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Empty Vessel Locations?

I have six of, what looks like, eight empty vessels found in the Consumables area of the Gear & Wrath section of the start menu. I've searched all over the internets and am unable to find a list detailing the locations of all of them, so that I may narrow down where the last two are. Can anybody list them or provide a link?

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Vulgrim sells one empty vessel. Unfortunately, I already have that one but that does account for one. How about the other 7?

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Ok. I found the two I was missing. From The Scalding Gallow going towards The Choking Grounds, you will go through a lava cave. If you look to your right, across the lava you will see a chest with a portal placeholder for the voidwalker as well as one on the ceiling above you. Create both portals, climb the wall next to the one on the ceiling, jump through and collect your prize. The other one I was missing was in The Iron Canopy. Near the first giant spider your come across your first time through the place, after escaping your "prison." Go past where the spider is using the chronomancer and then go around the right side of the building. Before crossing the bridge that collapses look towards the roof of the building you just left out of to the right. There will be a grappling point. Grapple your way up and jump onto the roof. Collect your prize. If anybody else knows where the rest are, feel free to add them here.

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You can buy one i think mayb more i havent brought any of them myself try it
hope this helps
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