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                        SILENT HILL: HOMECOMING  

                            PS3 walkthrough

                           version 1.0 1/10

This document is copyright 1/10 by E. Laudico (poizun_saga @ gamefaqs.com 
or eruptingchick @ aol.com. It may not be altered, reproduced, or distributed 
unless prior permission is given.


- Introduction

- Game Introduction

- What's New / Hints, Tips

- Enemies

- Walkthrough - Alchemilla Hospital / Tutorial

              - Alchemilla Hospital, Otherworld (a.k.a. 'hell descent')

              - Shepherd's Glen / Town Hall

              - Shepherd's House

              - Rose Heights Cemetery

              - Police Station / Elle

              - Curtis' Junkyard

              - Rose Heights Cemetery (Revisited)

              - Silent Hill

              - Grand Hotel

              - Grand Hotel, Otherworld

              - Police Station

              - Sewers

              - Dr. Fitch's Office

              - Dr. Fitch's Office, Otherworld

              - Town Hall (Revisited)

              - Rose Heights Cemetery (A Third Time)

              - Shepherd's House (Revisited)

              - Shepherd's House (Revisited), Otherworld

              - Silent Hill (Revisited)

              - Overlook Penitentiary

              - Overlook Penitentiary, Otherworld

              - Church

              - the Lair

- Endings

- Photos

- Child's Drawings

- Final Words



This is my first walkthrough to be published online. I know it's late in 
coming, but since I was surprised to notice no official PS3 walkthrough for 
Silent Hill: Homecoming on gamefaqs at the time, and I love writing 
walkthroughs, I figured I'd put my skills to the test. 

As a walkthrough/faqs writer, my strive is to assure all who read this that 
my walkthrough is complete and thoroughly detailed, absent of any spelling or 
grammatical mistakes to the very best of my ability, is written in a way that 
will make for an easily understandable guide, and also created with the kind
of insight and passion for the game that one should have for a title they 
devote a guide to. I hope my work speaks for itself. Enjoy!


Silent Hill: Homecoming follows the story of Alex Shepherd, a war veteran 
just coming home after his tour of duty. Returning to his hometown of 
Shepherd's Glen, it is quickly realized that something is untoward 
regarding the entirety of the town. The place is dank, foggy, and almost no 
one is to be seen. Following his intuition regarding a nightmare he 
experienced about his little brother Joshua, Alex returns to his house to 
find his mother in a state of catatonia, his father and brother both missing.
Vowing to get to the bottom of this, Alex assures his mother he will return 
with Joshua...


- Homecoming features an all-new system of maneuvers in attack and defense, 
  which makes for a more action-based style of defeating your enemies. Light 
  and Heavy attacks are choices in your melee battles, and defensive 
  capabilities like dodge have also been incorporated. There are more times 
  than not where utilizing these new maneuvers will be imperative in the 
  game; they're not just there to look cool. (Descriptions and button 
  assignments will be explained in the ALCHEMILLA HOSPITAL/TUTORIAL and its 
  OTHERWORLD section of the walkthrough).

- Homecoming also involves the use of a new setup of inventory. Weapons and 
  items are now displayed on a "wheel". Life is not a photo with a grain 
  effect to indicate status, but consists of a bar only. Health items remain
  pretty much the same, although the AMPOULE is now replaced by a SERUM. 
  Documents you read throughout the game are no longer inventoried in the
  traditional list sense; although there is now a journal option which will   
  keep track of photos, drawings, control manuals, and clues. (Descriptions 
  and button assignments will be explained in the ALCHEMILLA HOSPITAL/
  TUTORIAL and its OTHERWORLD section of the walkthrough).

- In the beginning portions of this game, health items and ammunition are 
  EXTREMELY in short supply. You may find yourself at more than one time 
  being stuck with no healing and no ammo against a bombardment of enemies. 
  It is not uncommon for a player to die multiple times in this edition of 
  Silent Hill! Conserving your ammo and health is advice that does not waver
  even here.

- Alex moves very slowly for a military man. I wonder why that is? That being 
  said, you may not be able to fully dodge an enemy, or outrun certain 
  creatures on the streets, but you will be able to bust through doors with a 
  double tap of the X button! One peeve of mine is that it's sometimes very 
  hard to even OPEN a door. To get that prompt to come up I usually have to 
  back up and re-approach it, although it helps if you stand in front of the
  actual doorknob area and not the center of it.

- For once in a Silent Hill, the old system of constantly having to do that 
  final stomp onto a downed enemy as a finishing blow is not present here! 
  Although you can still stomp, it's only in conjunction with the killing of
  a swarm, or the bug enemies. Otherwise, with few exceptions, once an enemy 
  goes down, they're out. 

- Remember how, in the old Silent Hill's or Resident Evil's, where once you 
  entered an event area, you were STUCK there until you found all the keys, 
  opened all the doors, triggered all the cutscenes, etc.? Remember your 
  slight feeling of disorientation when you Played RE: Code Veronica X and 
  you were not bound to an event area, but instead did a little of this in a 
  place, then left for a different area to do a little of that, and then back 
  to the previous area? Well, Silent Hill: Homecoming is basically along the 
  Veronica X lines in that respect. Alex is not necessarily bound to an area 
  until he completely clears it of all loose ends - at least, not in one go. 
  This game requires you to do what you can, and leave the rest for later. 
  Take my word on it, I must have spent 30 minutes my first time through 
  when I reached the Shepherd house in the beginning. I was stuck on the old 
  standard of having to find a way to open all locked doors before I felt 
  comfortable in leaving an area - when the situation was, I couldn't open 
  them not because I had missed something, but because I was never meant to 
  open the doors just yet. I must've scoured every inch of that property! 
  Remembering this tip may help you during those times when you can't 
  understand why you can't access certain areas.

- Keeping in mind the previous aspect of Homecoming, this is where the new 
  Objective screen is useful. When checking your map, you can press the 
  square button to bring up an objective(s) any time during the game. If one
  objective is displayed, you can usually bet you have something more to do 
  in the area you're in. If there's more than one objective, you may have to 
  leave the event area once you reach that dead-end, in order to travel
  to a new destination.

- This game doesn't simply involve the opening of doors. Different weapons 
  in your inventory are also important tools necessary for accessing 
  different areas or performing certain tasks. Button prompts for you to 
  'cut', 'breach', 'hack', etc., imply that a tool is needed to open a new 
  path. If you approach an area you must use a tool for, but don't have what
  it takes, you will be told so. You may not be able to do the job until 
  way later in the game.

- In the older Silent Hill games, many of the codes and notices were usually 
  scratched in, drawn in crayon, etc. Although the artwork was nice, it made 
  for a difficult time in distinguishing correct numbers or letters. 
  Homecoming features a clues section in which (especially) numerical codes 
  are printed out again in a text you can easily read. Hints to other puzzles 
  and such will also be displayed in this clues section.

- I highly suggest you begin playing this game in normal mode ONLY. This 
  edition of Silent Hill is, in many people's opinions, FAR more difficult 
  than its predecessors. Learning patterns of enemy attack and mastering your 
  attack and dodge maneuvers is imperative for success, regardless of where 
  you are.

- Tips for going about battles with enemies, and even bosses as you come to 
  them, will be displayed during the load screen at random. Pay attention to 
  the hints the game gives you - it just might save your life!

- Don't be overjoyed at your first look at a new map. In my opinion, this 
  game seems more logical a course of action for a protagonist (you) stuck 
  in a nightmare than any other Silent Hill. Most of the areas Alex hits he's 
  basically just passing through, for the most part. In older games, where a 
  character will commit themselves entirely to completing an area (I know you 
  have to, but seriously, wouldn't you feel scared shitless if you were
  in that position?), this one has you spending short spurts of time in a 
  particular spot, then running off to the next when an out presents itself. 
  In a way, it's like things get real creepy, and Alex isn't sticking around 
  to find out why. There will be times when you'll receive this huge map 
  for an area, only to spend a total of 5 minutes in the damn place. 
  Especially considering the difficulty of the game, sometimes running 
  around enemies and getting out of the area is the best course of action, 
  with no need to open all doors or enter all floors - although I know 
  you'll do your best to take all the baddies out in order to thoroughly 
  explore all you can!

- Conversations with people in the game usually result in Alex being given 
  options as to what to say. Although the result is usually the same for the 
  sake of the game, some interactions contain choices which can make or break 
  your ending. (These details will be revealed in the WALKTHROUGH section).

- I'm gonna chalk this up to the folly of leaving a great title in the hands 
  of American developers, but Homecoming is reportedly very buggy. I believe 
  the burden is greatly on other version players, because in all the times 
  I've played the PS3 version, I've come across one problem - and that never 
  prevented me from continuing with my game. Therefore, I'll mention the 
  problem as I come to it in the walkthrough, but say no more as I don't 
  think you'll need to worry about it.

- This particular walkthrough contains SPOILERS. Characters, conversations, 
  protagonist insights, and storyline revelations will be covered as they 
  occur in the game. 


Silent Hill: Homecoming has its share of morbid enemies, and unlike the 
predecessing games, these creatures can be VERY hard to deal with. Here it's 
not just about bashing them to death, cuz in this installment, dodging and
choosing the proper weapons are critical. Dealing with each enemy as they 
come becomes a serious commitment in itself, and if the given strategy isn't 
followed to a tee, running into a common foe could easily mean certain 

It isn't uncommon for a player to die multiple times against common enemies 
in this game at all; the only way you are to defeat them is to understand 
their patterns, know your dodge button, and use the proper weapon for the 
job. It may seem like each enemy in this game is like a mini-boss in itself,
but it makes for an extremely challenging installment!


This is the name for a group of gigantic bugs that will periodically appear 
to annoy you more than anything. There is absolutely no need for ammo or 
dodging here. Just face them, or the direction you think they are, and use an 
L2/X combination to just swing at them (if you're holding a firearm, you will 
butt at them) or stomp them until the buzzing stops. Watch your head; if one 
lands on you you'll have to use the circle button to grab it and throw
it down - your life bar should appear at this time, letting you know one has 
latched on and is slowly taking life. These guys also unnecessarily show up 
if you get too curious at certain points in the game and insist on inspecting
holes in the wall or floor. Probably the easiest enemy to deal with.


These are the skinless dogs you'll see running around, starting in the 
cemetery. Forget about dodging them; they move way too quick and besides, at 
this point in the game you won't have exactly mastered your dodge maneuvers. 
The simplest way to deal with them is to whip out your fastest melee weapon 
(knife) and do a series of really quick slashes, over and over. The feral 
will not have any time to react or jump back, and if anything, will only be 
able to give your hand a quick nip in between. I do not suggest pulling out 
your handgun like in old Silent Hills and just shooting it to death; this is 
not the game where you can just pace around an area using your gun on every 
enemy. You don't even get enough ammo to consider wasting any on a lower 
enemy like the feral.


These nurses have greatly increased in intimidation level since the last 
Silent Hill. Noticing one in your game is a cause for panic; when they see 
Alex, they immediately come on and can be devastatingly relentless in their 
offense. They always attack in groups - it's incredibly rare to see one nurse 
without expecting a gaggle of them in its wake. I strongly suggest you do not 
directly approach any nurse for a head-on attack. Even when using the 
knife, it's way too easy for a nurse to gain the upper hand and use your own 
tactic against you, repeatedly slashing at you with her equally as quick 
melee weapon. 

One of the loading screen hints claims that: "enemies are attracted to Alex's 
flashlight. Turning it off may allow you to avoid some confrontations." The 
nurses are exactly the type of enemy this quote is in reference to. And 
following this advice will greatly reduce the frustration level tenfold. Even 
if a nurse has spotted you from down a hall, immediately turn off your 
flashlight. Doing this will instantly render them blind to your presence. As 
long as you remain completely quiet, you can literally see the nurses halting 
their movement, where they will stand perfectly still like statues. Shutting 
off your light can grant you precious seconds to adjust your position, 
load your weapon, take aim, and blast through two or three of them at a time.

Because of their danger level, I find that making sure your light is off, 
keeping a bit of distance, and initally blasting at the bulk of them with a 
shotgun or handgun can lighten the load and make dispatching them much easier.


This is the crawling-only enemy with long, razor-like fingers, and a vertical 
slash for a mouth. Any flooded area you encounter in the game will contain at 
least one of them. They also tend to crawl out of sewer drains and from
underneath vehicles. The steel pipe or crowbar is sufficient enough; you can 
whack at it a few times and see its claw swipe coming from a mile away. When 
you gain more powerful melee weapons, an attack on its head can mean
instant death. They can be quick though; you can try to get around it as it 
lunges or swipes at you to hit it from the side or behind, although you can 
stand one of its quick claw swipes once in a while without taking anything
near significant damage.


This is one of the weirder enemies in Homecoming. Fortunately, the smog moves 
slowly and it's neon organs can be spotted a mile away. The smog will 
approach Alex slowly, giving off a cloud of smoke that will cause Alex to 
halt in his movements and choke while you're forced to mash the circle 
button. Smog uses this chance to throw open his torso, knocking you backward 
for damage. This is one of those enemies where using your handgun is the 
safest bet. Almost any time you encounter one, it's best to just dispatch 
it, cuz it can become a nuisance quickly. Keep a distance and use your 

The ideal tactic here is to try to hit one of its bulging organs, prompting 
it to open its torso to expose its bright yellow lungs. At this point the 
smog is at its most vulnerable. However, saving my ammunition for dealings 
with nurses only for most of the first half of the game - and actually 
NEVER needing any for any of the bosses you will contend with - I usually 
just pump a smog full of lead whether its lungs are exposed or not, 
bringing it down in about 6-8 shots. 


The needler is a gigantic, crab or spider-like enemy that has two major 
razor-like claws for front legs, and a human-like flesh torso. They make 
insect-like clicking noises when they sneak up on you, and can be very 
dangerous if you don't know how to deal with them. 

The hints on the loading screen claim that a head shot is the quickest and 
safest way to dispose of them. Yeah. Except for when they use their claws to 
deflect your bullets. Plus, a single shot won't even slow one down, let 
alone take one out. Also, once in a while the needler may catch you off guard 
and hold you in a claw grapple - at this point you need to mash the prompted 
button to keep it from impaling you, ending your game immediately. If 
you're successful, you'll take no damage, but the battle of strength will be 
there if you don't know how to deal with one. The best way I found to deal 
with a needler will require you to begin making regular use of your dodge 
button. Save your ammunition and follow this beat:

Approach one head on. Use a melee weapon like your pipe or crowbar - it's 
faster, and has somewhat of a reach. Use your X button to swipe at its claws 
twice. This, of course, will result in the needler blocking both attacks, but
the payoff comes now. As soon as it's blocked both hits, it will raise one of 
its claws to swipe at you. Hit the dodge button for the claw to swing right 
over your head. This will result in the needler careening off to one side,
leaving its body exposed for you to pummel it once or twice with your weapon. 
It will then turn to face you directly. Repeat this tactic til it's dead.

I say follow the beat cuz the maneuver should sound like this: ding, ding, 
swipe, hit...ding, ding, swipe, hit...
Even if a needler has you against a wall, hitting the dodge button will still 
allow you to miss its swipe entirely. The process of killing it this way may 
take up to 30 seconds or even more, but it's a small price to pay for 
dispatching one at absolutely no damage to you. Plus, like with most enemies 
in the game, if in case there's more than one needler, the others should 
politely wait their turn until you're done with the one you're currently 
engaged with.


The schism is, in my opinion, probably the toughest enemy in the game. I 
absolutely hate these things. They appear as humanoid purplish-gray 
creatures, with a head shaped like a rounded blade or roughly like that of a 
hammerhead shark. These things will actually counter YOU, have a very long 
reach, make almost no noise whatsoever, take good amounts of damage, and a 
grapple by one can mean instant death. If that weren't enough, the schism can 
also open doors; which means frustration through the roof when you're in the 
police station. I can't begin to tell you how many times I died my first 
playthrough in that portion of the game.

