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Dorian infinite gold glitch?

Ok....I used debilitate on Dorian and every time he flees....I tried to hit him first but my level is so high that it kills him....I also tried damaging his fatigue and he still fled....Does anyone know of a way i can get this glitch to work or am I screwed?


diz_knee_land answered:

In this one, you have to bribe him all the way up, paralyse him, then pickpocket him & steal his gold. You will notice that his gold will be infinite. DON'T KILL HIM.
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Shale213 answered:

I had the same thing happen to me and I think its some type of bug because it worked the first few times i did it, and then he just kept running away afterwards. So the only thing I can think of is just use the dupe item glitch, especially since you're at such a high level. But dupe a whole bunch of gems and stuff, and then sell it back to the merchant.. You wont get back as much gold as Dorian, but at least you get something. Hope it helps some.
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