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Where can I find the fences?

I'm a member at the thieves guild and I can't find the people to trade with plz help.

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DragonboyBDC answered:

First member of the thieves guild you can fence with is Ongar the World-Weary in Bruma (I hope I got the name right...), his house is just near the church. If you are facing the churches front doors, go a bit right, and down there where there are a bunch of houses next to eachother, then just a bit left there should be a house, if you are not in the Thieves Guild he refuses that he is a vendor. Good luck!
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twingats6661 answered:

Here's a list. If you've just gotten to your first "Independent Theivery" update then the only one you can trade with is Ongar in Bruma. As you rank up in the thieve's guild you can sell to more merchants, but they have progressively higher mercantile skills. That means more cash on hand for you to mass sell and also less value for your goods.
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