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Game Script
Copyright bibliomaniac15 2010
Version 1.5


Author's Note: This is a game script of Valkyria Chronicles. I have sought to 
include as much dialogue and description of the action as possible. The script
is not an exact facsimile of the text, but any changes are purely editorial
and consist primarily of changes in punctuation, capitalization, and in
onomatopoeic sounds. 

Other changes I have made are to cut out in-game references to the gameplay 
itself. I do not believe they belong in a script such as this. This basically
means that mission briefings and tutorial explanations have been removed. For 
the full text of mission briefings, see Viseris' Battle Quote Guide at GameFAQs.

Gameplay descriptions are limited to the dialogue and a description of the 
action. In order to describe the action, I use the tactics described in the
mission briefings. Beating a level with an A-rank is not necessarily canon! 

Throughout this script I use brackets [] to denote action going on, parentheses
() to denote action happening during dialogue, braces {} to denote when 
gameplay, dialogue scenes, or cutscenes are happening, four equal signs ==== to
denote the beginning of a new chapter, and four underscores ____ to denote the 
beginning of a new episode. The names of important characters have been put into
ALL CAPS for easier reference.

If you'd like to find a specific chapter in the script, just press Control+F in
Mozilla to bring up the "Find" menu, and type in the chapter, episode number,
or battle number I have assigned to get to that spot quick. Or, if you're trying
to find an event in the story but can't remember where to find it, look in the
Index at the end.

There's some mild language in the game that has not been censored in this
script. Some discretion advised.

Here be spoilers! If you don't want everything to be completely spoiled, DO
NOT READ ANY FURTHER! You've been warned.


Table of Contents:

Prologue: Gallia, to Arms!
     	P-1: A Meeting
     	P-2: The Imperial Attack
     	P-3: Encounter at Bruhl (B1)
        P-4: A Hilltop Promise 
Chapter 1: In Defense of Bruhl
     	01-1: Home
     	01-2: Family Resemblance
     	01-3: The Windmill Tower 
     	01-4: Defense of Bruhl (B2)
Chapter 2: Escape from Bruhl
	02-1: Rescue
     	02-2: The Legacy of Our Fathers
     	02-3: Retreat from Bruhl (B3)
     	02-4: With Home at Our Backs
Chapter 3: Vasel Urban Warfare
     	03-1: Summons
     	03-2: Squad 7 is Born
     	03-3: The Flare Gun
     	03-4: The First Op
     	03-5: West Bank of Vasel City (B4)
     	03-6: Ellet, War Correspondent
     	03-7: Distrust
Report 1: Ellet Embedded (R1)
Chapter 4: Operation Cloudburst
     	04-1: Internal Strife
     	04-2: Welkin's Boast
     	04-3: The Plan
     	04-4: The Crossing
     	04-5: Battle for the Bridge (B5)
     	04-6: Drawbridge Away
	04-7: After the Storm
	04-8: A Parting Wish
Report 2: Largo's Passion (R2)
	RB-1: Vegetable Route Incident
Chapter 5: The Kloden Wildwood
     	05-1: Severing the Supply Line
     	05-2: Maximilian and the Triumviri
     	05-3: A Path Uncovered
     	05-4: Countless Tiny Losses
     	05-5: Wildwood Warfare at Kloden (B6)
     	05-6: Taking the Supply Base
Report 3: A Taste of Home (R3)
Chapter 6: A Desert Encounter
	06-1: Into the Badlands
	06-2: Jaeger and Gregor
	06-3: Battle of Barious Desert (B7)
	06-4: The Desert Ruins
	06-5: Visitors at the Temple
Chapter 7: The Battle at Barious
	07-1: A History Unfolds
	07-2: The Darcsen Calamity
	07-3: Inside the Spiral
	07-4: First Contact
	07-5: Desert Duel with Maximilian (B8)
	07-6: A Legend Reborn
Report 4: Signs of Awakening (R4)
	RB-2: Taking the Barious Highlands
Chapter 8: The Woodland Snare
	08-1: Surprise Attack
	08-2: Escape from Forest Snare (B9)
	08-3: Memories
	08-4: Life
	08-5: Those Left Behind
	08-6: One in Death
	08-7: Reunion in the Forest (B10)
	08-8: Bonds
Chapter 9: A Midsummer Incident
	09-1: The Invitation
	09-2: Castle Randrigz
	09-3: Far from the Battlefield
	09-4: The Valkyrian Bloodline
	09-5: Dreams of the Sky
	09-6: Kidnapping of Cordelia (B11)
	09-7: On Will and Fate
	09-8: The Award Ceremony
	09-9: Fears of a Patriot
Report 5: Squad 7 R&R (R5)
Chapter 10: Liberation of Fouzen
	10-1: The Fouzen Operation
	10-2: The Concentration Camp
	10-3: Infiltration of Fouzen (B12)
	10-4: The Inside Man
	10-5: The True Face of War
	10-6: Liberation of Fouzen (B13)
	10-7: Liberation Eternal
	10-8: A New Comrade
Report 6: What Lies Beyond Hate (R6)
	RB-3: Hostage Rescue Operation
Chapter 11: The Marberry Shore
	11-1: Peril on the Coastline
	11-2: The Feast of All Spirits
	11-3: Alicia's Gift
	11-4: Tomorrow
	11-5: Isara's Commitment
	11-6: Battle at Marberry Shore (B14)
	11-7: A Dream Interrupted
	11-8: Farewells
Chapter 12: The Fight for Bruhl
	12-1: A Kindred Spirit
	12-2: Jaeger's Reason
	12-3: Return to Bruhl
	12-4: Return to the Temple
	12-5: Recapture of Bruhl (B15)
	12-6: Hope Amid the Wreckage
	12-7: The Approaching Clash
	12-8: Once the War is Over
Report 7: War Without Weapons (R7)
	RB-4: An End to Darcsen Hunting
Chapter 13: The Clash at Naggiar
	13-1: On the Eve of Battle
	13-2: The Iron-Willed Valkyria
	13-3: Selvaria, Destroyer
	13-4: Showdown at Naggiar (B16)
	13-5: A Bullet from the Blue
Report 8: Flowers of the Battlefield (R8)
	RB-5: Guarding the Refugee Camp
Chapter 14: Loss within Victory
	14-1: At the Field Hospital
	14-2: Clashing Opinions
	14-3: Awakening
	14-4: Twin Valkyrur
	14-5: Showdown at Naggiar (B17)
	14-6: At What Price Victory
Report: Parting Ways
	R-1: Suspicion
	R-2: Truth
	R-3: Confrontation
Chapter 15: Citadel Ghirlandaio
	15-1: To Fell a Citadel
	15-2: The Cruelest Order
	15-3: Bracing for Battle
	15-4: Doubts
	15-5: Fight for Ghirlandaio (B18)
	15-6: One Human's Struggle
	15-7: Selvaria's Last Stand (B19)
	15-8: For Whom, for What?
	15-9: The Valkyria's Flame
Chapter 16: The Maiden's Shield
	16-1: The Marmota
	16-2: Operation Maiden's Shield (B20)
	16-3: Cordelia's Stand
	16-4: Diverting the Marmota
	16-5: Into the Fire
	16-6: Love
	16-7: Squad 7 Moves Out!
Chapter 17: The Bridge to Hope
	17-1: Champion of a Lost Land
	17-2: A Friendship Lost
	17-3: Breaching Jaeger's Blockade (B21)
	17-4: True Strength
	17-5: The Capital Falls
Finale: Shadow of the Valkyrur
	F-01: The Real Cordelia
	F-02: Jailbreak
	F-03: Final Preparations
	F-04: Stowaway
	F-05: Faith Alive
	F-06: The Marmota's Purpose
	F-07: The Valkof
	F-08: Marmota's End (B22)
	F-09: Maximilian's Final Gambit
	F-10: Maximilian's Vision
	F-11: Final Showdown (B23)
	F-12: Ambition Thwarted
	F-13: Escape
The End

Enter The Edy Detachment!
	ED-1: Prologue
	ED-2: Enter the Edy Detachment!
	ED-A: A-rank Ending
	ED-B: B-rank Ending
	ED-C: C-rank Ending
	ED-D: D-rank Ending

Behind Her Blue Flame
	BF-1: Prologue
	BF-2: Assault on Ghirlandaio
	BF-3: Rout of the Gallian Forces
	BF-4: Silencing the Artillery
	BF-5: Epilogue
	BF-6: Covert Op: Azure Witch




[A blue book entitled "On the Gallian Front" opens. Flipping its pages, the
scene changes to a map of Europa. The narrator, IRENE KOLLER, speaks. (Author's
note: Unless otherwise noted, KOLLER's lines are always voiceovers. In times
that IRENE actually appears, her maiden name ELLET will be used).]

IRENE KOLLER (voiceover): The year 1935 EC. Two powers controlled the continent.
In the East, the sun rose over the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance,
otherwise known as The Empire. 

[Pans to the east side of the map. The Empire is colored red, and its flag is
shown. The camera pans westward to the Atlantic Federation, colored in white.
Its flag is also shown.]

KOLLER: In the West, a network of loosely allied democracies formed
the Atlantic Federation. Both powers depended on a precious mineral, ragnite,
for their survival, and its growing scarcity led to the inevitable war.

[An issue of the Gallian Tribune (a newspaper) is shown. The headline states:
headline is a large picture of a rock of ragnite. Another issue is shown,
OUTLYING REGIONS." A massive picture of Imperial infantry of tanks is below.
Scene shifts back to map, and animated arrows show the movement of Imperial
and Federation forces, with black "X"s marking areas of battle.]

KOLLER: Hostilities began in the East whent he Empire aggressively 
crossed their western border. The Atlantic Federation responded, and the Second
Europan War (EWII) was on.

[Scene shifts to a red scene of Imperial lancers marching forward. They rush
forward through enemy fire, stopping to fire their lances at a hapless 
Federation tank, blowing it up with three shots. Other shots show Imperial tanks
rumbling through the ruins of a city.]

KOLLER: The Empire, with its vast military superiority, struck hard,
gaining ground in early victories and putting The Federation on the defensive.
Emboldened by their progress and momentum, the Empire set their sights beyond
the borders of the Federation.

[Scene goes back to the map, and the camera zooms to the north to focus on 
Gallia, labeled in blue, with the flag underneath it. It zooms further, and
red arrows denote the movement of Imperial troops into Gallia.]

KOLLER: In neighboring Gallia, a peaceful principality along the sea,
they found their next victim. Gallia had long maintained its neutrality in the 
tensions between the two superpowers, but the rich stores of ragnite under
the Gallian soil proved too tempting for the Empire. It amassed troops along
the eastern border, and invaded with all the force of an avalanche.

====Prologue: Gallia, to Arms!====

____P-1: A Meeting____


[A peaceful, green landscape in rural Gallia: the city of Bruhl.]

KOLLER: March, 1935. Outside the Gallian border town of Bruhl.

[Several people walk alongside a truck. They are evacuees moving towards the

KOLLER: Residents are leaving the town before the invasion, headed
inland towards the capital.

[A man walks in the opposite direction towards the city: WELKIN GUNTHER. He
carries a bag, his longish hair waving in the wind.]

WELKIN GUNTHER: I haven't been down this road in years. It really hasn't changed
very much.

[He stops and looks down into the creek next to the road. There are several
fish in the waters.]

WELKIN: Whoa. Already?

[WELKIN runs to the bank of the creek.]

WELKIN: Hey there guys. You're beautiful. Starting early this year. You're 
heading upstream, huh? How's the water?

[The evacuees stare at WELKIN, but he is oblivious to their stares. He throws
down his bag and starts sketching. He is in the middle of sketching when ALICIA
MELCHIOTT cocks and points a rifle at his head behind him.]

ALICIA MELCHIOTT: Freeze! Put your hands in the air...slowly.

[WELKIN does so. Behind him is ALICIA and two other members of the Bruhl Town

ALICIA: Haven't seen you around before. What's your name?

WELKIN: name is Welkin. And you are...?

ALICIA: The one with the gun. We're with the Bruhl Town Watch. I'm Alicia, 
Alicia Melchiott. So, I'm wondering what you've been writing in that little
book you've got there. Imperial spies are in the area.

WELKIN: Ah...this book is nothing, really. I was just sketching the fish, and...
you know...

[ALICIA gives a contemptuous chuckle.]

ALICIA: Yes, oh, I know. And you know there's a war on, don't you? Alright then,
Mr. Artist. We'll talk about fish sketching down at the station. Take him away.

[The Town Watchmen grab WELKIN's arms. WELKIN sighs in frustration.]

WELKIN: Ugh...Thanks, fish.

____P-2: The Imperial Attack____


[WELKIN, ALICIA, and the Town Watch are walking along. ALICIA is looking through
WELKIN's book.]

ALICIA: Flowers, bugs, and fish. You're not bad with a pen, are you? I have to
say, they're really very good.

WELKIN: Thank you. So you see I really was just sketching.

ALICIA: Maybe. Or this could be some kind of secret code, and I intend to take
my time finding out for sure.

[WELKIN sighs.]

WELKIN: Great.

ISARA GUNTHER: Welks? Is that you?!

WELKIN: Isara, your timing is perfect!

[ISARA runs over.]

ISARA: What have you gotten yourself into now, Welkin?

ALICIA: Wait...don't you live at the old general's house?

ISARA: That's right, I'm General Gunther's daughter, Isara.

ALICIA: You do know everyone's supposed to evacuate, right?

ISARA: Yes, I'm aware of that. My brother's here to help me move to the capital,
but that may be difficult...I mean, unless you're willing to let him go, that 

[ALICIA's eyes widen in surprise. She looks back at WELKIN, who smiles 


[She looks miffed that she rounded up the wrong person. Screen goes to black.
When it returns, we see WELKIN rubbing his arms after being let go.]

ALICIA: I apologize. but I was just doing my job, you know. I saw you with the
notebook and thought you were a spy. Again, I'm really sorry about that.

[She hands him back the book.]

WELKIN: Thanks, don't worry about it. I can see how I might have looked a 
little suspicious.

ISARA: Welks has a real passion for observing nature. that's why he's studying
it at the university, right?

WELKIN: Guilty as charged. I get so into it sometimes I forget where I am or 
that somebody might be watching me.

[ALICIA laughs softly. All of a sudden a shot rings out.]

ALICIA: Gunfire! Everyone, keep your heads down!

WELKIN: Over there!

[It is a small scouting party of three Imperial scouts approaching the evacuees.
They open fire and toss grenades at the truck, blowing it up and killing the
civilians, who scream in agony as they are shot. ALICIA is stunned by the
violence, almost as she is in a shellshocked state. The other two Town Watchmen
open fire, but one of them is killed.]


ALICIA: Welkin, you can handle a gun, right?

WELKIN: Yeah. I mean, I made it through training anyway.

[She picks up the rifle from the fallen soldier and gives it to WELKIN.]

ALICIA: Well, they're probably just a small scouting team. We should be able
to take them out.

WELKIN: I'm with you!

____P-3: Encounter at Bruhl (B1)____


ALICIA: Okay, here's the plan. 


ALICIA: Let's get started. Just stay calm and get it done!


WELKIN: I see three of them.

ALICIA: That's three too many. Stay sharp!

[They attack the first scout who has just crossed the bridge. On the other side
are two other scouts. They are eliminated by the Gallians. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

ALICIA: I don't see any more of them.
____P-4: A Hilltop Promise____


[ALICIA is looking down at the bodies of the dead Imperial scouts. WELKIN and
ISARA are several paces behind her.]

TOWN WATCH: Miss Melchiott! there's no other sign of the enemy.

ALICIA: Good. Now, go keep watch and stay alert.

TOWN WATCHMAN (saluting): Yes, ma'am! Uh, what should we do with the bodies, 

ALICIA: We'll bury them. (pause) So, it's begun. I'll do whatever it takes to
protect the people of this town. I'll do it. Even going to war, I'll do it.

[She takes out a few Lion's Paw seeds and lets them drift away in the wind. They
rise up with the currents of the revolving windmill.]

ISARA: What are those?

WELKIN: Seeds from the Lion's Paw. It blooms white. Small, simple, and strong.

ALICIA: I want to be able to remember...once the war is over that it wasn't all
just people killing people. That even in war, there was also new life. 

KOLLER: On the 15th day of the third month of the year 1935, the
Empire began its assault in earnest. A formal declaration of war was made upon
Gallia. Though it was only a small front in a massive continental assault,
what followed would prove that a tiny nation could best a military giant. These
events would tell a story of tragedy hidden in the mists of time. A story of
courage and of trust, of persecution and hate, and of love blooming, even
through the flames of war. What follows is a record of this conflict, and of 
those who fought, lived, and died. --Irene Koller, "On the Gallian Front"

====Chapter 1: In Defense of Bruhl====

____01-1: Home____


[ALICIA, ISARA, and WELKIN walk down the main street of Bruhl. WELKIN stretches.
The windmill looms before them.]

WELKIN: Seeing that old mill spinning again really makes it feel like home sweet

ALICIA: Ha ha, I hear that. It really is one of the most beautiful things about
this town.

[They look at the mill for a while. ALICIA turns around and salutes.]

ALICIA: Well, citizens, our enemy can't be far behind. I thank you for your 
help. Goodbye, and take care.

[She laughs and runs off with a wave. Screen goes to black.]


WELKIN: How's the packing coming along, Is?

ISARA: Almost done. I only need to take the everyday basics.

WELKIN: Well, the Empire's got to be close by. Let's hit the road by sundown.

ISARA: Martha, look. Welks is here!

MARTHA LIPPONEN: Oh, welcome back Welkies!

WELKIN: You're still calling me that? Martha, I'm 22 years old! And more
important, you shouldn't be running around! Aren't you due any day now?

MARTHA: Aww, a light jog won't hurt the little spud. I should know, I've already
had four of 'em!

ALICIA (holding a bag of bread): Hello there. Welkin in?

WELKIN: Oh, hello Alicia. What brings you here?

ALICIA: I just wanted to apologize for before.! This is for you.

WELKIN: Really? These are for me?

ALICIA: I work at the bakery...Well, I did until the war started anyway. It's
where I live too. That's preserved bread, so it's pretty hard. Heat it up before
you eat it, all right? I baked it myself, so the flavor's guaranteed. Best you
ever had!

WELKIN: Thanks! you want to come in?

____01-2: Family Resemblance____


MARTHA: Arrested AND shot at? Hah! You've had a busy day of it, haven't you
Welkies? And what a lovely lady you are for all that adventuring. Good job

WELKIN: What? Wait, no! It's not like that. Alicia just saved my skin, that's 

ALICIA: He's right, we just met. I'm not his girlfriend, just his hero. Although
I'm really hoping to be his friend.

MARTHA: Oh, well I'm sure you will. Be good to my Welkies here, won't you?

WELKIN: Okay, seriously Martha. Enough with the Welkies already.

ALICIA: That's a lovely portrait. Is that General Gunther?

WELKIN: Yup. It was taken before I was born, but that's Dad.

ALICIA: That's're a lucky guy. And who's that with him there?

ISARA: My father, Theimer. He was an engineer. The General's tank was his

ALICIA: Wait a minute. But I thought the general was your dad.

ISARA: My birth parents died when I was a baby. The general was kind enough to
take me in as his own after that.

WELKIN: Yeah. We're not related by blood, but she's definitely my little sister.

ALICIA: Sorry. Was that question too personal?

ISARA: No, I don't mind at all. I was blessed with two wonderful fathers.

ALICIA: Yeah...I guess you were, huh. Oh! Is that really the time? I've got to
get going.

ISARA: Why don't you see her off, Welks? I can take care of the rest of this on
my own.

WELKIN: All right, I will. I'll be right back.

ALICIA: See you later, Isara! Safe travels!

____01-3: The Windmill Tower____


[ALICIA and WELKIN walk down Bruhl's deserted streets.]

WELKIN: Wow, look at this. Bruhl's really becoming a ghost town.

