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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Argarmir? 7
can i get another Resonator of Judgment scales? 1
Can you tell me how to solve the theft mystery? 2
Got kicked out of Mage's Guild... Where can I find lots of Vampire Dust and Daedrea Hearts? 7
How do I get out of Vanua once I have the Helm? 2
How do I get the Fork of Horriplitation or whatever it is called if?... 5
How do I solve (camorans paradise)? 4
How do I solve (cure for vampirism)? 2
How do I solve (Greenmote silo)? 2
How do I solve (pilgrimage)? 3
How do I solve Caught in the Hunt? 1
How do I solve Hidden Pale Pass Ring? 2
How do I solve Tears of a Savior and drop past quest items? 2
How do I solve The Assassinated Man? 3
How do I solve the sunken one quest? + special locked doors in ruins 2
How do I solve The Ultimate Heist another way? 3
How do I solve The Ultimate Heist? 2
How do I solve To Help A Hero? 2
How do i start the knights of the nine? 1
How do I stop being so beautiful? 2
I can't find brugo the orc? 1
Killing vampire hunters? 3
Ritual of mania? Please help! 2
Shivering isles door? 1
Stuck on Vahtacen's Secret... help? 1
Sunken sewer glitch? Baurus is dead 1
The Painted Map? 5
Two problems with the isles? 4
what is your too late to catch Raynil? 2
Whats the fastest way do get money without sinning? 7
Where can i find amusei? 2
Where can I find Big-Head again? 1
Where is he................? 2
Where is the place that the clue inside the mythic dawn commentaries lead up to? 2
Why does this topic appear? 2
Ahdarji's Heirloom? (Theives Guild quest) 1
Azura star quest? 2
Can someone help me understand a few things? 3
Can you actually join the Mythic Dawn cult? 2
Can't get martin? 1
Canvas the Castle quest ending? 1
Does Sheogorath have a shrine? 2
Haunted manor glitch in anvil? 2
Help with allies for bruma? 2
How can i start...........................? 3
How do I buy furnishings for my home in Skingrad? 1
How do I find a damege magika spell ? 2
How do I get Felldew? 2
How do i get rid of Erthor? 1
How do I make a pilgramage? 1
How do I solve "Necromancers moon"? 1
How do I solve "the pillar" of the quest Vahtacen's secrets? 3
How do I solve (becoming the new duke of maina)? 1
How do I solve (duke of maina)? 1
How do I solve (gauntlets of cruisader puzzle )? 2
How do I solve (Tears of the savior)? 1
How do I solve crusader shield puzzle? 1
How do I solve ghosts of vitharn quest? sheogoraths realm. 2
How do I solve natures fury? 1
How do I solve The Coming Storm? 1
How do I solve the crusaders relics quest? 1
How does you get the key for the imperial orrery, located in the mages guild HQ? 1
I'm having trouble with the Hermeaus Mora quest. Help? 6
Is the vampirism glitch fixed in the 5 year anniversary edition? 1
Is there a patch for PS3 GOTY? 1
Killing the duke of mania? 3
Ma'zaddha conversation? 5
Master armorer quest? 1
Oblivion Gate Closing? 1
Ogres aren't showing up for Legacy Lost mission? 1
Please help me with "Cure for vampirism"? 1
Please help with "The Cure For Vampirism?" 8
Plz help? Desperate. Can't get close to curing my vampirism. VERY FRUSTRATED. 3
Rockshatter? 1
Scheduled for Execution.? 1
Shivering Isles Collection Glitch? 1
Shrine of Hermaeus Mora? 2
Thieves Guild? 1
What if Mazoga the Orc dies? 4
What is the trick to Sideways Cave? 2
Whats the trick to lockpicking? 5

Item Location Help Answers
A bad trade? 7
Black sole gems ? 4
Black soul gems and enchanting? 2
Can i get...................? 3
Can I transfer my equipment on one save to another? 3
Can you get the artifact things in sheogorath's palace? 3
Cave for Amber Matrixes ? 2
Daedric armor and armor of the holy crusade? 3
Does the PS3 version of oblivion (GotY) have all the DLC from the 360 version? 4
Ebony Mail? 1
Enchanting daedric long sword? 3
Getting Shadowrend? 2
Gold/renown ? 5
Great welkynd stone? 2
How do I drop (Amber/Madness) notes? 1
How do I open the frozen container in the Shivering Isles? 2
How do I use the enchanting alters and the other alter in the Arcane University? 6
I need help acquiring a specific item? 1
Is their a way to keep Llathasa's Bust? 2
Is there a way to enchant items at the altars with more than one effect? 1
Is there Mounts in this game ? 2
Meroon's Razor? 2