The very best way to deal with them is by shotgun blast at range. Two shells 
will kill one, with the shotgun upgrade taking them out in one shot. I 
usually reserve my shotgun shells for this enemy alone. However, in the 
police station, this poses somewhat of a problem, as Wheeler only leaves 
you with four shells.

If you MUST approach one to take it down with a melee, then I suggest you use 
your steel pipe or crowbar. Stay as close as possible to a schism, and whack 
it once or twice. Prepare to dodge one to three times as it swipes once,
then possibly twice, and maybe even a third time with its massive blade head. 
If it steps back to allow its head to start to split open, then that means 
it's ready to lunge at you with a scissor cut. Make sure you get your ass in 
there to whack at it quickly, to end this maneuver. If you're not fast enough 
with your hits or are at a bit of a distance from one, it will grab you and 
hold you in the air. You MUST mash the appropriate prompt button or the 
schism will literally tear you in half, instantly ending your game. If 
successful, it will drop you and you would have taken no damage. 

The schism is also real wily, moving all around you as you attack and dodge 
it. Don't panic, and you will automatically face it as you get into your 
attack stance. Just whack at it and let the camera catch up to you.
Also, when you begin to encounter them on the streets, just run. Fortunately 
the only time in the game you must deal with schisms on low ammo is in the 
police station, so if you encounter any problems, refer to the POLICE 
STATION section of the walkthrough.


This hulk is very similar to those gigantic, puffy, whirly-armed enemies in 
Silent Hill 3. They roar fiercely, are very quick to catch up with you, have 
an incredible reach, and tend to pummel you repeately if they happen to get
you down. These things are also best dealt with by ranged weapon. It's safest 
to dodge roll when they have you cornered - don't just try to run to gain 
distance from one, it will only chase you down. 

Three shotgun blasts should do the trick, although the siam has a major 
weakness, which is its female side. On the back of one is a pair of women's 
legs. Hitting these will bring the siam down much quicker, though it's 
extremely difficult to maneuver behind to where they are. You could wait for 
the rare instance in which it turns tail and runs away from you to get it 
here, but for the most part it likes to quickly corner you to bash you to 
death. Make sure that you use your dodge button to quickly get back on your 
feet should it knock you down, and blast it until it dies. The assault rifle 
or handgun is probably the best weapon to use, as repeated shots momentarily 
stun a siam. 


Because these guys are guys, and not monsters, your radio will not alert you 
to their presence. They, of course, can also counter your attacks, and hold 
different weapons such as pipes and even rifles. If you see an Order 
member from a distance, take out your gun and pop him once or twice in the 
head. Most of the time they'll come running towards you, forcing you to 
battle one in a melee combat. The knife is especially useful in this 
situation. Use the X button to quickly and repeatedly slash at one in 
three-hit combos. 9 times out of 10 the Order member will have no recourse, 
and he will go down easily. If squared off against more than one, just like 
with other enemies, the rest should wait their turn until you're finished 
with the one you're fighting - unless, of course, a member has a ranged 
weapon. In this case take that one down first and quick. Do not let an 
Order member gain the upper hand in the situation - if you leave an opening 
once, he can be as devastating as the nurses in his attacks.


When the game begins the intro cutscene is gruesome indeed. You are a man 
being wheeled in to a building that should be a hospital, except there's 
something not right here. Passing room 206, screaming is heard and violence 
is seen as you turn your head. Strapped to a gurney, there's nothing much you 
can do until you are left alone in a dark room...


A doctor is seen outside the room being cut down by something. The first thing
you have to do is get your ass outta those straps. Repeatedly mash the X 
button until you free your right hand. Alex will do the rest.

Now is the time where the game begins to prompt you on basic controls. Since 
this is only the very beginning of the game, it is safe to assume the entire 
area is a giant tutorial state, allowing you to get familiar with controls
and the new menu system.  

Using the left analog stick will result in Alex moving forward and back, or 
strafing ONLY, faster or slower depending on how severely you push the stick. 
You must use the right analog stick to actually turn Alex around, and 
therefore look around a room or area.

Take a look at A DOCTOR MEMO on the wall left of the doorway. Head through 
the double doors into a messed-up prep room. Go through the double doors to 
your right and you will be in a hallway. Check out the MISSING PATIENT 
BULLETIN on the billboard to your right. The double doors across from the 
ones you came out of are locked. Turn to your left and head toward the bars. 
A short cutscene will occur. Josh, Alex's little brother, is on the other 
side of the gate, drawing a picture on the floor! He will laugh at you, and 
then you're on your own again.

We have to get out of this dump, and through this gate is the only way you're 
gonna do it. Unfortunately, there's a keypad to the right of the gate which 
you don't have a password for yet. Go through the door to your right.

Check out the X-ray setup to your right. There's a ripped up X-ray with a 
number on it, although the other half is missing. On the bulletin board at 
the other end of the room pick up the HOSPITAL MAP. Go through the door to 
another hallway.

You can check your map by pressing the triangle button. Press R3, or the 
right analog stick, to zoom in. Use the right analog stick to pan around 
the map. You can also hit square to access your objective, if you wish. 

When you reach room 203, you will hear a baby crying. Enter and check out the 
center incubator to see a burnt up doll. The crying will stop. Pick up the 
HEALTH DRINK from the counter behind you. Check out A PAGE FROM AN INCIDENT
REPORT next to that. Hop over through the window when prompted and check out 
the BASIC WEAPONS COMBAT pamphlet on the table. To your left is another X-ray 
setup. Pick up the X-RAY FILM and head back the way you came, through the
glass window. 

Exit 203 and take a right, the way you came. A body will fall from the 
ceiling. What the hell is up with this place?
Enter the last door on the left and you will be back in the first X-ray room. 
When you approach the setup, you will have the option to examine it with X, 
or open your inventory with L1.

Press and hold L1 to open your items/health inventory. The red vertical bar 
on the left indicates your health status. You can press square to use your 
health drinks, triangle to use your first-aid kits. These buttons will only 
work to heal you when you are in this menu. To choose an item, use your 
right analog stick to go around the wheel in the center of the screen. When 
you've highlighted the item to be used, press X. 

The film will be placed next to the first ripped-up piece, revealing the 
entirety of the keypad code: 624872. 
Exit through the door to your right and approach the keypad to enter the 
code. You can now go through the gate, although you will see a short 
cutscene of Josh running off to the men's room. Pick up CHILD'S DRAWING 1 
from the floor. All the other doors are locked, so follow him there. 

Pressing the start button will access your main menu. You can check the 
Journal section here for all your acquired photos, drawings, pamphlets, and 

Now you'll get a cut again where Josh disappears into the storage room. You 
can check out the stalls for a dead man's body - what the hell? Follow him 
into the room, and you'll see your first SAVE POINT on the wall - a kind of 
glowing emblem. Go through the other door into the ladies' room.

You'll notice the left stall is locked... walk over to the mirror and pick up 
the COMBAT KNIFE sticking out of it. Now you'll get a cutscene of Alchemilla 
Hospital reverting to a nightmare state, with a nurse busting out of that
left stall!!


Accessing your weapon inventory is the same as with items, except you press 
R1 to bring it up. Using the right analog stick, circle the wheel until you 
hit the combat knife. X to equip it. On the right you can see the state of 
your flashlight and radio. Pressing square will turn your flashlight on. 
While on, the icon will light up. You can hit the triangle button to play 
with your radio switch. While on, you will see the three "sound wave" curves. 
When shut off, they disappear (there's really no need to ever have your 
radio off!).

To combat an enemy, press and hold the L2 button and hit X to swipe. This 
works only for melee weapons. If using a firearm, holding L2 will still get 
you into the attack stance, but R2 will fire. Use the right analog stick for 
adjusting the targeting reticule.

Defeat the nurse, and go into the stall she came out of. Squeeze through the 
opening by button prompt, and grab the FIRST AID KIT by the door when you're 
in the men's room. Exit. Open the door to your left. A wheelchair will roll
down the stairway. Examine the NOTE on the door across the room from you. Go 
upstairs. The door is locked, but there's another way - smash the window when 
you get the button prompt after approaching it. Jump over and kill both
nurses. You can check out the TV set which was left on but not plugged in, as 
well as the dead guy on the couch. Approach the living, toothy-looking thing 
at the other end of the room. This is actually a common doorway in the 
game, and you will get a button prompt to cut it open with your knife. Hit X 
and mash it until Alex slices it open. Don't worry, these things don't clamp 
shut on you! Squeeze through and you will come upon another SAVE POINT. Check
out the NOTE on the bed. Exit.

Head down the hallway to your right. When you pass the gurney, a cutscene 
will play. Here come the bugs! Swarm will attack you now, so make sure to 
stomp them by hitting X, stabbing them, or hitting circle repeatedly if one 
latches onto your head.

Enter the Linen room. Grab the HEALTH DRINK off the shelf and exit through 
the opposite door. Take a right and go to the gurney at the end of the hall 
to pick up PHOTO 1. Run to the opposite end of the hall and go through the 
door to the upper portion of the Operation theater. 

Examine the PATIENT'S CHART which will be to the right of you on the shelf. 
When finished, follow the path and go down the stairs. Follow the way again 
and drop down when prompted - but be careful! There are three nurses here!
Defeat them and notice the double doors leading out are locked. Using the 
other door, exit the room. 

Directly across from you is CHILD'S DRAWING 2 on the wall. Follow the 
stairway up and examine the dead man on the gurney. Pick up OPERATION 
THEATER KEY from his hand. Return downstairs and use the key on the locked 
door. In this room, check out the NOTE on the edge of the table by the 
other door. Go through them when finished. 

You will get another cutscene of Josh on the other side of another gate. You 
get your first interactive conversation here. Regardless, you will have to 
locate Josh's toy bunny. Head into the room via the door to your left. Pick 
up the HEALTH DRINK on the shelf. You'll notice a SAVE POINT on the X-ray 
Exit the room through the opposite door. Enter room 203 and you'll get a 
short cut. Josh's bunny being sucked into a bloody hole in the wall. Choose
to reach in, and mash the button when prompted to pull your arm back out 
after it gets mauled. You'll receive the ROBBIE TOY. Pick up CHILD'S 
DRAWING 3 on the wall to the right. Now backtrack to the gate where Josh is.

Open L1 to access your inventory, and choose the bunny to give to Josh. 
You'll get a cutscene where he runs away again. Pick up CHILD'S DRAWING 4 
on the floor.

Head to room 206, and pick up CHILD'S DRAWING 5 on the door. If you try to 
open it, you'll hear the sound of water from a lake or sea. Weird. Go to the 
end of the hall and click on the button for the elevator. You'll get another
cutscene where you hear some metal scraping, followed by a huge knife 
breaking through and stabbing you in the chest. 

You wake up from your nightmare at Alchemilla. A trucker (Travis!) is driving 
you home to your town of Shepherd's Glen. When you gain control, you will 
have a map of Shepherd's Glen. Your goal is to get to your (very big looking)
house. Head straight down Main Street until you trigger a cutscene. 

You will meet Judge Holloway, who will talk about how things in Shepherd's 
Glen are not good at all. She suggests that you check in on your mother 
before you part ways.

When you gain control again, there's an option for you to grab the next photo 
in line if you want to right now. To get it, head inside the Town Hall and 
directly across from you will be some double doors. Enter them to find
yourself in the main courtroom area. On the desk near the podium will be 
PHOTO 2. Check out the insignia on the podium to discover a key slot. 
Remember this for later. Directly behind the podium will be a BOOK on the 
history of Shepherd's Glen and its four founding families. You can check 
out some of the founding fathers' portraits on the wall. 

From the double doors in which you entered, head out the right door. The door 
directly to your right will lead you back out to the lobby. The one across 
from you can be entered.

Go to the desk to pick up a SERUM. You can check out a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE on 
the wall to the right of the door before leaving. Apparently Dr. Fitch is a 
hero who saved you as a child. He seems loving and all...

Follow the corridor down and to the left. Enter the first door to meet Judge 
Holloway at her desk. You can now interact with her by asking a series of 
questions about the town. She'll give you information on the state of 
Shepherd's Glen, your mother, and also her daughter Elle, who has been your 
friend for years.

Leave the room when finished and enter the next door on the right. Pick up a 
HEALTH DRINK from the shelf. There's a SAVE POINT on the wall. When you exit, 
continue around the bend in the hallway. A door is on the right that is 
blocked by boards. You do not have the correct tool to hack through them yet. 
The door to the left leads back into the main room. Use the last door on the 
left to head back into the lobby and exit into the town. Take a right on 
Craven Ave. until a cutscene triggers. You'll have reached the front walk of 
your house. 


When Alex enters, he'll notice it's pretty dead. You can examine some things 
around the house to gain insight as to Alex's home life and whatnot, although 
it's kinda hard with it being so dark. You'll notice Alex doesn't appear to
be in any pictures. Still, more are missing from the walls. Go upstairs as 
both the downstairs doors are locked. The first door you'll see is that of 
the main bedroom to the right. Enter it and check out the LETTER on the 
dresser. Hm. Too bad mom never mailed you that letter while you were in the 
service. Although it's actually made out to your dad.

All the clothes are missing from the closet. There's nothing in here to take, 
so go through the other set of double doors to enter the master bath. Pick up 
CASSETTE TAPE on the sink. Leave the bedroom entirely.

Try to head through the open door at the end of the hall, and it will close 
on you. Notice you get an inventory prompt when you try to open it. It's 
locked, and you'll need a key. Nevermind this room for now, and go into the
door to your left, Alex and Josh's bedroom.

Pick up the FLASHLIGHT on the bed and a small cutscene will play. Alex seemed 
to be kind to his little brother, even if annoyed by him. The closet door is 
locked. Check out the bug collection and you'll find that Josh loved
spiders. Go to the bookshelf and notice you can kind of see through to a room 
beyond the torn up shelf. This is a puzzle which involves finding a secret 
switch to slide the bookcase.

You just need to slide the stacks of books to the left. With your right 
analog stick, select the stack of books, and with your left analog stick, 
slide the books to the left or right. The first stack on the left must be 
moved left twice. The second and third stack must also be moved left twice. 
You'll see a glowing switch when this is done. Hit X to move the shelf.

Pick up MAP OF OUR HOUSE from the table. Exit the bedroom.

Go back downstaris and a cutscene will begin. Something has been dragged into 
the basement, or from the basement... although mom is the only one here, now 
rocking in her chair. She won't tell Alex anything clear about the condition
of Shepherd's Glen, only that everyone's gone. She claims she misses Josh. 
Remembering the dream he had, Alex says he'll find him. He picks up an old 
revolver from her lap before proceeding.

When you get down to the basement, a cutscene introducing the lurker will 
commence. Dispatch it and head to the door which leads to a staicase (check 
your map). It's locked, although not by key. A latch must be released at the
foot of the door, but you can't get to it while the place is flooded. Check 
out the water pump next to the door for a GARAGE REMOTE. A NOTE will be 
underneath it, explaining you must refill the gas to the pump for it to work. 
The gas is out in the garage, so head back upstairs and out the front door.

Take a right and go up the driveway to the garage. Use the remote to open the 
door. A lurker will crawl out from underneath. Kill it and go inside. Pick up 
the STEEL PIPE from the shelf to your left. Head to the rear of the
room and notice that you can't open the cabinet with your knife. You must 
equip the pipe and hit the X button to pry the door open. You can pick up the 
EMPTY GAS CAN. To your right is another pamphlet on COMBOS. Exit the garage.

Immediately to your right will be a hole in the bricked-up property divider. 
Duck through to take a shortcut to the park next door.

Turn to your right and pick up CHILD'S DRAWING 6 on the wall. Head over to 
the slide and to the left, in the middle of some toys, will be PHOTO 3. 
The gate door must be pried open with the pipe. Go through to reach an 

A lurker will bust out from the garbage cans. Kill it, and then head to the 
side of the semi truck. Someone has siphoned the gas from the tank, although 
there's enough left for you. Use your empty tank to receive FULL GAS TANK.
There is nothing but dead ends in this alley, and the ladder leading up holds 
nothing. Head back through the park to the Shepherd's house.

