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Item Location Help Answers
349/350 blast shards?! No idea what I am missing. 2
Blast shard help? 2
Blast Shard Icon? 2
Blast Shard progress? 1
Blast Shard under the bridge? (beginning spoilers) 2
Blast shards? 4
Can I get all of the blast shards by doing only good actions? 3
Can you miss any blast shards? 1
Code For Gigawatt Blades? 4
Dead drop no5? 1
Dead Drops on Historic District before meeting John? 1
Dead Drops? 2
Did I mess up the gigawat blades? 3
Do shards cary over from one story to next? 1
Finding a conduit for whack-a-mole stunt after game is beaten? 7
Garage blast shard... what floor? 1
Gigawatt blade help? 8
Hard Mode Reaper Costume? 1
Help with blast shards? 4
How do i get the blas shard? 2
How do I get the Blast Shard on the southern most bridge in the Neon District? 5
How do I get the shards that get stuck on smoke stacks? 4
How do i Use the MegaWatt Blades? 1
How do I use the pre-order powers? 2
How do you unlock the megawatt hammer? 5
How many battery cores are obtainable in the game? 2
How many battry cores/blast shards to the next battery core should i have before leaving the Neon? 1
How many powers do you have by the end of the game? 2
I need help with the last shard? 2
Is it possible to view all the in game stats, like seeing how far I have traveled using the thrusters or people revived? 3
Is the special power available for purchase as soon as you enter the code? 4
Karma???????? 3
Multiple profiles and shards? 2
Possible to get the Blast Shard before incounter with Sasha in the Tunnel? 3
Question Mark Trophy ? 3
Quick Shard Question? 1
The hunger? 1
What are dead drop's? 3
What are the gigawat blades? 1
What do dead drops do? 1
What happens after you collect all the blast shards? 2
What's the deal with the blast shard out on the broken pier in Neon District? 1
Where can I find the blast shard in the parking lot where the game started? 1
Where can I find the dead drop thats in warren district? 1
Why can't I use arc lightning? 4
Will sidequest blast shards count towards the "Rockhound" trophy? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Can I really use the 2 Reaper Conduits in the warren district when I complete the "New Friends" Evil side miss 1
Can someone help me on this stunt? 4
Can we can back to a island after we completed that zone? 1
Can you have both good and bad powers? 1
Do I still get the hard finish trophy if i change the difficulty to hard when I'm halfway through the game?? 5
Does killing a wounded enemy earn negative karma? 2
Evil Exp? 2
Execution XP? 2
Flying Melee? 8
Frequent Flyer? 1
Good or Evil? 4
Hard Finish Trophy? 2
Have a nice fall stunt? 3
Have a Nice Fall? 2
Hotfoot? 9
How do i do theis stunt? 1
How do you avoid fights but still fight some of them? 1
How do you get quick infamous status? 3
How do you ride power lines? 2
How to finish of the conduit with thunderdrop? 2
Is it easy to stay alive in this game? 3
Is there a bullet time like mode? 2
Is there a down side to completing a lot of side missions at one time? 1
Karma moment help <Infamous Run>? 1
Kessler? 1
Mission karma? 1
Overload Burst or Arc Lightning? 3
Stunt list? 2
Stunt Master with two files? 1
What are the benefits for having good/bad Karma? 2
What is the best strategy for Satellite Uplink mission in The Warren (south on the map)? 1
What is the best strategy for thug upgrade? 2
What is the best way to do the Splash and Crash stunt? 1
What is the best way to gain XP quickly? 7
What is the best way to get Air Sticky bombs while ranked infamous? 1
What side would it be easier to complete the hard difficulty with? 7
Whats the best way to get the "Get off my cloud" trorphy? 1
Whats the easiest way to earn XP when story is over? 4
When does the game autosave in the mission where you can either blow up or activate the ray sphere? 2
Where can I find a complete list of the missions? 2

Other Help Answers
*Spoilers* About the ray sphere? 2
100% Save help? 3
AC/DC Trophy? 1
After getting hit by tar? 1
Airborne attacks? 2
All the Uncharted beta keys gone? 1
Alternate Costumes? 1
An Old Friend - Karma Result? 3
Any disadvantage in getting this used? 1
Anyone having problem running the missioin of ballon poison gas? 3
Appearance? 4
Are prototype and infamous connected in any way? 1
Back to first city? 3
Can anyone help me for the trophy Rockhound? 1
Can I find Sasha After I beat the game? 3
