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What is the best strategy for creating your own spells?

I've created a few spells that basically look like this:
Weakness to magick 100% for 1 second on target
Weakness to fire 100% for 1 second on target
Fire damage 25 pts for 2 seconds on target

I honestly can't tell if the weakness to magick or the weakness to fire is really doing anything. Am i using those effects correctly?


plucky027 answered:

Weakness effects included in a spell which also damages the opponent will not increase the damage of the first spell cast.

Example, you cast the spell you created above on the target once. The damage part of the spell will not be increased by the weakness effects. So you cast the spell again, the damage will now be increased by the amount of the first spell cast's weakness effects. However, you set these weakness effects to last only 1 second so your second spell cast will be too late.

Also, always put Weakness to Magicka LAST in the spell order or it doesn't work properly. Meaning, reverse the order you listed, Fire first and Magicka Second.

It's a lot easier to break these effects into multiple different spells, example:

Spell 1: Weakness to Fire 100% for 5 seconds on Touch
Weakness to Magicka 100% for 5 seconds on Touch

Spell 2: Weakness to Fire 100% for 5 seconds on Touch
Weakness to Magicka 100% for 5 seconds on Touch

Spell 3: Fire Damage 10 points for 10 seconds on Touch.

If you cycle to completely independent weakness spells with different Names they will stack, otherwise they don't. The above cycle, barring magicka/fire resists of the target, will kill anything in the game.

If you wish to increase the number of times you can stack the spells you'll need to increase their durations, obviously.

Refer to for more information:
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