ALICIA: They've been leaving for awhile. Just about everyone has been evacuated
by now. I can't blame them. Tensions are rising with the Empire. (stops and
turns to face WELKIN) We'll survive. The Town Watch will guard and protect the
homefront. Everyone will come back someday. They'll come back when it's safe
again, right?

WELKIN: Mmm-hmm.

ALICIA: So Welkin, I'm curious. Are you going to join the army like your father?

WELKIN: Hmm...I don't think that's for me. What I'd really like to do is be a

ALICIA: Huh. A teacher?

WELKIN. Yeah...animals and insects, flowers and plants, they've always been my
passion. I've learned a lot from nature. See, my dad, he protected this country
as a general. But, it's just that I...I want to give back in my own way. My own
way, you know what I mean?

ALICIA: I think I do. You sure about it?

WELKIN: Mmm-hmm.

ALICIA: Wow, that's deep. In your own way. Hmm...hmm...hmm?

[A sudden explosion rocks the earth. ALICIA gives a cry of surprise.]

ALICIA: What was that?

[A whistling sound can be heard.]

WELKIN: That sound...

[Then they see it: A mortar shot arcs through the air and hits the windmill,
sending a shower of rocks down. Civilians flee for their lives. One hapless man
on a walkway on the mill itself holds on for dear life as it collapses. Another
man is crushed by a falling sail. The Imperials are in the city now, taking aim
and shooting the fleeing civilians.]

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: Move it! Come on, let's go!

[Imperial Shocktroopers rush down the streets of Bruhl.]


WELKIN: I don't believe it...the mill...

TOWN WATCHMAN: Miss Melchiott, the Imperials are attacking! There's a squad of
'em in town right now!

ALICIA: Get all the town watch together, now. We've got to fend them off!

WELKIN: They must be at Mill Plaza. I'll help.

ALICIA: Thanks, Welkin. Now, move out. Stay low!

____01-4: Defense of Bruhl (B2)____


ALICIA: I'll explain the mission. 


ALICIA: Okay, let's begin. It's up to us to defend Bruhl!


ALICIA: Our target is the Imperials in Mill Plaza. Focus on taking down their
captain. Breaking the chain of command should at least buy some time for the
townspeople to get away.

WELKIN: All right, I got it. Let's all be careful out there.

[ALICIA, WELKIN, and the TOWN WATCHMAN are on a road leading to Mill Plaza. They
move down the road, past rows of sandbags and several Imperial troops to the 
plaza. There, they find the captain and take him out.]


[Two Town Watchmen are taking cover by some ruins, exchanging fire with the
Imperials. Suddenly the ground rumbles.]

TOWN WATCHMAN #1: What's that?

TOWN WATCHMAN #2: Sounds like a tank!

[Truer words were never spoken. A light tank plows through a stone wall and 
stops, taking aim at the two town watchmen. It blasts them and their cover to 
bits. Its machine gun fire plows through the watchmen, who retreat.]

TOWN WATCHMAN #3: T-T-T-Taaaank!!!

TOWN WATCHMAN #4: No way! Ruuun!

[A number of Town Watchman are killed by another turret blast. The Imperials
are able to push forward with armor support.]


ALICIA: Welkin, tank!

WELKIN: That's not good. We're not equipped to take out a tank.

ALICIA: I hate to say it, but we should probably pull out for now. Get off this
road and into the alley to the east. It's too narrow for a tank to follow. And
try to stay behind cover while moving. One blast from that turret, and it's 

[WELKIN and the others get to the alley under heavy fire. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Whew, it looks like we shook them! What are you doing from here?

ALICIA: If they're rolling in the tanks, there's not much the Town Watch can do.
We'll try to buy time so everyone can get away. I'll dig in my heels at the main
gate and do what I can to stall them.

WELKIN: Okay, I'll head back to my house and grab Isara and Martha, then come

ALICIA: Be careful out there, Welkin!

====Chapter 2: Escape from Bruhl====

____02-1: Rescue____


[WELKIN is running to his home.]

WELKIN: Isara...Martha...Please be okay.

[He hears the troops kicking in the door and stops running.]

WELKIN: Huh?! 

[Scene cuts to a fallen basket on the floor, with Alicia's bread scattered

ISARA: Martha!

[She kneels by MARTHA'S side.]

MARTHA (in labor): Nn...ngh...

IMPERIAL SOLDIER #1: What's her problem? She pregnant...or just fat?

IMPERIAL SOLDIER #2: Who cares? Not gonna make any difference when she's dead.

ISARA (standing up): Stop this now.

IMPERIAL #1: See what she's wearing? Take a good look at that shawl. She's a

IMPERIAL #2: Then that explains it. I though this place stunk. Now I know it
does. So, we got ourselves a fat one and a stinky one. Pee-eew, it's a regular
pig farm in here.

[ISARA makes a quick roll to a rifle leaning in the corner, grabbing and cocking

ISARA: I will thank you to watch your tongue in this house. You have to leave.

IMPERIAL #2: That's a big gun for such a little girl. Drop it.

[WELKIN suddenly bursts in.]

WELKIN: Isara!

IMPERIAL #2: Hold it right there.

[WELKIN is wielding a heavy fencepost he took from the picket fence outside,
knocking down IMPERIAL #2 with the sharp end.]

IMPERIAL #2: Gwaugh!

[IMPERIAL #1 wheels around and points his gun at WELKIN before he can hit him.]


[A gunshot rings out. ISARA has shot him square in the back.]

IMPERIAL #1: Darcsen...pig.

[He crumples slowly to the ground.]

WELKIN: Isara! Are you okay?

ISARA: I'm okay, thanks to you. But Martha, I think she's...


WELKIN: Martha!

ISARA: This isn't good. She's gone into labor. Moving her would be dangerous.

WELKIN: Right...well, we can't just leave here here! What are we gonna do? There
are a lot of Imperials out there, Is. It's only a matter of time before they
take over the Mill Plaza.

ISARA: Welks, listen, the barn out back...

WELKIN: What about it?

ISARA: Our fathers have left us something...something that might get us out of
this mess.

____02-2: The Legacy of Our Fathers____


[WELKIN and ISARA open the doors to the barn. Inside is a large tank: the 

WELKIN: Dad's tank! Whoa. I can't believe it's still here.

ISARA: And it's one of a kind. Here it is, the Edelweiss. Theimer built it
especially for General Gunther.

WELKIN: Yeah, and it worked great too. So it's just been parked here in the 

ISARA: I wanted to make sure it would still operate. You know, in case of 
emergencies. I enrolled in a maintenance class given by the military. I wanted
to be able to do what my father could do.

WELKIN: Well, that's great, but that's only a class, Isara.

ISARA: It really didn't need much. Hardly any alterations at all. I just fitted
it with a new turbine engine. It really improves on the power-to-weight ratio.
The Edelweiss is fieldworthy. Its firepower and mobility are more than a match
for recent models.

WELKIN: Well, assuming it does work, what's next?

ISARA: Alright. Welks, you took the armored vehicle course, didn't you?

WELKIN: Yeah. Back in high school...once.

ISARA: We'll bring Martha here. She'll be safe inside the tank and we can move
to a better location. Just leave the driving to me, okay? All you have to do
is give the orders.

[Inside the tank, WELKIN puts on his headphones. He pops his head out of the
hatch and takes a look outside.]

WELKIN: Isara, we ready to roll?

ISARA: Engaging engine. The Edelweiss is ready for deployment.

[MARTHA is lying in the Edelweiss next to ISARA. The engines fire up, and the
radiator burns bright blue.]

WELKIN: Alicia could still be out there dodging bullets, buying time for people
to evacuate. Here's the plan: We're gonna pick up Alicia and get out of town!
All right, Edelweiss. Move out! 

[The Edelweiss rumbles down the road to Bruhl.]

____02-3: Retreat from Bruhl (B3)____


ALICIA: Here's the brief for this operation.


ALICIA: All right, let's begin. We've got to stop them here!


ALICIA: If this gate falls, there's going to be even more casualties among the
townspeople. The Town Watch will defend this gate, so as many people as possible
can get away.

[ALICIA and the Town Watch are taking defensive positions by some sandbags next
to the main gate. The Imperial Light Tank approaches and fires shells at the
main gate, while the infantry toss grenades at it. The Town Watch put up a
fierce resistance, but they are outnumbered. Just then, the Edelweiss makes
its entrance towards the rear of the Imperial forces.]

ISARA: The tank should be able to breach that wall. It may provide us with a
shortcut, Welks.

WELKIN: All right, let's give it a shot. Hang in there, Alicia!

[The wall in question is a wooden one that crumbles in the Edelweiss' wake.]

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: Uwaugh! T-Tank! It's a Gallian tank!

WELKIN: Alicia! I'm sorry we're late!

ALICIA: Welkin?! You have a tank?!

WELKIN: We can talk later. Right now we need to stop those soldiers.

ISARA: Enemy tank sighted, Welks. Switching to anti-tank combat. Armor-piercing
shells loaded.

WELKIN: All right, let's go take it down.

[The Edelweiss' armaments are powerful enough to destroy the squad
and the opposing tank. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Yes! We stopped it! Nice work, Is!

ALICIA: Woohoo! Now you're MY hero, Welkin!

WELKIN: The Imperials are running off for now. Looks like we bought some time 
at least.

[The sound of a baby crying can be heard in the tank. SALIX LIPPONEN is born.]

ISARA: Welks! Welks! It's a boy! Martha had a boy!

WELKIN: Sh-She gave birth in Dad's tank?

ISARA: Yes, and without complications. They're both perfectly healthy.

WELKIN: Good...That's fantastic! Now let's stay sharp as we head out of town.

____02-4: With Home at Our Backs____


KOLLER: Two hours after the first shots were fired, Bruhl was under Imperial
control. Though a mere skirmish by Empire standards, the raid on Bruhl would
mark Welkin Gunther's first taste of battle, and begin his rise to a Gallian

[WELKIN and ALICIA are on a hilltop looking at the town of Bruhl. Smoke rises
from the ruins of one of the mills.]

WELKIN: Alicia.

ALICIA: I thought I would be ready for this. I knew war meant this might happen.
But it hurts, seeing my town overrun like this...seeing all those people's just not right. How could all this happen? (She starts to cry)
It isn't human, Welkin.

[WELKIN puts an arm around her and looks up.]

WELKIN: We look at those birds and see how wild and free they are, but they all
have their own territories. If anything threatens their home, they'll risk
their lives to defend it. People are animals too. We do what we have to when we
have to. Animals are in a constant struggle to stay alive, but I've also seen
them help each other, almost like they were cooperating in order to survive.

ALICIA: Cooperating?

WELKIN: That's why I'm so into studying animal science. That coexistence. I want
to know how it works. If we could figure that out, mankind could put it to use
for our own survival. That's why I want to be a teacher, so that I can pass
that knowledge on to the children. I mean, even if we can't completely
eliminate war, at least we might learn to live together as one people.

ALICIA: You think so?

ISARA: Welks, look! Martha fell asleep, so that makes me the babysitter. See,

[ISARA walks up holding the baby.]

ALICIA: Ohh...he's adorable.

WELKIN: Just like you said. Even in war new life happens all around us. 

[WELKIN takes the baby into his arms] 

WELKIN: Come here. (faces Bruhl) Look, that's your hometown.

[ALICIA brushes a tear from her eye.]

ALICIA: Someday, we'll come back home again.

WELKIN: Yes. Someday soon. I know it.

====Chapter 3: Vasel Urban Warfare====

____03-1: Summons____


[The background shows a map of the Empire's advance through Gallia.]

KOLLER: In March of 1935, the Empire began its invasion across Gallia's eastern
border. Maximilian, commander of the Gallian invasion front, built his army
around mobile armor. Ghirlandaio and the other fortresses along the border fell
to his tanks in quick succession. Bruhl's fall in under two hours was typical
of villages in the Empire's path, and the road to the capital bore a steady
flow of refugees. --Irene Koller, "On the Gallian Front"

[Scene to black. The camera pans over a wide aerial view of Randgriz.]

KOLLER: Randgriz, Gallia's capital, a town secure and stable since ancient 
times. Within its walls stood the Castle Randgriz, and within its unicorn
spiral resided Cordelia, Gallia's princess. 

[Scene to black. Background shows a picture of an army barrack.]

KOLLER: Supporting Gallia's policy of neutrality was a system of universal
conscription. Under it, all schools required military training each year. In the
event of a war, citizens were then drafted into the militia to defend their
country. As the conflict with the East grew worse, both Welkin and Alicia found
themselves no exceptions to that fate. --Irene Koller, "On the Gallian Front"


[In WELKIN's room.]

WELKIN: So these are my new digs...Oh, my uniform! I should get changed before
reporting in. Better get ready now. Flares, binoculars...a compass and a map...
Everything you need for a nice hike...or combat.

[A knock at the door.]

ALICIA: Welkin? Can I come in?

WELKIN: Sure, it's open.

[The door opens. ALICIA is in full uniform.]

ALICIA: Oh, you're already changed too. Let's see...Not bad, not bad! You look
good, actually. So, how about me? Do I look all right in this? Convincing?

WELKIN: Let's take a look...Heh, yeah. You look fine. You wear it like a pro.

ALICIA: Really? You're not just saying that?

WELKIN: Of course not. You look tough. I like it!

ALICIA: Oh, good. I was worried it looked kind of silly.

WELKIN: No way. That plating on the back? It's like a coleopterid exoskeleton!

ALICIA: Coleo-what? And did you just say BEETLE?! (annoyed) Uhh...Welkin? What
kind of girl wants to hear that she looks like a bug?

WELKIN: Huh? Not just any bug. A rhinoceros beetle. KING of the insects. Who
wouldn't want that?

ALICIA: Uh huh. I guess I'll just try to take that as a very Welkin sort of

WELKIN: Tell me about that scarf. You've been wearing it since I met you.

ALICIA: Oh, this? It's part of my uniform from the bakery. 

WELKIN: Is that right?

ALICIA: I don't want to forget the time I spent busting my buns baking. I plan
to keep wearing it until I can get back to manning the ovens again.

WELKIN: That's great. Once you do, I'll be first in line to get some of that

ALICIA: Is that a promise? Well, I'll be sure to have plenty of it ready and
waiting for you.

WELKIN: Absolutely. Hey, if you're ready, we should probably go see the captain
right now.

____03-2: Squad 7 is Born____


[A knock at the door.]


WELKIN: Excuse me ma'am.

[VARROT is a stern lady sitting in her desk. There are several other men already
lined up in the room. WELKIN walks up to her.]

WELKIN: Gallian Militia enlistee Welkin Gunther, reporting for duty.

[ALICIA walks up to her desk next to WELKIN.]

ALICIA: Ma'am! Gallian Militia enlistee Alicia Melchiott, also reporting for

VARROT: I'm Captain Eleanor Varrot, commander of this regiment. Gunther, you're
promoted to lieutenant. You'll be leader of Squad 7 now.

WELKIN: Ma'am!

VARROT: Enlistee Melchiott, you're promoted to sergeant. You'll be under the
lieutenant's command. Understood?

ALICIA: Ma'am!

[A man walks up to WELKIN's side: FALDIO LANDZAAT.]

FALDIO LANDZAAT: What do you is you. Nice coincidence, huh Welkin?

WELKIN: Faldio?! I had no idea that you'd enlisted.

FALDIO: Yeah. Now that there's a real war going on I joined up. Pretty much all
the officer in training boys are here just like you.

VARROT: You know each other?

FALDIO: Yes, ma'am. We knew each other at university. Welkin was in science and
I was in archeology. (to WELKIN) And just look at us now. No archeology or
science. Looks like the two of us are studying war instead.

WELKIN: Looks that way. It's good to see you.

FALDIO: And you.

VARROT: That'll be all for now. there's a strategy briefing later today.
But you still have time, time to catch up. You'll be spending a lot of time on
the past and in Randgriz. They'll be your new home, so get to know them. 
That'll be all. Report back in time for the briefing. Until then, you're

[WELKIN and ALICIA salute.]

____03-3: The Flare Gun____


ISARA: Welks! There you are. I've been looking for you.

WELKIN: Hey, Is. How'd your enlistment go? No problems?

ISARA: I registered as a tank pilot and mechanic. Maintaining and operating the
Edelweiss will be my responsibility from now on.

ALICIA: I think it's nice that we'll all be on the same squad together.

ISARA: I think so too.

WELKIN: So what are you up to now?

ISARA: The tank's hangar space is just through here. I was just carrying some
ragnite fuel back. It's used to power the tank, and also for the turret-mounted
cannon rounds.

WELKIN: I guess I'm just more used to seeing it in street lamps and medical

ALICIA: Seems like everything is ragnite-powered these days. That stuff is

ISARA: Not enough of it for some people, though. It's the source of a lot of

WELKIN: They say the Empire's invading only to get at all the ragnite in Gallian

ISARA: Oh, that's right! I had something to give you, Welks.

[She hands him a small pistol.]

WELKIN: What's this?

ISARA: Father's flare gun. It was in the barn, but I thought you might have
some use for it.

WELKIN: Another hand-me-down.

ISARA: I gave it a once-over. It might be old, but it's still serviceable.

WELKIN: I didnt' mean... I just can't believe I'm a tank operator now. Thank
you for this, Is.

ISARA: I'll do a spot-check on the Edelweiss now, to make sure it's ready to
go at any time.

ALICIA: All right, we'll get going for now then. See you later.

____03-4: The First Op____


[An operations room.]

VARROT: I'll cut to the chase. Here's your mission. The Great Vasel Bridge was
just taken by the Empire. It's a key strategic position. 

WELKIN: The Great Vasel Bridge?

FALDIO: It's a major drawbridge crossing the canal in Vasel, just outside the


[A look at the Great Vasel Bridge. It is a very long metal bridge, with a design
that resembles Pegasus Bridge from WWII. Imperial troops and tanks are crossing

VARROT (voiceover): That bridge is a part of the central transit artery leading
into Randgriz. Our mission is to take it back.


[Back to the operations room.]

VARROT: The Empire has been running a blitz with their shocktroops outrunning
their defense. Our Third Regiment will retake the bridge before defensive
reinforcements can arrive.

[The door opens. The general of the Gallian army, GEORG VON DAMON, has let 
himself in. He is a portly, mustachioed man.]

GEORG VON DAMON: How quaint. The militia holding a little strategy meeting of
its own. How long were you planning on hiding out in here, Varrot?

VARROT: My apologies, sir. We'll depart soon.

DAMON: Whatever. They're just country mice. It's not like they'll be much help.

VARROT: More help, perhaps, than your army unit that couldn't hold the bridge
in the first place.


VARROT: Regardless, Vasel remains a critical position. We'll reclaim it 

DAMON: W-well good! See that you do!

[He walks off.]

WELKIN: Who was that?

FALDIO: General Damon, commander of the central forces.

WELKIN: Central forces...that's the army branch the militia was folded into,

FALDIO: That's right. They say the General's an aristocrat. He looks down on
the common militia.

WELKIN: That doesn't make any sense.

FALDIO: Right. Now that the war's begun, we all need to band together and fight
to keep Gallia safe. Who cares at this point whether you're in the army or the
militia? It's ridiculous.

VARROT: Gentlemen, let's return to the mission. We'll begin by taking back the
western bank to gain a foothold for reclaiming the bridge. Lieutenant Gunther,
I'm assigning Squad 7 to this mission. It's your first maneuver, so be smart.

WELKIN: Yes, Captain!

VARROT: The other squads are on patrol. Stay sharp, and be ready to help take
back the bridge. I'm counting on all of you out there. Now move out!

____03-5: West Bank of Vasel City (B4)____


VARROT: Here are details on the current operation.


VARROT: We're prepared to commence the operation. I look forward to good news
from you.


[Cut to the battlefield.]

WELKIN: Split into two teams: offensive and defensive! Squad 7, move out!

