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How do I solve the poison balloon mission?

Can anyone help me with the mission were you have to destroy the poison balloon?

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Shale213 answered:

first you have to destroy the force field surrounding the ballon. To do this, get at an equal level or a little higher than the balloon and push the 'down' button to fire your lightning storm. Once the force field is gone, jump over onto the platforms and go up to the gaps, you should get a prompt to disconnect the clamps- there are 3 of them. Once you disconnect all three, the platform will drop and the balloon will float away. I wouldn't shoot them because it is possible you'll blow the balloon up and will have to start over. Another hint/tip is that the last two balloons will have turret guns on them, so use the aim by pressing 'up' and destroying them or use polarity wall(your shield) because its kinda hard to jump onto them while they are shooting you. And remember that you have a minute or less to jump onto the balloons AFTER you destroy the force field. Hope this helps a little and good luck.
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cheynz answered:

Get up to the height of the balloon, hop on the platform thats spewing the poison and there will be gaps, in between them there will be a lever. Shoot those and it will fall.
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rkevin2015 answered:

Lightning strike it then jump on to it.
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