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100% Completion issue? 2
After completed all good missions, Hero type, Good Karma. And still powers are unavailable...? 3
Anyone know about this cheat? 8
Can u find Sasha after u beat the game? 3
Can you customize the outfit? 2
Can you get good and evil powers??? 5
Can you go back to the first island even when you reach the last one? 2
Do the trophies you collect from the first run through get carried over to a new game? 3
Evil finish trophy? 2
Gigawatt Blades Don't shows in powers menu,any ideas why? 1
Gigawatt blades? 7
Giggawatt Blades??? 4
Good Karma Side Mission - Game bug? 1
Has anybody tried to get both side powers on one save file? 4
Help with finding download english version? 2
Help!!!!!please!!!!!? 3
How can i get cole's alternate costume? 2
How can I get the last good side mission? 1
How can I switch from good to bad karma ? 1
How do you make cole electricity from red to blue ? is there any easier way..? 2
I have did 14 fout of 15 bad side missions and can't find the last one? 3
If you start a new game, how do you repopulate all the blast shards? 1
Is there a way to make the mini-map always have north at the top? 1
Is there any way to make the friend less of a d*@k? 2
Is there Free Roam when you finsh the whole game? 2
is this game like GTA but with super powers? 4
Last Side Mission? 2
OK I read through all I could find but is it true cant complete 100% ? continue in body 1
Only 95% completion? 2
Please help. name of song? 2
Problem with this stunt? 3
Ray Sphere Activate or destroy ? 1
Removing cuss words? 2
Should be hot? 2
Stunt problem? 3
Timed missions? 2
Warren not at 100%? 2
What is the cast of the coming infamous movie? 3
Whay's the hidden trophey? 1
Where is my tropy? 3
Why did I get Evil Karma when i destoryed the Ray Sphere? 2
Why doesnt my save game file for infamous i downloaded from here say i cant use it by another user? 1
Why is it rated Z in japan? 2
Why the Dec.10 DLC isn't available in uk store?? 1

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