Question from HeavenzEclipse

How do I get past (mission one)?

after you destroy all jammers in mission one and defeat all enemies your next mission statment is to"blow up concrete blocks". how do I do that?


chris03051979 answered:

This took me a while, too!! After you destroyed the jammers, killed everything and everyone, you come to a street crossing. In front of you, there is a barrier out of barbed wire, in the right street a burned down car and a wall in the left street (left and right of it, there are some barrels, a flag is behind the wall). The target is there on the wall. Move up to the wall and you will see a small red point on the wall. Set your explosives there (you get a hint), step back and you are through!

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dnindependent answered:

how to make continue first mission "protect the diplomat".. I'm stuck and I don't know how must post to do??
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