Oghma Infinitum? 2
Scrolls for duplication? 2
Soul gems? 1
The Skull of corruption? 4
What are all the armor types(not including magic,daedric,or shivering isle)? 1
What do I do with the giant hourglass in the imperial tower basement? 1
What do I do with the Shadowbanish Wine? 2
What is every type of armor? 1
What is the blood potion for? 6
Where can I find ( I need greenmote silo)? 2
Where can I find (daedric armor)? 1
Where can I find (Flawless Pearl)? 6
Where can I find (two sided coin)? 2
Where can I find (umbra)? 1
Where can I find a (Daedric Helmet)? 3
Where can I find a capture soal scroll? 1
Where can I find a restore health item? 1
Where can I find a worn golden short sword or a golden shortsword ? 3
Where can I find Basic Ring of Destruction? 1
Where can I find drain skill on self? 2
Where can I find ectoplasm? 2
Where can I find elven armor if i'm only a level 4? 1
Where can I find empty grand soul gems? 3
Where can I find Grand Soul Gems? 1
Where can I find restore personality spell? 1
Where can I find the items from Tamrielic Lore? 3
Where can I find torches? 5
Where is Andajri's Ring? 1
Where to buy potion/healing item? 2
Battlehorn castle? 1
Buying the house in Bravil? 1
Can i get? 2
Claymores/Battleaxes? 1
Crusader armor? 10
Do you get horse armour in Oblivion(game of the year)ps3 ? 1
Does f,eks heavy armor skill lvl effect madness armor? 1
Enchanting help? 1
Equiping enchanted item? 2
Hand-Hand damage? 1
Having trouble finding "The Armorer's Challenge"? 6
How can I open war gates in the K'vatch gate (spoilers)? 1
How do I activate my dweomer forge at battlehorn castle? 1
How do I get the skeleton key? 1
How do you delete spells from inventory? 1
How do you get greater amber/madness armour??? 1
How do you get Perfect Amber/Madness sets? 2
How do you recharge an enchanted item? 1
Is perfect madness better than deadric? 1
Is there a type of stone that you go to that increases your max magicka? 1
Item duplication not working? 2
Keys? 1
KotN priory storage? 1
Mine key? 1
My things have disappeared?!! 5
Potion of paralysis? 1
Quest for umbra sword? 1
Rare weapons ? 1
Really strong spell? 2
Ring of nighteye? 2
Shelden took my Dawn/Dusk Fang--how do I get it back? 4
Skeleton Key? 2
Special keys needed to open doors in ruins? 1
Storage capacity? 1
Unbreakable Lock-Pick? 2
Unicorns? 1
Weapon Choice for Sorcerer? 1
What do I do with the Ashes of Hindaril? 1
What good are skill enchantments? 6
What is Frostcrag Spire and how do I get it? 1
What is the best enchanted armor and weapons in the game? 10
What the hell is wrong with duskfang? 2
Where can I buy (Glow Dust)? 1
Where can I find (any kind of rings?) 2
Where can I find (crusader full amour)? 1
Where can I find (Dawnfang/Duskfang)? 5
Where can I find (dragon tongue flower)? 1
Where can I find (dragon tongue)? 4
Where can I find (Duplicating alter)? 1
Where can I find (ectoplasam)? 1
Where can I find (fin gleam)? 1
Where can I find (red wort flower)? 3
Where can I find (redwort flowers)? 1
Where can I find (repairhammer)? 2
Where can I find (ring of perfection)? 3
Where can I find (torch)? 3
Where can I find a bound sword/claymore scroll? 1
Where can I find amber matrixes? 3
Where can I find elven bow and arrows? 2
Where can I find fort red water? 1
Where can I find lockpicks? 2
Where can I find master mortar and pestle, and other alchemy stuff? 1
Where can I find Nightshade leaves? 1
Where can I find Soul Edge? 2
Where can I find Tamika Vintage 399? 1
Where can I find the Elven & Glass Items? 4
Where can I find vampire dust/vampires? 1
Where can I find water breathing potion? 2
Where can I get a paralyze spell? 1
Where Can I Get Goldbrand? 2
Where can I use Falcar's Key? 3
Where can we find all ten ayleid statues? 1
Where did all the Felldew go? 1
Where in the Shivering Isles is the Heirloom Ring? 2
Where is the Mystery of Talara V4? 1
Who have the greatest soul charge in the oblivion? 1
Why can't I equip two ring of perfections? 4

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Can you rename your property? 3
Getting maximum carrying capacity? 5
How do attributes and skills affect enchanting? 1
How do you bring up your stats in Conjuration, Destruction, Mysticism, and Illusion? 7