Go to the basement and check out the hanging plastic sheet across from you. 
Do you see anything on the other side? Use your knife to cut the sheet open 
to reveal a room. Just a mannequin... examine the door and you'll get a 
cutscene of Alex's father screaming at him not to enter the room ever. The 
door is locked by a strange looking thing. Exit.

Go to the pump and hit L1 to access your inventory, and use the gas can on 
it. When you gain control, undo the latch at the base of the door and exit 
the basement.

The stairs lead up from the basement into the backyard. There's no dog to 
hang out in the doghouse, but you can still hear sounds of it panting 
around you. Check out the hanging backpack on the rear fence door to find 
it's Josh's. Pick up PHOTO 4 from inside. 

On the fence to your left will also be CHILD'S DRAWING 7. On the opposite 
wall, at the end of the tiny garden row, is a HEALTH DRINK. Enter the house 
by the rear porch door. 

It appears as though mom has been completely neglecting everything around 
here. Open the fridge to receive a HEALTH DRINK. One door in here is boarded 
up - you do not have the right tool for this yet. The door to the right of
it is locked. On the counter by the telephone is a glowing light of the 
answering machine. It has no tape. Use CASSETTE TAPE on it to hear a message 
from dear old dad.

Go through the final door here to enter mom's sewing room. There's a note 
reminding Adam (dad) to talk to Curtis about the engine. Curtis must be the 
local handyman. The door leading out to the rest of the house is locked, so
there's no more we can do here. Go back through the kitchen, the backyard, 
and out the rear fence door to find yourself back out into town.

Take a left on Baker Street to the end. Right by the fence gate, to your 
left, is a very small opening. You will now be in Rose Heights Cemetery.


Pick up the ROSE HEIGHTS CEMETERY MAP across from you. Head through the small 
tomb, taking note of the plaques on the coffins, if you'd like. Follow the 
path through the area, check out more tombs, and when you reach the East
Garden, you'll notice a man digging up graves through the gate to the 
Bartlett Mausoleum. You cannot speak to or disturb him now, so take a right 
and climb down to continue on your way. 

You'll get a short cut initiating a battle with the feral. Kill it and get 
going. In the center of East Garden, you can check out an inscription on a 
crumbling fountain. Pick up the ODD STONE PLATE, although it's only half.
Climb up to the upper level.

The Bartlett Mausoleum is locked, and so is the door to Founder's Row. 
There's a HEALTH DRINK within the gazebo. Head into the Family Crypts North. 
The small gates on either side lead to small crypts containing two tombs. 
Some are locked, some you may enter. The large dividing gates can be run 
right through.
There's a SAVE POINT in the second crypt on the right in the second section. 
The second crypt on the right of the third section is another entryway 
boarded up. Ignore it and enter the tomb across from it. Squeeze through to 
reach Family Crypts Mid. 

The next crypt to the left gives you a HEALTH DRINK. The crypt across from 
you has another hole you can duck under. Go straight out and head straight 
through the gate and into the last crypt on the right for yet another area to 
squeeze through. Now you are in Founder's Row.

Another feral will attack. Kill it and head to the end to the pit by the gate.
Jump down and there will be a small opening for you to duck under. Come out 
the other side and climb up to get out of the pit to get to Founder's Garden.

There are more graves to check out here. On the northwest side is a HEALTH 
DRINK. If you approach the center you will notice a feral eating some remains.
Kill it and take note of the two major crypts on either side here. They're
both locked with that same strange lock as on the door in your dad's secret 

Forget them for now and head north to the West Garden. There are two sets of 
stairs on either side of you; it doesn't matter which one you choose to get 
to the upper level, but each one of them sports a plaque you can read for 
clues on the stone plate piece you have. 

When you reach the upper level, along the back wall there is another fountain 
with a similar inscription to the one you saw before. Apparently, each 
fountain is dedicated to twin girls who died at 8 years old. Pick up the 
STRANGE STONE PLATE and do a 180 to head north. 

You will reach a large gate, although it is locked. It has a circular 
indentation in the center of it. Duh. Use both plates to make a whole dial 
and open the gate. Pass through and you will reach the cemetery parking lot. 
Exit after you've checked out more dead vehicles and rotting garbage. You 
will emerge on Main Street.


The only logical path to take is a little ways down Main Street to see if 
anyone is still present at the SGPD. Head west and up to the station's front 
door when you reach it. Locked. Police cars are crashed all around. If you go
to the left you will find a FIRST AID KIT by a couple of mashed up cruisers. 
To the right is the dead body of a feral. 

Exit this place and continue west down Main. You will get a cutscene where 
you will finally find Elle, your longtime friend, hanging missing person 
posters on the station billboard. She's quite upset you seemed to up and 
leave town without saying a word to her. She spends a lot of time hanging up 
posters because more people go missing by the day. She hates that the entire 
town seems under a curse. Before you leave, she hands you WALKIE TALKIE 
(your radio) and wishes you luck in your quest to find Josh.
On the opposite side of the billboard will be CHILD'S DRAWING 8. Proceed down 
Main Street and take a left on River View Road. 

When you reach the side street on the right leading to the only tangible 
structure on the map, head in. Go through the covered bridge and take a left. 
At the very end will be a door - and remember this spot for later! There will
be some bonus ammo here further on in the game! Go through this door.


Junkyard indeed. There's a hole along the wooden fence across from you to 
duck under. In the next area, you can enter a small shed to the left to 
examine some more garbage. Follow the path through the area to reach a 
small shed where you'll find a gap to squeeze through. Head forward and to 
the left to enter the main hovel in the middle of all this crap. 

When you enter, you'll get another interactive convo with the handyman, 
Curtis. He's a gruff son of a bitch, and takes note of the dog tags around 
your neck. 

Alex will hand him the old revolver and ask him about the whereabouts
of Josh. Curtis explains that the Mayor is who you'll need to talk to, 
although he's the man who was digging up those graves in the cemetery!

Curtis will trade the old gun for the MK 23 HANDGUN. Now you have a gun you 
can use. Examine the toolbox behind him for a pamphlet on BASIC RANGED 

There's PISTOL AMMO on the table by the rear doorway. Go through to the
next area to find more PISTOL AMMO on a stove, a HEALTH DRINK in the fridge, 
and the JUNKYARD MAP on the machine. There is also a SAVE POINT back here.

Emerge from the back room and confront Curtis once again. You can get another 
interactive conversation. Curtis gets really pissed when you try to ask him 
why he's still hanging around town with all the weird shit going on. He also
informs you that every single clock in Shepherd's Glen has frozen at 2:06 - 
that same number again. When you're finished listening to him, exit the 

A feral will jump out at you as you're trying to leave the first area of the 
junkyard. Ignore it and just go out the door.

Once you get past the covered bridge, a cutscene will occur. Someone is 
trying to contact Elle via the radio. Your signal will soon go out, though, 
as you meet a new enemy - the smog. Kill it or ignore it, and go back by the 
police station. There's PISTOL AMMO in a corner to the left of the bulletin 
board, and more PISTOL AMMO where the first aid kit was earlier (by the 
crashed cars).

Since Curtis explained we had to talk to the mayor, I guess we have to return 
to the cemetery. Head back down Main Street and take a left into the cemetery 
parking lot.


A feral is in the parking lot, I'd ignore it and head through the Front 
Entrance, West Garden, up the rear stairs, and into the Founder's Garden. 
There's a smog here. Dispatch it and follow the path as laid out on your map 
to head back to the East Garden. In Founder's Row, a feral will jump out of 
one of the crypts. Ignore it, as enemies cannot follow you through areas you 
duck under or squeeze through. 

In the second area of Family Crypts Mid, a smog will appear from one of the 
crypts. Kill it, and continue along your path.

Once you get to the East Garden, you'll find the previously locked gate to 
Bartlett Mausoleum is now open. However, Mayor Bartlett is nowhere to be 
found. Enter the mausoleum ahead of you.

Read the coffins if you'd like, but the one ahead of you is sealed with a 
complicated sliding piece lock. The currently highlighted piece needs to be 
dragged down to the bottom of the puzzle square. In order to do this, you 
must maneuver the other pieces aside. The right analog stick selects the 
piece, and the left analog stick moves it.

- Move the little block on top one space to the right
- Move the two horizontal blocks up one space each
- Move the two vertical blocks left one space each
- Move the little block on top all the way to the bottom
- Move the two horizontal blocks all the way to the right
- Move the little block on the bottom all the way to the top
- Move the vertical block on the left side over to the left

Now you may select the sliding bar and drag it to the bottom of the puzzle 
square. You get a cutscene where the crypt opens... and inside is nothing but 
an old wristwatch. There's an inscription on it which reads, ''forgive
me''. Alex has a sudden ringing in his ears and as he grabs his head, he 


Waking up in the town of Silent Hill, Alex spots Josh hovering by a nearby 
truck. You must find him as he runs away. Just ahead of you on the left is 
the entrance to Grand Hotel. Josh is inside, hugging his knees. The door is
boarded up, so you need to find a tool right now. A bit ahead of you is a 
dead end, although there's a truck partially caught on the broken road. Take 
a right and head into the alley, although there's a smog emerging. Back up 
and let him come out onto the street, then go around him and head forward and 
left. Jump down and take a left, duck down under the truck and pick up the 
FIREAXE next to the mutilated corpse. 

Go back the way you came. Either dispatch or go around the smog and head back 
to Grand Hotel. Use the axe to cut through the boards. Go through and enter 
the double doors.


All the doors in this entryway hall are locked, but you can take a right and 
go around the bend of the tiny corridor to receive a HEALTH DRINK.

When you reach the main lobby area, Josh will again run away from you. Take a 
right towards the receptionst desk and read the MR. JONES NOTE on the 

Pick up the GRAND HOTEL MAP from the mail slots behind it. There's a GENERAL 
NOTICE at the far end of the back counter by the wall.

The other doors are locked here. In the center of the rear wall is an exposed 
elevator shaft. The buttons do not work. Jump across the shaft and you will 
be in a maintenance area. Check the toolbox to your right to receive the
MAINTENANCE KEY. Jump back across and head to the exit. A smog will meander 
out from the left, so kill it and leave this dark place.

There may be two smogs out here if you didn't kill the previous one. Kill 
them if you want, then next to the entrance of the hotel is a metal gate. Use 
the maintenance key to open it and go in. 

Pick up the HEALTH DRINK to your left, and Alex will comment that he needs to 
do some rewiring. Check out the power box across from the health drink to see 
a mess of wires that need to be reconnected. Use the right or left analog 
stick to scroll along the top, X to choose the wire, and then whichever stick 
to scroll along the bottom, which will connect that wire to one of the five 

When you've finished assorting them, hit the square button to test the power. 
All red lights on the left side must be lit up to restore electricity to the 
building. The more green lights that appear when you test the power, the 
more correct wires you have connected. 

- YELLOW wire to 2 slot
- WHITE  wire to 1 slot
- RED    wire to 4 slot
- BLUE   wire to 3 slot
- GREEN  wire to 5 slot

Now head back into the hotel.

Go to the rear of the lobby and bring down the elevator. Get the PISTOL AMMO 
from the floor. To the right is the control button, although you can only go 
to the fifth floor. When the elevator begins moving, you'll get a cutscene
introducing you to the needler.

Whether it's several needlers or the exact same one I can't tell, but they 
will bust in through the grating of the elevator on all sides but the door. 
Just use your knife to slash at them until they fall and you shouldn't take 
any damage. Until you kill them off, the elevator will not continue to move 

When they're all dead, you'll get a cut where the elevator will suddenly 
drop. It will stop between floors, forcing you to climb out onto 3. 

When you regain control, you'll hear someone humming a lullaby. The doors 
here are locked, the elevator is busted, and rubble blocks your path. 
Approach the large painting to your right. Cut it down with the knife and 
squeeze through. 

A hidden room, room 306, lies behind the locked door here. Pick up PHOTO 5 on 
the doorknob. Duck under the broken wall and go through the room to the 
hallway. As soon as you emerge, a cutscene will play where you confront the
humming individual through the dark hole in the door of room 301. You'll get 
an interactive convo. Someone left this old lady alone in the hotel, who 
longs for reminders of better days. She'll task you with finding mementos 
for her.

Enter room 303 for a scrawled message on the wall. Now enter room 304 to read 
CLAYTON'S NOTE in the wardrobe. Exit. Go into the hole in the wall by the 
debris and squeeze through to duck under an area. You'll be in room 307. The
bathroom is absolutely disgusting. Enter room 308 for another message 
scrawled on the wall. Read CAROL'S NOTE in the wardrobe. Leave.

The other doors up here are locked, but to the far side of 309 is a boarded 
up area you can hack down. Go through and Alex will see a pile of junk. 
Climb up it to reach the fourth floor.

Enter the new room and read NOTE in the wardrobe. It's becoming apparent that 
Carol had an affair with Sam, but was sick old Clayton's wife. Could that be 
the woman in room 301? 

Exit this room and a swarm will attack you. Get rid of them and go out into 
the hallway. Check out DELIVERY NOTICE in the circular area to the left. A 
nurse is lying in wait in room 402 ahead of you. She should come out any 
second. Kill her and check out the hole in the wall to the left of room 403 
for another scrawled message.

Enter room 402 and get on the far side of the dresser. You will be prompted 
to push it aside, revealing a hole into room 404. The only thing in here is 
in the bathroom. Alex will comment on how this must be one of the lady's 
memories. Pick up ALCHEMILLA POSTCARD. Exit.

All other doors on this floor are locked, so head back toward the pile of 
rubble. You'll get a cutscene where Pyramid Head (the boogeyman) will pass 
by, dragging his knife behind him. He'll actually stop to face you as you 
hide, but decide to disregard you and continue on his way. Strange. 

A swarm will bust out of the room next to you, so kill them and enter the 
room. Nothing's here, but you can pass through a hole in the wall to room 
407. Nothing is in here, either, so exit out the door to the hallway.

You can break open a boarded hole to room 408, and have to kill another 
swarm. Pick up the SERUM from the sink in the bathroom. Exit.

There's more boards blocking a hole leading to the staircase at the end of 
the hall. Hack through them and follow the pathway up to the fifth floor. 

As soon as you emerge, you'll get a cut where Alex calls out for Josh to 
stop. A needler will attack. Kill it. Jump across the gap in the hall to 
pick up a HEALTH DRINK. Jump back over and enter room 508. A swarm will 
come up from the hole in the floor, when you're done with them pick up 
PAUL'S NOTE from the shelf. 

Leave and use the axe to break through the boards on the wall leading into 
room 505. Push the dresser aside when prompted and go through to room 507. 
in the bathroom. Read PAUL ASHLEY'S NOTE on the dresser by the hole before 
you go back the way you came. So Mayor Bartlett had a body in that bag? 
Does this have anything to do with what he was digging for at the cemetery?

A needler will come at you from down the hall. Kill it and head into room 504 
once you chop down the boards. There is PISTOL AMMO on the nightstand. Push 
the dresser out of the way to get CHILD'S DRAWING 9 from the wall. Leave.

There's a hole leading to 503's bathroom. Enter it and go into the room. 
There's a big hole here that Alex can climb down from. Head down into the 
fourth floor.

You will enter the same bathroom which has the scrawled note above the tub. 
Pick up TOLUCA LAKE POSTCARD from inside the tub. You will now have all three
mementos that old bat wanted. Now you need to get back up to her room.

Climb back up and exit 503. A needler will attack. Kill it and run down the 
hall to the staircase. A needler will pop out on the way. Go down the stairs 
to the fourth floor. A nurse will approach you. Another one will emerge from
room 407. Kill them both and enter 407. Sometimes the nurse from 406 will 
also make her way around to come out of 407's doorway after you get done 
killing the other two. Get rid of her and go through 407 to 405, then 
across to 406, into 408, and jump down the hole to the third floor. 