[WELKIN gets into the tank and closes the hatch.]


WELKIN: All right. It's our first mission. Let's split into two teams: city
and riverside. I'll lead the riverside team towards the enemy encampment with
the Edelweiss.

ROSIE STARK: Shocktrooper here. Leave the offense to me.

WELKIN: City team, your job is to guard the base. Be ready for anything, 
including tanks.

LARGO POTTER: How long you think I been an anti-tank man? Couple of tanks ain't
no sweat!

WELKIN: That's the spirit, Largo. Now, let's move out!

[The city of Vasel is a maze of narrow alleyways and harsh urban fighting. The
city unit holds off infantry and tanks coming from the encampment, pinning them
while the riverside unit flanks the Imperials and crushes them. Squad 7 captures
their first enemy base. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Operation complete! We took their base!

____03-6: Ellet, War Correspondent____


[WELKIN stands atop the Edelweiss talking to ALICIA below. Someone walks up to
them, looking at them through the lens of a's IRENE ELLET, War

IRENE ELLET: Hey there! You guys aren't with Squad 7 by any chance, are ya?

ALICIA: Yes, that's us.

ELLET: Ha! I've been looking for ya...meaning you. Hot stuff on the


[ELLET strides over past ALICIA.]

ALICIA: Umm...excuse me. I...

ELLET: That must make you Lieutenant Gunther, am I right?

WELKIN: Um...yeah. Yes, that's me.

ELLET (climbing up onto the tank): Upsie-daisie!

WELKIN: Wha--? Hey, you can't...

ELLET (pulling out a notepad): Nice to meet you too. Now, let's get right to the
questions. So, you're the son of the great General Gunther, huh? You look 
awfully young. How old are you anyway? Must be your first war, huh? What's the
hardest experience so far? Wait...happiest? No, uh...funniest? I'd also like to
know hobbies, favorite foods...what you do on your days off.

ALICIA: Hey, lady! This is a combat zone! Excuse me, but what are you doing here

ELLET: Hey, give me a break, willya? Scoops are near danger, and I'm near 
scoops. That's right. The name's Ellet. I'm GBS Radio's top woman reporter. I
smell a story, a good story, and you guys are it!

WELKIN: So're a reporter?

ELLET: Very good. I'm a reporter, yes. I've been assigned to Squad 7 to conduct
a series of interviews, thank you. Now, let's get back to those questions, shall

[ALICIA sighs in frustration.]

____03-7: Distrust____


[Another part of Vasel.]

ROSIE: Ugh. Now he's giving interviews? Who does he think he is? Ooh, look at 
him, son of some big hero. Please! He's still a schoolboy!

LARGO (taking a puff from a cigarette): No kidding. One little win and he's the
new grand duke. Ugh, I hate kids. Eh, whatever. He'll learn soon enough. Only
one thing matters out there in the field, and that's experience.

====Report 1: Ellet Embedded (R1)====


[ELLET sits on the ground, pondering with her notebook in front of her. She 
twirls her pencil lazily.]

ELLET: Squad 7 of Regiment 3. My first impression...good!

[She writes in her notepad. She has pictures of WELKIN and ALICIA.]

ELLET (sighs): Lieutenant Welkin Gunther, Squad Leader. Next in Command,
Sergeant Alicia Melchiott.

[Lies down on the ground and looks at the clouds.]

ELLET: That lieutenant looks softer than I'd expect for the son of the late
General Gunther. And her...her hometown is Bruhl. Same as Gunther. Could be
childhood friends? (giggles) But if I'm lucky they were childhood sweethearts.
We'll just have to find out how close they are.

[Looks at the pictures of LARGO and ROSIE.]

ELLET: Next on the list, Sergeant Largo Potter and Corporal Brigitte Stark.
No wait, that's right. Stark had a nickname. Gotta jot that down. (writes)"Rosie"...there! Looks like those two don't trust Gunther much yet.
That could be good. Could be really good. Who does that leave? Right...the
tank pilot. Corporal Isara Gunther. Huh? She's the lieutenant's sister. 

[Looks at ISARA's picture.]

ELLET: Well, that's strange. She looks Darcsen to me. I wonder how that comes
into the picture. (giggles) You couldn't ask for a more colorful crew than
that, could you? Something tells me these guys are different than the usual
troops, somehow. May be my keen journalistic instincts. Well then...

[She tosses her pen high in the air and catches it.]

ELLET: The truth's not gonna uncover itself. Here I come, ready or not.


ELLET: Ooh, there's Sergeant Potter, and Corporal Stark with him. Heyyy, guys!
Mind if I ask a few questions? It'll only take a second.

LARGO: What, like an interview? What do you want to go interviewin' us for?

ROSIE: Aww, c'mon, big guy. I bet we'd make better topics than some rich kid.

ELLET: Wonderful. Let's start with you then, Largo. You fought in the First
Europan War, right?

LARGO: Yeah, been a soldier ever since, too. I'm what you'd call a seasoned
warrior, see?

ELLET: And why did you choose to stay in the force? Most people try to avoid
the soldiering life.

LARGO: It's an honest living, plus I got my reasons. 'Sides, I ain't the only
one. Look at Elle.

ROSIE: Elle? Who's Elle?

ELLET: If I had to guess, I'd say Eleanor Varrot. Captain Varrot, that is.
Third Regiment. It seems you've got quite a history with her. Care to...fill in
some details for us?

LARGO: Th-There ain't no details! Is this the trash you want to write about?
Look, I'm a busy guy. I'm outta here.

[He walks away.]

ROSIE: H-Hey, Largo! Wait up!

ELLET: Oh, just let him go. We can have a little chat, just the two of us girls.
So, Rosie--can I call you Rosie? Beautiful name, by the way. Do you like 

ROSIE: Ha! I used to sing at a bar. It was hardly a flower patch, but my
nickname there stuck. Tell you what, though, some customers came from miles 
away just to hear me sing.

ELLET: My, my! So why is a pretty young songbird with a voice as sweet as a 
rose so...thorny towards Lieutenant Gunther and all those others?

ROSIE: Pfft, I just ain't trusting my back to a stinking dark-hair, is all.

ELLET: Traumatic past experience with a Darcsen leave you bitter, maybe?

ROSIE: Think what you want. I got better things to do than sit around gabbing
about 'em is all. You can put me down as allergic, yeah? Just chatting and
I'm starting to feel sick.

[She walks away.]

ELLET (giggles): Bet she'd spill the beans if you got her riled up enough. 
Maybe next time. Still, a veteran carrying a torch for his captain and a
Darcsen-hating chanteuse...they may be cranky, but they're characters.

[In another side of Vasel, ISARA is at the dock looking up at the sky. ELLET 
sneaks up behind her.]


ISARA: Oh, hello, Ms. Ellet. How are you?

ELLET: A little freaked out now. You didn't even bat an eye at that. You were
staring at the sky pretty intently. Something up there we should know about?

ISARA: I'd like to fly. Well, actually...I'd like to fly my brother.

ELLET: Fly...your brother? Care to expound on that? You don't seem the type to
have your head in the clouds. It's very romantic!

ISARA: I believe myself to be quite logical, really. Too logical, perhaps.

ELLET: if you don't mind my asking, how exactly are you and your
brother related? Wait, let's leave that for now. How would you describe your
brother as a person?

ISARA: Welks is...objectively speaking, he can seem a little strange sometimes.

ELLET: I see...although I'm a little unsure of what that means, coming from

ISARA: But he is a very kind person, and loyal. Any time my heritage brought
me trouble, he was the first to come to my defense.

ELLET: I see. It sounds like you really love him, huh?

ISARA: I would say...I respect him a great deal.

ELLET: Gotcha. Sounds like you lucked out in the sibling department, then.

ISARA: Yes, very much so. That's why I'd like to give him the opportunity to

ELLET: I'm still not sure I follow that, exactly, but we'll leave that for
another day. Thanks for your time. Next up! Squad Leader Gunther himself!

[Later, in the field HQ...]

ELLET: Hello, hello! Are you ready for your big interview?

WELKIN: Hello, Ms. Ellet. Hard at work again, I see.

ALICIA: Didn't you already interview him before?

ELLET: Ooh, Alicia, I wanted to get in a chat with you today, too.

ALICIA: Wait, really? You're going to write an article about me?

ELLET: I can't say whether it'll make the paper, but I do have some questions
for you. You've been at Lieutenant Gunther's side since you left Bruhl. Tell
me what he's like.

ALICIA: Wait a want to interview me about HIM? Well, let's see.
We only met just a few days ago, but...he's a pretty interesting person. You
never know what he's going to say next.

ELLET: I see, I see! So forget he's your boss for a second. What do you think
of him as a guy?

ALICIA (blushes): What?! I-I've never really thought about it...I don't know!

ELLET (giggles): Is that so? Well, Lieutenant Gunther, care to comment in her
place? Lieutenant? Where'd he go?

WELKIN: Huh? Oh, sorry! Uh, there was just this crazy looking bug. I got

ALICIA: See what I mean? He's an interesting guy, if unpredictable.

ELLET: No kidding! Now, Lieutenant Gunther, I have a couple of questions for
you. First up, how do you feel about this war, as the son of a hero from the
First Europan War?

WELKIN: Same as anybody else, I guess. I want it to be over. Are...people
looking at me as the son of a hero? Maybe I am, but I'm still just me.

ELLET: Okay then, let's talk about you. What are you fighting for?

WELKIN: I feel like the present world is made up of things we've inherited
from the past. We get life and a home from our parents, knowledge from our
teachers...and not the good stuff. Take prejudice against Darcsens. That's
learned behavior.

ELLET: Uh huh...

WELKIN: Every creature out there is trying to pass things along to future
generations. I want to pass on what I think is right. I'm fighting for the
ability to do that.

ELLET: Thank you very much. That's all for today.

WELKIN: Great, we're done? I want to get back to that fascinating insect

[He walks away.]

ELLET: Heh, you really hit the nail on the head. He's as entertaining as he
is unpredictable. I was planning on moving along to the next squad after
interviewing everyone is Squad 7, but I think I'll stick around and learn a 
bit more about you 7's, if you don't mind.

ALICIA: Not at all. Just try to stay out of combat zones, for your own safety.

ELLET: I'm not making any promises. I go where the scoop takes me! That's just
how I roll.

====Chapter 4: Operation Cloudburst====

____04-1: Internal Strife____


[In the Gallian camp.]

VARROT: Squad 7's suppression of the enemy camp on the west bank gave us the
foothold we needed. Now we'll join the army's Vasel Battalion in Operation
Cloudburst to take back the bridge. Militia forces will take the point, crossing
the bridge and attacking the eastern camp. 

FALDIO: Captain, crossing that bridge means breaching the enemy bridgehead. What
sort of on-site backup and supplies can we expect from the army on this? 

VARROT: The plan calls for the army to commence its operation after we've struck
the bridgehead. 

FALDIO: Wait a we're just being offered up on a platter?!

VARROT: I know how you feel. I felt that way when I was a militia foot soldier,
too. But sometimes being a soldier means taking on tough missions. Even
dangerous ones.

FALDIO: Understood, Captain.

VARROT: I'm not saying you're wrong, Faldio. Breaching that bridgehead by 
ourselves's going to be tough.

WELKIN: Captain Varrot, may I go observe the area around the bridge?

VARROT: Observe it? I don't mind, but what do you...

[A knock at the door.]

ALICIA: Welkin!

VARROT: Sergeant Melchiott? What is it?

ALICIA: Oh! I...sorry to interrupt the meeting. 

VARROT: We're finished, it's fine. Now I assume there's a reason for your

ALICIA: Yes, Captain. Welkin, ah, I mean, Lieutenant Gunther...the squad. 
They're at each others' throats.


ALICIA: Please stop them, sir. I tried to, but they...I couldn't.

WELKIN: What? You want me to break them up? I don't know...maybe it'd be better
to just let them have it out.

ALICIA: Let them have it out?! You can't just ignore them!

WELKIN: I'm not ignoring them. I think it's important that they say what they're
thinking. Butting heads over differing opinions can be one way to bring people
closer together.

ALICIA: Well, but...that may be, but I still...Look, you can't just sit here
while your squad's tearing itself apart. It's not right. Now get a move on, sir!

[She storms off.]

WELKIN: H-Hey, I...Alicia?!

[He runs off after her.]

FALDIO: Sounds like he's got his hands full.

VARROT: It's all part of growing as a team.

____04-2: Welkin's Boast____


[ROSIE and ISARA are glaring at each other fiercely. LARGO looks on, a cigarette
in his mouth.]

WELKIN (running over): Hold on!

ROSIE: Hmph!

WELKIN: Okay, what's going on here?

ROSIE: You really have to ask, Lieutenant? It's either her or me, pal! Who let
her in, anyway? You really think I'm gonna work with a dark hair? She'll blow
us all up! Besides, I can't stand the stink of her! Her type's got a bad
reputation and everybody knows it. No Darcsens allowed. Ya hear me?

ISARA: Oh yes, I've heard everything you have to say. But I'm still a human
being, the same as you. Besides, no evidence exists to substantiate what you
call the "Darcsen Calamity." It's a myth.

ROSIE: Excuse me?! So what, you're calling me STUPID now?

WELKIN: Stop it, that's enough!

LARGO: Okay, boss-man. We won't fight alongside no Darcsen. What about that 
can't you understand? (flicks cigarette) Another thing we ain't doing is taking
orders from some hotshot greenhorn.

WELKIN: Alright fine. Now, lesten and listen good. I'll have that bridge back in
Gallia's hands in 48 hours.

LARGO: Huh?!

WELKIN: Now, if my plan fails, which I doubt, then I'll resign. Squad 7 will be
all yours, Largo. But if my plan works, you'll take my orders and like it.

[LARGO laughs.]

LARGO: Your funeral, boss man. You sure about this?

WELKIN: Yes, I am.

ALICIA: But...wait a sec...Welkin?

____04-3: The Plan____


[WELKIN is standing at the riverbank, staring off into the river.]

ALICIA: Welkin!

WELKIN: Hmm? What's up?

ALICIA: What's up?! You just made an insane promise! That's what's up!

ISARA: I'm sorry, Welks. I shouldn't have argued...this is all my fault.

WELKIN: It's nobody's fault, IS. It's a war; we're all on edge here. And this
mission certainly isn't helping. It's little wonder the troops are upset.

ALICIA: Yeah...

WELKIN: That's why pulling this operation off is the perfect way to bring the
squad together.

ALICIA: That'd be great, if it works...but how can you possibly hope to take
back the bridge in just 48 hours?

WELKIN: Well, that's the hard part...Aha!

ALICIA: Huh? Aha what?

WELKIN: I was hoping...but there they are. Isara, Alicia, think you can do me
a favor?

ALICIA: Sure...what is it?

[Scene fades to black. When it returns, WELKiN has told them his plan.]

WELKIN: ...You follow me?

ALICIA: But that' that even possible?!

WELKIN: Well, Is? Think you can make it by tomorrow?

ISARA: Yes. I'll get to work on it now.

ALICIA: All right. I'll trust you on this.

WELKIN: Thanks, Alicia. Well, let's get started!

____04-4: The Crossing____


[At the riverbank.]

LARGO: All right, let's hear this brilliant plan. And it's too late to back 
out, boss-man. You got that? So let's hear it!

WELKIN: We're going to strike the enemy encampment on the east bank.

ROSIE: Whoa, hold it. You're askin' us to die for you?! One squad ain't 
breachin' that bridge head, buddy boy! That would be suicide!

WELKIN: We're not taking on the bridgehead. We're taking on this. The river.
We use the fog as cover as we cross the river, then launch a surprise attack.

LARGO: Aww, c'mon! Is this just some game to you, boy-o? Swimmin' a couple of
foot soldiers over there ain't gonna do much if we've got no tanks!

WELKIN: Don't worry, I've got that covered. Isara?

ISARA: I've fitted the Edelweiss with water-resistant measures to allow for
submersion. It will only hold for a few minutes, but it should be enough to

LARGO: Hold on just a sec. Ships come through here! It's gotta be too deep for
a tank.

WELKIN: We're covered. Look, see that over there?

ROSIE: What's that, grass?

WELKIN: Mistlereed. A tall aquatic plant found in the estuaries of some rivers.
I noticed them when I came down to observe the river. This stretch runs shallow.
Shallow enough for a tank to drive across. Trust me on this.

[LARGO sputters in disbelief.]

ALICIA: First, the Edelweiss will cross over and clear out any Imperial patrols
on the shore. Then Lieutenant Gunther will send up a flare, signaling the rest
of us to follow by boat.

WELKIN: Right. Now, let's get started. I'll see you on the other side!


[Morning by the Vasel River. Some Imperial guards stand watch.]

IMPERIAL #1: You hear something?

IMPERIAL #2: Yeah, I do. What is it?

IMPERIAL #1: Beats me.

[The water starts to ripple, and the ducks floating on the surface flies away.
All of a sudden, the Edelweiss bursts out of the waves, running over the two
guards. WELKIN opens the hatch and takes out the flare gun.]

WELKIN: The Edelweiss swims just fine! Fall in, 7s!

[He fires the flare up into the air.]

____04-5: Battle for the Bridge (B5)____


VARROT: Let me brief you on Operation Cloudburst. We'll be working with the 
Vasel Defense Battalion. 


VARROT: Operation Cloudburst is set to begin. I know you can all make this work.


[WELKIN giving orders from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: Take down the bridgehead as quickly as possible! Squad 7, move out!


WELKIN: All right, that's everyone. Ready to move out, squad?

LARGO: You're crazy. You know that, right?

ISARA: Incoming message from Squad 1 leader Faldio Landzaat on the west bank,
sir. Enemy company in motion, presumed headed east across the bridge toward our

ALICIA: A full company? That's bad news for us.

WELKIN: We'll have to move fast. We're taking that camp before the cavalry rolls

[Squad 7 storms into the city. Past the rubble left over when the Imperials
invaded, they meet some resistance. Mingled among the active tanks and troops
are inactive tanks and fuels of ragnite, which they shoot to inflict heavy
casualties upon the enemy. There are snipers in the buildings as well. Their 
attack, however, is swift enough to eliminate the defense and take the inside

WELKIN: Nice work! We've occupied the enemy encampment at the bridge's end!

ISARA: Drawbridge control room secured, Welks.

WELKIN: Excellent. Open it up, Is! Let's see how their tanks like the river!

ISARA: Yes sir! Ragnite turbines on! Stand by to raise drawbridge!

____04-6: Drawbridge Away____


[In the drawbridge control room, the turbines start to turn, working up power.
On the bridge itself, the Imperials start to notice the bridge quaking.]

IMPERIAL #1: Huh?! What was that?

[The two halves of the bridge fold into two separate halves, sending the troops 
on the bridge plunging into the river.]

____04-7: After the Storm____


[At the east bank.]

VARROT: It appears that Lieutenant Gunther's plan worked. An impressive start,

WELKIN: Thank you, Captain.

LARGO: The kid's crazy! Drove a damn tank right into the stinkin' river!

ROSIE: Yeah, and I can't believe it worked. I'm still in shock.

ALICIA: All right, you two! Now, hold up your side of the bargain and you listen
to Welkin.

LARGO: Feh...yeah yeah. (walks away)

ROSIE: The kid might got the chops to command, but that don't mean I gotta
like any dark-hairs. (walks away)

ALICIA: Hey! Come on!

ISARA: It's okay, Alicia. I'm used to it by now. But I hope...I know the day
will come when Darcsens can join society as equals.

[A camera is heard.]

ELLET: Heyyy! Hope I'm not interrupting anything. It's me again, reporting for
GBS! Lieutenant Gunther! That was quite an impressive result on your first

WELKIN: Yes, thanks to the squad's hard work, we managed to take back the Great
Vasel Bridge.

ELLET: Any impressions on things to come, now that you've gotten your first
taste of victory?

