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How do I defeat Silitha?

I am having trouble defeating and/or even touching Silitha. I've tried everything I can think of and I have hit her with everything I got. I need help ASAP. Im lost

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aquablackmage answered:

Stay toward the center of the area for this match for two reasons: to evade her dropping onto you later on and to use your Abyssal Chain when she's got all that teleporting out of her system.

Locking onto her is also pretty much necessary for this battle so that you can see where she teleports and so that you can react accordingly.

After she teleports enough, use your Abyssal Chain on her, slash at her face, and repeat when possible. She'll cheaply teleport a lot, and for one part where she doesn't land on you I found it best to side-dodge and get a few extra hits in.

When she's got one more hit, she'll teleport to the very top of the area and put a bunch of explosive orb-like things out. Chain to those and then her for the end of this semi-irritating battle.
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