A smog is coming your way. Run out and past it or deal with it and enter 307. 
Slide through to the hallway and approach the old lady you've risked your 
life for.

You will have to reach into the hole in the door, and with a really weird 
sounding "thank you", the old lady hands over STRANGE KEY. This is what you 
need to open the door to the secret room. No need to run around, remember, 
it's right behind you. Enter the room. There is a SAVE POINT on the wall. 
Duck under into the alcove and use the key on the locked door. A cut will 

Alex will try to jump over a dividing gap in the floor, but he doesn't make 
it and is stuck. Josh refuses to help him, or is too scared to, and Alex 
plummets to the floor of the hotel dining hall. 

There is PISTOL AMMO and a HEALTH DRINK on the table to your left. A SAVE 
POINT is on the far wall. You can't exit to the main lobby, so you must go 
through the ornate doors across from them. 

Go across the neglected planter area to the next set of doors, but they are 
locked. Try to head back the way you came, and a transformation to the 
otherworld will occur.


Now you can proceed through the previously locked doors. You will be in a 
large, circular room where you can see a man standing before a gigantic 
plant. It's Mayor Bartlett, finally. You can engage in another interactive 
convo here.

Mayor Bartlett seems to have given up on the town. He claims something has 
come and there's nothing he can do to protect the people. Even Alex won't be 
able to get away. Bartlett says Alex's father couldn't protect a doughnut
shop, and continues to drink from his bottle. When Alex hands him the watch, 
he demands to know what happened to Joey, Bartlett's son. The mayor had 
argued that he gave Joey everything he wanted, and that Alex knows nothing. 
Before long, a huge creature rises from the center of the room, and Bartlett 
cries for mercy. However, it's not granted, and he gets knocked away as the 
monster faces Alex...


There's plenty of room for you to move around the perimeter. There are also 
several shelves spaced out that you can hide behind momentarily. As Joey was 
buried alive by his father, this can provide clues as to Sepulcher's 
attacks. He will cause quakes that can rain debris upon you, and will use his 
enormous fists to punch in your direction, even if you take cover behind a 

You will notice a bunch of hanging sacks spread around the circle. These must 
be destroyed before Sepulcher will fall to the ground, allowing you to 
finally pummel him. I would use a melee weapon for this - the best way to 
get the job done is to not focus on one sack at a time, but score a couple 
of hits on one, then run to another and get some quick hits in on that one. 

Before long, the sacks will explode (Sepulcher may even punch one or two 
himself) and you will get a cut of him falling to the ground. Now you have to 
fight him one on one. He will swipe with his arm or punch forward. It's not
necessary to charge right in to his torso, but just whack his arm a couple of 
times and he will lay his head down. When this happens, you can approach his 
head and give it a good charged whack with your weapon. The second or 
third time you do this, you will get a prompt instead to use the square 
button, causing Alex to strike a finishing blow and ending this boss.

The cutscene will show Alex fainting and falling right into the hole 
Sepulcher disappeared into.


You wake up in a dank jail cell. You can look around, check the doors, the 
bed frame, your empty inventory, and read POEM on the back wall, but you're 
stuck. Eventually, a cutscene will occur.

Deputy Wheeler shows up to interrogate you, although it's clear he's as 
freaked out as you are regarding the local situation. Engage in an 
interactive conversation with him. Wheeler will demand to know what 
happened to the Mayor.

After a while, Alex admits he was killed by a monster. Wheeler explains that 
he's seen creatures too, and lets you out of your cell. You'll have to follow 
him now.

Go with him through the hallways and into a room with a SAVE POINT. Wheeler 
will tell you that Dr. Fitch is into all the same weird crap the mayor was 
into. He claims to know somebody that can help you both. When you leave, a 
cutscene will occur, allowing you to meet a new enemy, the schism. 

Now you have to find all your gear before you can continue. If I were you, 
I'd hang around the hallway and watch Wheeler kill all the creatures, 
including the one that may jump out of a door on the right side of the 
hallway, while taking the time to try to open all the doors (although locked) 
so when you get the map, you'll get all the squiggles and gain a sense of 
having been thorough. ;)

The door that the schism broke through will open into a room on which PHOTO 6 
will by lying on the table. Whenever you're ready, head to the end of the 
hall and enter the next area. The Chief's Office is on the left - it's a room
with all the windows. Once you enter, a cutscene will play. 

Alex will grab his gear, and Wheeler will gift you with the 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN. 
There is a POLICE STATION MAP on the small table to the left of the door. 
When you leave and attempt to get anywhere, a cutscene will occur. It looks
like Wheeler was caught under the collapsing ceiling! For now, you're on your 

If you're like me, this will be one of the most difficult sections in the 
game. I absolutely hate the schisms. The first time I played this I must've 
died 18 times on this spot alone. You may have little to no healing items, 
and the amount of ammo in the shotgun allows for two kills, and that's if 
you're able to whip out the gun and get a point-blank shot in quick enough. 
For this reason, I'm going to explain two separate ways of getting through 
the station in tact - all you have to do is decide if you want to be an 
explorer or not. 

- If you want to explore the station as thoroughly as possible, then take out 
  the axe to chop down the boarded door. Two schisms will break into the 
  lobby just outside. Turn on your flashlight and lie in wait for them to
  enter the hallway, which should be one at a time. As the axe is the most 
  powerful melee weapon you have in your possession, keep it and get in close 
  to the first schism when it crosses the threshhold. Use the X button to 
  whack it twice, and then time a dodge for when it side-slashes you. It may 
  reverse the momentum and slash at you from the opposite side, so you'll 
  have to watch in case you need two dodges. Repeat this hit-hit dodge 
  maneuver until the schism goes down. If you don't get in close enough, it 
  may grab you, at which point you'll have to mash a random button to get it 
  to let go. Failing means instant death, but it shouldn't be a problem. 
  When it lets go, you'll have taken no damage.

  Do the same thing for the second schism. When both are dead, you'll hear a 
  rumbling and TWO MORE schisms will come into the lobby. Stay where you are 
  and do the same thing. Now that all four are dead, it's safe to exit the
  hall into the lobby. 

  One of the schisms had busted in through the doorway leading to a small 
  hallway to your left. You may enter this hallway and attempt to open all 
  the doors, but they are locked or destroyed, and no items are to be found. 
  When you exit the hallway into the lobby, another schism will show up. You 
  should have some distance, so now use your shotgun and blast it twice to 
  kill it.
  Head into the men's room to get a HEALTH DRINK. The ladies' room has 
  nothing, although you may explore the bloodiness of it. Jump over the 
  broken glass window of the small reception area for another HEALTH DRINK.
  Continue east down the hallway. All doors are locked, but there's a hole on 
  the side of the briefing room you can duck under. There are another two 
  schisms in here. Blast one with your shotgun and take out the other with 
  your axe. There is SHOTGUN AMMO in the far corner. You can try to get the 
  ammo so you can take out both, but you shouldn't have much of a problem. 

  There is another boarded-up area here. Break it down and proceed. In this 
  area, another schism will bust through the junk by the cruiser. Kill it. On 
  the cruiser is a WRINKLED MEMO. This gives you a hint as to the numerical
  lock in the office. Go into the office and check out the locker area to 
  your right. The answer is of course, the same as all the stopped times in 
  the town: 206. You'll receive SHOTGUN AMMO, PISTOL AMMO, and a HEALTH 
  DRINK. Good.

  Pull the lever on the opposite wall by the TV to open the garage door. 
  Hurry and duck under it, as it will start to close on you. You are now in 
  the parking lot. 

- Ok, if you've had major problems during the station sequence, the option 
  for now may just be to cut and run. As soon as you break down the boards, 
  two schisms will break into the lobby. Run outside as fast as you can. 

  (If you want a couple of healing items, pass up the open doorway to your 
  left and run into the men's room. Pick up the HEALTH DRINK on the sink and 
  then get outta there. You may take a hit from a schism as it tries to push 
  its way into the restroom, but whatever. Jump over the broken glass of the 
  reception area for another HEALTH DRINK.)

  If you don't want to bother getting the healing items, take a right as soon 
  as you get into the lobby and run down the hallway through the missing 

  Go to the end, take a right, and duck under the small hole. The schisms
  will not follow you through here, but there are two in this new room. Run 
  around them and grab the SHOTGUN AMMO if you dare off the back file 
  cabinet. Take a left and use your axe to bust down the boarded-up area. 
  The two schisms should not bother you while you're in the middle of a 
  hack sequence.

  Get out of there and you will find yourself in the garage. On top of the 
  two schisms that will follow you in here, another one will bust out of the
  junk by the cruiser. Just run into the office area, where the light from 
  the TV is glowing, and across from you on the wall is a lever. Pull it to 
  open the garage door. Run right back out and duck under the door to get 
  into the parking lot. 

Now that we're finally outta there, you'll get a cutscene. It's Elle! 
Apparently she's the one Wheeler spoke of to help you. She's in a police 
cruiser, but unfortunately you won't be driving out of here. Another new 
enemy, the siam, will fall onto the hood of the car, turning it over with 
Elle inside. It will then come after you. You must eliminate it. Three hits 
from the shotgun should suffice, if you can't maneuver around to it's more 
vulnerable female side. 

When it's dead, another cut will play. Elle will crawl out of the car, and 
ask about Wheeler. Alex says he doesn't think he made it. Suddenly, a whole 
shitload of schisms will start to surround you. Elle leads you to a manhole
cover and the two of you climb down into the sewers. Good thing schisms can't 
seem to lift these things on top of opening doors.


You now have yourself a partner, although Elle is not armed. Which means 
you're gonna have to look out for her as you proceed. Fortunately, she 
shouldn't get in your way while you're trying to move or fight. 

Step down and Elle will comment that a valve may be able to open a gate. 
Approach the valve and mash the X button and hold it to get the gate 
partially open and have it stay that way, until Elle can duck underneath 
and operate the valve on the other side so you can get through. 

Duck under and take a left. Step up to the next area, and jump down to 
another. Water. Uh-oh. There are two lurkers in this area. Kill them and move 
on. Climb up to the next area and take a right. There are two PISTOL AMMO 
boxes on the pipe. Return to your previous position and continue.

Get up to the open section on your left. Use your pipe to pry open the gate 
when prompted. To the left is a device that will drain a large tank further 
ahead. Return to the main area once it's turned.

Climb up to the raised area to your right. You will see the drained tank you 
have to cross on your left, but go forward and turn the corner to see a SAVE 
POINT. In the small room past it on the right, you can gain the SEWER MAP
and SHOTGUN AMMO off the table. Return to the emptied tank and climb down 
into it to get up the opposite side.

There is nothing to the left or ahead, so jump down to the right. The open 
gate ahead of you has nothing so take a right and head down the tunnel. There 
is a raised area to your left that you can climb up to and gain a HEALTH
DRINK. When ready, head to the end of the tunnel and rotate the valve to let 
Elle through.

Damn. Naturally, she can't operate the valve. You're gonna have to go ALL the 
way around to another gate for her to open. This, of course, means all the 
monsters are gonna show up for YOU.

Check your map. You see how you're facing west toward gate 4? You have to go
north through gate 8, across the bilge tank, west at gate 12, south along the 
curve, and show up on the other side of gate 4. Prepare to face off against
two needlers and a lurker along the way.

When you reach the other side of gate 4, Elle will open it. A needler will 
immediately approach you from straight ahead. Climb up to the open area after 
you finish him to get SHOTGUN AMMO from the open pipe, and climb back down 
again on the other side. Continue along your way.

A second needler will appear. Kill it. Step up to your left and climb down 
into another tank to cross it. Continue and you will cross a small bridge. 
Now you must step down into another watery area. Two lurkers will attack 
you on the way. Dispatch of them. 

Climb up on the other side and head to the ladder on the wall to your right. 
There is a gate here on the left that you must operate the nearby lever to 
open, but head to the right instead. A needler will pop out of a hole and 
you'll have to kill it to reach the PISTOL AMMO and SHOTGUN AMMO at the end 
of the hall.

When you've got 'em, use the lever to open the gate door. Take a left and 
drop down into the next area. There is a SAVE POINT in a small alcove to your 
right. Drop down again into the lower area. There is nothing to the left or
straight from where you are, so take a right. 

At the far end of the main drain chamber, you will see another valve. Turn it 
for Elle to get underneath. She will exclaim that she cannot - again - 
operate her valve. She's gonna go ahead and see if she can find another one. 

Three needlers will pop out of the woodwork almost immediately after she's 
done talking. If I were you, the instant you turn the valve and she gets 
underneath it, I'd run back down the tunnel a ways and ready my gun for when 
they appear. You'll hear the metal clinking, and then they'll show up, coming 
right towards you. Try to shoot at least one dead before you tackle the other 
two. Whether you try this strategy or just stick around the gate area, Elle
will be heard screaming shortly after.

Run to the gate to check it out. From behind you, a siam will appear, 
knocking down the pillars as he barrels through. You'll have to kill him. 
Just use the shotgun. 

When he's down, the gate will now be open. Go through it. Make sure to climb
up the raised area on the left of the tunnel - you can pick up PHOTO 7 from 
some debris. Climb back down and continue. In a few seconds, Alex will come 
across a huge pool of blood with Elle's radio in the middle of it. Follow 
the blood trail to a ladder and climb up it.

When you emerge from underground, you'll be in front of your house. Back to 
square one, I suppose. If you try to enter, you'll see that the front door is 
jammed with some kind of overgrowth or wire. You're only option is to 
head south on Craven Avenue.

In a few seconds, a cut will play. Someone's trying to contact through 
radio - it's Wheeler! he made it! He's still curious about finding Dr. 
Fitch. He instructs you to meet him over at Fitch's office, which will be 
highlighted on your map. Since there's nowhere else to go, head south on 
Craven. Two ferals will attack you on the way. Kill them, and as soon as 
you hit the intersection, take a left for a quick retreat into the Town Hall.

It is necessary to enter here for a moment if you'd like to get all chid's 
drawings in order. If you remember, there's one door in here which is boarded 
up. Enter the building and use the door to the left to enter the hall.
The boarded up door is right here to the left, but a smog will appear from 
down the hallway. Shoot it dead - I don't care if you have to empty over 7 
bullets into it to get it down before you wait for its lungs to appear - 
there's a chance you're very low on life at this point. When it's dead, hack 
open the door on the left and enter.

There's the portrait of Alex's ancestor lying on the table. Why isn't this 
hung up along with other founding fathers? The damned town is named after 

Push the large shelf on the left wall over to reveal CHILD'S DRAWING 10. Now 
get the hell outta here.

Exit the Town Hall. The streets of Shepherd's Glen are now swarming with all 
kinds of enemies, including schisms. Cross the street onto Main and you'll 
notice blood spots on the street. Follow them, and a cutscene will play. It's
Dr. Fitch, dripping with blood and carrying a blade... Alex asks him what he 
did, but Fitch refuses to answer and retreats into his office. Follow him 
when you gain control.


It's incredibly dark in here. The office looks like it hasn't been used in a 
long time. Check things out, and then enter the reception area. There's a 
wall between two of the hallway doors. Every door is locked but the one to 
the left of the degree. Enter.

It looks more like a little girl's room than a patient office. Dr. Fitch was 
the town doctor, not a private pediatrician... why are there ballerina 
pictures and dolls on shelves? Pick up PHOTO 8 on the cabinet. There's a 
locked box on a dresser in here, but you do not have the key. You'll have to 
leave for now.

WARNING! There are 5 nurses waiting for you outside, apparently from the 
locked room next door. You might want to turn off your flashlight and proceed 
quietly, maybe give an attempt to blast through them with your shotgun. 

Once the nurses are destroyed, go into the previously locked room they were 
standing in front of. Pick up the SERUM off the counter in the back, and the 
SMALL KEY off the patient bed, followed by DR. SLATER'S NOTE. A psychiatric 
doctor for Dr. Fitch? 

