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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you get Perfect Amber/Madness sets?

When you talk to either npc to make the armor the number of amber/ore needed is on the side, is there a way to give them more? or find/use 2 Matrixs of the same piece? I used the Matrix with Madness Ores and got Grand Madness, not Perfect, please someone help me out with this, thanks.

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From: DaedraArcher101 6 years ago

Perfect Amber and Madness Armor is obtained by being level 25+ i have a set of both and it may be the best armor in/out of the Shivering Isles.

Just work until level 25 ( like Daedra and glass armor) and start saving your amber and madness ore.

Also you can duplicate the Amber and Madness Ore so the time will go by faster. All you do is find at least 1 Amber/Madness Ore and have 2+ scrolls in the inventory(easiest place i found em was Mystic Archives in The Imperial City ) and double tap tice with the ction button drop what you want duplicated and however many scrolls you have makes that number of what you want say.... Amber?

Power lever all your major skills until you reach level 25 then find Amber and Madness ore and use the Dupe glitch above

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I have no experience with matrixes but how good you're weapon is depends on you're level. At level1 it's flawed and above 25 perfect.

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