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Soul gems?

I dont really care if u spoil anything for me so can someone awnser this question for me?

Q. What are soul gems for? How do i use them? Where do i get them?how do i soul trap?

Any useful info about soul gems would be much appretiated :)


bladeofomega answered:

Soul gems are used to restore magical charges on certain bits of equipment. You'll get enchanted things, such as a sword that does 10 pts Fire damage on hit. Each hit will drain charges. Soul gems, once charged, can be used from your inventory to restore those charges.

You use them simply by hitting X on them from your inventory.

You can get them from a large number of magic stores(spells and alchemy), and there are some laying around Mage guilds.

Soul trap works by casting the spell on a living creature. When that creature dies(assuming the spell hasn't run out, so the longer the duration, the better), you will automatically capture the soul. However, you must have a soul gem that is not full in order to capture a soul. The number of charges each soul gives varies based on what the monster is.

For more information, go here:
and follow the links
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