Go back into the little girl's room and open the box on the dresser with the 
small key. You'll get a cutscene of Alex taking out a little black-haired 
doll. Right before his eyes, the doll seems to decompose in his hand and 
Alex has another one of his headaches. When he wakes up, he will be in the 
otherworld again...


You will pick up SCARLET'S DOLL when you begin here automatically. There's 
only one way to go, so head down the hall and climb down. You will once again 
see Josh when you land. If you try to follow him to the right, you will
reach a broken staircase.

Head in the opposite direction and down the stairs. Take a right at the bend, 
but the stairs ahead of you are another dead end. So take the stairs to the 
right. Jump across the gap, but Alex won't make it. Mash the X button
to climb up. Keep going. The stairs to the right are a dead end, so head 
left. When you reach the bottom of those stairs, jump over to another area.

Follow the path, and you will reach a dead end with a single doll in a red 
coat. Examine her and she will whisper, "behind you..." CREEE-PYYY!!! Sure 
enough, there's a smog coming up on you from out of nowhere. Get rid of it or 
get around it, and just behind where he was, is a fan on the floor. It is 
stopped, prompting you to jump down. Do it. 

A swarm will attack you. Get rid of the little buggers. On the table next to 
you is PISTOL AMMO. Jump down to the next area and follow the path. When you 
reach the dead end, search for an area where there is no metal impeding
you. You can drop down here. You will land onto a staircase, go up the stairs 
instead of down into the lit area and turn right to receive a HEALTH DRINK on 
a table next to another doll.

Go back downstairs and follow the path. When you reach an intersection, 
you'll see Josh run quickly by from the right. There is a smog down here, 
coming at you from the direction in which Josh headed off to. Kill it, 
then look behind you for CHILD'S DRAWING 11.

Continue down your path and drop down to the next level. Move along until you 
reach a ladder. Climb down. The path to the left leads to a jammed door, so 
head to the right. Drop down. 

WARNING! You must take the exact route I say here, otherwise you will 
progress too far, and screw your chances at getting the crowbar, causing 
you to have to restart if you wish to get it!

From where you're facing, jump the area directly in front of you. Take a 
right along the path, drop down, turn left, and use the ladder to climb down. 
You should be seeing a lot of small cages with some body bags if you've gone
the right way. Run straight ahead, and squeeze through some red hot pipes. 
Duck under the fan ahead of you and grab the CROWBAR off the table. This 
weapon now takes the place of the steel pipe. The door here is locked. Now 
you can go back the way you came.

Now that you're back, jump over the other lava flow. Climb down the ladder 
when you get to it. Pull the lever on the wall to halt the fan. Duck under 

Continue along the path, and when you reach the second fan, you'll see
Josh again. He runs off once more, but he leaves CHILD'S DRAWING 12 on the 
floor. The fan will begin to operate, trapping you in this new area.

Take a right. The small corridor to the right is a dead end, so go straight 
and then make a left. You should be running through an area with bulging 
metal walls. The fan to the right of this next room is stopped, so duck 
under it. The door in this next area is jammed, so turn to the left and use 
your knife to cut through another one of those toothy skin walls. Squeeze 

Now a swarm will attack. Kill them and proceed. Pull the lever to stop the 
fan, and go through. The areas down here are all dead ends, so right by the 
fan you had just passed through, one is stopped on the floor. Jump down. 
Follow the path and you will come to a sort of junction where there are 
two rows of fans, with three fans each in a line, one behind the other. 

The idea here is to shut off all three fans in line for one of these two 
rows, so you can duck through them all. There are switches on either side 
of the two rows, and one in front between the two fans.

On the right, are fans 4, 5, and 6. 5 and 6 are on, but 4 is not. Let's shut 
off all fans to go through that side. To do this, we're gonna have to work at 
getting them turned off from the back to the front. 

- Pull the lever for 4/5  - this will turn 4 on and 5 off.
- Pull the lever for 5/6  - this will turn 5 on and 6 off.
- Pull the lever for 3/4  - this will turn 3 on and 4 off.
- Pull the lever for 4/5  - this will turn 4 on and 5 off.
- Pull the lever for 2/3  - this will turn 2 on and 3 off.
- Pull the lever for 3/4  - this will turn 3 on and 4 off.

If you wish to grab the serum that is in between fans 2 and 3 on the left 
side, then follow these directions at this point:

- Pull the lever for 3/4
- Pull the lever for 2/3
- Pull the lever for 4/5
- Pull the lever for 3/4

...and grab the SERUM. Now you can:

- Pull the lever for 3/4
- Pull the lever for 4/5
- Pull the lever for 2/3
- Pull the lever for 3/4

Now fans 4, 5, and 6 should be off. You can now duck through those three 
fans. When you go through, the door to your left is jammed, so go down the 
ladder. There is a SAVE POINT up ahead on your right.

Turn left and climb down the ladder. You'll see Josh again. Follow him. A 
cutscene will occur when you go across the catwalk, where a new path will 
open. All lights will go off one by one around Alex. Follow the path to the 
very end and a single light will go on to reveal a door with a valve. Turn it 
and enter. Dr. Fitch will be sitting in the middle of the room, cutting 
himself with his knife in his tighty-whiteys. You can engage in an 
interactive conversation here.

Dr. Fitch feels incredible guilt over the murder of his only daughter, 
Scarlet. Following her ritual dismemberment, he spends most of his days 
hacking at his skin with a razor blade and bringing "dollies" to his 
office, apparently the place of her death. Coming across as truly 
remorseful for his actions, it's almost sad when Scarlet rises from the 
pool of blood, only to tear his head off...


Appearing as a gigantic, morbid porcelain doll, Scarlet looks intimidating, 
though you must realize she's not really a doll at all, but a creature made 
of sinew and blood. The covering you see is simply porcelain armor, and 
must be hacked off before you can attempt to defeat her first form. 

She moves incredibly slow, which can aid you in your dodge maneuvers. The 
best way I found to defeat her is by approaching head-on with a melee 
weapon like the crowbar. Swipe at her leg a few times with a quick X 
attack, then be ready to dodge. Scarlet has an incredibly long reach, due 
to her elongated arms, and can backhand you many feet away if you're not 
careful. After you give her leg a few quick strikes, she will normally give 
a huge swipe with one of her arms. Dodge this with a carefully timed move, 
and keep an eye on her arm - sometimes she will swing it backwards the way 
it came following the inital swipe. 

There will also come one or two times that she will pause for a short 
moment - at this time, it is important that you perform a side dodge-roll 
as quickly and to as far away as possible to avoid being thrown back by a 
spew of black, tar-like vomit. Usually after these instances she will get 
frustrated and lean forward to scream. Use this opportunity to approach her 
again and get a few swipes in. 

As you hack at her legs, porcelain will break away to expose bloody innards. 
It's not totally necessary to chip away EVERY bit of armor from her upper and 
lower arms and legs to get her to drop to her hands and knees - I found
that hitting the exposed areas is what weakened her quickly. Once she does 
drop, one of two things may happen: you may get a prompt to mash the square 
button. Doing this will cause you to pry at her backplate. If you do it quick
enough, you will have defeated her first form. 

If you do not get this prompt, simply use your weapon to continue hacking at 
her armor. Eventually she will rise to her feet and the process of swiping 
and dodging will continue. 

When you finally defeat her first form, you'll get a short cutscene of 
Scarlet seizuring in the air, falling over, and rising to her final form. 
Now she will represent somewhat of a spider, greatly increasing in speed 
and agility. She will either immediately retreat to the ceiling or scuttle 
around you, looking for a shot to strike. 

If she retreats, just run around the area until a circle button prompt 
appears on the screen. Immediately hit it to perform a dodge, for she will be 
dropping directly onto your position. After you do this, quickly face her to 
begin attacking, although usually after a drop she will remain crumpled on 
the floor. You will get a prompt to again use your crowbar, this time 
smashing it into her back. 

If she does not retreat to the ceiling, you must be prepared to attack at any 
time. Scarlet will zip from one area to another, and when she's in close 
proximity, repeatedly strike her with your melee weapon. Sometimes she will 
pause at one position some feet away from you. This means she's ready to 
lunge forward, which will also knock you backward as with the vomit from 
before. Try to roll-dodge when you see this coming. The knife also works 
wonders during the times she's in close at this point. You will be attacking 
too fast for her to counter, and she will soon drop like a rock. 

Either way you do it, whether by scoring enough hits, or using the 
opportunity following the drop, you must gain the prompt to use your 
crowbar on her back several times. When this is done, the fight will be over.

When you're done, there will be a cutscene. Alex will wake up in Fitch's 
office, like nothing happened. You will recieve FOUNDER'S KEY after he 
vomits. Alex remembers seeing this symbol in the Town Hall. Yep, that 
locked box on the podium. We must go there now.

Get out of the office and take a right. Run down the street and across the 
intersection to the Town Hall, ignoring any baddies that try to attack. Enter 
the building.


The double doors in the lobby are jammed. Go through the door to the left. 
Now head into the first door on the right. All the monsters should have been 
eliminated by now, so you shouldn't run into any trouble. When you enter
the main courtroom area, head to the podium. Use your founder's key on it and 
a secret stairway will open up in the center of the room. 

Head downstairs and pick up the FIRST AID KIT across from you in the alcove. 
You may go left or right to get to the other side of the stairway, it doesn't 

When you get to the rear of the basement, turn off your light, cuz there are 
nurses through the narrow opening! Kill them, then enter the secret room. 
There are four TOMES of the Order's bylaws and regulations on four pedestals
around the room. The Order? That mysterious Silent Hill cult apparently has 
reaches here in Shepherd's Glen! This could be the reason for everything 
going on around here. But who's in on it? 

Read all four books before checking out the strange symbols on a carving on 
the side of the room. A cutscene will play. Alex remembers his father 
slamming his secret room door shut on him as a kid - and that same strange 
doorknob is the handle of the knife that Alex now has in his possession. 
You will receive CEREMONIAL DAGGER. This weapon takes the place of the 
combat knife from now on. 

If you check your objective, you'll notice it remains the same. There's still 
something more to do here. Check along the back wall for a barely visible 
doorway. You will get a prompt to unlock it with your dagger. Hit X and
a new walkway will open up. Follow the long underground path. There are no 

Eventually you will reach a room with a typewriter. There's nothing of 
interest here, so go up the ladder.


You emerge inside one of the locked mausoleums in Founder's Garden. To the 
wall on your left is CHILD'S DRAWING 13. Use the dagger to unlock the door. 
Once you bust out, do the same for the mausoleum across from you. Pick up the
SERUM off the tomb and exit.

Now, the idea is to head back home, but since the front door is locked, we're 
supposed to go through the cemetery the long way, through Founder's Row, 
the Family Crypts, East Garden, etc., all the way back to Barker Street where
we can enter the house through the rear. 

However, if you wish to get all photos in order, along with some much-needed 
bonus ammunition, for now we're going to exit the easy way, north and through 
the parking lot. There should be very few enemies around here, so ignore
whatever you come to and take a right out of the parking lot, past the police 
station, and toward the billboard you met Elle at earlier. By the bench to 
the right of the board is PHOTO 9. 

Keep going that way, take a left at the intersection, and make a right to go 
under the covered bridge to Curtis' Junkyard. By his door you can pick up 2 
SHOTGUN AMMO and a HEALTH DRINK. His door is locked up, though...

Now make a break for the cemetery again. Go through the parking lot and 
follow your map to get back to Barker Street. When you get to the south of 
the main Garden and have to drop down into the pit, the passageway where two
smogs reside will contain a FIRST AID KIT and SHOTGUN AMMO at the end. That's 
all there is extra until you reach Family Crypts North. As soon as you exit 
into the area, there's that boarded up entryway from way earlier in the
game. Hack it down to find CHROME HAMMER PISTOL on the ground. This will take 
the place of your old handgun.

There's nothing left here in the cemetery once and for all, so make a dash 
for the exit while avoiding all enemies. It should be a piece of cake. 

When you reach Barker Street take a right to the back gate leading to the 
rear of the Shepherd House.


Head into the back door of the house. When in the kitchen, you can axe chop 
the boards on that damn door. Enter the dining area for a FIRST AID KIT on 
the back table. That's it? Well, you can check out a rotted dinner with flies
buzzing around it. All other doors are locked. You must exit the house via 
the back door.

Head around to the stairs leading to the basement. Go through that cut sheet 
from earlier and to dad's secret room. Use the dagger to unlock it, and 
finally enter. It seems like nothing more than a butcher's room. Pick up the
BLUE STEEL SHOTGUN from the rack to the right. Pick up ATTIC KEY from the 
butcher's table. Also take note of the hanging knives for later...

Leave and go upstairs to the first floor. Alex's mom is still in the living 
room, rocking away, although you cannot speak to her. Go upstairs to the 
second floor, and to the room at the end of the hall. Use the attic key and 

The TV is on, but no one's here. Use the door by the set and head upstairs to 
the attic. It's pretty big up here. If you head left, you can actually walk 
through the hanging sheets to a pile of crap. PHOTO 10 is sitting on the
junk. Across from the way you came up is a big dresser that seems not to 
belong. You can push it aside to reveal another secret room in the house. 

There is a cutscene before you enter. Adam, Alex's dad, is talking with Josh 
in this room. He hands his son a chain with a ring hanging from it, and 
explicitly tells Joshua never to tell anyone he's been given it, even Alex. 
Josh is convinced it's worth a million dollars if it's so special. 

Anyway, straight ahead of you is another sliding block puzzle locking the 
drawer. This one is more difficult than the puzzles previously encountered. 
The idea is to make the picture in the puzzle match the insignia on the flag
hanging right above you. Just like last time, use your analog sticks to 
select a piece and then move it along the puzzle square:

l----l    ----------              
l A  l    l   B    l     
l    l    D    l   l  
l C  l---------l E l 
l    l  F l  G l   l
l H  l    l    I   l
l----l    l--------l        

- B left
- E up

- G right
- F right

- I left
- G down

- F right
- I up

- G left
- F down

- I right
- G left and up

- H right twice
- G down

- I left
- C down

- E down
- A down

The drawer will now open and you will get LETTER FROM MY FATHER and MAP OF 
SILENT HILL. What is this that dad's talking about? Did he have something to 
do with the town being the way it is? Does it have to do with the Order??

You're gonna have to confront mom about all this once and for all. Leave the 
attic and head downstairs.

When you get down to the first floor, a cutscene will play. Alex demands to 
know what's going on, and says that he knows everything about Silent Hill. 
His mother exclaims that he knows nothing, and tries to coddle him. But Alex 
isn't buying it. He knows his parents treat him like second best around that 
house. Before anything significant can be revealed, men in what looks like 
mining getup charge in and try to take both of them away. Alex struggles
and ends up being left alone in the house, but his mother is now kidnapped by 
the intruders. The look of the Shepherd home lifts away to be replaced by a 
skewed representation...


WARNING! This is the area a lot of people claim to encounter bugs. As I've 
stated in the WHAT'S NEW section, of all the times I've played the PS3 
version, I've only encountered one bug, which didn't affect my game. To be 
safe, save your progress right now in the living room of otherwold Shepherd's 
house before going on. I don't think you'll encounter any problems, but to be 
sure, try doing it the way I've outlined here.

There's a SAVE POINT in the living room. Pick up ANGRY MASK on the shelf to 
the right. Leave. Check out the scrawled POEM on the wall across from the 
basement door. Each puzzle in the Shepherd home relates to each member
of the family, as you will see soon enough. Take a right and head into the 
kitchen. There's a HEALTH DRINK on the counter, but a swarm will attack. Kill 
it, and avoid checking out the holes in the wall - more swarms may attack 
you. The door to the left of the way you entered is unlocked so go through. 

Inside you will see a sort of crucifix-like setup which has a rotting corpse 
on either side of it. Check both out for the following messages: 

''To hide her pain this face she did wear...'' and on the opposite side, 
''Behind this mask her heart was laid bare...''

