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How to use telekinesis?

Well i got the spell to use telekinesis and i cant figure out how to use it?

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twingats6661 answered:

You cast the spell at an item in the spells range to remotely move it. When this is your active spell move your cursor over the item to see if it is in range or not. Cast the spell at the item you want to manipulate. R1 will push the item farther away and L1 will pull it closer. You can also use the right stick to turn the item. Useful for bringing something you want to steal out of the line of sight of an NPC or tripping traps before you get close.
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fiona_gallex answered:

Depending on the power of the spell (within 10 ft, 20 ft, etc.) Aim the crosshairs on the item u wish to move, u should see a little hand appear on/ near the item, cast spell, then use the left analog to lift/ lower item, L1/R1 to push away/bring closer...Hold L1/R1 to throw item across room...When you get the hang of this spell, you can easily decorate your houses with items and even put books onto bookcases...But you need to be bored and have patientce
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Golberg51 answered:

i love telekinesis, gotta say i just use it to decorate my house XD
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BlueMoney5 answered:

The above made me say "why didn't I think of that, but the very 1st answer is really the best here, go with it
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DameNingen answered:

hell yes! i will tecorate my house now! xD
thanks for this thought :3
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