Question from kingkrown24

Stuck in forest?

I'm @ the part where you enter the forest and theres a cutscene where that guy that was with the dark knight is talking to sum other guy where in the forest am i suppose to go?

Angryshooter asked for clarification::

If you could specify where you are in the game, like which Generation, it would help greatly.

kingkrown24 provided additional details:

First the very begining like when you first enter a forest for the first time and after you encounter an enemy and the battle is over you don't automatically heal like when you encounter enemies outside. That part.

kingkrown24 provided additional details:

Thank you! I've been stuck on that forest for days. =,]

Accepted Answer

baku197 answered:

I'm guessing you're at Slumber Forest... have you tried pressing O to jump to a new platform? The character doesn't always auto-jump.
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