Clearly you'll need two of the masks for this particular puzzle, but since we 
don't have what's sufficient, you'll need to come back here later. Get out 
into the main hallway and go upstairs. 

Mom and dad's room is unlocked, so go inside. Jump across the gap into the 
master bath, and pick up INDIFFERENT MASK from the sink. Note how Alex claims 
it reminds him of mom. Surely, the corpse puzzle is mom's.  

Go to the bathtub and pick up STUFFED RABBIT. Leave. When you reach the 
hallway, turn to your left. A MEAT CLEAVER is embedded into the table. Pick 
it up, and note that all other doors upstairs are gated up. Go downstairs.

Next to the basement door is a lever device with four lights. The leftmost 
light is green, indicating that the status of which doors in the house are 
locked and gated differ with whichever light it on. Pull the lever to turn
off the first light and turn on the second. 

Now you can go upstairs and through the door at the end of the hall. Push the 
shelf to the right of this room aside for a HEART OF DARKNESS MEDAL. Enter 
the attic stairway door. 

Go up the stairs and your radio will blast. If you take a right and are quiet,
you'll see a schism crouching in an alcove ahead on the right. Take out your 
shotgun and blast it without it even knowing. Now go forward and squeeze 
through the pipes on the left to reach a small area. Pick up the SHOTGUN AMMO 
and PISTOL AMMO in the back. Now come out the way you came in. 

Take a right and go forward a few steps. On your left you can see an area you 
can duck under. You should be able to see a mannequin through this area. Go 
under and approach the mannequin to pick up VILE ACTS MEDAL. A schism will
appear behind you. Take it out and leave. 

Go left and squeeze through the pipes to the next area. Stay quiet, for a 
schism is lying on the floor in front of you. Shoot it with the shotgun to 
kill it. Easy. Proceed across the area and duck underneath the gap to the 
next area. Now jump over. Take a left and go into the open doorway to dad's 
secret room. Examine the medal case on the table to receive FALLEN STAR 

Now turn to your left. There's a military jacket on a coat rack with three 
spaces for the attachment of medals. Now you have to put all three medals on 
the coat in proper order. For some reason, you hit X here to access the 
inventory. Whatever. From left to right, the correct order is:

- Fallen Star Medal
- Heart of Darkness Medal
- Vile Acts Medal

When you hit circle to confirm, a cut will play, showing four symbols on the 
corners of the front door. The upper right symbol will light up. You've 
completed dad's puzzle. Make your way back downstairs to the lever.

Pull it so that the third light on the indicator is on. Now go back upstairs 
to Alex and Josh's room. Read the POEM on the wall to the left. Check out the 
DOCTOR'S NOTICE on the small shelf by the door. Now approach the large
clock on the wall next to the toothy skin doorway. 

Using either analog stick, right and left will switch between the hour and 
minute hand, while up and down will move the chosen hand forward or backward. 
The idea is of course to select a specific time here. As is customary in 
Shepherd's Glen, choose the usual time: 


Now all four windows on the wall to the left will open. Approach them and 
notice only one is back-lit. There's a hook for hanging a particular item. 
Use the rabbit toy on the hook, and you'll get another front door cut. The
lower left symbol is now on. You will have completed Alex and Josh's puzzle. 

Use the dagger to open the toothy skin doorway before you leave this room. 
Pick up BUTCHER KNIFE and CHILD'S DRAWING 14 underneath it. Now exit for the 
downstairs lever.

Pull the lever so the final light is on. This will open the basement. Go 
downstairs and head along the path, watching for the lurker that will crawl 
out on your left. Kill it, then duck under the broken grating and squeeze 
through the pipes. You will end at a toothy skin doorway. Use the knife to 
open it and enter dad's secret room.

There's a BOOGEYMAN KNIFE embedded in the body of the hanging schism. Now 
approach the butcher's table. Use the analog stick up or down to select one 
of three slots for hanging a knife. Two go on the knife display above the 
table, one goes into the chunk of schism on the cutting board. In case you 
can't deduce where what goes by the bloody outlines, the order is this:

- Meat Cleaver on top
- Butcher Knife upright in middle
- Boogeyman Knife in schism

Hitting circle to complete your selections will result in another front door 
cut - the lower right symbol is now lit up. We've completed dad's second 
puzzle. Return to the lever.

Pull the lever so the first light is on once more. Two schisms will attack, 
one from your right, and another from within the kitchen. Blast 'em. 

Go into the kitchen and pick up FROWNING MASK on the counter to your left. 
Now we have three masks to contend with in this final puzzle. Go through the 
door to the left of the one you entered to return to the corpse room.

A mask must be put on each of the corpses. Which one depends on the written 
note coinciding with the body:

- "To hide her pain this face she did wear..."  - Indifferent Mask.
- "Behind this mask her heart was laid bare..." - Frowning Mask.

Another cut. The last light on the front door is on - you may now leave the 
house! Proceed to the front door. 

WARNING! This is where I experienced the bug. The lower right light on the 
front door went out when I completed my last puzzle. I was still able to go 
outside, though. But I had done the puzzles in a different order than I 
outlined. When writing this walkthrough, doing the puzzles in the manner I 
indicate here resulted in this bug not occurring. 

Open the valve. A cut will play. After the door unlocks, the Shepherd house 
will return to its former state. Alex goes through and Elle is just coming up 
to the house. She explains that her mother, Judge Holloway, is missing. 
Alex tells her that he believes she went where his father is, in Silent Hill. 
Wheeler comes in through the radio, and they all agree to use a boat to cross 
Toluca Lake into the next town. 

Next we see the three of them on a small motorized boat on the way to Silent 
Hill. Elle explains that she never knew why Alex left so long ago, but is 
glad he's back home. Although everything is going to shit, he seems to just
keep his head up. Wheeler prompts him to explain to Elle about Silent Hill. 
Alex says that as kids, they were never allowed to go there. It's the same 
for Elle. Wheeler doesn't blame them; he skipped duty in the accursed town,
but knows of a female officer (Cybil?) that had to go there once. He informs 
them that the people there don't take kindly to outsiders or those who don't 
follow their beliefs. Elle hands Alex a locket that once belonged to her 
sister, Nora, who also disappeared. As Wheeler docks at Silent Hill, they are 
all accosted by Order members. Elle and Wheeler are carried off, and Alex 
loses consciousness, waking up on the docks of Silent Hill.


The controls of the boat are out of order, so you have no choice but to 
ascend the rickety wooden staircase of the docks up to the street. 

Before you can really get anywhere, Wheeler radios in. He says he and Elle 
have been taken to the prison. Take a left on Sagan Street and head south. Go 
through the gate on the wall leading west to continue on Sagan. When you 
approach the entryway to the prison on your left, there will be a cut. Alex 
claims he's reached the front gate, but it's shut. Wheeler tells him another 
entrance exists on the side of the building. Go around to the west side of 
the building.

You'll hear the strong sound of electricity here. Alex will radio Wheeler and 
tell him it's electrified. He says he'll work on getting the power turned off 
(if you touch the gate, you'll be shocked, though you shouldn't take
any damage). 

Before you proceed with your task, it is important to do a few side quests in 
order to get all the child's drawings, a save point, some ammo, and two 
weapons. So backtrack to the eastern portion of Sagan Street. At the curve in 
the road, to the right, is an entryway to a bait shop. Go in. Although the 
door is not opening, go to the left and you will see a spot to duck under. On 
the fence across from you is a SAVE POINT. There is PISTOL AMMO on a garbage 
pail to your right, and CHILD'S DRAWING 15 on the wall past that. Exit.

Head to the left, cross the small boarded bridge, and take a right to enter 
Dargento Cemetery. You will automatically have a map for this place. Follow 
the path until you pass through the Sun Garden. While on your way out via the
corridor, a smog will show up behind you. Take it out. 

The entrance to Janus Garden is jammed, and the Moon Garden gate is locked, 
so head back to the corridor which led you out of Sun Garden. On the northern 

wall is a tiny hole in the bricks. You'll get a prompt to breach it with a
tool. Use your axe and tear the wall down. Enter this new area and on a bench 
to the right, pick up the GARNET. Now go left towards the gate. You can enter
this one to find yourself in Janus Garden in the north. You may inspect the 
statue of Janus, and go northwest to find SAPPHIRE on a bench. A smog may 
appear back in the garden, so just kill at and continue on your way. There's
a hole in the brick wall past where you found the sapphire to the north, 
exiting here will leave you across the street from where you started at the 

Just make a straight dash down Sagan Street to the dividing wall. Lurkers 
will start pouring out onto the streets, but just ignore them. Once you go 
through the gate, check your map. You're in front of the Overlook 
Penitentiary, with the side gate pinpointed, as well as the nearby Water 
and Power building.

This is where we need to go in order to disable the electric gate to continue 
with the game. But we also need to pass through it to continue with our
side quest now. However, if you try any doors along the way, you'll find that 
there's no clear cut entryway into the building here. Head south past the 
large hole in the road (and a lurker and feral) to a north-facing building,
where the door here will be unlocked.

You're now in a large town boiler room. You automatically have a map of this 
place, too. Go down the stairs and into the flooded room. A lurker will 
attack you, so dispatch it. Head across the large area and to the northeast 
of the basement boiler room, grab a HEALTH DRINK on one of the busted 

Go up the stairs to your left. Go through the door to find yourself in the 
west alley outside the boiler room. There's RIFLE AMMO under the window
in the front of the boiler room if you wish to take it.

On the street, go left. The gate outside Alchemilla Hospital is open, so head 
inside. A lurker may come up behind you, so kill it if it does. Grab the 
BLOODSTONE off a bench in front of the building and exit. There's another 
opening in front of the hospital, so take a left and enter the small gate 
across from the abandoned car. A bunch of lurkers may appear here, so either 
kill them or quickly run inside to grab the SERUM from the left 
bench, and leave.

Take a right and head north on Koontz Street. When you get to the feral 
eating some remains in the middle of the street, with a lurker crawling out 
toward it, take a right and enter the Toluca Lake Office Building. You'll 
again have a map of this place automatically.

Check out NEWSPAPER ARTICLE on the shelf to your left, and grab the PISTOL 
AMMO on the shelf to the right. Go through the door to the north. You're in a 
stairway room, although the stairs are blocked by debris. Head left,
through the three threshholds, and into the office. Grab the HEALTH DRINK to 
your right. Examining the sink will give you an X button prompt. Take the 
TURQUOISE out of the basin. 

Now proceed and jump across the windy gap of the exposed portion of the 
building. There is a SAVE POINT in this room. Break down the boarded door to 
the left of it. All doors here are locked, but there is a hole in the wall
to your right. Enter this room and grab the TOLUCA LAKE WATER AND POWER KEY 
from the shelf on the right.

Head back to the stairwell room. The door across from you is locked, so use 
your key to get into the water and power building. Step forward into the 
area. In a few seconds some Order members will approach from the left. With
some human beings around, I feel a bit better - however, they're still 
hostile, and since they are not monsters, your radio will not sound, which 
means they can sneak up and attack you from behind without you knowing if 
you're not careful. Kill them and check out the whiteboard to the right.

Apparently A switch controls the water feed, while B and C control the boiler 
and steam feed respectively. A feed is right there to your left. But we need 
to know the method of getting them turned off so we can proceed, let alone
get into the prison eventually.

Go out into the large open area and climb up to the next level. To the right, 
in the back on a shelf, is PISTOL AMMO. Now do a 180 and climb up the ladder 
to the upper floor. B feed is right in front of you. Go past it and
take a left, down to the other end to grab a FIRST AID KIT in the corner. Go 
back to where you came up the ladder. To the right of B feed is the foreman's 
office. Next to the doorway read FOREMAN'S NOTE on how to shut off the 
valves. To the right of the door is two RIFLE AMMO boxes. 

The valves need to be shut off in a particular order. Following this, a lever 
must be pulled to finalize the shut down of power, water, and steam. 

- Turn B valve - boiler feed, next to foreman's office.
- Turn A valve - water feed, bottom floor next to whiteboard.
- Turn C valve - steam feed, top floor south of foreman's office.

When this is done, a cut will show you the lever box's light is set to green. 
The lever is directly behind you, across from C valve. Pull it, and a cut 
will play again. Wheeler informs you that all the power is successfully
down in the prison, and Order members are running for cover. I guess they 
either know you're coming, or think it has something to do with the curse on 
the town and monsters possibly casing problems.

Seeing as how the entire building is completely dark and silent, you're in 
danger of being accosted by more Order members in your confusion. Either wait 
for them to approach and kill them off, or make a mad dash for the exit.

Head back to your starting point here, the reception room, and go back out 
onto the streets. It's VERY dark out here, in part because you disabled all 
power. The music isn't helping things much, either. Go south and take a left
heading back to the side alley door of the boiler room. 

Another lurker will attack you in the water down here. Kill it and go up the 
staircase to exit onto Simmons Street.

Last leg of the race before we finally enter the prison and continue with our 
story. Head all the way up Simmons to take a right on Sagan. As you pass the 
entrance to the prison, a siam will burst through, but with all enemies
in this section, just ignore it for now. When you reach the divider on Sagan, 
go through.

It's lighter here still! I guess cuz according to the story, we're not really 
supposed to be here. Enter the Dargento Cemetery through the entrance by the 
hole in the road and make your way to Janus Garden. At the statue of
Janus, there are inscriptions on the front and back of the statue. One of 
your group of stones have to be placed in each slot. If you'd inspected your 
stones, you'll find that they are in fact, birthstones. Sapphire is 
September, bloodstone for March, turquoise for December, and garnet for 
January. Each number and inscription on the statue indicates which month - 
and therefore, stone - must be placed in its spot.

- Turquoise stone in front - "XII: The Old"
- Garnet stone in back - "I: The New"

When finished, a key will be seen dropping into the square indentation on the 
right side of the statue. Pick it up for MOON GARDEN KEY. Now go north, 
through the gate, south through the opening, and down to the locked gate 
door. Use your key to get into the Moon Garden. 

A smog is here, so kill it. The only thing in this garden is to the north, on
the right side of the area, under a bloody, cracked stone wall. Pick up M14 
ASSAULT RIFLE and leave the cemetery once and for all, through either 

Now run your ass back to the dividing wall. Go through and head towards 
Simmons Street. Your radio may go off, alerting you to the siam you didn't 
kill earlier. More than likely it will go through the intersection right past
you. Take a left on Simmons and head through the gate it had previously 
knocked down. In this yard area is a HEALTH DRINK on a garbage pail to the 
left. There is also a pickup truck here. Approach the bed of the truck to 
pick up PULASKI AXE. This weapon will take the place of your fireaxe from now 
on. Now head down the small alley-like area to your left, take a right, and 
enter the door with the sign on it by the dumpster to find yourself
within the Overlook Pen.

WARNING! If you do not pick up the Pulaski axe from the pickup inside the 
gate of Overlook, or get the assault rifle from Dargento Cemetery BEFORE 
entering the penitentiary, you will not have another opportunity to grab 


There is a SAVE POINT on the wall to your left. Continue on and Alex will get 
a feed from Wheeler. He's in cell block B. Go around the bend and through the 
door to already see bits of corpse strewn about. Great. Go through the
door to the guard room after you take a right and pull the lever there. This 
will open the gate to the next area.

Now that you're through, the gate behind you is locked. Use your axe to chop 
down the boards leading to the visitor room and go in for a FIRST AID KIT in 
one of the cubicles. Leave. On the other side of the room the door is locked,
so break through the glass to hop over to the other side of the visitor room. 
Read the PRISONER'S NOTE in the cubicle, and go through the door to the 

Read the MAINTENANCE NOTE on the desk here. There's a PRISON MAP on the wall 
to the right. Take a left and go into the small storage room. Pick up a 
HEALTH DRINK here. Leave. Go upstairs and cross the catwalk. Don't worry, no
monsters here! Enter the small security room and check out the monitors. 
Joshua can be seen running down the hallways in the prison. Pull the lever to 
open the next area.

