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Stupid goddamn wraiths... Help?

I'm having trouble with a particular fight. After you get the Voidwalker and do the first set of light beam puzzles, you emerge from the castle in front of a bridge. Before you can cross it, you must fight 1) two wraiths, 2) a balrog, and 3) five fallen angels and another wrath. This is ri-goddamn-diculous on Apocalyptic.

My current strategy is to focus on a single wraith, knock him around with the Abyssal Chain while weedling his health down with Chaoseater and the Weapon Master enhancement, then kill the second wraith and the balrog with Chaos form, and hope the last wraith doesn't kill me before I take out the angels. It doesn't help that I'm stuck at four lifestones for the duration of the fight with no healing items... If I could just take out everything but the last wraith, I could finish him easily with the chain and sword strategy.

Any tips, guys? This fight is driving me nuts. I've failed at least ten times.

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Uhh...never mind. XP I beat it on the next try. My strategy worked flawlessly that time. Only lost one lifestone, too! Anyway, leave the question up for anyone who has trouble with that fight, 'cause it's insane.

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I tried that, but approaching one wraith put me close to the other, giving it a chance to hit me while I pounded my target. Usually resulted in a swift death. The Abyssal Chain allowed me to bring my target to ME, while keeping the other wraith at a distance. It's a bit safer. Some skilled fingerwork and good timing might let you pin one wraith with the Crossblade and pull the other in with the chain. It'd give you a little more time to finish the first wraith off.

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Well, even though u said u resolved it yourself, I'll give you a tip that i always use, long range weapons... use the huge throwing star!!! just lock on and chrge and let it grind those creeps cause usually it stops them while it grinds on them, allowing you to get in close with your mighty sword till the star returns to u... it may be time consuming, but, hey, better than gettin killed all the time
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