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Asked: 5 years ago

Umbra Sword?

Ok, I have the umbra sword, but havent done the quest. If I ever get arrested, the sword dissapears from my inventory when I get my stuff back. Is this because i havent done the quest? Also, would I be able 2 fight umbra again if i go back to vindasil or start the quest?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I noticed that if i have umbra hotkey'ed i can still use it even though they took all my stuff and when i escape from the castle/dungeon its back in my inventory. Do you think i should do the quest just to be safe cus i really dont wanna lose it lol

Accepted Answer

From: twingats6661 5 years ago

Well quest items do not appear in the evidence chest if you escape, but you should get the sword back when you serve your time. No, if Umbra is dead starting the quest will not make her reappear. When you start the quest you skip over the quest line.

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