Question from Emo_Soulchild

whats a good level to beat the VERY LAST boss?

My characters are in the 99-80 level range. this is the only boss i've struggled with so far in the whole game


zurcn answered:

I assume you mean the last "story" boss, I believe you are around the correct level, pay attention to his evility so you don't waste attacks on his immunity
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AzzaMagashi answered:

That level should be high enough to beat him, depends on your overall stats, when I beat him for the first time I used:
Mao - level 85
ATK 1700 DEF 1300

Male Archer - Level 76
ATK 1700 DEF 1000
HIT 1800

Then all of my other units had stats within 800 and 1200, so not particularly high considering the bosses stats.
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CloudStriiff answered:

You're clearly in the right level range but if you want to realy beat the crap out of him at godspeed, try to train in 7-3. There you can reach lvl 500 easy (if the enemies are lvl 99) so try it out. But to be honest, you should not struggle that much at your lvl. Try to get the best equpipment possible, keep an eye on his evilty and you should be ok.
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toon_link_346 answered:

If it's the story, then around 80-100. If it's Baal, then about 5000-6000
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88Titan88 answered:

I had a very hard time with level 60~75 chars, but I made it.
Try to take advantage of the characters's evilites. Lady Fighters, for example, should move a lot of panels before attacking, because of the bonus damage provided.
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MegaMario1000 answered:

I beat him very easily with characters ranging from level 70 to 80. Make sure your equipment is good. The most expensive stuff from shop rank 6 should be sufficient.

My team was Mao, Almaz, Sapphire, Beryl, Asuka, Kyoko, Mr. Champloo, a fighter, a beast tamer, and a healer.
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RagoniKill answered:

The easiest way is, after each turn have some weakling lift the boss so he wont be able to attack your strong characters. That way he will die before landing his first hit.
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chaosnomadzero answered:

You can beat him with your main characters at around level 70 the reason you struggle I can only assume is because you didn't read his evility he's immune to physical or magical attacks depending on the turn
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disgaeaman answered:

Grind on 7-3 with stronger enemies bill passed 3 or 4 times (so the enemies are level 99) if your having trouble
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