You're in B block south. Go through the small corridor leading to the cells 
very quietly. In a second, you will see two Order members talking about 15 
feet away. Take out your handgun and shoot one to death, then use a melee
weapon to kill tbe other when he gets to you. 

Enter the cell to your left. Read the NEWSPAPER ARTICLE spelling out the 
general attitude of the people of Shepherd's Glen. Pull the lever on the 
north wall to open the gate to the stairwell. Go downstairs. In the cell to 
the right is RIFLE AMMO. In B2 is another PRISONER'S NOTE. Go through the 
west door into the corridor leading to the rest of B block. Two Order members 
will bust through the second door. Kill them, then proceed. 

Wheeler is here! At least they gave him some perks - a cell with a working 
TV. All the other doors here are locked, so pull the lever on the wall to 
release him. He's limping, but ok to go on. He explains that Elle was taken 
to a different cell block. A siam suddenly drops in for a visit. So that's 
what was making all the noise. It will corner Wheeler, who also retained the 
internment perk of keeping his weapons, so killing it shouldn't be a problem. 

You now have a partner for the rest of your trek through the prison. Follow 
Wheeler as he punches in the key code to the electronic locks and takes you 
to new areas of the complex. When you get to upper B block, make a pit stop
in the upper guard room to grab CHILD'S DRAWING 16. Duck under the hole in 
the brick wall to continue following.

When you get to the control room in the stairwell, a cut will play where 
Wheeler tells you he will now unlock gates to previously locked-off areas 
from his position so you can go on. Approach the corridor doorway leading to 
A block and Wheeler will radio you to say he's unlocking it.

A5 has a chilling PRISONER'S LETTER. A6 has a HEALTH DRINK. A8 has another 
PRISONER'S NOTE. Go through the next door. Wheeler says he can't get the gate 
here open. It's shorted. You'll have to find another route. He'll open the
stairway in the cell block, so go downstairs here.

After Wheeler opens the gate, and you try to examine the cells, he'll state 
that you're "breaking up". Whenever Wheeler says this, it means a monster is 
nearby and there's interference. Sure enough, a needler will come through
a hole in A1. Kill it.

Go through the gate Wheeler opens into the shower area. No naked dudes here, 
but there are two needlers. Kill them both and head to the lower west wall, 
where a light is shining, to examine a brick section. Alex can break this 
wall with his axe. Squeeze through the pipes here.

a lot of controls here, but nothing of any use to you. Go ahead through the 
door and up the stairs. There is a SAVE POINT up here. Continue along the 
path. You will reach a door that is jammed. Alex will radio Wheeler and tell
him he needs an out. Go back to the stairs, down, and you'll see a door down 
a small corridor to the right of them with a broken lever. Wheeler will open 
it for you. Go through and head down the hall to the door to cell block A.

You can duck under the grating into A11 and squeeze into A10. Examine the 
front of the vehicle protruding into the cell for a LOOSE WIRE. Continue to 
the next area.

You're at a dead end here, although there is a door to your left which is 
locked by a numerical keypad. However, Wheeler can't open this one since 
three wires are missing from the circuit box controlling it. Go back to cell 
block A and take the stairs up.

There's a HEALTH DRINK immediately to your left as soon as you ascend. Hop 
over the gap and enter A20 for a RADIO WIRE. Head to the double doors at the 
end of the hall and go through. There is a single door in here leading to a
small maintenance room. Examine the tools on the table for a SCRAP OF WIRE. 
Now that you have all three needed wires, head back to the upper guard room 
back in A block. There is another power box in which the correct wires
must be connected. Just like in the first puzzle of this sort, use the analog 
stick to select a wire across the top, then select where to connect it along 
the bottom five options. Press circle, then square, to test the power.
The more lights go on to the left, the more wires you have properly 
connected. The solution:

- WHITE  wire to 2 slot
- GREEN  wire to 3 slot
- YELLOW wire to 5 slot
- BLUE   wire to 4 slot
- RED    wire to 1 slot

Quite a few things will happen now. The lever to your left will now be 
functional, opening cell A15. Two levers down below will become operational, 
opening cells A14 and A12. Plus, the keypad will now light up. 

Exit the cell and go right. You can now jump across into A15 for a SERUM. 
Drop down and use the two levers. Go into cell A12 for the KEYPAD NOTE. Cell 
A14 doesn't have anything. Go back out via the lower floor to the keypad. The
last note, although seemingly a prisoner's note, claimed to know the way out 
for you. Use his number as the code for the door:


When you get inside, Alex will radio Wheeler that he's on his way. However, 
instead of finding Elle, we see Alex's mom on some kind of crucifix-like 
contraption at the end of the hall! A cutscene will play. It's some kind of 
death device the order members have hooked up Alex's mother to. Alex wants to 
get her down, but there's no way. The device is slowly ripping her apart. She 
claims that Adam and herself could "only choose one" and that she is sorry.
She begs Alex to just end her misery now. 

WARNING! Beginning now, your choices during interactive conversations 
determine whether or not you get a particular ending! If you wish to gain 
every costume, secret weapon, and all 5 endings for the game without starting 
from the beginning, make sure you use some extra space to keep your following 
game save data under a different heading - this way, once you finish, you can 
simply restart Homecoming from the in-prison save and proceed in order to 
make different choices.

You now get the choice as to whether or not to shoot her dead or allow her to 
die agonizingly. Either way you go, the prison will revert to otherworld as 
soon as you're done.


All the small doors here are locked. Make your way back through the keypad 
door. There is a SAVE POINT on the fence here. Go through the double doors.

A cut will play showing a huge pedestal emerging from the ground. When you 
gain control, make sure not to immediately reach into the hole facing you. 
Not only will you have your arm mauled, causing damage, but a needler will 
show up to get you.

On three sides of the pillar are three dials, each one containing a series of 
symbols. If facing the center dial, you will see a series of random symbols. 
The dial to the right contains pictures of chess pieces. The left dial
has fortune symbols and a blank spot.

If you do a 180 from each dial, you will see a sign with a POEM on it. These 
poems hold the clues as to the correct symbol to choose for each dial. Going 
from left to right:

- Blank spot         - left
- Coffin             - center
- Knight (horse)     - right

Now you're able to reach into the hole. A cut will show the carcass inside 
writhing, and then the entire pillar will rise. You can now drop down into 
the hole it left.

Alex will find Wheeler after he drops. He tells him his mom didn't make it. 
Wheeler shows him a notice with Elle's name on it. You decide it's time to 
leave this hell hole. Fortunately, you have Wheeler to join you again. 
There's a SAVE POINT on the wall behind you. On the west side of the room is 
a small spot you can squeeze through - for a minute, I thought Wheeler 
wouldn't be able to fit! Go through the door and up the stairs. Follow the 
path as Alex explains to Wheeler you must keep moving. You'll reach a room 
where two needlers will attack. Wheeler will shoot them if you bide your 

Eventually you'll reach another valve-locked door. Judge Holloway is strapped 
to a chair here, although she doesn't seem too distressed... While unlocking 
her, the locket drops from Alex's pocket. The judge explains it belonged to 
Nora, her youngest daughter. Suddenly a creature pops in from a bloody 
orifice in the wall and sucks Wheeler in! Alex doesn't know what to do as 
he hears him screaming from behind the walls.

Although it's supposed to be freaky, it's actually quite hilarious if you ask 
me. Before long, your latest boss appears from one of the orifices.


This fight can be quick if you know what to watch for. In the beginning, 
Asphyxia will come right at you. She's way too tall to do anything but hack 
at her lower body. Give her a swipe or two, and then prepare to duck her
swings. She will wack you once, then twice, then come down for a chop. Repeat 
this as much as you can until she backs up for a spew. Dodge-roll out of the 
way, and try to bring your weapon down on her exposed tail. 

Sometimes she will spin on you for a tail trip. In this instance you must hop 
back onto your feet with a quick hit of the dodge button, or she will fall 
forward right on you, sometimes more than once. Asphyxia also has a 
tendency to lunge forward on you from the get-go of an attack attempt, and if 
you're not quick, she will hold you in a grapple, forcing you to mash a 
particular button to kick her away. 

When you've bashed her enough, especially her tail, she'll get stunned, which 
you will notice by her slumping posture. A button prompt will appear on the 
screen if you're close enough. Mashing this will cause Alex to remove 
the hands covering her face, and instantaneously the fight will be over.

A cut will play. Joshua is yet again seen running off. Wheeler can't be heard 
anymore, and there is no way to get into the walls, so follow him. Jump 
through the shattered glass onto the catwalk, and through the double 

Wow, the town outdoors in otherworld status. Ethereal. Head forward and Josh 
will be seen on the ground. He'll get up and run away. By the time you get to 
his position, a smog will be coming at you from around the next bend. Shoot
it. To the far left of where Josh was sitting are two boxes of PISTOL AMMO. 
Continue along the way. Against the far wall is a valve. Turn it to move 
aside the wire fence. 

Turn to your immediate right to grab a HEALTH DRINK from the little alcove. 
A smog will be coming your way straight ahead. Pump it full of lead and go 
forward. There's RIFLE AMMO to the right of the steps next to the church. Go 
up the steps and enter the building.


The very first pew on the right side has the CHURCH MAP. A pew ahead of that 
on the right side has A FEW LINES OF A HYMN. Around the front of the row on 
the right side is SHOTGUN AMMO. Check out gigantic organ at the front. Alex 
can use his dagger in the slot here. A gate in the east wing opens up. Also, 
it seems there is a puzzle of some sort here. We need to find all the pieces.

By the time you get halfway down the aisle, a schism should make its presence 
known. Blast it and duck under the debris leading to the east wing. Your 
radio will go off in the next room, but you need to operate the valve to 
raise the bars around the bloody basin to unleash a swarm on you. Take them 
out, then examine the corpse in the basin to receive CHALICE PLATE. In a 
bowl (very hard to see) next to the stairs is PHOTO 11 - your last photo. Go 
up the stairs. 

You can see a SAVE POINT across the pews from you. On a covered table to your 
left is an EXCERPT FROM A PSALM. Approach the confessional booth. Someone is 
inside? Alex believes they can provide some answers. The person inside
begins this long harang on how he did wrong by his son, treating him like a 
dog after a second child was born. This
is another interactive convo, the result of which determines whether the man 
is forgiven or not. Either way, he claims he has something for Alex. He 
completely disappears, leaving behind the KNEELING MAN PLATE. You may have 
guessed, following the confession, that this man is actually Alex's father. 
Along with the mom decision, this convo is part of determining your ending.

Leave the confessional and head into the next hallway. On the table to your 
left is a few candles. Alex finds one too ornate for the bunch. Pick up 
UNLIT CANDLE and head back to the main hall.

Two schisms await you here. One to your left, one from the west stairs. 
Take out the one to your left first. When they're dead, head up the west 
There's a huge statue here holding one of the plates, but its arms are 
covering its face, too high for you to reach. Theres a gold bowl at the foot 
of the statue for holding something. Place the candle here, and the arms will
move to reveal its sad demeanor. Grab the CANDLE PLATE. To the left is PISTOL 
AMMO. The gates leading up will have also opened.

When you're halfway up the stairs, you'll hear Elle in distress through the 
radio. Continue. You're now in a room with three gigantic paintings. Your 
radio may go off, so be prepared for a schism. It will apear through the gate
door after you receive the TREE PLATE, found after you cut through the right 
painting. Shoot it, and also fend off a swarm. Pick up the HEALTH DRINK on 
the table by the door, and SHOTGUN AMMO to the right of the benches. 

Now you can proceed through the gate door. You're above and behind the 
gigantic organ now. On a chair to your right is a FIRST AID KIT. Examine the 
stained glass window. It's of a knight being stabbed in the back by an 
executioner. Pick up the SWORD PLATE when you're done looking. A siam will 
burst through the window, throwing you off the organ to the main hall. 
Another one will show up behind you. You must now contend with both of them 
at once. You can't exactly retreat, because some wire fencing has now 
appeared, blocking the entryway! Kill them both with the shotgun or assault 
rifle as quickly as possible.

Now that those bastards are dead, and you have all the plates anyway, it's 
time to complete the puzzle at the organ. Each bar of the pentagon stands for 
a different facet of humanity. The proper plate must go with each facet. If 
the answer doesn't seem exactly mirrored to the picture on the plate, 
remember the conditions in which it was found. Use the analog stick to cycle 
through, and when you hit X, the inventory will be opened to choose a plate.

-Penitence - Kneeling Man Plate. -To kneel is to be humble, or penitent. 
                                  You've seen Last Crusade!
-Desire    - Tree Plate.         -The mural of the tree separated a man 
                                  lustfully gazing at a familiar-looking 
-Vengeance - Sword Plate.        -It was found under the window of the knight 
                                  being executed.
-Sacrifice - Chalice Plate.      -A chalice is a holy tool. Oh, and there was 
                                  that corpse in the basin.
-Sorrow    - Candle Plate.       -Where you found this, the statue was 

The puzzle opens up to reveal a secret doorway. Go forward and a cutscene 
will take place. Alex's father is strapped up to posts. Alex demands 
answers, but Adam says he's sorry, and he can't save Josh. He had to make a 
choice. Alex is indignant, claiming his father has no idea what he's 
capable of. Adam admires Alex's wearing of HIS dog tags even after all he's
been through. Alex exclaims that he's a soldier who helps people, but dad 
says no. He's been in a mental hospital! Ever since the accident. He shows 
Alex the family ring on the ball chain from the flashback outside the attic 
room. Pyramid Head (boogeyman) lurches up from behind and tears Adam right 
in half, then is gone.

Is that what the hospital nightmare was all about? Does choosing one child 
have something to do with the murders of the other children of the founding 
families of Shepherd's Glen? Was Josh the chosen child, which is why Alex was
treated like shit? Was Josh supposed to be sacrificed?? And if so, is that 
why he was treated better? Is this unfair treatment the reason Alex ended up 
in the mental hospital? Or was it something else? 

When you gain control, you get SHEPHERD FAMILY RING. Go through dad's remains 
and make sure you don't miss CHILD'S DRAWING 17 on the left. Then pick up the 
HEALTH DRINK by the doorway. When you cross the threshhold, wires will 
block you in. Guess you gotta descend the incredibly long staircase.

At the bottom, underground, pipes to your right are spewing steam. Go to the 
left and examine the table for the usual order member getup, the mining suit. 
It could protect you in more ways than one, couldn't it?

Now you can pass through the steam. Push the button by the elevator at the 
end of the hall to initiate a cutscene.

It's Curtis! Although Alex says nothing, Curtis addresses him as "solier". He 
claims it's "important to know who you are", and when Alex attempts to just 
walk off the elevator when it stops, Curtis bashes him over the head.
Alex is next seen being dragged to a room and is strapped to a chair where 
Judge Holloway is seen in the room next to him. She explains that it's hard 
to raise a child, instill values into her, and let her know that family is the
most important thing... which is why she sacrificed her daughter, Nora, 
through suffocation. 

The founders left the order cult to move to Shepherd's Glen, but even so, 
feared the wrath of the Old God. So each founding family made a pact to 
sacrifice one of their children every 150 years. But this time around, 
although Bartlett, Fitch, and Holloway successfully made their sacrifices, 
one of the current lineage of the founders screwed it all up - Alex's father. 

Because of this blunder, Shepherd's Glen became the hell it is now. Alex sees 
this as proof that Josh is indeed still alive...he WAS to be sacrificed! 
Barking at Holloway about murder, he demands to know if Elle is to be killed
next. Sure enough, Curtis is seen leaving the room with a circular saw... but 
not for scare tactic purposes. Holloway wants to dispose of her for failing 
to follow the Order's penchants! Alex must get free. And immediately, for 
Holloway plunges a drill into his thigh.


Mash the X button to get yourself free as quickly as you can. When the straps 
give way, mash the square button to wrestle with Holloway over the drill. If 
you're not quick enough, she'll plunge it right through your face. 
Eventually you'll gain the upper hand and shove the drill up under her chin 
into her brain. Holloway falls to the ground in a small cutscene here. 

