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Whats the best thing to summon in the game?

Im 100 in conjuration with enough magika for any spell ive seen yet, and right now my best 2 are xivallvi if thats how to spell, and a lich. Is there anything better?

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Ok but just in general is there one creature that would be the most helpful in a battle? I bought the ones mentioned above

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twingats6661 answered:

Ok, the Dremora Lord you summon is a Dremora Markynaz which is lvl 19 with ~250 hp and a Dremora Claymore with 22 base damage. The Gloom Wraith has 500 health and the same frost spells as a regular one. The Xivalai has 240 health and a good fire spell. The Storm Atronarch has 350 health and of course shock damage that can't be silenced. Probably the Gloom Wraith or the Dremora Lord are my preferences. A fun way to test it out is to SAVE your game, attack a guard, get a good amount after you and summon a creature to see how it does in battle.
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twingats6661 answered:

There are a few other master level spells, if that's what you mean by "best". There is a summon Dremora Lord from Volanaro in the Bruma Mage's Guild (if he's still alive). There's also summon Gloom Wraith from Borissean in the Arcane University and summon Storm Atronach from Vigge the Cautious in the Skingrad mage's guild. If you say you've got a good amount of magicka, you could play around with some custom made conjuration spells also.
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