Question from abyss808

Asked: 3 years ago

Best Order in Fighting gods?

I noticed it when I fought Nemisis, the stats of the 5th Gen god looked slightly lower than the 4th. Which god should we tackle first? Which god should we tackle next and last?

Accepted Answer

From: Belphegor86 3 years ago

That depends on your fighting style. If you're like me with strong leaning towards using melee characters and doing large amounts of physical damage (my typical set up is four melee and two mages or a mage and warrior mage) then the best order is Nemesis (4th Gen) > Mobius (2nd) > Deeth (3rd) > Mercury (1st) > Mayastia (5th).
This way you're most likely to Overkill and build up you collection of high end equipment so you can really go for it with Mayastia.

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