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Asked: 4 years ago

Can I store excess items anywhere?

Is there any place in the game where I can store items?

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Yes but you have to buy a house for that. you can buy houses in any city, but i would suggest buying the one in the imperial city. it is the cheapest.

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The shack/house in Imperial City is ideal yes. Also, try to use the chest at the foot of the bed to store your weapons & armor, and the cupboard by the door to store your other items like rings, potions, scrolls, etc. If you are a smart character & have bought all the houses in the whole game, you might want to take some advice & write down on a piece of paper each city & house you buy; then put into each of them whatever items you wish. Take that piece of paper & fold it & put it in your game case; that way, if you forget where something is, you have it written down.

Hope this helps out. :)

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I put my stuff on roofs to stop npc's from taking it

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Someone once said that you can put your things in your Guild's chests, but BEWARE: after a certain amount of time, the contents reset. I lost quest-reward, one-time-only items that way. Your best bet: buy a house.

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