Question from Et_D

Asked: 6 years ago

Which specialists can be stacked?

Title says it all, I'm curious which specs can stack up in a piece of equip.

Specifically, If I were to put 3x lv 300 Managers in my grinding fist would the mana gain effect stack? Statisticians/exp?

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From: KlayBuddy 6 years ago

Innocents that can stack are:

- Gladiators, Sentries, Marksmen, Physicians, Dieticians, Master, Tutors, and Coaches (19998 max in terms of power).
- Dual Innocents, like Musclemen, Sniper, Sprinter, Nerd, Patient, etc. (19998 max in terms of power).
- Statisticians, Managers, Brokers, and Mentors. (300 max in terms of power).

These Innocents can stack as long as you have room within your equipments. Just place them on there, and your character will gain the effects of the Innocents. Refer to zldafnatic's Innocent FAQ for more details on what each Innocent does.

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