WELKIN: Impressions? Well, let's see...Bridges are important. They link the 
roads that bring people what they need. I'd like to become a sort of bridge,
linking my crew together. I think that's my new goal.

____04-8: A Parting Wish____


[At the riverbank.]

ALICIA: Sorry, this is about all I can do.

[She lets a few lion's paw seeds float in the wind.]

ALICIA: But maybe, once everybody returns, they'll see a couple of lion's paws
blooming and it'll start to feel like home again.

WELKIN: Hey! Alicia! We're heading out soon!

ALICIA: Okay! I'll be right there! (to herself) Well, your stuff.

====Report 2: Largo's Passion (R2)====


[In the Gallian operations room.]

LARGO: Gah, I'm starvin'. Why do they call us here at lunchtime?

ALICIA: Ugh, you always get snippy the minute your stomach rumbles, Largo.

[The door opens, and WELKIN steps in.]

WELKIN: Sorry guys, have you been waiting long? I'll get right to the briefing.
You may already be aware of the recent hike in food prices.

ISARA: I do remember one worker at the mess hall mentioning that produce prices
were rising.

WELKIN: Apparently the Empire has taken hold of the trade route farmers use to
ship their stock.

LARGO: What'd you say?!

ROSIE: Vegetable crisis grips Gallia...not a very exciting headline.

LARGO: You mocking the power of vegetables?!

ROSIE: What? I was just...what's your problem?

LARGO: Vegetables are like bombs packed tight with all kinds of important 
nutrients! Kids gotta eat 'em to grow up right...and the body's practically
made of vegetables!

ROSIE: Which are like bombs...?

WELKIN: In any case, Squad 7's next mission is to clear that trade route of

LARGO: All right! Time to put the fear of veggies into these Imps!

ALICIA: The fear of veggies? Is he serious?

____RB-1: Vegetable Route Incident____


VARROT: You will now be briefed on the operation.


VARROT: All right, we're set to begin. Good luck!


LARGO: The bastards blocking our veggies are here, ain't they? Let's bust some

WELKIN (whispering): Shh, be quiet! You want them to hear us? This is a stealth 
operation with just a few soldiers. Lose anyone and the mission fails.

LARGO: Yeah, I got it. Now let's go get violent for vegetables!

WELKIN: Umm...You want to work with me here Largo?

[There are only a few Gallians in the mission, taking place in a small village
known as Pleasantwell Village. WELKIN, for one, is out of his tank and 
personally leading his troops to destroy the tanks cutting off the vegetable
route. The fact that it is late at night means that it is fairly easy for the
Gallians to gain the surprise advantage. Squad 7 flanks goes around to avoid
a head-on confrontation against the tanks. Sure enough, they manage to find an
outcropping next to the tanks, allowing LARGO's lance to easily hit their 

WELKIN: Operation complete! Both enemy tanks neutralized!


[In Pleasantwell Village after the battle...]

WELKIN: That should end our vegetable shortage!

LARGO: Ha ha! I ever tell you my old man's a farmer? Feels good to know I'm
helpin' farm folk out. Growin' up on the farm, I was always helping with the
harvest out on the field. I'm serious when I say veggies are king, too. The
more you eat, the healthier you get!

WELKIN: I agree. A lot of nutrients vegetables offer can't be found anywhere
else. Plus, I feel like vegetables are a way to take in the power of nature as
a whole. 

LARGO: Power of nature, huh?

WELKIN: Yeah! Plants grow by absorbing energy from the sun, the soil, even
tiny microbes. Eating vegetables is like getting all that natural energy right
from source.

LARGO (laughs): Never heard veggies told quite like that before! I tell ya,
boss, you got your head on right! Ya got my mark!

WELKIN (laughs): Thanks, Largo. That means a lot to me.

LARGO: Hey boss, let me tell you a stupid dream I have. My folks' old farm
went under, but I want to start it up again, as an organic veggie farm. Funny,
huh? Big macho man goes from flingin' bullets to bein' king of the carrot patch.

WELKIN: I'm not laughing. If you're dedicated, I'm sure you'll grow some fine
vegetables. Once you're all set up and harvesting, you'll have to let me 
sample what you've grown.

LARGO: Boss, you'd be welcome to eat all you wanted. But! You'd have to help
with the harvest! And out on the farm, I'M squad leader. Be ready for the 
workout of your life!

WELKIN: Oh boy...

LARGO: Ah ha ha! I'm feelin' good today! Veggies for all!

====Chapter 5: The Kloden Wildwood====

____05-1: Severing the Supply Line____


[In VARROT's office.]

VARROT: Thanks in part to Squad 7, the Great Vasel Bridge is back in our hands.
That pushed the front line back, forcing the Empire to gather forces in central

FALDIO: Does this mean we're headed that way as well?

VARROT: The army will take that front. Meanwhile, the militia will head south.
(pointing to her map) Our next target is here, in the Kloden area. 

WELKIN: The Kloden Wildwood...I was there last summer taking soil samples. It's
a dense forest with plenty of hills and valleys. It's hard to get around in

FALDIO: What's our strategic objective there, Captain?

VARROT: The Empire has set up a supply base there to fuel their invasion of
central Gallia.

FALDIO: I see. So if we seize the supply base, we cut off the flow of supplies
moving north.

VARROT: Precisely. The Third Regiment's objective is to take that base. All
squads are to prepare for woodland combat and await orders. Good luck. 

FALDIO: Woodland combat...what a nightmare!

WELKIN: What do you mean?

FALDIO: The woods dull your sense of direction, and poor roads make for slow
advances. This'll be our toughest operation yet.

WELKIN: Maybe so, but deeper in the woods you have a better chance of spotting
rare foliage. There's one kind of insectivorous plant in Kloden called the
moondew that can suck a--

FALDIO: All right, I get it! You really do have a one-track mind, you know that?

WELKIN: I'm saying nature isn't just a burden. We might find the key to victory
in the woods.

FALDIO: All right. I'll keep a lookout for your key while we're slogging along.
Hopefully your plant won't have eaten it.

____05-2: Maximilian and the Triumviri____


[The fortress of Ghirlandaio, occupied by Imperial forces. Meanwhile, in one
of its rooms, the Imperial commanders have a meeting. One of them, BERTHOLD
GREGOR, taps his fingers impatiently. His look is unchangingly stern.]

BERTHOLD GREGOR: Gallia's mongrels have reclaimed Vasel Bridge. Are the men of
our defensive units cowards? This loss is a stain on the Emperor's honor. 
Useless fools.

[There are other people in the room: SELVARIA BLES, a gray-haired, red-eyed
woman, and RADI JAEGER, who is leaning back in his chair at the moment.]

RADI JAEGER: I hear the enemy crossed the river in tanks. And whoever's leading
them is no fool.

GREGOR: On the contrary, this was a fluke. These are peasants, nothing more.
Peasants and barbarians. How could they be anything else?

JAEGER: If birthright is all it takes to win a battle, you must find war so
very boring.

[GREGOR growls menacingly. SELVARIA stands up.]

SELVARIA BLES: The issue here is Gallia's resistance and how to end it swiftly
and decisively. 

JAEGER: Exactly. They'll use their victory at Vasel Bridge as footing for a 
counterstrike in central Gallia.

SELVARIA: How should we proceed? What says Your Grace?

[EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN is sitting at a desk apart from the other officers. He is
robed resplendently in white.]

EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN: We will extinguish these flames. Our course is clear: The
Gallian army must be crushed.

[MAXIMILIAN stands up, and so do the other officers.]

MAXIMILIAN: We will require reinforcements. They will be sent to central Gallia.
Now then, the route of supply through Kloden has to be made unshakeable. Gregor,
see to a...restructuring of our central forces, then you will continue to press


MAXIMILIAN: We will head to Barious. Selvaria, be so kind as to accompany Us 

SELVARIA: With pleasure. And to the ends of the Earth, your Grace.

MAXIMILIAN: The Kloden base and supply lines, see to them, Jaeger. They need
protecting. Gallia may have already dispatched troops to the south. Therefore,
make haste to Kloden.

JAEGER: Of course. Leave it to me, your Grace.

____05-3: A Path Uncovered____

[In the Kloden Wildwood.]

ROSIE: What are we doing? Remind me, whose idea was it to come out here anyway?
Enough with the trees already.

LARGO: You can say that again. Woods are so thick you can't tell up from down
with these trees.

[WELKIN is pacing about, looking for something. Suddenly he sees it...some
tiny brown seedlike objects.]

WELKIN: Here we go...

ROSIE: Hey great, what did he find, a map in the dirt?

[LARGO shrugs. ALICIA steps up to WELKIN.]

WELKIN: Alicia, hold on to these for me, will you?

[He puts the little brown seeds in her hand.]

ALICIA: Sure Welkin. What are these? Some kind of nuts?

WELKIN: No, actually they're Longbeard goat droppings.

ALICIA (tossing them to the ground): Ahhh! Gross! You made me hold poo? Are you

ISARA: Hey Welks, did you find something useful?

WELKIN: Come here. Take a look at this.

LARGO: Hmm. The grass has been trampled down, looks like. What's the deal with

WELKIN: An animal trail. With any luck this could be our way out. Animals have
a natural instinct to find the most efficient path. That's why the grass is
trampled down. They snap off the branches, they eat the grass. As a result,
they clear a perfect trail.

ROSIE: So if we make like goats and follow it the path will take us through.

WELKIN: The enemy supply base should be nearby. This is where we'll start our

____05-4: Countless Tiny Losses____


[ROSIE is singing to herself.]

ALICIA: That's really nice Rosie. What song is that? It's so pretty.

ROSIE: Hm? Oh, just a song I sang, back in the day.

ALICIA: Oh, you used to be a singer? I didn't know that!

ROSIE (blushing): Ha! You paint a much prettier picture than it was. I used
to sing at a bar in my town.

ALICIA: Still, that song was really pretty. I'd love to hear the whole thing

ROSIE: Heh. Maybe I'll put on a little show one of these days.

[Suddenly, a rustle in the grass.]

ISARA: We're not alone here.

ALICIA: I'll go investigate. Put your hands in the air!

[It's a little pig with wings, a Porcavian later named HANS.]

HANS: Moink?!

ALICIA: It's...a pig?

ISARA: It looks like a porcavian piglet.

[ALICIA picks up the Porcavian.]

ALICIA: What's your story? Get separated from your mom? Aww...

WELKIN: I'll take a look further in.

[He gives a sudden gasp as he searches.]

ALICIA: What? What did you find?

WELKIN: There must have been a skirmish looks like a stray bullet
hit his mother.

LARGO: Even out here the war's still claimin' lives.

ALICIA: You lost your family too, huh, little guy? Left all alone...

HANS (sadly): Moink...

WELKIN: Well Alicia, does he want to come with us?

ALICIA: What? Can we?

WELKIN: We're the militia! Every Gallian has the right to join.

ALICIA: You hear that? As of today you're a member of Squad 7, little guy.

HANS (with love): Moink? Moink!

____05-5: Wildwood Warfare at Kloden (B6)____


VARROT: Here is a brief on the task at hand.


VARROT: Now, let's begin the operation. I'm confident victory is within reach.


[WELKIN giving orders from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: The enemy's supply base is through these woods! Squad 7, move out!


WELKIN: The tank will follow the road to the south. Team two, take the trail to
the base!

[The Edelweiss and infantry support advances on the base, while the flanking
team takes the western path.]

ISARA: Anti-tank gunnery reported on the north bank. We're in danger while it
remains, Welks.

WELKIN: We'll have to hope team two can take it out from behind.

[Sure enough, the path leads past the anti-tank piece, and team two quickly
eliminates the crew and take the first camp. There are mines on both paths. 
The flanking party also manages to find the second anti-tank field piece and
eliminate it while WELKIN's force takes out the first fenced camp. The flanking
party has already gotten to the northern camp by this time and conducted a rear

JAEGER: I got here as soon as I could, but...apparently not soon enough.

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: General Jaeger! You've brought reinforcements?

JAEGER: A few, but this place is almost surrounded. We'll lose both the base
and supplies if we hold here. Listen, I want you all to pack up what you can
and get ready to evacuate.

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: What will you do, General?

JAEGER: Buy you guys some time. Just leave the enemy to me.

[JAEGER's tank has arrived on the scene to the northern camp. By now, however,
it is too late and the Gallians have infiltrated the base. JAEGER has little
choice now but to pull out, although his men are doing their best. OPERATION 

JAEGER: That should just about do it.

IMPERIAL GUARD: General Jaeger! Base camp has been occupied! The relay from
base patrol says they barely got out with the supplies. Good. But I've got to
hand it to them. Gallia sent a real fox into these woods. Well, it's not a 
supply base anymore if there are no supplies. We're all done here.

ISARA: Incoming transmission, Welks. They've taken the base, but most of the
enemy already fled.

WELKIN: One step ahead...they timed that perfectly. I'm just glad that backup
unit arrived late. Still, we've completed our mission. Nice work out there, 7s!

____05-6: Taking the Supply Base____


VARROT: Well done, soldiers. The operation was a success.

ALICIA: Another victory for Welkin Gunther.

WELKIN: Nope, not this time. All the glory goes to this little guy.

HANS: Moink?!

ALICIA: Way to go Hans. First day on the job and you're already a hero!

WELKIN: Our success today was thanks to the animals living here in these woods.

HANS: Moink moink!

LARGO: So, uh...who named the bacon Hans?

WELKIN: Captain Varrot, I'd like to introduce Squad 7's newest addition, Hans.

VARROT: Hans, I hear you performed admirably today. I expect great things from
you. Dismissed.

HANS: Maioink!

====Report 3: A Taste of Home (R3)====


[In WELKIN's office.]

WELKIN: And...done! That takes care of the report.

[A knock at the door.]

WELKIN: Hmm? Who's there?

HANS: Moink!

WELKIN: Hans?! Did you come here all by yourself? Boy, you sure are smart!

HANS: Moink oink!

WELKIN: H-Hey! Stop togging, Hans! What's up? Is there something this way?

HANS: Moioioink!

WELKIN: Okay, okay, I get it. Lead the way. And you can stop biting my boots

[They head over to the Squad 7 common room. ALICIA is there.]

ALICIA: You went and got Welkin for me? Nice going, Hans! Thanks.

HANS: Moioink!

WELKIN: I just got led around base by a pig. Any idea what he wants with me,

ALICIA: Oh no, I was the one who wanted to see you. Are you hungry, Welkin?

WELKIN: Hungry? Well, yeah, actually...

ALICIA: Really? Oh, good! I whipped a little something up for you. Come see!

WELKIN: What, back in the kitchen? Whoa!


[A pyramid of hot, fresh bread is on the table. WELKIN gazes at it in utter

WELKIN: Wow...I've never seen so much bread in one place. You baked all this
yourself, Alicia?

ALICIA: Mmm-hmm. It's been a while since I made anything. I was worried I might
be getting a bit rusty. But the oven was free so I helped myself.

[WELKIN gets a loaf of bread and a mug of coffee.]

WELKIN: smells great! Okay, here goes...

[He takes a massive bite. He seems to take a big effort in swallowing...ALICIA
nervously looks on...then his eyes grow wide. He looks like he might be 

ALICIA: Welkin, you okay?

WELKIN (slams his fists on the table): DELICIOUS!

ALICIA: Really?

WELKIN: Yeah! I've never eaten bread this good. It's really impressive!

[He proceeds to eat and eat. ALICIA's mouth is wide-open as she stuffs his

ALICIA: Umm...Welkin, you look like a chipmunk.

WELKIN: You know how chipmunks and hamsters stuff their little cheeks full of
food like that? I finally understand why. Om nom nom...


[Some time later...]

WELKIN: Oh, I'm so full...that was great, huh, Hans?

HANS: Moooink...

ALICIA: I can't believe you put it all away! It was a little scary watching
you two eat. Still, I'm glad you liked it. It feels good to see people enjoying
my bread.

WELKIN: It felt good eating it! Thanks for baking it all.

ALICIA: You're welcome! Oh, Welkin, you have some...there's just a little 
crumb... (picks it off) There we go!

WELKIN: Hmm? Oh, ha ha! So, uh, you said you worked at a bakery before the war

ALICIA: Yeah. I was a live-in apprentice under the meister running the shop. 
Once things settle down, I plan on taking the national exams and opening up my
own baker.

WELKIN: Wow, you need to be licensed to run a bakery? That sounds pretty tough.

ALICIA: It's been my dream since I was a little girl. It's what I enjoy doing
the most. I love imagining entire families eating the bread I make, together.
A loving husband maybe, and cute little kids waiting for their mom to get 
home... (in her own daydream now) She comes in with a big basket of my bread and
the kids all cheer and embrace her...

WELKIN: Okay...?

ALICIA: Oh, and what if my bread brings the husband and wife closer together?!
She could say, "Oh, honey, you have a crumb in your beard," and she'd...

[She realizes her slip, laughing nervously and blushing.]

ALICIA: Listen to me! That's just like what happened here a minute ago, Welkin,
but I...umm...

WELKIN: Are...are you all right, Alicia?

ALICIA: Huh? I...I'm fine! Anyway, I'll keep baking it if you keep eating it!

WELKIN: It's a deal. And thanks again!

====Chapter 6: A Desert Encounter====

____06-1: Into the Badlands____


[Gallian tanks roll down the Barious Desert. Meanwhile, ALICIA looks at the
strange rock formations through binoculars. WELKIN, LARGO, ROSIE, and ELLET
sit on the Edelweiss eating watermelon.]

LARGO: Know what? This is one strange place. Rocks with holes in 'em, dug-up
ground as far as the eye can see.

WELKIN: Not always. They say this used to be a huge ancient city. Now there's
nothing but desert left.

[ROSIE spits out a seed and tosses her watermelon rind to the ground.]

ROSIE: We all know what happened. The Darcsen Calamity happened. They say the
dark hairs used some kind of dark arts to burn this city. Left nothing but ash.

LARGO: Can't see what kind of magic you'd use to burn up this much land, though.
It's just crazy.

ELLET: I don't know. Isara said that was a myth with no real historical

ROSIE: Look, their kind has been diggin' up ragnite since forever. So who's to
say they don't know some weird Darcseny type way to use the stuff as a weapon?
I'm just sayin'.

LARGO: Anyway, as I was saying, we are in the middle of the badlands, and what
exactly are we doing here?

WELKIN: We've received some intelligence. They're saying the Imperials have set
up a base near the Barious ruins. Squad 7 was sent out here to investigate. We
need to verify the information.

ROSIE: Imperials here? Some sandbox to come play in. I don't get those 
Imperials. Who knows what they're thinking?

ELLET: She's right! Something is definitely up here. I mean, I just can't 
figure it out, you know. Why would they occupy this place?

ALICIA: Enemy sighted!

[Through her binoculars she sees an Imperial tank and a few troops.]

ALICIA: Tanks at 0-4-0! Distance 800! Hold on...yes! There are foot soldiers as
well! And they're taking up combat positions.

LARGO (standing up): Well, it looks like we found our bad guys.

[LARGO and ROSIE jump down from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: Squad 7, combat formation!

____06-2: Jaeger and Gregor____


[In the Imperial command room.]

GREGOR: Hmm...

JAEGER: I didn't think you could look any gloomier.

GREGOR: Oh, it's you. Leave me be.

JAEGER: No need to be unfriendly, is there? Is there something on your mind,

GREGOR: His Grace, Maximilian. Barious holds no strategic worth. Why lead a
force there himself?

JAEGER: He took Selvaria with him, so it probably has something to do with the

GREGOR: His Grace places too much stock in the power of the Valkyrur. 

JAEGER: Maybe...but I can understand the fascination easily enough. The power
of the Valkyrur is enough to claim all of Europa. Maybe the entire globe.

GREGOR: Even without it, the Empire's military strength is quite capable of
taking control of Europa.

JAEGER: The stronger you are, the shorter that road.


JAEGER: I say let him be. My homeland's independence is riding on Maximilian's
word. I need him to return to the court with enough clout to honor that deal.
(leaning back) Relax. We'll hear all about their desert adventures soon enough.

