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How do you unlock land of carnage and cave of ordeals?

Im stuck trying to unlock both please help and thank u very much!

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Chaotic_Anarki answered:

You need to beat 25 Dark World maps, doesn't matter which, just 25 of them, and since I know your next question is going to be, how do I unlock Dark World. You need to collect all of the tickets off the Pirates from Item World.

Regarding the Mansion of Ordeals. You need 7,000 mana on any single character before it will show up. If you drop below 7,000 on that character before you pass it, it will disappear until you get enough mana again.
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Protoman_V4 answered:

LoC is from beating alot of Dark World maps, dont remember how many

HoO(it aint a cave now) is passed with a bill post-game, it costs alot of many and will not show up until you have enough
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AetherZero answered:

Unlocking cave of ordeals requires you to have about 5k mana and have played through some of the prologue. Try beating 1 or 2 of the Diez gentlemen and then try looking in the classroom again.
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