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Asked: 4 years ago

Item bills and emblem?

In fact, I have two questions wich are as follow:
1- When in an item, if I pas three time the "More [stat] growth" will this stat raise more than if I passed it only once? If it stack, well that's cool, but if not, I messed up one of my items...

2- Any idea where I can find a legendary arcadia OR testament to steal. Getting a legendary with the hospital is taking me more than two houres (I gave up) so I taught that I should try to steal one but I don't even know where to start looking...

Accepted Answer

From: finlanderboy 4 years ago

Fore your first question. Yes passing the stats growth more then once will stack the growth. I would not worry about messing up weaker items. They are eays to replace.

Secondly to get these items in legendary you would need to be fighting around level 200+ to start finding testaments. To get it legendary you need to get lucky.

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