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Cure for vampirism?

How to make a cure for vampirism.cuz the old lady would not take my blood grass.what is the item to make the potion?

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kede answered:

I found this ans on Wikipedia: Before inserting game disc change PS3 language to german, then load game as normal. Play through part of giving blood grass go out side and save. exit game and reset language to english. Reload game finish quest, no more vampirism. Worked for me.
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ConkerfanDaniel answered:

Yes, you need the bloodgrass but it wouldnt take it for me either it's lust a glicth tho
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thesmiter answered:

It is a glitch that plagues the playstation goty edition. just don't become a vampire. after you fight them, check your magic effects to see if you have the vampire disease, and if you do, get rid of it within 3 days. if you don't, than just don't sleep. I know it sucks, and the best way to not be a vampire is to avoid it altogether.
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sk8_4_life687 answered:

Ok this sux the same thing happened to me to what you have to do is get a old copy of oblivion not the GOTY edition the white cover load your save and complete the quest.
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boblestupide answered:

Why did you not carry some cure disease potion with you. i got no problems by doind that
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Basilieus1 answered:

I had the same problem so what I did is I borrowed my friends original oblivion with no shivering Isles expansion and then talked to her again and the bug was gone and now I'm cured and happy as ever in my game :D, I do want to try Kede's trick so I don't have to rely on my friend's game again :P.

Here is a URL for more specific details on how to solve it the way I did
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Knagomir answered:

Hey people!
I have this glitch too. But... It's a very easy way,yet very hard to find on the net, of crossing this "barricade" :D
Here it is:
When You encounter this glitch and old lady don't want to take your bloodgrass, save game, exit it, go to ps3 system menu, go tu language options and change it to French for example. Now boot the game. you can see that game language changed too. Load your bloodgrass glitched save and try giving bloodgrass to her. Voila :D When You get Your cure, just save the game and change language to English.
Hope I helped!
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