____06-3: Battle of Barious Desert (B7)____


VARROT: You will now be briefed on the operation.


VARROT: All right, we're set to begin. Good luck!


[WELKIN gives orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: The enemy's spread out through the desert region. Squad 7, move out!


ALICIA: This place is really something else. I've never seen rocks with holes 
like these.

WELKIN: Faldio was saying those holes are the result of the same blast that 
scorched the area.

WELKIN: There are furrows dug into the ground, too. It must have really been 
some explosion.

ALICIA: Are you serious? That's crazy!

ROSIE: Yeah, but those trenches and rock walls should make for solid cover.

WELKIN: On an open field like this, we'll use whatever we can get. Squad 7, move

[The Barious Ruins are a maze of trenches and oddly shaped rocks. It is a tough
fight; enemy troops are all around. Still, the Gallians manage to push through
and capture the first camp. There is some tank support beyond this camp.]

WELKIN: It looks like the wind's really picking up.

ISARA: I suspect it's a sandstorm, Welks. These badlands are infamous for
sandstorms bad enough to drop visibility to zero. 

WELKIN: I see. That'll make it tougher to spot the enemy until the storm blows

ISARA: Yes, but the same applies to the enemy. Now is our chance to advance
undetected. Hiding within the sandstorm is a valid tactic when crossing ground
with no natural cover.

WELKIN: Good idea. Thanks, Is.

[Under the cover of the sandstorm Squad 7 approaches. The fighting becomes a
close quarters one, but the advantage goes to the Gallians, and the camp is

WELKIN: Operation complete! We took their base!

____06-4: The Desert Ruins____


[Before a great blue building in the ruins.]

LARGO: Huh? What's this supposed to be, anyway?

ROSIE: What a weird place for something like this.

FALDIO: There you all are.

WELKIN: Hey there Faldio. I didn't know you were out here too.

FALDIO: I'm an archeology major, remember? I was ordered to observe the ruins'

ALICIA: The shape of it really is unusual. I've never seen anything like it.

WELKIN: I feel like I've seen it before, somewhere. Hmm...where could it have

FALDIO: This building was supposedly erected millenia ago by the Valkyrur 

ISARA: So they actually existed, then?

FALDIO: Yes. The Valkyrur make a sudden appearance in Europan history, thousands
of years ago. Records say they brought with them incredibly advanced technology
and "divine might." Then one day, their history just ends. The Valkyrur just

ALICIA: I always thought they were just a myth.

WELKIN: That's it! I remember now!

ALICIA: Remember what, Welkin? What are you shouting about?

WELKIN: The dreadnautilus! This structure looks just like a dreadnautilus!

ALICIA: A dread...nautilus? What's that?

WELKIN: You don't know? They're marine cephalopods. They live inside pointy
spiral shells. And these ruins look just like that shell. I wonder if there's
some connection there?

ALICIA: Welkin, you can be such a...

WELKIN: Hmm? What's up?

ALICIA: Nothing. Forget it.

FALDIO: Right, let's take a look inside then. We may find some clue to why the
Empire is out here.

WELKIN: Alicia, I want you to come help Faldio and me look around inside. Largo,
Rosie, and Isara, you stay here. Be on the lookout for movement in the area.

ISARA: All right, sir. Please be careful.

____06-5: Visitors at the Temple____


[Inside the spiral temple.]

MAXIMILIAN: Tell me, Selvaria. Do these walls offer an answer to Our search?

[SELVARIA is glowing bright blue. She touches the walls.]

SELVARIA: I pray...Where sleeps the ancient power?

MAXIMILIAN: What do you read, child?

SELVARIA: Valkof, the holy lance, scorcher off the vast earth...asleep eternal
in the bosom of Randgriz. Made pillar of its keeper's keep...kept thereby for
eons without end.

MAXIMILIAN: Then it's true. The sacred lance lies buried within Randgriz's 

SELVARIA: But Your Grace, how do you intend to control the lance once it is

MAXIMILIAN (laughs): Worry not. A beast fit to bear that burden will soon be
at Our disposal. With this, Our dream is made hard fact. Our crown's shadow 
will extend to all of Europa!

====Chapter 7: The Battle at Barious====

____07-1: A History Unfolds____


[Inside another chamber in the temple.]

ALICIA: Whoa...I don't know what I expected, but it really wasn't this!

FALDIO: Amazing, isn't it? I was surprised when I first came here too.

ALICIA: It's...there aren't any windows or skylights in here, but it's still so

FALDIO: The ruins are made of stone with a high ragnite concentration. It lights

ALICIA: It's uncanny.

WELKIN: Look at this. Something's written on the wall here.

FALDIO: It's in Old Northern Script.

WELKIN: Old Northern?

FALDIO: It was the dominant writing system in Europa. You still see it on a lot
of old monuments.

ALICIA: Do you know how to read it, Faldio?

FALDIO: Yeah. We just covered it this last year. Let's take a look. (looking
at the script) It's more or less a recounting of the Darcsen Calamity as the
history books tell it. The Darcsens unlocked some secret property of ragnite
and tried to conquer the continent. "A hundred cities razed its fell light;
ten hundred thousand men and beast therewith." It says this area used to be one
of the cities lost in that purge as well.

ALICIA: So they did use ragnite...

FALDIO: It was in the middle of that destruction that the Valkyrur suddenly came
into the picture. Supposedly they rose to face the Darcsens, armed with sacred
lances blue with flame. That became the War of the Valkyrur.

ALICIA: I had a picture book about that as a girl. But it's fiction, right? Like
a fairy tale.

FALDIO: Ruins like these dot the Europan map, traces of the culture that once
ruled the continent. The majority of the anthropological community now agrees
that the Valkyrur did exist.

WELKIN: Wow, this is so educational!

FALDIO: The Valkyrur won and rose to power, while the Darcsens were scattered
across Europa. There are some who worship the Valkyrur as the saviors of Europa
even today. Meanwhile, the Darcsens got branded with the stigma of their past
and were persecuted. With no land of their own, they had to work as itinerant
laborers and ragnite miners.

WELKIN: Which is why there are so many Darcsens still working in the industrial
sector today.

ALICIA: I never knew that...come to think of it, Isara's dad was an engineer,
wasn't he?

FALDIO: Anyway, that's enough history for today. Let's keep checking for
Imperial tracks.

____07-2: The Darcsen Calamity____


[Outside in the Barious Desert.]

LARGO: I been lookin', but I still ain't seen nothin' but sand. Those Imps got
some strange tastes if they're sunnin' themselves out here.

[ROSIE broods.]

LARGO: What's got you, Rosie? Ain't like you to be so quiet. You got the runs
or something?

ROSIE: You're foul, Largo. And I'm just annoyed. Takes some kinda brass to blow
up a chunk of turf this big, don't ya think? Looks like the dark-hairs have been
bad news for the rest of us folks since day one.

ISARA: What do you mean by that?

ROSIE: Pfft! What do you think I mean? 

ISARA: No archeological proof exists to support the theory that Darcsens
destroyed Barious.

ROSIE: Look around! How much more proof do you need?

ISARA: And it's an unfair generalization to assume that all Darcsens cause
trouble for others.

ROSIE (incensed): You sayin' you don't? Look, it's 'cause you people that I...
that my whole--

LARGO: All right. Time out, you two.

ROSIE: You stay outta this, Largo!

LARGO: We're on patrol here. You keep squawkin' and we're likely to get sniped.

[ROSIE angrily hisses and storms off.]

LARGO: You too, kid. You know Rosie's got a temper on her. She wouldn't go off
if you didn't talk back.

ISARA: I don't believe anything I've said is untrue.

LARGO: Sigh...stubborn as mules, both of ya.

____07-3: Inside the Spiral____


[Inside the temple. WELKIN is looking at a strange circular hatch in the wall.]

WELKIN: Faldio, what is that?

FALDIO: It's called the Valkyrian Spiral. 

WELKIN: Okay, so...what is it?

FALDIO: I was talking about their power before, remember? The sacred blue flame?
The spiral motif on their relief carvings are said to represent inexhaustible

WELKIN: Ah, I didn't know that.

FALDIO: Still we haven't seen any Imperials here. Not even any signs of entry.
I guess it's possible that this wasn't what brought the Empire out here.

WELKIN: Well, the others are waiting. Let's go back

FALDIO: Sure, let's go.

[ALICIA walks over to the circular hatch and touches it. Instantly the spiral
retreats, opening to a hidden chamber.]


FALDIO: What in the...?

WELKIN: Alicia, what just happened?

ALICIA: I-I don't know! I barely even touched it and this door just opened!

WELKIN: It looks like it keeps going.

FALDIO: An underground chamber in the Barious ruins...this is a huge discovery!

ALICIA: Should we go in?

FALDIO: Do you have to ask?

WELKIN: All right, let's take a look.

____07-4: First Contact____


[It is dark. WELKIN and FALDIO hold flashlights.]

WELKIN: Whoa...what IS this place?

[It is a vast staircase winding down.]

ALICIA: It seems like it goes on forever.

[They walk down the staircase. FALDIO stops and shines his light on the wall.]

FALDIO: Wow, look at this wall! Amazing! There are engravings everywhere!

WELKIN: What do they say, Faldio?

FALDIO: I'm not sure. I wish I could tell you. They're too ancient for me to

[ALICIA walks to the edge and gazes down the staircase.]

ALICIA: Welkin. We're not...alone.

FALDIO: Who's there?

[It is MAXIMILIAN and SELVARIA. SELVARIA bears a lance.]

MAXIMILIAN: surprising to find you here. We don't get many visitors.
I won'd ask how you were able to break in. It's not really important, but you
defile this sanctum with your presence.

[MAXIMILIAN and SELVARIA walk past.]

FALDIO: Uh guys, that's Maximilian.

ALICIA: Maximilian? But he's the enemy commander.

[She pulls out a pistol and aims it at MAXIMILIAN.]

ALICIA: Hold it right there! You take one more step and I'll shoot you down! I
swear I will!

[MAXIMILIAN stops. SELVARIA whirls around and starts to glow bright blue.]

ALICIA: Uh...what?!

MAXIMILIAN: Lower your weapon. Your lives are worthless to me, but I do not
want to stain this sacred place with blood. If you are determined to have this
confrontation, why don't we settle it outside?

ALICIA: Welkin...

MAXIMILIAN: Welkin?'re the brat who's responsible. My compliments for
the Vasel bridge and the base in Kloden. You've quite impressed Jaeger, he was
singing your praises, boy. Selvaria, come.

[SELVARIA stops glowing.]


[They walk off.]

ALICIA: Now's our chance to take out their commander!

WELKIN: She's right, Faldio. Let's go!

FALDIO: Uh, right!

____07-5: Desert Duel with Maximilian (B8)____


VARROT: Let me catch you up on the current situation.


VARROT: You'll commence combat now. Stay sharp out there.


[WELKIN giving orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: That tank is our target! We have to stop it! Squad 7, move out!


MAXIMILIAN: Heh heh heh... Now dear Gallians, flee or be crushed underfoot of 
the Batomys!

SELVARIA: Your Grace, I will eliminate the forces east of the temple, then 
return to provide support. 

MAXIMILIAN: Very well, though I doubt I shall require your assistance. The 
Batomys shall rest atop their riven camp before long.

[On the other side of the battlefield...]

ALICIA: Welkin...take a look at that tank!

LARGO: Holy...with armor like that, I don't figure my anti-tank lance'll do much

ROSIE: And I don't like the look of that cannon. Standing in front of that 
thing's a bad idea.

WELKIN: Let's watch and wait for now. It has to have some kind of weak

[The Batomys is a massive tank, equipped with machine gun turrets on all sides
and main cannons on its front and rear. Not only this, but it is also 
accompanied by infantry support. Despite the Squad 7's best efforts, their 
attacks are about as weak as pebbles. The Batomys storms easily towards the
Gallian camp.]

MAXIMILIAN (laughing): Capturing a camp is for the feeble. A needless bother 
when it can be crushed outright!

WELKIN: Grr...he's just gonna mow our camps down!

VARROT (radio): Keep your head, Lieutenant. That desert is covered by parts of 
standing ruins. If you shell unstable walls, fragments may fall and block the 
enemy's progress.

WELKIN: Roger that...I'll give it a try!

VARROT: The team east of the temple is in bad shape. Some woman is sending up
some major fireworks. At this rate, they'll be forced to withdraw.

WELKIN: I understand. We'll try to hold our ground here. All right, let's slow
thatt behemoth down with as much rubble as we can throw in front of it!

[WELKIN and his lancers set about blasting the ruins in front of them to block
the Batomys' progress. While it has to use its cannon to blast apart the rubble
in front of it, the Edelweiss and lancers methodically destroy each of the
Batomys' machine gun turrets. When the Batomys fires its cannon, its radiator 
boxes open up, exposing them.]

WELKIN: Augh...that main cannon is lethal! There must be a way to stop that 

ISARA: Welks, look at that!

WELKIN: What are those? They're sticking up out of the top of the tank.

ISARA: They're radiators. Heat sinks for dissipating the temperature of the
ragnite fuel cell. They must be using them to cool the cannon after firing it.
Welks, if we destroy them, it could greatly upset the tank's stability and

WELKIN: All right, let's try it. We just need to get to those radiators after
the cannon fires.

ISARA: They're positioned atop the tank, so ground units will need to climb the

WELKIN: Okay. We've got to take out the guns and get troops onto that tank!

[With most of the Batomys' infantry support eliminated, Squad 7 manages to get
a Gallian troop up the ladder to toss a grenade into a radiator box, destroying
it. The other radiators retract back in and the flaps close over them.]

WELKIN: That leaves two radiators! Keep it up, 7s!

VARROT (radio): Lieutenant. Squads 1 and 3 have suffered heavy losses out east.
I'm pulling them out.

FALDIO (radio):'s me, Faldio. I'm sorry, but we couldn't do a thing
against her. She had a spiral lance and shield. They...they were the arms of a
Valkyria, Welkin.

VARROT (radio): It's likely her unit will be arriving there soon, as backup. Do
not, I repeat, do not engage her. Now hurry up and stop that tank!

WELKIN: Understood! We need those radiators out NOW, 7s!

[The Gallians take down another ruin, which the Batomys is forced to blast away.
In doing so its radiators are exposed again. By climbing the ladder and tossing
another grenade, they destroy another radiator, after which they retract back


[SELVARIA's reinforcements storm onto the battlefield. SELVARIA is wielding the
Valkyrian lance and shield.]

SELVARIA: Lord Maximilian...

[She raises her weapons and glows bright blue.]

SELVARIA: Cobalt flames of the Valkyrur, smite our foes!

[Her lance extends, and her shield expands.]

SELVARIA: All forces! There stands Gallia...claim her!

[The Imperials charge with a war cry.]


WELKIN: Rah...backup forces have arrived. If the reports are true, we can't 
beat it. Everyone, focus on that last radiator!

[WELKIN's infantry holds off SELVARIA's as they crumble more ruins in front of
the Batomys. SELVARIA fires blue flames at the infantry, and she is impervious
to gunfire. The Batomys fires again, exposing its last radiator. Squad 7 manages
to slip an infantry up the ladder past SELVARIA, destroying the last radiator
with another grenade.]

WELKIN: All right! That's the last of the radiators!

MAXIMILIAN: Rragh! Presumptuous little vermin!

SELVARIA: Your Grace! Are you all right?

MAXIMILIAN: Fine. The tank itself is perfectly intact, though not for long at
this rate.

SELVARIA: Understood. I'll be there momentarily, sir.

WELKIN: The enemy tank has been damaged. That should also impair its defenses,
7s. Everybody, concentrate fire on that tank! Take it down!

[The Edelweiss and the lancers pour rocket fire onto the Batomys, finally
destroying it. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

MAXIMILIAN: Rgh...the Batomys, lost to this rabble...

SELVARIA: Your Grace! Are you injured?

MAXIMILIAN: Selvaria, plans for the Marmota must be adjusted to account for 
these failures.

SELVARIA: In due time, Grace! You're in danger here. My men will see you to

WELKIN: Yes! We managed to beat that thing back!

VARROT (radio): Nice work out there, Lieutenant! I've sent the rest of the
eastern team to join you there.

ISARA: Welks, the enemy forces have begun to retreat!

WELKIN: Then it's our turn to advance! Don't let Maximilian get away!


[The Imperials start to retreat, but without any cover they are being cut
down by Gallian infantry. The retreat soon turns into a disorderly rout.]

SELVARIA: You cowards! Reform your ranks at once!

[A tank shell comes flying through, and SELVARIA barely manages to block it
with her shield. WELKIN, his squad, and additional tank and infantry support
pull over on the ridge.]


[A Gallian tank fires at SELVARIA. With a fierce cry she swats the shell away
with her lance, and it explodes in midair.]

ALICIA: Did you see that? She deflected a tank shell.

WELKIN: Such power...

SELVARIA: Hmm...I see Gallia's peasant army has the will to win...all units!
Retreat! Protect His Grace at all costs!

[She walks away with the rest of her troops.]

____07-6: A Legend Reborn____


FALDIO: We drove the Empire back, but not without sustaining heavy casualties

WELKIN: We never though the commander of the entire Imperial force would be

ALICIA: Not just the commander. Maximilian had that woman with him. What was 
she? I can't believe she's human.

FALDIO: In her hands borne cobalt lance and shield, therewith to strike down
all man's arrows...


FALDIO: One account of the Valkyrur describes them in those terms.

ALICIA: You can't mean that she's...? But they existed thousands of years ago.
If they'd survived, we'd know!

FALDIO: I'm not saying I buy all the legends, either. I realize that it sounds
a little crazy...

WELKIN: But what we saw out there could only have been the Valkyria of legend.

ALICIA: I know...

====Report 4: Signs of Awakening (R4)====


[In the operations room.]

FALDIO: Hey, Welkin.

WELKIN: They called you in too, Faldio?

FALDIO: Yeah. Looks like they've got all the squad leaders assembled. Must be
something big.

VARROT: It looks like all of you made it. You've probably already guessed why
you're here now. The militia will be staging a suppression op using all of its

FALDIO: A suppression op, Captain?

VARROT: As you know, the Empire has a series of camps spread throughout the
Barious badlands. Each of your squads will work separately to strike them

WELKIN: I see. If we attack them at the same time, we won't have to worry about

VARROT: Correct. Welkin, your squad will take the camp located atop the northern
Barious mesa.

WELKIN (saluting): Yes, Captain!

VARROT (saluting): The operation begins tomorrow morning. Be sure you're fully
rested. Dismissed.

____RB-2: Taking the Barious Highlands____


VARROT: Let me catch you up on the current situation.


VARROT:  You'll commence combat now. Stay sharp out there.


[WELKIN gives orders from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: This one's gonna be big! Be careful out there 7's! Squad 7, move out!


ALICIA: What kind of weirdos would set up camp up at the top of a rocky hill 
like this?

WELKIN: Well, gravity makes attacks from high places more dangerous.

ALICIA: Maybe that's it. Either way, we should watch out for fire from above.

[The hill is a very high one known as Navelmound Hill. It is very steep, but
gently sloping ramps that wrap around the hill provide away up, in addition to
ladders positioned at other regions of the hill. Squad 7 ascends the hill,
facing most Imperial resistance at the top. They manage, however, to take the
enemy camp in a short skirmish. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Operation complete! We took their base!


FALDIO: Good to see you. Looks like you made it through.

WELKIN: You too. And the other squads are back. Seems the Barious suppression
was successful.

[ALICIA walks up to them and salutes.]

ALICIA: Lieutenant Gunther. We've made camp for the night, sir.

WELKIN: Okay, great. Let's finish setting the--hmm? Alicia, your arm's bleeding!
Are you all right?

ALICIA: Huh? Oh...something this small should heal up in no time. I'll be fine.

