenge - Nissan MM-R cup car (A license bronze)
World Compact Cup - DN-X Concept '02 (IC license bronze)
Light Weight K Cup - Honda Z Act '70 (Aspec japanese classic)
Japanese Classic - Dome DOME-ZERO Concept '78 (Aspec supercar nostalgia)
Vitz Race - Yaris or Vitz (Aspec/Bspec sunday cup)
European Classic - Autobianchi A112 Abarth '79 (Bspec world compact cup)
World Classic Car - Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA '65 (Aspec italian cup)
FR Challenge - Mazda Eunos J-Limited (NA) '91 (IB license test bronze)
Clubman Cup - Any car
European Hot Hatch - Hommell Berlinette '99 (Aspec world compact car)
NR-A Roadster Cup - Mazda Eunos J-Limited (NA) '91 (IB license test bronze)
Sport Truck Race - Dodge RAM (IA license test bronze)
Japanese 90's - Mazda Eunos J-Limited (NA) '91 (IB license test bronze)
French cup- Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '09 (Aspec gran turismo world championship)
Italian cup- Maserati GranTurismo S '08 (Aspec supercar festival)
Classic Muscle Car Championship - car from bronzing all NASCAR special events
Supercar Nostalgia - Lamborghini Countach '74 (Bspec Lamborghini Cup)
**Mini Challenge - Buy any Mini Cooper except for Mini Cooper 1.3i '98
Muscle Car Champ. - Buick Special '62 (Aspec classic muscle car championship)
Super Car Festival - Mazda Furai (Bspec NR-A roadster cup)
Lupo Cup - Lupo cup car (Aspec or Bspec european hot hatch championship)
Sports Car Cup 80's Festival - Honda Civic Si Race '87 (Aspec clubman cup)
**Lamborghini Exclusive - Buy a Gallardo (need for 1-make Gallardo race later)
British Lightweights (Aspec) - Marcos Mini GT '70 (Bspec mini challenge)
British Lightweights (Bspec) - Triumph Spitfire (Aspec british lightweights)
**La Festa Cavallino - Buy any Ferrari except F40 or California
Gran Turismo World Championship - Mazda Furai (Bspec NR-A roadster cup)
Tuning Car Grand Prix - Mazda Furai (Bspec NR-A roadster cup)
Schwarzwald League A - Lupo cup car (Aspec or Bspec european hot hatch champ.)
MR Sports Cup - Pagani Zonda R (Bspec gran turismo world championship)
Historic Racing Car Cup - Toyota 7 Race Car (Bspec like the wind)
Race of Turbo Sports - Mazda Furai (Bspec NR-A roadster cup)
Gallardo Trophy - use the Gallardo you bought for the Lamborghini race
Japan Championship - MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V (Aspec like the wind)
Gran Turismo All Stars - MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V (Aspec like the wind)
Polyphony Digital Cup - MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V (Aspec like the wind)
Schwarzwald League B - Opel Speedster/Turbo (Bspec/Aspec schwarzwald League A)
Like The Wind (Aspec) - Pagani Zonda R (Bspec gran turismo world championship)
Like The Wind (Bspec) - MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V (Aspec like the wind)
**NASCAR Series - Get gold on all NASCAR special events, or buy a NASCAR
European Championship - Pagani Zonda R (Bspec gran turismo world championship)
German Touring Car - Audi R8 or Lexus IS F(Aspec/Bspec nurburgring 4h endur.)
Super GT - MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V (Aspec like the wind)
American Championship - Cobra 427 '66 (Bspec classic muscle car championship)
**Formula GT - Buy a Formula GT
Dream Car Championship - MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V (Aspec like the wind)
Grand Valley 300km - Any car
Roadster 4 hours - Mazda Eunos J-Limited (NA) '91 (IB license test bronze)
Laguna Seca 200 miles - Any car
Indianapolis 500 miles - Any car
Suzuka 1000km - Any car
Nurburgring 4h - Any car
Tsukuba 9h - Any car
Le Mans 24h - Any car
Nurburgring 24h - Any car

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If you see any problems or anything, you can add me on PSN (JohnSmallberries)
and send me a message to let me know.


Have run racing!