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Where Is The Blade Trainer?

I need to level up my blade stat and i can't find the trainer. NEED HELP!!


twingats6661 answered:

The master trainer is Alix Lencolia in the Faregyl Inn south of the Imperial City, if that's what you mean by "the" trainer. Why use a trainer? Blade is too easy to level up by beating on a summoned creature or mudcrabs.
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hypercow0205 answered:

There is a blade trainer in the fighters guild in Anvil(Rhano), one in the castle of Cheydinhal(Naspia Cosma), Right-Wind in the Bruma fighters guild, Sherina in the Leyawiin fighters guild, and Alix Lencolia,
found Northwest of the Inn of ill Omen (after you complete
Dagon's Shrine there is an Oblivion Gate north of the Inn of ill Omen, from there just go West)
it is also East of Nenyond Twyll. Or you can just keep traveling on the road north of Bruma, you should find the Inn of ill Omen, from there if you keep following it there should be a fork in the road. Take the West path until you see the Faregyl Inn.
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shnixon0706 answered:

don't bother using a trainer. Go to perytes shrine, and you should see approx 6 people just standing there DO NOT ACTIVATE THE SHRINE. just keep hitting one of these people with a Blade and watch as your blade skill increases. note that you will need to bring repair hjammers.
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gamegene9060 answered:

Go to and look up blade then scroll down to trainers, it wont let me put in the link
list of all trainers in the game.
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HunterTrainer72 answered:

Blade trainers? Well to be honest, me for instance hack and slash everything, I have a good routine going on ( slice slice slice, block, get hit, slice slice slice single hand of course ) but any weapon/armor trainers are easy to find in guild halls, like for blade, the fighters or maybe the Dark Brotherhood. I hope this helps man :)
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