FALDIO: Here, let me take a look.'ve been shot. Lucky thing it only
hit your arm.

WELKIN: Does it hurt bad?

ALICIA: Eh...a little.

FALDIO: It doesn't look too deep, but it still needs to be properly dressed.
Sit tight, I'll get you patched up. (to WELKIN) You still need to finish getting
Squad 7 settled...

WELKIN: Thanks, Faldio. I know she'll be in good hands.

FALDIO: Please. Leaving a lady to bleed would go against my gentleman's morals.

ALICIA (laughs): Well, thank you, Faldio.


[Squad 7 is taking a nap in the field HQ. ROSIE sleeps propped up against 
some crates, LARGO sleeps on the floor, WELKIN is in a chair, and ALICIA is
on the bed. FALDIO steps in.]

FALDIO: Say Welkin...already asleep, huh? Ehe, no worries. I guess I'll just
come back here tomorrow...huh?

[There's a glowing blue light emanating from the other side of the's
coming from ALICIA. She is still fast asleep.]

FALDIO (whispering): Alicia, what's going on...?


[The next morning...]

ALICIA: It's another big day for Squad 7! Oh! Morning, Isara. Let me help you
with that.

ISARA: Thank you kindly, Alicia. Are you certain your arm is all right?

ALICIA: Fine! (helps ISARA pick something up) See? No problem, even with the
heavy stuff!

ISARA (laughs softly): Well, I'm glad. Just be sure you take it slow.

ALICIA: I will. Thanks!

FALDIO: Alicia...

ALICIA: Oh, Faldio! Thanks again for yesterday.

FALDIO: S-Sure...tell me, how is your arm doing now?

ALICIA: I woke up this morning and it was all better. It isn't even sore 

FALDIO: Not at all? I've had bruises last a week, and yours was a gun shot...

ALICIA: Ever since I was a kid, I've been quick to recover. Bet you're jealous,
huh? (laughs)

FALDIO: Umm...well, just as long as you're all right. Still, be sure to take it

ALICIA (laughs): Isara just said the same thing!

HANS: Moink!

ALICIA: Oh, hi Hans. What, is it time for breakfast?

HANS: Moink! Moioink!

ALICIA: I'd better get cooking, then. Well, I've got to head off!

FALDIO: Sure...don't want people going hungry.

[ALICIA and HANS walk away.]

FALDIO: Alicia...

====Chapter 8: The Woodland Snare====

____08-1: Surprise Attack____


KOLLER: Having been driven back, the Empire retreated from Barious, and Squad 7
began its return to the capital of Randgriz. 

[Nighttime in the Kloden Wildwood.]

LARGO: I'm worried, boss. The scouts were due back a long time ago. Haven't 
heard a thing.

ALICIA: Welkin...we should look. The enemy could be closer than we think.

WELKIN: Right.

[WELKIN and ALICIA walk forward to a cliff that offers them a better viewpoint.]


[All of a sudden, a blinding flash of light hits the place where WELKIN and
ALICIA stand, knocking them off the cliff.]

WELKIN: Gwaugh!

ALICIA: Aaugh!

[As the cloud of dust recedes, the rest of Squad 7 sees only a crater where
they were standing.]

ISARA: Welks!

[She tries to run forth, but LARGO stops her.]

LARGO: Hold on! Where are you going? Don't be an idiot! Who's gonna drive the
tank if you get hurt?

ROSIE (gun raised): Largo, we've gotta move our butts now! Two more minutes and
we'll be dead!

[A horde of Imperial soldiers suddenly charge through.]

LARGO: choice. We're outnumbered. Everybody take cover!

ROSIE: Come on, Isara! Now!

ISARA: Right.


[In another part of the woods. WELKIN and ALICIA come back to consciousness.]

WELKIN: Where...?

ALICIA: Nn...nngh...Welkin...?

WELKIN: Oh, good. You're awake.

ALICIA: Where are we? Is everyone all right?

WELKIN: Looks like we got separated when that blast threw us down here.


WELKIN: Alicia, there are probably still Imperials camped out up there. It's
just a matter of time until they spot us here. We should move as soon as we
can. Are you hurt anywhere? Do you think you can walk?

ALICIA: I think I'm fine. (tries to get up) Augh! Scratch that. I think my
ankle's sprained, actually. But I should be okay. It's not too bad to walk on.

WELKIN: Sorry, I know it hurts but you gotta tough it out for now.

ALICIA: Of course.

WELKIN: let's try to sneak out of this mess before we're spotted.

____08-2: Escape from Forest Snare (B9)____


WELKIN: Alicia, here's a map of the area. It looks like they've got us


WELKIN: All right, ready to start moving? Let's sneak out of their perimeter
without being spotted.


WELKIN: Wow, it's really gotten dark. The lack of light means it's harder to see
enemies in the distance, so watch out.


WELKIN: Is your ankle gonna make it?

ALICIA: Sorry...I don't know how much I can run like this.

WELKIN: That's all right. You set the pace and I'll follow.

[An emergency siren sounds, followed by a mortar boom in the distance.]

WELKIN: Is that sound...a mortar?

ALICIA:  Have they spotted us?

WELKIN: No, their aim is too far off. They're probably trying to scare us out 
with it. If we're careful, we can predict where they'll fire and steer clear of
the target area.

[They move through the forest. It is dark; the only light comes from 
searchlights in the distance and what appears to be fireflies flying around.]

ALICIA: Hey, Welkin, what's that light?

WELKIN: Oh, that's a luciferant. It's bioluminescent, the same sort of things
as a firefly. Hey, wait...the luciferant feeds mostly on manure. There could be
an animal trail here. With luck, it might let us sneak past without the enemy
spotting us.

[They walk down the animal trail when on the path they spot a little clump of
wildflowers glowing bright blue.]

WELKIN: These leaves...great! This is ponisera.

ALICIA: What's up, Welkin?

WELKIN: I-it's a wild herb that works well on bruises. Just have to grind the
stem and leaves down. Alicia, let me put this on your ankle.

[He applies the plant to her ankle. ALICIA breathes sharply.]

ALICIA: kinda stings. But I think it hurts a little less now. Thank you,

WELKIN: Okay, let's push on ahead. We might find more ponisera growing nearby.

[There are Imperials in the forest, but for the most part they are scattered
and easily dispatched. The mortar shelling continues sporadically, but WELKIN
and ALICIA manage to avoid them. The path leads to a simple suspension bridge
spanning across the Kloden River. There is a searchlight pointed straight on
the other side of this bridge though.]

WELKIN: Searchlights. This is bad news.

ALICIA: What do you figure will happen if they see us?

WELKIN: They'll radio our location to the mortars and we'll see them land a 
whole lot closer.

ALICIA: Not high on my list of good things...we'd better keep our heads down
out here.

[They time their exit from the bridge so that they escape the gaze of the
searchlight when it is roving away. On the path ahead, they find some more

WELKIN: Alicia, here's some more ponisera. Let's get this on that ankle.

[He applies it onto her ankle.]

ALICIA: All right...thanks. It hurts even less now.

WELKIN: That's good. But still, don't push yourself.

[There are animal trails bypassing the main path. WELKIN and ALICIA use these
to bypass the enemies in wait on the main trail. There's some more ponisera 
growing ahead.]

WELKIN: Ooh, there's some more ponisera again.

[He applies it onto her ankle.]

ALICIA: Ahh...the pain's mostly gone now. Thanks again.

WELKIN: I'm just glad it's working.

ALICIA: So, that stuff edible?

WELKIN: Why, are you hungry?

ALICIA (blushing): Huh? No! I'm just...I wondered if I could use it in a new
bread recipe.

WELKIN: Oh, I see. Well, the flowers have a sweet nectar to them, so it could
be good. (grinning) You tease me, we're sneaking around the woods and you're
thinking of baking bread.

ALICIA (annoyed): I don't want to hear it, nature boy!

WELKIN: Ha ha! Okay, okay. Well, let's move on.

[The path ahead is mined and heavily searchlighted. WELKIN runs ahead to the
safe destination.]

WELKIN: Okay, this is probably a safe distance. I wonder if Alicia's almost

[ALICIA manages to limp over to WELKIN's position. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Phew! We should be safe here, at least for a little while. Let's look
for a spot where we can rest.

ALICIA: Right. It's too dark to cover much ground even if we tried.

____08-3: Memories____


[By a cottage deep in the Kloden Wildwood.]

WELKIN: Who'd build a cottage way out here? Not that I'm complaining or

[The cottage is deserted. There is a mat and a table in the log cottage, but
there are no signs of habitation.]

WELKIN: How's your ankle holding up? Sorry to make you walk so far on it.

ALICIA: No, it's not too bad. Don't worry.

WELKIN: That's good. Still, let's get an herbal compress on it just in case.

ALICIA: It just figures you'd know about herbs, Welkin.

[WELKIN is pointing out a bunch of herbs in the compress.]

WELKIN: Heh, this here's called aloe severa. It's a succulent in the lily 
family. There's a jelly substance in the leaves that helps combat swelling.

ALICIA (giggles): I should start calling you "Doctor Nature." Very well, doc.
I entrust my ankle's care to you.

[WELKIN binds the compress around her ankle.]

WELKIN: All right, that should do it. How's it feel? A little weird?

ALICIA: No, it's nice and cool. Thanks, doc.

WELKIN: I'm just glad we found something to help you. The pain should ease with
time, too.

ALICIA: So, Welkin, what got you interested in nature to start with?

WELKIN: Well, I don't know. I guess it had a lot to do with my dad's influence.

ALICIA: General Gunther's?

WELKIN: Yeah. Whenever he came home, we'd take a trip collecting bugs in the
mountains, or swimming. Somewhere along the way going on those trips turned a
love of nature for me too.

ALICIA: The general, out collecting bugs? That's...unexpected.

WELKIN: Maybe so...I guess other see him as a big, stoic military hero. He had
his own share of worries, though.

ALICIA: Yeah...?

WELKIN: My mom died as a casualty of the First Europan War. I don't think Dad
ever got over the fact that he couldn't protect her, but everybody else was
always praising him for being a great hero. The war won him respect and 
adulation, but it also cost him the love of his life. I think that always
weighed on him...that question of what he fought the war for.

ALICIA: I had no idea...

WELKIN: But when he was out in the woods playing with me, he was always so
bright and happy. Maybe I fell in love with nature because it always put the
smile back on my dad's face.

ALICIA: Oh, Welkin...

____08-4: Life____


[Deep in the night. An owl hoots in the distance. WELKIN and ALICIA are propped
up against the wall, sleeping. There are some quiet footsteps outside, waking
WELKIN up. It is an Imperial soldier, FRITZ, limping towards the cottage. WELKIN
wakes ALICIA up.]

WELKIN: Alicia, someone's coming.

[The door creaks open, and the SOLDIER walks in unsteadily. WELKIN's rifle is
trained on him.]

WELKIN: Freeze!

[FRITZ's breastplate is riddled with bullet holes and smeared with blood.]

FRITZ: Augh...Nnh...

[He crumples to the floor.]

ALICIA: Ah! Welkin...what?!

WELKIN: He's badly wounded. I'm surprised he can even walk.


ALICIA: something!

[WELKIN tries to attend to FRITZ's wounds.]


WELKIN: It's no use. The wound's way too deep.

[They have taken FRITZ's helmet off. He gropes about blindly.]

FRITZ: It hurts. It's so dark. Oh God! Mother!

[ALICIA holds his outstretched hand.]

FRITZ: Ungh. Mother....

ALICIA (pats his hair): It's okay. Don't be afraid. Mother's right here. 
Everything's fine, see?


[FRITZ dies. His hand slips from ALICIA's grasp.]

____08-5: Those Left Behind____


[Meanwhile, in another part of the Kloden Wildwood.]

ROSIE: You find the boss and Alicia?

LARGO: Naw, still nothin'.

[ISARA is busy fixing up the Edelweiss.]

ROSIE: Isara. How about you quit missin' around and help us look?

ISARA: The Edelweiss still requires maintenance.

ROSIE: Your own brother's gone missing here and you'd rather be doin' 
maintenance work than look?

ISARA: It's because he's missing that I'm doing this. We have no idea when he'll
be back, but...making sure the Edelweiss is ready for him is the best thing
I can do for him now.

[ROSIE seems surprised at ISARA's caring.]

ROSIE: Hmph. Not like I care either way.

LARGO: I hear what you're saying, kid. Just be sure you rest up while you can.
You been workin' since first thing this morning. You're Squad 7's only tank
pilot. If you pass out on us, we're all toe up, hear me? Gettin' a good night's
rest is another thing you can do for your brother right now.

ISARA: I understand. Thank you for your advice, Largo.

LARGO: Oh...sure.

____08-6: One in Death____


[Daylight has broken at the cottage.]

ALICIA: Welkin, I...I couldn't do anything for that poor man. He was lying there
asking me for help, but...all I could do was watch him die.

WELKIN: That's not true. You helped him in a way only you could, Alicia. The
look on his face when he passed on wasn't one of pain. 

ALICIA: No, I guess you're right. Thank you, Welkin. I'd always just thought of
the Imperials as monsters out to kill Gallians...but they're just as human as
we are, huh? With families of their own to fight for.

WELKIN: Yeah...they are.

ALICIA: It's like the war started and we all forgot that. It's so simple, but...
if we weren't at war, he might be back at home with his family now.

[WELKIN sighs.]

ALICIA: Hey, Welkin...did I ever tell you I don't have one? A family, I mean.
I grew up in an orphanage. I don't even know my parents' names.

WELKIN: No, you didn't.

ALICIA: But maybe I'm actually lucky, huh? If you...if you never have a family
in the first place, you can't ever lose them. I guess being all alone has its
perks. (laughs softly)

WELKIN: Don't even joke about it. You know you're not alone. You've got me and
Is, everybody in Squad 7. We're all a family now, Alicia.

ALICIA: Squad 7, a family.

WELKIN: Sure. I'm the dad, you're the mom. Rosie and Isara are like daughters...
And the grandpa! C'mon, can't you see it?

ALICIA: Hah! If he heard that, you know Largo would kick your butt!

WELKIN: Sure, we have our share of fights, but they say that best friends fight
the most, right?

ALICIA: Yeah...

WELKIN: So don't go saying you're all on your own. You hear me?

ALICIA: All right, Welkin...and thanks.

[Suddenly the bushes rustle.]



[WELKIN and ALICIA find themselves at gunpoint by several Imperial soldiers.
They are accompanied by an Imperial OFFICER. One of the Imperial soldiers
surveys FRITZ's grave.]

SOLDIER #1: The helmet and rifle? They belong to Fritz, sir.

[The OFFICER walks up to WELKIN and ALICIA.]

OFFICER: Are you two the ones who laid him to rest?


[Another soldier peers in through the window.]

SOLDIER #2: There are signs of medical treatment inside the cabin, sir.

OFFICER: Why then? Explain to me the reasons you had to save his life.

WELKIN: He was delirious...he was crying out to his mother. We may be enemies
in this war, but we all have families waiting for us at home. As a human being,
I couldn't just sit by and watch a man in pain without trying to do something.

SOLDIER #3: We always called him a mama's boy, sir, and now...sorry Fritz. I
wish we could have been there for you.

OFFICER: And you, son? Do you have a family?

WELKIN: Yes. I have a younger sister. And I have another sort of family as well.
I have the soldiers of my squad.

OFFICER: I see. I have a wife and daughter back at home. I feel the same as you.
My men are like a second family to me. Thank you...thank you for honoring Fritz
as you did. I'm sure his mother will appreciate it.

[There are sounds of gunfire in the distance.]

OFFICER: I suppose we'll meet again on the battlefield. I'm sorry for that.
You both seem like good people. For now, so long.

[The Imperials walk away.]

WELKIN: Well, I guess we should hurry back and join the squad.

ALICIA: You're right.

____08-7: Reunion in the Forest (B10)____


WELKIN: The gunshots from before came from around here. The rest of the squad 
may still be in combat close by.


WELKIN: First, we've got to meet back up with the squad. Ready to go, Alicia?


WELKIN: Alicia, how's that ankle doing?

ALICIA: Just fine! I'm a-okay here.

WELKIN: I saw some black smoke in the distance. That could be the other 7's.

ALICIA: But black smoke would mean...they could be engaging the enemy.

WELKIN: Right. There could be enemies near us, too. Let's get back to the others

[As it turns out, they are behind enemy lines in a pitched battle. WELKIN and
ALICIA get to the Gallian side by running into a valley along the Kloden River,
then climbing up the Gallian side.]

WELKIN: We're back, everybody! Sorry to worry you.

ISARA: Welks! Oh, good...are you hurt at all?

WELKIN: No, we're fine. What's your status here?

ISARA: We were unable to break through the enemy line without you to lead the
Edelweiss. Now that you're back, we'll launch a tank offensive on your command.

WELKIN: All rihgt, good. Squad 7, commence the attack!

[He gets into the Edelweiss. The enemy puts up a fierce resistance from their
infantry, tanks, and artillery support. With WELKIN's leadership, however, they
are able to mount a significant offensive. The Edelweiss barrels through the
concrete wall set to protect the enemy camp. Past the barrier there are few
reinforcements, and the camp is captured by Gallia. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Operation complete! We took their base!

____08-8: Bonds____


[WELKIN and ALICIA salute.]

WELKIN: Lieutenant Gunther, reporting for duty!

[On the other side, ISARA, LARGO, and ROSIE are saluting.]

LARGO: We really missed ya, boss...Lieutenant, that is.

[They shake hands.]

ROSIE: Isara...aren't you gonna welcome your brother back home?

ISARA: Huh? (blushes)

LARGO: You was worried about him, weren't ya?

[ISARA walks over to her brother.]

ISARA: Welcome back, Welks. I'm glad you're alright.

[WELKIN walks over to her and pats her on the head.]


ISARA: Largo...and Rosie...thank you for looking for my brother. I'm in your

[ROSIE blushes. She looks away, making an effort to hide her face and look

ROSIE: Heh. Having some dark-hair thank me...well, it's weird.

LARGO: Good to see 'im in one piece, though, you gotta admit that. Right?


ALICIA: Well, it was an adventure, alright. And pretty scary too, but I feel
like I got to know you a little better. And when you said that Squad 7 was like
your second family, it made me feel...I felt really happy. So thanks for that,

WELKIN: Mmhmm.

[They turn around and see LARGO, ROSIE, and ISARA talking to each other.]

====Chapter 9: A Midsummer Incident====

____09-1: The Invitation____


[In VARROT's office. A knock on the door.]

WELKIN: Welkin Gunther reporting, Captain.

[He opens the door. FALDIO is already in her office.]

FALDIO: Hey, Welkin.

WELKIN: You got called in too, Faldio?

VARROT: I apologize for calling the two of you in an off-duty day. Princess
Cordelia has graciously extended banquet invitations to the three of us.

WELKIN: What? But why us?

VARROT: It seems you two will be recognized for your successes at Vasel and
more recent ops. The event will be held tomorrow at the castle.

WELKIN: Oh...I'm not really good with the formal stuff.

FALDIO: What are you, crazy? Do you have any clue how rare a chance to meet the
princess is? They say that House Randgriz, the Archdukes of Gallia, are 
descended from the Valkyrur. If that's true, Princess Cordelia herself is a 
Valkyria, and we get an audience with her!

WELKIN: Well yeah, I guess...

VARROT: Just don't forget to wear dress uniforms, gentlemen. I'll meet you both
at Castle Randgriz tomorrow evening. You're dismissed until then.

WELKIN: much for my plans to go bird-watching tomorrow.

____09-2: Castle Randrigz____


[At the castle.]

VARROT: I hope they don't mess this up.

WELKIN: Sorry to keep you, Captain.

VARROT: Goodness, Welkin, I hardly recognized you.

WELKIN:Yes...Captain. Alicia helped me get ready this evening. She kept punching
me when I told her she couldn't come with me. I'm still sore.

VARROT (laughs): Well, consider it combat experience.

