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Asked: 5 years ago

Can someone help me with the report on Welkin: Flower Of the Battlefield?

I'm having trouble with this report. It really does suck, you get 4 personals and only one tank. I keep trying to kill all the tanks with Largo, but in the end someone justs gets into the camp and I lose. Some help please?

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From: Mookiethebold 5 years ago

Try this, from MJEmirzian's FAQ:

This walkthrough is written for a party lv 14-15 and just finished Chapter
14. If you wait till lv 20/Chapter 18/the best gear, this mission will be

Rosie and Shocktrooper should camp the grass in front of the base and use the
flamethrower on crouching enemies, Scout should run to the far corners of the
map to take out snipers, and the Edelweiss should take out the 3 tanks, fire
mortars at any grouped up enemies, and provide heavy interception fire. The
attack priority is: Tanks, Scouts, Lancers, Snipers, then Shocktroopers. The
level can be somewhat random because positioning is so loose and there's not
many places to hide.

Turn 1:
CP 1-6: Move the Edelweiss forward and drop a mortar on the sniper and scout
in the NW grass and run over the lancer hiding in the NW grass. Then drop a
mortar on the group of 3 shocktroopers and an engineer, then drop a mortar on
the group of 2 shocktroopers and end with the Edelweiss's back to the hill to
avoid radiator damage.

The Edelweiss should be doing a lot of interception fire on shocktroopers.

Turn 2:
CP 1-6: Use the Edelweiss to kill all 3 enemy tanks. Finish off with the east-
most tank and end with the Edelweiss's back to the east boundary of the map.

The Edelweiss should be doing a lot of interception fire on shocktroopers.

Turn 3-4:
With the 3 tanks out of the way, all that remain are shocktroopers, lancers,
and snipers. The lancers and scouts are your top priority since they can
possibly kill the Edelweiss, and the scouts can possibly slip into the base.
There should be two scouts in the grass east of the base that need to be
killed, the sniper in the NE corner, a lancer or two, the NW scout, and maybe
a shocktrooper or two left.

If you played the map well, you can finish in 3 Turns, otherwise it's easy to
do it in 4 or 5. If you have the best gear/levels/etc. it's possible in 2

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