Question from bile666

How do I beat Stygian?

Im shooting him in the mouth at its tonuge but it not killing him. Do i have to kill the little ones to kill him?

bile666 provided additional details:

Im on the last part i have my horse Ruin I did the same thing i did wit the practice worm but i cant kill Stygian he keeps spawning smaller worms.Do i kill the small worms and if so how?

bile666 provided additional details:

Ii cant upgrade mercy yet.

masterleechan asked for clarification:

How do you kill the little worms??

Accepted Answer

Duran_Shokan answered:

You have to kill the smaller worms he spawns with mercy, then he will pop up and chase you with his mouth open then you shoot his weak spot sometime after that he will go underground and chase you and pop up underneath you but its pretty much the same thing until you kill him. i suggest you get mercys upgrade from vulgrim also
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twoscrews answered:

the first time you see the giant worm you have to just get past him and continue on. near the end of the level you'll be reunited with Ruin (your horse) and you can then use ruin to run around and defeat the worm.
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Duran_Shokan answered:

Ok you can still beat him without upgrading it
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Danteious answered:

This battle is a little easier if u upgraded Mercy but you don't need to have it to win. Mainly shoot shoot and shoot If u can try to get a few slashes in there this is dangerous though because you will be in his range if you are close enough to slash so mainly just shoot and keep riding and dashing and eventually you will kill him.
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Danteious answered:

You can kill the smaller worms by shooting them it takes a while if you don't have mercy upgraded
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bwindham616 answered:

Having issues with running around in circles shooting non stop, but that appears to be the only way to defeat the beast., pry the boringest boss of the game, but amazing game non the less.
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bloodkey303 answered:

If you're having trouble it may be the same glitch I encountered. No matter how much I shot at him he didn't take any damage. If this appears to be the case just die and start over to cancel the glitch
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AceofSpades414 answered:

Use Ruin (your newley accuired mount) to ride alongside Stygian and hit the metal muzzle until it flies off, after that, whip out Mercy, hold down L2 and R2/LT and RT, keep moving, and dodge his little minions attacks. Good Luck.
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fortekor answered:

Can you kill him from the platform of which you entered from? I can't seem to shoot and ride at the same time?? Been trying for two hours!!
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ToddStanley answered:

Hold down lock-on, hold down r2 with mercy equipped, and speed boost (r1 i believe) when he gets close and does his "charge in to eat you" attack, it takes about 15 minutes or so, but thats how ya beat him.
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