How many characters can you have following you at once, and what are there? 3
Is it possible to use the Alter of Enchanting in the Arcane University if you aren't part of the Mages Guild? 2
Is there a summon lich spell? 4
Leveling my character all at once? 4
Private Gardens in The Shivering Isles? 1
What does a fist icon and a number 2 mean? 1
What is the best strategy for creating your own spells? 1
What is the best strategy for earning money? 3
What is the best strategy for soul trapping? 3
Where can I find a apprentice level mysticism spell? 1
Where is the master level armorer trainer? 1
Which fort has the best stuff? 2
Are Argonians immune to vampirism? 1
Best balanced character for a noob? 6
Can I own a unicorn? 2
Glitches???? 1
How Do I SPRINT?!? 1
How does reverse pickpocketing work? 1
If I use a begining high skill stat save, Can I max attributes? 1
Is it detrimental to raise my minor skills before i pass level one? 1
Is it possible to command a guard? 1
Is leveling up worth it? 3
Is there a reanimate spell? 1
Magic penalty: is it true? 2
Mystctism skill? 1
No Conjuration skill, how to get to apprentice level to train? 1
Opening Very Hard Locks with magic? 5
Shops? 3
Turning into a Vampire? 1
What determines the strength of enchantments? 1
What does L2 do? 1
What is the best strategy for (getting black soul gems)? 1
What is the best strategy for killing the grandchampion ? 6
What is the best strategy for Mages Guild Mannimarco fight? 1
Whats the best thing to summon in the game? 2
Who has the highest gold? 5

Other Help Answers
Belletors folly? 0
Bug: Stuck at Baiting The Trap at Shivering Isles, Mage won't show!! How do I fix this? 0
(Downloads?) 2
(Is it possible to clear a town of guards?) 3
A paralize spell? (I know that is spelled wrong) 2
All the Best item loctaions..? 1
Any consequences for killing... (spoilers?) 1
Are the stat absorb skills useless? 1
Armor doubt? 1
Best class? 2
Bloated Float Private Room (quest?) 1
Can i make a telekenisis spell that can move creatures and npc around? 1
Can I store excess items anywhere? 4
Can you enchant normal items with more then one stat added to it? 1
Can you open the console in the PS3 version? 2
Can you own a dog? 2
Can't enter shivering isle again? 1
Cure for vampirism not working? 1
Diffuculty and Treasusre? 3
Do sneak attacks increase your blade, blunt, marksman, or hand to hand skill faster? 3
Do your Golden Saint and Dark Seducer escorts respawn if they die? 2
Does GotY include that downloadable content previously advertised for PC or XBox? 1
Dorian infinite gold glitch? 2
Felldew Leveling? 1
Finding all novice level spells? 1
FINGER OF THE MOUNTAIN, is it possible to use? 1
Help please how to level up as a vampire? 1
Help with Skindrad House quests...? 1
Hermaeus Mora quest?(HELP!!!) 2
How do I download a saved file to my Ps3? 1
How do I get the key to Fathis Aren's Tower? 1
How do I get the spell risen flesh? 3
How do i get to the shivering isles? 1
How do i start the quest with the girl named umbra? 1
How do I use the display cases and shelves in Rosethorne Hall? 1
I Fell in the Hole!? D: 4
I need help going through a door that wont open. is there any way to go through walls? 2
I need help in New Sheogorath? 2
Im a vampire and no one talks to me. Can i still get the quest for the cure? 1
In the arcane university? 1
Is there any glitches to loot the opponents in the arena? 1
Is there any news if there will be and plug-ins or patches for the Playstation 3 edition of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? 3
Lost Knights of the Nine quest items? 1
Martin is missing!!!? 1
maxed out my major skills-Does this mean I cannot level up? previous Q & A's say level 300 or more- is this possible 1
Need help finishing game? 1
Oghma Infinium? 2
Ring of perfection? 3
The constant ring glitch? 3
Thevies guild glitch? 1
Thievious raccoonous!? 3
Unmarked Cave? 3
Wayshrines don't work anymore? 1
Weird Glitch? 1
What are the player.placeatme codes for the knights of the nine ? 1
What is the Imperial Library? 1
What is the lowest level reqiured for a Chamelleon spell? 2
Where are all the oblivion gates? 1
Where can i find the Grey fox before starting the thieves guild missions? 2
Where Is The Blade Trainer? 5
Where is the journeyman for marksman? 1
