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Asked: 4 years ago

How can i get the armageddon shard in choking grounds?

Inside the broken building

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its easy, nearby the place where the Stoneguardian was is a hole where you can jump down to the basement of this building. From there you have to get up to the shard (hint: you will need the glide abillity, the crossblade and the Abysschain to get up there. at the floor with the blue crystal look up and you will see on one of the walls deamonplantes (this you can climb on) use you Abysschaine to get up there. )

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How do i get the shard in drowned pass?

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Have you figured it out? I'm stuck there also!

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Get on top of the building with the stairs and then look up. There is a hookshot there but you have to look at it with the Mask of Shadows and quickly switch to the Abyssal chain and connect to it. Then let go and walk on over.

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