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What is the Arcane Orrery?

Im not sure if that is the exact name for it but oh well. When you go into the Arch Mage's Lobby, there are three doors on the one side. The two outside ones go to the back part of the university but the middle door says I need a key to enter. I pickpocketed everyone to try to find the key but it seems it doesn't exist.

goldeagle3492 provided additional details:

I'd like to know where to get the key if its possible

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DragonboyBDC answered:

The Arcane Orrery is, sadly, an unused area in the vanilla and the GOTY version, then again, on the pc and Xbox 360 versions, you can download an addon to open up that area with some other extra content.
If you want more information about the Orrery, please consult
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