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How do I beat wraiths?

When I run into a Wraith they drain my strength and I can't move how do I prevent this???

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twingats6661 answered:

You could equip items to up your spell resistance / reflection. To damage them you need a silver / deadric / enchanted weapon or magic.
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Psycho_Pro answered:

Drop heavy items and use fire or frost damage to them.
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Psycho_Pro answered:

Just shoot arrows at the wraith.
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Methshin answered:

They drain your strength making you over encumbered, just drop all crap you've been toting around and hack at him with a silver weapon, longsword or claymore will do the job the best, you might need a potion or two if your armor is weak.
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musicismylif101 answered:

That is unavoidable, all wraiths drain your strength and you become over-encumbered. To avoid this, carry a few feather potions or use the spell. When it comes to damaging them while you cant move,try spells, staves, and im sure silver and enchanted arrows work as well. Dont drop your armor either, as this makes you more vulnerable to attacks
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