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How do I unlock more weapon skills for purchase?

Going into the Evilities Lab, I found that there are only three skills for each weapon available. How am i able to purchase the rest? Am I supposed to proceed further into the game? (Recently purchased game, currently on Chapter 4 in first run-through). I'm aware that this may be a stupid question, and it seems like everyone but me knows and has no problems with it.

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Tianis answered:

Each character has a weapon affinity, somethign invisible by the game. The DJ guide shows it through. Each generic character class will get better with weapons as they get to higher tiers. For example. T1 Male Fighter can learn up to 3 axe skills, but if you get to T3, he can learn another 2, and eventually at T6 he can learn all 6 main bought moves.
Somewhere on the boards im sure is a reprint of the affinity listing. All I can say is a Gunner gets all gunner skills, archer will get all bow skills, samurai gets all swords, fist fighter gets all fist, lady fighter gets all spear, figher gets all axe..its somewhat obvious.
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Psychopickle answered:

You can also teach characters skills that they don't normally learn by sticking them in the same club as another character who knows the skill and then running through the class world. However, learning skills costs ten times as much mana in the class world.
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Skel_Ettin answered:

There are also 7th and 8th weapon skills that are only obtainable in the Class world. There is a club that makes a special prinny appear in town some times (you'll be notified after each battle) who you talk to to enter the class world.
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