When you gain control, notice you have none of your inventory. First thing's 
first: you need to get your stuff back. Pick up FIRST AID KIT, CEREMONIAL 
DAGGER, and HEALTH DRINK from the rear counter. The LAIR MAP is to your 

Now you have all your items and a weapon (a good one at that, for in this 
area, there are no monsters, only Order members). There's a SAVE POINT on the 
wall. Exit here. 

The door to your right is jammed. If you take a right and duck under the 
gate, you'll notice sector 3 is locked. If you head forward and go straight 
through the door, all doors here will be jammed, with the valve for the 
gate to sector 1 being useless without a second person to help. So take a 
left at that first bend.

At the gate, take a right into 212, the last door. An Order member will 
attack. Kill him. There's a dead man hanging here. Take your STEEL PIPE 
lodged in his body. Break the glass window and hop through to kill another 
Order member. Take the SHOTGUN AMMO off the shelf in the back and read the 
THROUGH THE FOG EXPOSE on the table next to it to see a familiar name - 
Douglas Cartland. Apparently he cashed in on his experiences in Silent Hill.

Take the MK 23 HANDGUN and the SECTOR 3 KEY from the alcove in the center of 
the room. Check out the TORTURE LIST by the door. The Order has definitely 
been up to no good. Go out the western door to find yourself in a dead end 
room. Pick up a hidden CHILD'S DRAWING 18 from in between the wall and a 
crate across from the big blue tank. This is the last child's drawing! If you 
read them now, seeing as how they're in the proper order, you'll be treated 
to a dismal poem about Josh's friends disappearing, the wrath of the 
boogeyman, and the otherworld, with a few leftover drawings depicting 
catatonic, enflamed, and drowning bunnies, along with one of a family of 

Get back to the sector 2 hallway by going back into 211, hopping over into 
212, and back out the way you came. Two Order members will attack at the 
bend in the hall. Kill them and get to the sector 3 door. Use your key to 
enter the new area. An Order member will run up to attack you. Get rid of 

The door to 301 is locked. All other doors are jammed except the one leading 
south. When you approach, you'll be able to hear two Order members having a 
conversation. They'll be commenting on how their buddies never came back.
Use your pipe to pry the door open.

An Order member will soon be coming up on you. Kill him. When you proceed a 
bit further, a second one will run up to attack. Kill him as well. Go around 
the bend and duck under the gate. When you're through, it will close shut
on you. Again, there's a valve you need help to operate. A scream can be 
heard when you run down the hall a bit. A cut will play.

Elle is strapped to a chair in the room, with Curtis teasing her with the 
circular saw in his hands! You have precious little time to get in there. 
Take a left and jump over the gate when you get the button prompt. There's a
shelf on the right. Push it aside to reveal a door. You must pry this open 
with your pipe and open the door. If you spend too much time dawdling, Elle 
will be killed. When you finish this objective, a cutscene will ensue.
Curtis is now focused on tearing you apart!


Some don't consider this a boss fight, really. As far as strategy goes, I 
don't, cuz my solution is simple: whip out your pistol where you stand and 
pump 7 or 8 bullets into him to finish the fight in five seconds. 

However, as far as story goes, revelation-wise, and with the big showdown 
setup here, for all intents and purposes I have to include Curtis as an 
official boss. Besides, it may be the case you don't have ammunition in your 
gun. For those of you who don't, you're gonna have to get near him anyway, 
which is a challenge.

You have to wait for him to stop showing off with that moving blade to get in 
on him and swipe as fast as you can with your dagger. He has to get his 
bearings after he swings around with that saw blade. You may be able to get 
him on the ground if you manage to score a hit with a charged attack, in 
which case it'll be easy to hack him to death while he lies there. 

Just stay away from the walls or avoid letting him trap you in a corner. It's 
not gonna take multiple hits for him to kill you with such a weapon. 

When you're done with him, a funny cut will play where Curtis flings backward 
in slow-mo. Alex will free Elle and you'll now have to look out for her in 
the lair.

Go back into the room for a HEALTH DRINK, FIRST AID KIT, and ORDER DOCTRINE 
on the counter. Go next door to get ROOM 301 KEY off the key rack on the far 
wall. Make your way to the gate at the end of the hall. Use it to let Elle
through, then she will open it for you on the other side. Before you go too 
far, two Order members will attack - and one has a gun! Make sure to take 
that one out first.

Use the key to get into 301. There's a lot of stuff in here. Directly to your 
left is EXPERIMENT MEMO. So the missing people of Shepherd's Glen were also 
being brought by the Order members to Silent Hill! Behind the cabinets to the 
left is PISTOL AMMO. Past the curtain on the left is another PISTOL AMMO. The 
huge bag in the middle of the table at the opposite end of entry is ALL YOUR 
WEAPONS. There's a HEALTH DRINK on the other side of the last cabinet here, 
and a SERUM on the table in the rear. There's also a NOTE behind the curtain 
by the glass window, and a PROPAGANDA PACKET on the table next to it.

Break the glass to pass into the next room. There's another FIRST AID KIT on 
the shelf to your right, and a second TORTURE LIST on the wall across from 
you. Exit.

We must get out of sector 3, so make your way to the hall, and north to that 
previous gate leading to sector 1 that Alex couldn't open earlier. Use Elle 
to get through. Enter room 113 for a POLICE MARKSMAN RIFLE on the left, 
SHOTGUN AMMO on the shelf in the back, and BYLAWS BOOK next to the glass 
window. Break the glass when finished.

It's Wheeler! He's in bad shape this time. Again, you get a choice here. 
Give him a med kit or do nothing. For the final time, this is a decision 
which may affect your ending, although for the majority of them this choice 
will make no difference. 

If you choose to save him, Alex will task Elle with getting him out of there. 
If you don't save him, Wheeler will die. Either way, you go on alone to room 
111. Go past the body bags into the hall. All doors are locked, but you
hear that same sound of the ocean and a bouie when you make your way down the 
hall. The only door to go through is at the end. 

There is a SAVE POINT on the wall to your right. The doors to the right and 
left are jammed, so go through the one straight ahead. 

In this room is your final puzzle of the game. There is a huge dial on the 
floor here, wrought with symbols. There are four pillars in this room, 
representing the four founding families of Shepherd's Glen. Each one has a 
slot for the dagger to be used. Unlock them to clear up the dimmed windows 
behind each pillar for a small oath in writing on behalf of each family.

All four oaths are almost exactly alike, save for name of the family in 
question, and method of which the child of the family is killed. 
Surprisingly, the answer to the center dial isn't really in the four oaths, 
but the symbols on the pillars and above the oaths, which must be matched on 
the floor. The methods of death do make sense, though, as Bartlett is earth, 
where Joey was buried, Fitch is the knife, where Scarlet was dismembered, 
Holloway is the noose, where Nora was suffocated, and Shepherd is water, 
which could explain that Josh was meant to be killed through drowning. Is 
that why Alex keeps hearing water lapping from time to time?

Anyway, take a look at the symbols on each pillar and above the corresponding 
oath: Fitch is the man symbol, with the eye above the oath; Holloway is the 
bird symbol, with the scales above the oath; Bartlett is the mountain 
symbol, with the triangle/line above the oath; and Shepherd is the water 
symbol, with the pitchfork above the oath.

Approach the dial in the center and take note of Fitch's prescription pad. 
This actually helps you out here. When you take the controls for the dial, 
Fitch's pad is on the slot in which his symbols must go. When you complete it
correctly, one family is left out: the Shepherds. 

- Inner ring - rotate 2 times.
- Outer ring - rotate 8 times.

A click will be heard. Now a cut will show you the ornate doors. Go to the 
door to solve the fourth symbol puzzle. This should be easy. Which family is 
left? The Shepherds. Their symbols are water and pitchfork. Use your analog
sticks left and right to switch between the dials, up and down to turn them.

- Inner ring - rotate 4 times.
- Outer ring - rotate 3 times right.

The door is now open. Go through to the secret chamber. This is the altar 
room, where sacrificial bodies were placed following their deaths. Examine 
each one to see a list of names of sacrificed family members for each of the
four founding families. When you get to the Shepherd altar, in the rear, a 
startling discovery is made - Alex's name is on the plaque. A cutscene 

Alex was rowing with Josh on a small boat, bugging him about wanting Josh to 
give up his flashlight. Josh reveals to him that dad gave him the family 
ring. When Alex pulls on it, wanting to see it, Josh goes overboard. Next we
see Adam carrying a dead Josh on the motorized boat, exclaiming that it 
wasn't supposed to be this way - that he chose Alex...

So HE was the one that was to be sacrificed. He killed Josh by accident, and 
the ritual of the Order was tarnished by his actions. That's why he was 
treated like shit - cuz he was to be murdered anyway. As thoughts flood into
Alex's mind, the atmosphere peels away to reveal the otherworld - and the 
final battle.


It isn't too clear as to who this final boss may be - it would make sense 
that it's Josh, but then again he was never meant to be sacrificed. Besides, 
the face and body are female and bloated; it could be their mother. Or 
perhaps this is just a crooked amalgamation of all the things that could've 
been, and what happened instead. 

Either way, it must still be defeated. Run a circle around Amnion and wait 
for it to spew to sidle up to it and smash it a few times with a melee 
weapon. If you must get real close, carefully time your dodges and wait for 
the opportunity to get to its underside to whack at it. 

When it jumps up into the air, dodge-roll out of the way cuz it'll be landing 
right on you. Make sure if you're knocked down to immediately use the dodge 
button to jump up, otherwise Amnion will be repeatedly stabbing and
swiping at you. Also, make sure not to be pushed into a corner. You might 
want to use the forward roll as a good way of getting underneath it quickly, 
at least to get in a few good swings.

When enough hits are scored, Amnion will rear up and take on its final form, 
where the underside torso of the thing will be hanging upright. Now its two 
front legs will act as slapping arms, as when you get close, it will usually
do a swipe with each arm, which you must dodge from the start, otherwise 
you'll be knocked backward. It will raise its torso up into the air to spew 
liquid now, at which point you can run underneath and await its return to the 
original position to whack at it with a melee weapon. 

At times its torso will raise into the air for a second before its arms reach 
underneath it to grab you out from under it and throw you away. This move 
can be countered by a dodge-roll, though. The best shot you have, however,
at scoring a lot of good hits, is usually after this maneuver. If you 
successfully dodge-roll an underside grab, I've noticed that this is the 
time, most often, that Amnion will perform a move where its two front legs 
will become embedded into the grating after it performs a huge lunge. With 
this move, it is totally open a good whacking with your weapon, either by a 
couple of heavy hits, or a bunch of small ones.

Eventually Amnion will fall over, and a square button prompt will cause you 
to score a finishing stab and slash with your knife. The stomach of the 
thing will open, and Josh will come spilling out. Alex says a final farewell
and hands over the family ring. The game is now completed!


Like with all games of this type, there are multiple endings for 
Silent Hill: Homecoming. The actions that determine your endings begin with 
interactive conversations after you reach the penitentiary, starting with 
mom. To be specific, they are:

- Whether or not you shoot mom
- Whether or not you forgive dad
- Whether or not you save Wheeler

Each ending poses a new answer to the question of whether what really 
happened in the game was real, a dream, etc., although a lot of people like 
to argue about these things. The fact that Homecoming can be considered a 
stand alone title like 2 and 4, unlike 1 and 3, makes the endings, at least 
to me, seem to wrap up the game in a few different but satisfying ways. But 
anyway, on with the different endings and results! (If Wheeler's choice 
doesn't make it under a specific ending, it means his living or dying does 
not make a difference). 


-Alex: - shoots his mother            Unlocks: - BIG RIG ALEX costume
       - forgives his father                   - CIRCULAR SAW (in garage)


-Alex: - shoots his mother            Unlocks: - ORDER MEMBER ALEX costume
       - does not forgive his father           - CIRCULAR SAW


-Alex: - does not shoot his mother    Unlocks: - ER ALEX costume
       - forgives his father                   - CIRCULAR SAW


-Alex: - does not shoot his mother    Unlocks: - DEPUTY ALEX costume
       - does not forgive his father           - CIRCULAR SAW
       - saves Wheeler                         - LASER PISTOL (on toy box in 
                                                 Alex/Josh's room)


-Alex: - does not shoot his mother    Unlocks: - BOOGEYMAN ALEX costume
       - does not forgive his father           - CIRCULAR SAW
       - does not save Wheeler

EXTRA CUTSCENE: If you find all photos throughout the game, a short extra cut
                will play following the credits.

YOUNG ALEX COSTUME: Press this button series at the main menu: Up, up, down, 
                    down, left, right, left, right, circle.


As they appear in order in the game:


             On gurney at end of the hall to the right when you leave 
             linen room.
             "Joshua's Robbie the Rabbit doll stuffed in his backpack"

             Founder's room, on edge of table by podium.

             "Mom and Judge Holloway talking in our house"

             Next to the slide in the middle of some toys.

             "A big spider crawling next to my army toys in the park"


             On back gate, inside Josh's backpack.

             "This looks like a picture of dad's hunting room, but how did 
             Joshua get in there?"

             Doorknob of Room 306.

             "Joey Bartlett sitting in the tree house in our backyard"


             In the room the schism crashes out of when Alex has no weapons 
             and Wheeler is shooting enemies.

             "Dad and Deputy Wheeler on a police boat"


             Just after the main drain chamber, in a side area you can climb 
             up to.

             "Nora Holloway sitting on the Town Hall steps"


             Doll room.

             "Scarlet Fitch, in her bedroom with all of her dolls"

             Next to police billboard by bench.

             "The repair guy Curtis Ackers in his shop"


             Attic, on pile of boxes behind curtain.

             "Hey...This is me"


             In bowl on table next to stairway in Chalice Plate Room.

             "Joshua taking a picture of himself in our bathroom"



As they appear in order in the game:

# 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  ALCHEMILLA HOSPITAL.  - Other side of keypad gate on floor.
                                       - East staircase, after skin wall.
                                       - Room 203.
                                       - On opposite side of gate after 
                                         giving Bunny doll.
                                       - Room 206 door.

# 6, 7, 8        SHEPHERD'S GLEN.      - Park, on wall.
                                       - Backyard of Shepherd home.
                                       - Other side of billboard Elle is 
                                         hanging posters on.

# 9              GRAND HOTEL.          - Room 504, behind dresser.

#10              TOWN HALL.            - Behind boarded doorway, move shelf.

#11, 12          FITCH'S OFFICE        - Otherworld, on floor after you see 
                                         Josh run by.
                                       - Otherworld, on floor where Josh was 
                                         after ducking through fan.

# 13             ROSE HEIGHTS CEMETERY - Founder's Garden, mausoleum.

# 14             SHEPHERD HOUSE        - Otherworld, under BUTCHER KNIFE.

# 15             BAIT SHOP             - In Silent Hill, on left wall of 
                                         building behind garbage cans.

# 16             OVERLOOK PENITENTIARY - Upper Guard Room in B block north.

# 17             CHURCH                - Behind dad's remains, to the left.

# 18             LAIR                  - Room behind south door of 211, 
                                         between crate and wall.


I want to say thanks to:

-Konami, for creating such a great and deep original survival horror series.
-Berzerker, for showing me the locations of several photos, child's drawings, 
 and two of the stones.
-The U.S. developers who went with this challenge and overall didn't 
-Gamefaqs, for posting this to their site.

My hope is that this is simply one of many walkthroughs to be published 
online. I've enjoyed gaming since the age of 6 and take great pride in 
helping others with various titles. The ultimate goal is getting sources to
approve of my guides, perhaps landing them in print publications. My games of 
choice are RPG's and survival horrors, although nearly all RPG'S I own are 
exceptionally old for creating walkthroughs. Although this guide, as 
stated earlier, is late in coming, I figured more than a single guide for a 
different version couldn't hurt.