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How do i beat that ice spider?

after you beat the first four spiders to unlock the door there is this giant spider that looks like it has ice armour. Does anyone have any advice on how to beat it


JoPeMo answered:

watch this:

You are very welcome!
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finaldevil21 answered:

use the Abyssal Chain to grab the bodies from the ceiling throw them in its mouth when it starts sucking then attack its back with the tremor gauntlet keep repeating till its dead
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Coroxn answered:

The Ice Spider? You mean the Broodmother, the spider with the blue crystals on it's back? She is close to the easiest boss in the game. She has only two attacks, one where she stomps about and lunges at you, and one when she begins to suck in the air with her mouth.

The first move, the stomp and lunge, does fair damage, but is easy to see and dodge. The second move, the suck, does nothing. It does not damage you or suck you in.

When she sucks in, aim with the AChain to grab the webby cocoons that hang from the ceiling. Throw it at her mouth, and she will choke. As she uses her mandables to get the stuff from her mouth, run behind her and use the Tremor Gauntlet to smash the crystals and reveal her weakspot.

Now she has a new shockwave move, but you can avoid them by jumping. She'll suck again, so throw more cocoons into her mouth, then run behind her to attack the weakspot. Rinse and repeat and watch War squash the spider.
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