Can i get the hard ending trophy? 1
Can I use the side mission powers after a Karma change? 1
Can you change cole custom ? 1
Can you date trishes sister because she keeps calling you honey or somthing like that? 1
Can You Do Hero/Criminal Missions after you've competed the game? 1
Can you get Evil to the Core trophy from 2 different saves? 1
Can you lock in hero status?(spoilers) 1
Cheats? 14
Could a 12 year old get this? 2
Do I get the Hard mode trophy if the game changes my difficulty? 4
Do trophy counts carry over? 3
Do you have to collect EVERYTHING to beat the game? 1
Do you need to have good karma on every quest to have Full Positive Karma? 1
Does anyone have a list of the stunts you are supposed to complete? 2
Does inFAMOUS have 2 endings? (spoiler?) 2
Does it matter if ur a hero or infamous? 1
Does using the ray sphere at the end really do anything to your powers? 3
Doubts about infamous? 1
Downloadable content release? 2
Drop point ZETA? 1
False advert? 1
Game saves on this website...? 1
Getting into shipping yard? 2
Glitches? 24
Good Karma? 1
Hard Finish? 4
Hard mode trophy? 1
Health Bar? 2
Hey can someone help? 8
How do i get this stunt? 2
How Do I Start A New Game On Hard? 1
How do i unlock static thrusters? 1
How do you get the ''Back With Trish'' trophy? 1
How hard do you think getting the platinum trophy was? 2
How long does it take to finish story mode? 6
How long is the game, and how easily does it become boring? 1
How many Blast Shards are there in the Neon District? 1
How open is the game? (sandbox-wise) 3
How to get karmic state to Hero quicker? 1
How to get the fish in a barrel trophy? 1
How violent is Infamous? 1
I am playing the game second time round and right at the beginning neon district is fully lit up. Why ? 1
I have a Question? 1
I preordered my copy and got the uncharted beta code but i dont see the? 3
If I can do it in Evil...? 2
If you were good the whole game and at the end you decided to absorb the Ray Sphere, what happens? 2
Infamous level increasing? 4
Infamous or infamous 2? 1
Is it better to beat the game good or evil? 2
Is it normal to lose color and become pale when evil? 1
Is it possible to kill the television man? 3
Is possible to skip cutscenes? 1
Is there a limit to how much energy you can get? 2
Is there a new game+ for this game? 1
is there a PSP version of infamous? 1
Is there a way to drive the cars in the city? 3
Is there any way to see which stunts you have completed in the game? 1
Is there online multiplayer? What are the mini game features? 1
Is this game appropite for the 11 year old boy? 1
Is this game worth 60$? 1
Is this game worth getting? 2
Karmac overload? 1
Missing Shard? 4
Moving Train? 3
Next game? 2
Once u complete the story are all the reapers and dustman gone? 1
Pre Order Power Help? 2
Prototype or inFamous? 8
Quotes? 2
Red Baron Trophy Clarification? 2
Safe citys? 1
Should i stay infamous or become hero? please help. 3
Side quest map Faq? (possible spoilers) 2
Stunts in the pause menu? 1
True or False? 2
Use both evil and the good upgrades of powers at the same time? 1
Voice of Survival? 3
Warren Spider Conduit? 1
Water? 2
What are the secret trophies, and what must I do to obtain them? 1
What conditions do I have to meet to get the Good/Evil Sphere trophies? 1
What does the karmic overload do? 2
What happens when you find all the shards? 1
What is Cole? 1
What is the best way to get EXP in the aftermath? 1
What is the hardest trohy to get in inFamous? 9
What is the raysphere? 1
What shock feature will we have in this game? 2
Whats up with John? 1
Where can I find lyrics for the end-game credits song? 1
Where do I go after dropping the food? 1
Where is Zeke's roof? 2
Where to find the TV jacker (or hacker)? 3
Which hand? 1
Who is the artist who created the "Comic" art mithin the cut scenes? 2
Who is Trish ? 2
Whos john, moya, & sasha? 1
Why can't I finally die from the shooting death float thing? 1
Why do cops attack me? 1
Why does Cole's electricity aura turn from blue to red? Is it a higher level or something? 2
Why i dont have red and black aura? 1
Why is my lightning black all of a sudden? 1
Why the good mission not show up alot ?? 4
Will the creators make an update where we can use the Gigawatt blades without the codes? 2
Will There Be A Sequel to InFamous? 4
Zeke become Evil WTF!?!?!? 1

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