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Can you actually join the Mythic Dawn cult?

Is there a way to join the cult and do some quests for them? If so, how? I'm serious. Both Morrowind and Oblivion are excellent games with fantastic storylines. But they'd be so much better if you got to join the opposing side of the main quest.

I hated that you couldn't join the sixth house in TES III, especially when Dagoth said he'd accept your apology and what not. Is this game the same way? No way to join the Mythic Dawn?

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plucky027 answered:

It is possible to join this faction during the quest Dagon shrine for either a short period of time or permanently (although the latter stops you from completing the main quest). The only real implications of joining the faction are that your character may gain four faction-specific combat lines (see Notes) and you will suffer a large disposition drop with all members of the Blades. You will also gain a large disposition boost with all members of the Mythic Dawn faction, who may welcome you with the line 'Greet the new day, Brother/Sister' when approached. For more information about joining the Mythic Dawn, see:

Faction Ranks

Mythic Dawn has only two ranks that appear in your journal: "Initiate" when you come to the Dagon Shrine; and, "Acolyte" if you decide to kill the Argonian sacrifice Jeelius.

In summary, there are no follow-up quests. The only rewards are your character randomly shouts things when power-attacking or taking damage and disposition changes. And you can't complete the main storyline quest.
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Death_Master911 answered:

Technically, you cannot permanently join the Mythic Dawn. It is only for the duration of that quest.
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