FALDIO: Wow, Welkin. No grass stains or anything!

WELKIN: Very funny, Faldio. Nice hat, by the way.

FALDIO: Yeah, I never did like the look of these ugly things. I've been 
boycotting them.

[A camera is heard.]

ELLET: Heyyy! Don't you all look nice?

WELKIN: Good evening, Ms. Ellet. Here to cover the banquet tonight?

ELLET: You know it! Apparently an ambassador from the Federation's been invited
to the party. I smell a plan to sign up an alliance between Gallia and the
Federation at work here.

FALDIO: But Gallia's national policy has always been to shun alliances and
remain neutral.

ELLET: I figure it's mostly the idea of Prime Minister Borg, Princess Cordelia's
regent. He's using her youth as carte blanche to do whatever he and the other
nobles want. With all due respect, the princess isn't much more than a 
mouthpiece for his policies now.

FALDIO: Ugh...we're about to attend a banquet, and now I've gone and lost my

VARROT: It's about time to enter. Let's go.

____09-3: Far from the Battlefield____


[In the throne room. Princess CORDELIA GI RANDGRIZ sits on her throne; to her
right is Prime Minister MAURITS VON BORG; to her left is the Federation 
Ambassador, JEAN TOWNSHEND. CORDELIA holds a Valkyrian lance and shield.

MAURITS VON BORG: Your Highness! Thank you for your presence on this occasion.
Might you grace this assemblage with a word?

[CORDELIA stands.]

CORDELIA GI RANDGRIZ: Honored ladies and gentlemen, if I may. I appear before 
you today at the peak of joy. For now, two great powers join together, Gallia 
and the Federation, pledge their allegiance as we seek to build together an 
eternal peace for Europa.

BORG: Know this! The honor of dear Gallia, in fact, her very freedom, is
currently under attack and hangs by the thinnest thread you can imagine. But,
while Princess Cordelia remains on the throne, she who is the scion of the
Valkyrian's ancient blood promise, no force on this earth will ever see this
nation defeated! Is that not so, Princess?

CORDELIA: Yes. I draw strength from the Valkyrian bloodline, and my heart is a
repository of justice.

[She sits back down. TOWNSHEND alone claps his hands.]

JEAN TOWNSHEND: I am nearly at a loss for words. The privilege of brokering
peace with you, Your Highness, has been the greatest honor of my life. And I
thank you for it. With bountiful stores of ragnite, and your strategic position
between east and west, you've become the foundation of Europa. In this time
of peril, the foundation is grateful, and happily joins hands in crushing the
Imperial threat before us!

FALDIO: Hmph! They just want to be sure they're the ones who control us when
this is over. Make no mistake, the Federation would conquer Europa the same as
the Empire. This is stupid.

ELLET: It is hard to accept what he's saying...

TOWNSHEND: As long as we fight as one, the Empire's forces will never be a 

BORG: We shall topple the Empire, and rid the world of their threat, and then
we shall unify Europa and govern under our great banners!

[The crowd of Gallian officers applaud as BORG and TOWNSHEND shake hands. ELLET
takes a picture of this moment.]

ELLET: All of Europa...well...there's something we haven't heard before.

FALDIO: We're not fighting this war so we can invade another country.

WELKIN: Absolutely. All we want is to keep our homes and our families safe.

[BORG and TOWNSHEND are sharing a toast.]

BORG: Now my friends, let us put an end to all these formalities and raise a
glass to honor this historic alliance.

TOWNSHEND: Yes, a toast to the shining future that awaits! Cheers!

BORG: Cheers!

[More applause.]


[He walks away in disgust.]

WELKIN: Where ya going?

FALDIO: I've got a bad taste in my mouth, this is garbage. I'm out of here. I'm
going home, Welkin. See ya!

WELKIN: Faldio...

____09-4: The Valkyrian Bloodline____


WELKIN: Ahh...I'm glad that's over. 

VARROT: We should be heading back soon. I believe the exit was this way.

[They open the door into CORDELIA.]

WELKIN: P-Princess Cordelia!

VARROT: I-I'm so terribly sorry! Are you all right, Your Highness?

CORDELIA: I am unharmed.

VARROT: I cannot begin to apologize! Please, forgive my clumsiness.

CORDELIA: Do not trouble yourself. I bid you a safe return and a good night.

WELKIN: Your Highness...are you really in support of an alliance with the

VARROT: Lieutenant Gunther?! Have you lost your mind?!

WELKIN: Please forgive me. I'm aware that what I'm saying may be out of line.
But I...seeing you tonight, I got the feeling that your opinion is being

CORDELIA: I am still young. All political matters are handled by my regent,
Borg. The protection of Gallia, and of the Valkyrian bloodline, is my fated
onus. Their protection does not require my personal feelings. I need only live
by the laws set forth by those who come before me. I bid you once more...good

WELKIN: Your Highness...

[Meanwhile, TOWNSHEND is on the telephone.]

TOWNSHEND: Do you copy? It's me. The mark is alone. Now is our chance. You know
the plan. Have the armored car on standby. Once I have the mark, I'll be there.

[Back on the other side of the castle.]

VARROT: Well, I'll leave you here. Good night, Welkin.

WELKIN: Good night, Captain.

DAMON: W-Wait! Hold it, Varrot! Varrot, terrible news!

VARROT: General Damon? What's the problem?

DAMON: P-Princess Cordelia's been kidnapped!

VARROT: Kidnapped?! It can't be!

DAMON: Yes, it was that Federation ambassador! He was a spy all along!

VARROT: So the Federation takes her under their "protection," and Gallia along
with her...typical, considering the sorts of backroom dealings and extortion
they've used till now.

DAMON: So, get on it! Varrot, you've got to get her back!

VARROT: Understood. Lieutenant, gather your squad immediately!

WELKIN: Yes, Captain!

____09-5: Dreams of the Sky____


[In the militia hangar. Mechanic KREIS CZHERNY and R&D member LEON SCHMIDT are
examining a biplane in the hangar.]

LEON SCHMIDT: H-Hey, KC...what IS that thing?

KREIS CZHERNY: It's an airplane! The first test flights succeeded during EWI.
Now research is going on all over the world.

LEON: Whoa, so THIS is what one of those things looks like?! Man, I want up in

[ISARA comes in.]

ISARA: Oh...hello Leon, Kreis?

LEON: H-hey Isara! Y-you got the day off! What are you hanging around here for?

KREIS: Wait, let me guess...are you building this airplane, Isara?

ISARA: Yes. There's still a ways to go before it's complete, but the basic
construction is done.

KREIS: Leave it to you learned all this on your own?

ISARA: I'm working from documents my father collected before his death. That's
amazing...I'm so impressed.

LEON: So where you flying to once it's all done? Going on a trans-Gallian tour

ISARA: First, I'd like to take my brother up in it. Once, when we were young,
he and I were out bird watching when he mentioned it: that he wished he could
fly like they did. That's my goal. I've been pursuing this project bit by bit in
my free time.

LEON: Aww, that's real sweet!

KREIS: Isara, can I ask you a favor? Please, let me help you build your 

ISARA: What?

KREIS: I want to become an engineer of your caliber some day, Isara. I feel like
watching you work would help me learn a great deal...please, Isara.

LEON: Ooh, yeah, that's true! Hey, then can I help out too? C'mon!

ISARA: You don't mind?

LEON: Course not! I may not look bright, but I've been working my butt off in
R&D for a while!

ISARA: Of course...well, thank you both.

LEON: All right!

[A siren is sounded.]

KREIS: That's...that's the emergency siren.

LEON: What's happening at this hour?

ISARA: Let's ready the Edelweiss. I'm sure that whatever it is, it's urgent.

KREIS: Absolutely. I'll help you prep it.

____09-6: Kidnapping of Cordelia (B11)____


VARROT: We have an emergency on our hands. Princess Cordelia has been kidnapped
by Federation operatives.


VARROT: Your mission is to rescue Her Highness unharmed. Failure isn't an option
on this one, soldiers.


[WELKIN gives orders from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: They can't get to the harbor! We stop them here! Squad 7, move out!


[In the armored car.]

TOWNSHEND: To the harbor, full steam! The ship's waiting there to take us out
of Gallia. Apologies for the cramped quarters, Your Highness. We'll have you
comfortable soon enough.

[CORDELIA gives a small gasp. In another part of Randgriz...]

VARROT (radio): Lieutenant, it's likely the ambassador has the princess with him
inside that armored vehicle. Use firearms to stop it with minimal force, then 
recover the princess. Don't lose them! Tank shells, anti-tank lances, and 
grenades are off limits. You could harm the princess.

WELKN: Understood, Captain.

ISARA: Welks, even if we can't attack with it, the Edelweiss can still block 
their path.

ALICIA: Yeah, on a narrow road like this, there's no room to slip past a tank in
your way!

WELKIN: Sounds like a plan. Let's get the princess back safe!

[Squad 7 members are spread out through the grid-like streets of Randgriz. The
armored car works its way through the streets with an escort of Federation
special forces disguised as Gallian troops. While Squad 7 engages these forces,
WELKIN uses the Edelweiss to block the armored car's path.]

FEDERATION GRUNT: Mister Ambassador! Allied units have reached their stations,

TOWNSHEND (laughs): You don't get to be my age without learning to plan for

[At this point federation reinforcements arrive to do battle.]

WELKIN: Damn! They had backup waiting in the wings. Keep an eye on enemy 
positions when moving, 7s!

[While Squad 7 holds down these reinforcements, a flanking party manages to
attack the armored car's radiator in the rear with their small arms, disabling

WELKIN: Operation complete! Let's get Her Highness out of there!

____09-7: On Will and Fate____


[In the streets of Randgriz.]

WELKIN: Your Highness! Are you all right?

CORDELIA: I am unharmed.

ALICIA: Oh, good.

ROSIE: Being princess ain't all fancy dinners, huh? Gotta be hard carryin' a
whole country.

LARGO: Can it, Rosie! That's the Princess of Gallia you're talkin' to!

CORDELIA: No, it's quite all right. She speaks the truth. As scion of the
Valkyrur, it is my fate to live and die for Gallia's well-being.

WELKIN: Are you sure that isn't just your excuse, your Highness?


WELKIN: If you label the status quo fate, you can run from the responsibility
of changing it.

LARGO: You too, Welkin! Have a little respect here!

WELKIN: Every living thing in this world struggles to live and pass life on to
a new generation. They use all the instincts and animal wisdom they can just
to live that one day longer. That powerful, animal will to live is...I think
it's a beautiful part of nature.

[CORDELIA gasps softly.]

WELKIN: Your Highness may be descended from Valkyrur, and that may carry a 
burden. The old ways and traditions you follow may be important to uphold. But
I hope that you won't throw away the will to live your own life because of them.

LARGO: That's enough, Welkin! Give it a rest.

CORDELIA: Perhaps it is as you say, and I have been running from responsibility
unknowingly. It is indeed mine to consider my life's role within the Valkyrian

LARGO: Y-Your Highness.

CORDELIA: I am most envious of your ability to speak your mind so frankly. But
time enough remains to consider my role. By my own will. Thank you for your
words, Lieutenant.

WELKIN: Not at all.

[CORDELIA's stomach rumbles.]


ROSIE: Wow, even a princess' gut'll wake up and say hi when it's empty!


WELKIN: Rumbling bellies are a clever bit of animal wisdom all humans share.
Alicia, have we got anything to eat?

ALICIA: You bet! I brought some of the cinnamon rolls I baked this morning!
Here you are, Your Highness.

CORDELIA: Thank you kindly.

[She takes a bite from ALICIA's cinnamon roll.]

CORDELIA: I have not had such bread before, but it is quite agreeable.

ALICIA: Ah ha! I'm glad!

WELKIN: All right. Let's get her Highness back to the capital!

____09-8: the Award Ceremony____


KOLLER: And so Princess Cordelia returned, safe through the efforts of Milita
Squad 7. Its leader, Welkin Gunther, was celebrated as rescuer to the nation's
sovereign, and awarded the prestigious Gallian Medal of Honor. --Irene Koller,
"On the Gallian Front"

[The throne room.]

BORG: Lieutenant Welkin Gunther, step forward!


BORG: For excellence in valor and deed, you are hereby awarded this honor.
Your Highness, please bestow the medal on the young lieutenant.

CORDELIA: Gladly. Congratulations, Lieutenant Gunther.

WELKIN: Thank you, Your Highness.

CORDELIA: Though I have yet to reach an answer, your question drives me still.
to understand my responsibility as sovereign, and as a single human life.

WELKIN: Your Highness...

CORDELIA: Oh, and know that one tradition already lies sundered by my will. I 
had the cooks add cinnamon rolls to my daily breakfast.

WELKIN: Alicia will be happy to hear it.

BORG: Lieutenant Gunther! You forget yourself!

WELKIN: Sir! My apologies.

BORG: With this, today's ceremonies are ended! Highness, would you grace us with
a word?

CORDELIA: Lieutenant Gunther, I hope your allegiance to Gallia stands firm

WELKIN: Yes, Princess!

[He leaves.]

CORDELIA: Lieutenant Gunther...I am sorry. There is something more I have not
told you. Please, be safe.

____09-9: Fears of a Patriot____


[In WELKIN's office. A knock at the door.]

FALDIO: Welkin? I'm coming in.

WELKIN: Sure, it's open.

FALDIO: Ooh, is that it? Not bad, man! You sure made a name for yourself this

WELKIN: It was pure luck I was there.

FALDIO: So, have you seen the headlines? The ones that say nothing about the
kidnapping? That reporter tells me Borg's the one pressuring the media into
suppressing it.

WELKIN: But why suppress it?

FALDIO: If word got out about what happened, Gallia's relationship with the
Federation would suffer. We've got our hands full fending off the Empire. We
can't afford a war on two fronts. So he has the whole thing covered up. I'll bet
he goes on acting like it never happened.


FALDIO: Welkin, this hurts. It's painfully obvious how shaky Gallia's standing
is. I know the world's history is an endless chain of big fish eating little
fish. Both of us know the weak bow to the strong. It's history and its nature.
A minor nation like ours is an easy mark, even before you add the rift within
our army. offense, but I hope nature's wrong this time.

WELKIN: I don't know what to tell you, Faldio.

====Report 5: Squad 7 R&R (R5)====


[In the operations room.]

LARGO: Figure this's gotta be big if they put out an emergency call, right?

ROSIE: Ugh...back into the field again? Militia ever heard of time off?

VARROT: I'm sorry to have called you here so early. I had news for Squad 7 of a
pressing nature. The higher-ups were watching, both during your recovery of the
princess and elsewhere. In recognition of those accomplishments, you and I are
being granted special leave.


WELKIN: That's great news!

ROSIE: Are you serious?

LARGO: Music to my ears!

ISARA: How wonderful!

VARROT: There's more. We've been granted access to a stretch of shoreline owned
by House Randgriz.

ISARA: House Randgriz owns a stretch of shoreline?

VARROT: In other words, our orders are to cut loose and relax on a posh private

LARGO: No way! That princess really knows how to up the morale, don't she?

ROSIE: The whole place to ourselves? Talk about luxury!

ALICIA: Hey, but what should I do? I don't own a swimsuit...

ROSIE: Then c'mon, let's go shopping! I'll pick out something nice for ya.

ALICIA (blushing): O-okay...

WELKIN: Wow, it's been years, huh? This should be fun, though, Is.

ISARA: Y-Yes...very...

VARROT: We'll leave as soon as you're ready. You've earned this break. Enjoy it.


[At the beach. The Edelweiss is parked on the sand with a big umbrella towering
over it. WELKIN wears an old-fashioned men's swimsuit with black stripes,
walking down the shoreline. The sun shines bright.]

WELKIN: Wow, you can really tell this is a private beach. It's beautiful. The
water's so blue. There's not many places this well-preserved any more.

[He hears the cry of a seagull and looks up, shielding his eyes from the sun.
It is a white-winged gull.]

WELKIN: Wow...look at those white wings.

[ALICIA walks up to him.]

ALICIA: Hi, Welkin.

[WELKIN turns around and gasps. ALICIA is wearing a white bikini.]

ALICIA (blushing): This, uh...swimsuit was Rosie's idea. Really, I tried to tell
her no. I just...I wasn't sure I could pull it off. Um...what do you think? Do
I look okay?

[WELKIN's mouth is wide-open. The camera, befitting a fanservice sequence,
seems to capture the scene from every angle so as to afford a view of every
inch of Alicia.]

WELKIN (blushing):'s great actually...great.

(Author's note: At this point there's a sound effect in the background which I
take to be a reference to WELKIN getting aroused at the moment.)

ALICIA: You mean it?

WELKIN: Huh? Uh, yeah...that''re as pretty as a white-winged

ALICIA: I look like a seagull?

WELKIN: Yeah, those wings are just gorgeous!

ALICIA: Okay, so that was a compliment?

WELKIN: You bet it was! The white-winged gull is just about my favorite bird.

ALICIA: Okay. Then thanks, Welkin.

[A beach ball hits WELKIN in the head.]

ROSIE: Someone's taking this private beach thing a little too literally. It's
already hot enough as it is.

[ROSIE is wearing an orange one-piece swimsuit with a pair of shades.]

ALICIA: Rosie!

ROSIE: Don't try to pretend. You picked the raciest suit just for the 
Lieutenant. The nerve of some girls.

ALICIA: Rosie! You're the one who told me to get it!

[She chases after ROSIE.]

ALICIA: Okay, someone's going in the water!

ROSIE: Okay, okay, don't lose your top!


ISARA: Hey Welks.

[ISARA is wearing a simple blue-violet one-piece suit. She wears a broad-brimmed
straw hat.]

WELKIN: Oh, hey Is. You having fun?

ISARA: I am.

[WELKIN and ISARA are sitting on the sand.]

WELKIN: Been awhile since we've come to the beach, hasn't it?

ISARA: Yeah. (giggles)

WELKIN: That reminds me, weren't you afraid of the water, Is? (She blushes) I
remember you clinging to that floaty porcavian. We tried to drag you out and
you started bawling.

ISARA: Welkin...I was barely a toddler then.

WELKIN (laughs): Right, sorry. You must be a great swimmer by now.

ISARA: That's...none of your business.


ISARA: Welks!

ALICIA: Here goes, Welkin!

WELKIN: Auagh!

[A thud is heard.]


HANS: Moink!

[From another side of the beach.]

LARGO: And down goes the boss. Man, those kids got too much energy.

VARROT (laughs): You're sounding like an old man, Largo.

LARGO: What? I ain't that old...

VARROT: Oh, no? Then why did you just sound like my grandfather, hmm?

LARGO: Yeah, sure you don't want to go for a swim? I thought you
liked that.

VARROT: Nobody wants to see me running around in a skimpy suit like those kids.
Not at my age.

LARGO: Whatever you say, granny. You're no better than I am, are you?

VARROT: You haven't changed a bit since the day you enlisted. You still can't
recognize a joke.

LARGO: And you still got a mouth on you. Think I'd keel over if that changed.

VARROT (laughs): Thank you for the lovely compliment.

LARGO: Come to think of it, didn't we all go to the beach just after we 

VARROT: Yes, we had a big seashell hunt competition. I don't think you found
a single one!

LARGO: Heh, I remember! Yeah, that was a wild time. Hehe, then Frederick winds
up soaked to the bone...

VARROT: Largo. No Frederick stories.

LARGO: Oh, hey...I-I'm sorry.

VARROT: No...I should apologize. I'm...going for a little walk.

[She walks away.]

LARGO: Elle...

[Back with the young ones...]

WELKIN: Is! Over here! Pass the ball over here!

ALICIA: Isara! Nail 'em! Go!

ISARA: O-okay...

[She hits the ball, and it nails HANS.]

HANS: Moink?!

ISARA: Hans...did I hit you with that? I'm so sorry.

[ROSIE watches them from a distance.]

ROSIE: Ha, ha! She nailed the pig.