Which merchent gives out the most gold when you sell somen? 3
Which monster do i kill for grand souls? 3
Why am i not able to use the crusaders armor? 3
Why donate to the beggars? 2
Why is my oblivion character glowing green? 2
Why won't the polymorphic hemophilia go away when i pray at the church? 5
Will my vampirism be a problem? 1
Alchemy Training? 1
Attributes beyond 100? 1
Bad disc, or bad glitch (fighter guild quests)? 1
Can I increase my skills on practice dummies? 2
Can you get a dragon on ps3 version? 2
Can you replay? 1
Cheap? 7
Constant ring glich? 1
Constant ring glitch? 1
Crusader's Sword? 2
Custom Soundtrack? 1
Dark Brotherhood Murderers? 1
Dire Warren glitch (Shivering Isles)? 2
Do the assisting NPCs respawn? 2
Does difficulty matter when increasing some skills? 1
Does gameplay experience suffer if I prefer 3rd person over 1st? 3
Does it have new game+? 1
Does PS3 have the paint brush glitch? 3
Does Tes:GOTY Have Trophies? 1
Does the game really "scrub" items? 1
Finding Martin? 1
Get more magicka? 1
Gray Cowl? 5
How can i find gray fox? 1
How can i get a stronger summoning creature? 1
How can I get on Fathis' good side again? 1
How can i get to lvl 100 ? 2
How do I get Brellin to stop following me? 2
How do I get fame or lose infamy? 1
How do i get into the Anvil smugglers cave? 1
How do I get ride of an active affect from the ring of desiccation? 1
How do I get the key to the crystal chest in xiditte in the shivering isles? 1
How do you install mods onto ps3? 2
How does the Absorption stat work? 1
How high can your fame go? 1
How many adventurers are there? 1
How many factions can you join? 2
How one can 'Repent their crimes, evil one'? 2
How to u make the spell to unlock evrything? 1
How to use telekinesis? 5
How was Ubisoft involved with the game? i'm confused..... 3
I am arch-mage and stored my crusader armor in the drawer in the archmage quarters and now it is gone. What gives? 2
I can't leap between areas, because i'm taking damage? 1
I need to get an attribute boost ? 1
if I go to the shivering isle can i leave again or am i stuck there? 1
Improve enchants? 1
In control setup can I put keyboard and mouse? 2
Increase Magika beyond 300??? 2
Is it possible to tame the Unicorn? 1
Is there a way to be a vampire without messing up my character's face? 1
Is there a way to use the europe saves in the us? 1
Is there any way to regain absorbed skills? 2
Is this game worth buying? 1
Item dupe? 1
Keeping up with Shadowmere? 1
Leveling up? 1
Mods on ps3? 1
More features? 1
More than one horse? 1
My horse shadowmere dissapeared, can you pleasse help? 1
Need Heep Leveling Up? 1
Need help with a desease fast!! plz help?? 1
Ok with the Vile Lair thing can u become and unbecome a vamp there? 1
Ownable houses? 1
Persiasion choices? 1
PS3 & 360 Downloadable Content Question, What's in it? 3
Question about a chest outside of Fort Coldcorn? 1
Shadowmere, where are you? 2
shivering isles and K.O.T.9? 3
Smuggler's Cave containers? 2
Summitmist Manor? 1
The Arena Grand Champion glitch? 1
The dupe glitch? 1
The nocturnal cowl? 1
Umbra Sword? 1
Umbra? 1
Weres the other two games? 1
What are the best parts to use when rebuilding the gatekeeper? 1
What are the duties of being Sheogorath? 1
What is the Arcane Orrery? 1
What is the best sword in the game except for the umbra? 4
What is the best way to make money? 1
What is the max level possible? 6
What's the deal with these problems? 1
Whats hacked enchantments? 2
Whats the Difference Between the GOTY and Orginal(PS3) versions? 3
When running from the Cheydinhal guards, can you hide in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary? 1
When will PS3 users ever get all of the expansion downloads that Xbox Live has? 1
Where are some vampire locations? 1
Where can i create weapons? 1
Where can I find Shady Sam? 1
Where can I find the fences? 2
where is the wizard tower in my GOTY edition? 2
Who is Nath Dyer? 1
Why cant i enchant armor with the chameleon spell? 2
Why won't martin septum follow me into the temple district ? 1
Wich Game SHould I Get From These Three? 6
Will GateKeeper Bone Arrow still hurt the Gatekeeper? 1
Will my regular Oblivion save file carry over to GOTY? 1
Writing notes? 1

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