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Haunted manor glitch in anvil?

Ok im in anvil iv just brought the house for 5000 iv slept in it killed the ghosts that attack me and found the bloke i brought it from and asked him to lift the curse but he wont do it iv got him up to 100% likable but nothing he just wont help me some 1 plz help its driving me insane ?

INXSive82 asked for clarification:

There should be a speech option that allows you to convince him. Refresh my memory what speech options have you got? Also **(spoiler)** have you killed all the ghosts in the basement? He won't travel with you if you haven't.

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INXSive82 answered:

Just another thing to add. There is a note or a journal and a skeleton hand. Retrieve these items and you should get that speech option with velwyn i mentioned..
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hotbigtoad answered:

after you kill the ghosts in the room, check downstairs, and get the note or letter, and the skeletal hand (PS: The hand isn't REQUIRED, because I overlooked it when I did this). Then go to the Elven Garden District in the Imperial City, and talk to the guy who sold it. There should be a topic Lift The Curse or something of that sort.

He should mention that he'd be waiting in the inn in Anvil. Talk to him there, and lead him to your manor, and go to the basement.

(And no, it's not required that you kill the ghosts in the basement before you go find the guy. When I did this mission, I killed the ghost after I got the guy, and got back to my house.)
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