[ELLET walks up.]

ELLET: All by yourself, huh? Why don't you go join them?

ROSIE: Naw...that's not my thing.

ELLET: Mmm-hmm...always have to play it cool, huh?

ROSIE: Hmph. So what, did your journalist duties call you to the beach, or are
you just bored?

ELLET: Heh, got me there. If I'm spending a day at the beach, I'd rather it be
with my boyfriend.

ROSIE: Oh ho ho! You got yourself a boy, do you? Color me jealous.

ELLET: Right? But there's times when I feel envious of you all, too. I 
interviewed a good chunk of Gallia's army, but I didn't see any other units
like yours. True comrades...the bond you guys have is clearly a cut about the

ROSIE: Hmm...

ELLET: Now get over there alreayd. They're all waiting for you.

ROSIE: Weelll...I could take pity on them. And it's not like chatting with an
old married lady is any fun.

ELLET: Heh're a piece of work.

[ROSIE walks over to the ball game.]

ROSIE: All right, guys. Make room for me!

WELKIN: Oh, a promising contender joins the fray! Rosie, think you could pair
up with Isara?

ROSIE: Wha--? Sure, fine. Isara, pull your weight or you're swimmin'!

ISARA: Okay! I'll do my best, Rosie.

ROSIE: All right. Throw the ball, Isara!

ISARA: Okay!

[She pegs ROSIE with it.]

ROSIE: Gah! Don't hit ME with it! You're supposed to throw it THAT way!

ISARA: Rosie...did I hit you with that? I'm so sorry.

[They all laugh.]

====Chapter 10: Liberation of Fouzen====

____10-1: The Fouzen Operation____


[In the operations room.]

WELKIN: We've been given orders for our next mission. The militia's taking back
the city of Fouzen. 

LARGO: Fouzen's that big industrial city with all those ragnite mines, right?

WELKIN: Yes. If we manage to reclaim it, it'll be a shot in the arm to Gallia's

ROSIE: Sounds good. So, what's the plan, boss?

WELKIN: The militia will break up into squads and set up a perimeter around the
city. Once that's set, Squad 7 take the point. Here, look at this.

[He puts a picture down on the table.]

ISARA: An armored rail vehicle?

WELKIN: Right. They installed it to defend their hold on the city. Now our 
mission is to destroy it.

LARGO: Yeah, okay, so we destroy it...any idea HOW we take on a beast like that?
Gonna take a lot more than a pack of soldiers marchin' at it to do that, boss.

WELKIN: Don't worry. We've got some hefty support on this one.

ROSIE: Support? Like who?

WELKIN: You know that Darcsens from Empire-held areas have been brought there,

ISARA: I've heard stories, yes, that they're being used as forced labor in the
ragnite mines and weapons factories.

WELKIN: According to Captain Varrot, one of the men in the camps is acting as
our agent.

ROSIE: Here I get my hopes up, and it's just some dark-hair? Got any more great

ISARA: What do you mean by that?

ROSIE: Hmph. I'm just sayin' I hope this guy's not as stubborn as someone ELSE
we know.

ISARA: Please stop judging people solely by your preconceptions. All Darcsens
are different.

ROSIE: Sure coulda fooled me. I couldn't tell you dark-hairs apart if I tried!

ISARA (angrily): I don't think you have ever really tried, Rosie!

ROSIE: No you just didn't!

LARGO: Ugh...just drop it already! We're soldiers. We'll do our best out there.
If the orders say work with a Darcsen, we do. That said, I ain't makin' any
promises if this guy turns out to be useless, ya hear?

WELKIN: Well, we can't know for sure until we meet him, but the mission hinges
on him. We begin the march on Fouzen at first light. The attack begins at

____10-2: The Concentration Camp____


[In one of the Darcsen living quarters in Fouzen.]

GREGOR: Ugh...this stench is unbearable.

DARCSEN OLD MAN: Please...some food, sir...e-even water would...

[GREGOR slaps the OLD MAN.]

GREGOR: Keep your distance! Presumptuous dark-hair...filthy! Where is the one
responsible for this hovel?

ZAKA: You rang?

[ZAKA walks over to GREGOR. He wears a Darcsen shawl as a bandanna, as well as
another around his neck. One of his eyes is in a perpetual squint, although
his vision is perfect.]

GREGOR: I hear a worker in sector D has been disobeying his work orders. Would
you care to explain this infraction?

ZAKA: He's not disobeying you; he's been sick as a dog for a couple of days now.
Folks from other camps working D sector have gotten sick lately, too. One's in
a coma. That's where they handle ragnite refining. Sure the toxic exhaust's
being handled right?

GREGOR: Hmph. That's no concern of yours or mine. You animals need only be
silent and obey. 

ZAKA: Let's think of it this way. You drive them to death and the work stops
getting done. That doesn't help you much, eh?


ZAKA: I'll let you know as soon as he can work. Think you could let him rest
for now?

GREGOR: Feh, very well. Have him return to work the minute he's able. And
remember, no one would miss the likes of a few of you maggots.

____10-3: Infiltration of Fouzen (B12)____

VARROT: Here is your mission brief.


VARROT: If there are no questions, let's get started. I wish you good luck and
happy hunting.


[WELKIN delivers orders from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: Our top priority is to get to the rendezvous point! Squad 7, move out!


WELKIN: Well, this is Fouzen...looks like a complicated layout.

ALICIA: Let's move carefully here. We don't want to be spotted.

[It is nighttime outside of Fouzen. The geography is an extremely unlevel one,
for Fouzen is built along a canyon.]

VARROT (radio): Lieutenant Gunther, you may be able to move unseen using the
trolley cars around town. Their path is fixed and they can only fit one person,
but they may get you behind the enemy.

[There is a trolley cart up ahead, which Squad 7 uses to move along ahead. It
is dark, and as a result they are able to surprise the Imperials on the other 
side. The Edelweiss uses the large landbridge to make its way forward, taking
out Imperials it encounters.]

VARROT (radio): Be careful! If they get those searchlights on you, you'll be
dodging mortars. Avoid the light at all cost. If they find you, take evasive
action immediately!

[The Edelweiss is careful not to trip the searchlights. Squad 7 takes out a
light tank stationed on the land bridge ahead. There is an enemy encampment past
the bridge that they capture to give themselves a better strategic position.
The next bridge is guarded by a light tank and several lancers. The Edelweiss
and infantry support take them out. The Edelweiss reaches the destination point.

WELKIN: Operation complete! We're in!

____10-4: The Inside Man____


[The Fouzen barracks are heavily guarded by Imperial guards and searchlights.
What they don't know, however, is that WELKIN, LARGO, ROSIE, and ALICIA have
infiltrated this seemingly impregnable defense. In the barracks, the
representatives from Squad 7 look around...the Darcsens working here live in
terrible conditions.]

LARGO: What the hell is this?

[ROSIE bends down and looks at a little DARCSEN GIRL, who runs away.]

ROSIE: Ahh...hey...

[The girl is clutching a doll. She runs to ZAKA, who is sitting at a table at
the other end of the barracks.]

GIRL: Zaka...

[ZAKA tousles her hair.]

ZAKA: What brings you folks here? And how'd you get in?

WELKIN: Welkin Gunther is my name. I was told there was a militia sympathizer

ZAKA: Well, ya heard right. Welkin, I'm your guy. I'm Zaka. It's nice to meet

[They shake hands. ZAKA kneels next to the GIRL.]

ZAKA: Hey pumpkin, I've got to talk some adult stuff with these folks. Would you
be a good girl and go to bed for me?

GIRL: Okay. Good night.

[She runs off. ROSIE watches her.]

ROSIE: She's sweet. She your kid sister?

ZAKA: No. Both her parents died a while back. They were victims of torture.

ALICIA: Torture?! That's just horrible.

ZAKA: Listen, we have a lot of work to do. Follow me. Let's get started.

[In another room. There is a map of Fouzen on the table.]

ZAKA: As you can see, Fouzen's factories are located on the canyon's edge, split
between an upper and lower level. There's an armored train that services those
factories. It moves on rails built into the upper levels, shooting downward.

WELKIN: If it's up there, it's completely out of our range. How do we attack it?

ZAKA: Glad you asked. We take it down with this little wonder. It's a ragnite
bomb. I made it myself. I've been sneaking spare parts from under the Empire's
watch for weeks. I can guarantee its power.

ROSIE: You think one bomb's gonna blow this thing up?

ZAKA: I'm not proposing to use it on the train. We use it on this.

[He slams the bomb down on the railtrack bridge.]

WELKIN: I get it. We take out the rails, then the train drops into the canyon
from the bridge.

ZAKA: Exactly. You can leave the setting of the bomb to me. I want all of you to
provide a diversion so I can get in there and attach the package to a strut.
Once I've wired it and gotten a safe distance away, I'll give you a signal,
then you'll detonate it and destroy the bridge.

WELKIN: Right! Sounds good.


[In the barracks.]

ZAKA: Did you have any questions about the mission then?

ROSIE: No...I got it.

ZAKA: Is there something else?

ROSIE: Forget it.

ZAKA: Oh, I get it're wondering if you can trust me because I'm a 
Darcsen, yeah?

[ROSIE stays silent.]

ZAKA: If you don't mind me asking, tell me something you like.

ROSIE: What?

ZAKA: Something you enjoy. There's got to be something, right?

ROSIE: Uh...singing, I guess. I like to sing, and listen to other folks.

ZAKA: A musician, huh? Nice. I like to sing, too. Nothing beats a nice tune and
a little stroll. Music can pick you up or make you cry. Anthems can drive a 
whole country to war. That's the great thing about music. Variety. Every song
is different, but it's all good.

ROSIE: Yeah, I guess so. So what are you gettin' at?

ZAKA: If you appreciate diversity in music, why hate all the Darcsens?

ROSIE: What?

ZAKA: There's plenty of races in the world. Each has its traits, but people are
all unique. Just like with music, they've all got their good points. I think so,

ALICIA: Singing's more fun with a chorus, right? I agree, Zaka.

WELKIN: There are over 30,000 kinds of beetles in the world, each with its own
characteristics. It's the same for us, too.

ROSIE: Ugh, another one of the boss' nature talks.

ZAKA: Beetles? (laughs) Wow, that's a new one. I never heard a man compare
people to bugs in a good way before. I'd have to agree though. Bickering won't
do us any good. Let's try to make nice.

ROSIE: Hmph.

WELKIN: Okay, the operation begins tomorrow at dawn. I want everyone ready for

____10-5: The True Face of War____

[Outside in another part of Fouzen. ISARA is deep in thought.]

ZAKA: Hey, why the long face? You worried?

ISARA: Oh, Mr. Zaka. I just can't believe it.

ZAKA: Believe what?

ISARA: I've heard stories of the concentration camps. About the harsh labor
forced upon detainees. But seeing it happen in person, just seems too
cruel to be true.

ZAKA: Yeah. But this is the truth.


ZAKA: The world is no friend of the Darcsens. That's the truth of it. And this
war's stirred up prejudice in people, so they behave inhumanely. I can 
sympathize with wanting to look away, but facing the truth makes a person grow.

ISARA: Mr. Zaka...

ZAKA: And hey, we're still young! Let's enjoy life! It's up to us to change
other folks' minds.

ISARA:'re right. Thank you, Mr. Zaka. As long as we don't stop 
reaching out, the day will come when others will accept us.

ZAKA: Right-o. But for now, it's late. The mission starts at dawn. Make sure
you get some rest.

ISARA: I will. Good night, Mr. Zaka.

____10-6: Liberation of Fouzen (B13)____


VARROT: Here are details on the current operation.


VARROT: We're prepared to commence the operation. I look forward to good news 
from you.


[WELKIN gives orders from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: Our job is to make sure that bomb gets set! Squad 7, move out!


ZAKA: Hey, you think you could do me a favor? Take the northwest bridge down 

ZAKA: Doing that'll block enemy reinforcements and give me a chance to wire up 
the rail bridge.

WELKIN: Okay, got it. I'll do that if you get the bomb ready to go.

ZAKA: Leave it to me. I've been practicing for today for a good long while now.

WELKIN: All right, let's move out! Cut through the enemy and head for the 
northwest bridge!

[Squad 7 is deployed on the south end of Fouzen, with the iron rail bridge on
the northern end.]

ZAKA (radio): Oh, hey. Fouzen's lined with industrial lifts, they're designed to
transport heavy machinery. Hit the switch and it'll take you to another level:
foot soldiers, tanks, you name it. If you look on the control panels next to
the lifts, you'll find the switch no problem.

WELKIN: All right. Thanks for the tip.

[The infantry are able to use the mining cars to press forward at a faster 

GREGOR: Hmph...Gallian vermin, scurrying into the city like rats. Listen well!
I want every Gallian that's fool enough to enter firing range mowed down! Show
these farmhands the technological superiority of the Imperial forces!

[The armored train car, known as the Equus, has an extremely large cannon on
it that offers supporting artillery fire agains the Gallians. The Gallians, 
using explosives, destroy the wooden makeshift bridge to the northwest.]

WELKIN: The northwest bridge is down! Zaka, it's your turn to get that bomb set!

ZAKA (radio): I'm on it. Won't take a second. (plants the bomb) Okay, it's set
to blow! Now it just needs a gunshot to detonate. When it goes off, the whole
bridge goes too.

WELKIN: All right, got it.

ZAKA (radio): I wanted to go with a time bomb, but there's no guarantee the
armored train'd be there.

WELKIN: I see. This way we can wait until the target is where we want it
before detonating it.

ZAKA (radio): Cross the central bridge and move up the east bank, and there's a
great spot to shoot from. It's all yours now! Good luck getting those fireworks
up on time!

[Meanwhile, on the Equus...]

GREGOR: What was that explosion?

IMPERIAL GUARD: Sir! The Gallian forces appear to have bombed the northwestern

GREGOR: What? Clever, but not enough! Restore power to the work lifts. I want
scouts out there reporting battle status. They can resist all they like. This
railcar is impenetrable. I'll enjoy their demise.

[The power to the work lifts are turned on. As it happens, the Gallian insertion
is right next to a work lift, and they use it to go down a level into the center
of battle. There are Imperial infantry and a medium tank supporting them that
offer considerable resistance, but they manage to clear the level and take
the next lift down. Besides these dangers are those of Equus cannon blasts
and gatling turret fire. The Gallians cross another bridge on the lower level,
encountering more enemy resistance as the Imperials defend their camp. Squad 7
manages to capture this camp and activate the next work lift. From here, it's 
a bridge to a large raised island in the middle of the Fouzen River...this is
the spot that Zaka pointed out. From this point the Gallians wait until the
Equus is on the bridge, and they fire at the bomb placed on the middle support,
blowing it up. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

GREGOR: What-What?! Status report! What's happening out there?!

IMPERIAL GUARD: Unknown vibrations detected! It's the bridge! It's collapsing!

GREGOR: Cowards! Too afraid to face me directly? This tank is the bedrock of the
Empire itself! Unshakeable! INVINCIBLE!!


[The bridge collapses, and the Equus plunges into the waters of the Fouzen 


ZAKA: So long, Gregor...

WELKIN: Yes...we dropped the armored train!

VARROT (radio): Lieutenant, there's an emergency! Imperial soldiers are fleeing
the city; they've set fire to the Darcsen concentration camp! The barracks are
in flames! Get over there, NOW!

WELKIN: What? No!!

____10-7: Liberation Eternal____


[Blackened ash and rubble are all that remain of the barracks. Squad 7 and a few
Darcsen survivors stand in front of these ruins in shock.]

ALICIA: Why...why murder everyone? They forced everyone to go into this 
building, then set it on fire...for what?

[ROSIE steps forth, kneeling in front of the ruins. She is shocked to see
amidst the rubble the charred doll that the GIRL was holding. Carefully she
picks it up.]

ROSIE: She was just a kid...somebody tell me who did this. I'LL TEAR THEIR

ZAKA: And what would that accomplish? 

ROSIE: Revenge, that's what!

ZAKA: Fight fire with eye for an eye...didn't enough people die today?
Even if our traditions lead us to death at the hands of others, we don't respond
with violence. When we die, we die for peace. That is how the Darcsen live their

ROSIE: Now those lives are gone. Forever...

LARGO: What--why??

[ZAKA steps into the ruins and pulls debris aside, searching for survivors.]

ZAKA: I could hate them, maybe even kill them, but that wouldn't bring those
people back. All I can really do is try to survive and help the ones who are
still here.

[He pulls out a particularly heavy piece of wreckage, grunting with exertion.
ISARA steps forward and helps him. Then ROSIE steps up and helps them.]

ALICIA: Wha--Rosie?

ZAKA: Rosie...thank you.

ROSIE: Sure.

WELKIN: There could be other survivors! Everybody, help us look!

____10-8: A New Comrade____


KOLLER: Thanks in part to Squad 7's efforts, militia forces reclaimed the city
of Fouzen. Returning from battle, the squad's members enjoyed a brief and 
well-deserved respite. --Irene Koller, "On the Gallian Front"

[In Squad 7's common room.]

LARGO: I was walkin' across base just now and the guys from Squad 2 stopped me.
They said everybody felt like we got Fouzen back because of us 7s!

ROSIE: Well, yeah. We took down that train, after all. I want a medal!

ALICIA: I wonder how Zaka and everyone are doing.

WELKIN: I hear most of the detainees've either stayed on in Fouzen or
evacuated to Randgriz.

ALICIA: Oh. Well, I hope their all doing well now.

[ZAKA steps in.]

ZAKA: Yo! 

ISARA: M-Mr. Zaka?

LARGO: Huh? Wait, that uniform!

ZAKA: Oh, this? As of today, I'm a Gallian militia man, same as you. They put me
in your squad, so we'll be seeing a lot of each other.

ROSIE: Wait just a...can you even fight? What was all that about living the
Darcsen way?

ZAKA: Eh, don't sweat the details, right? And I've got experience as a tank
commander. My ride's on the smallish side, but you can leave the ground unit
support to me. And I thought your boss was pretty righteous. I figured I'd tag
along and see for myself.

WELKIN: What, me?

ZAKA: We didn't get to talk much, but you've got a fresh perspective, you know?

WELKIN: Hmm...I guess so? I don't think I'm much different than other folks,

ALICIA:'re so clueless.

ZAKA: Anyhow, I'm excited to join the team. (laughs)

ROSIE (disappointed): Aww...

====Report 6: What Lies Beyond Hate (R6)====


[The operations room.]

VARROT: Thank you for coming, soldiers. I apologize for the lack of notice.
I've called you for a special operation. You'll be liberating Gallian hostages.
I'm issuing this order on my own authority. I haven't reported it; I'll bear
the risk.

WELKIN: You don't have army clearance? Why not report it, Captain?

VARROT: There will be no questions. You need only perform the mission as
directed. The enemy are what's left of the Fouzen camp. They're holed up in a
house on the outskirts of the city. Your objectives are to return all hostages
and capture or eliminate all Imperials.

[WELKIN sighs.]

VARROT: The enemy is led by a man named Geld...Giorgios Geld. He tortured and
murdered Gallians in the First Europan War. He warrants no pity.

LARGO: Giorgios Geld? Elle, is this about...?

VARROT: Prepare for deployment immediately. You are dismissed.

[She walks away.]

ALICIA: The captain didn't seem like her usual self. It was almost scary.

LARGO: No surprise there. She's been livin' the last twenty years to get revenge
on Geld.

ALICIA: What? Revenge for what?

LARGO: Back in EWI, she and I were called into the militia, just like you kids
now. She and a buddy of mine, Frederick, were in the same squad and fell for
each other hard. But the enemy got Frederick one day. Word is, the enemy captain
tortured him to death.

ZAKA: That enemy captain was Giorgios Geld.

LARGO: When the war ended, she stayed on. My guess is it was just for a chance
at revenge.

WELKIN: That's terrible. I had no idea.

____RB-3: Hostage Rescue Operation____


VARROT: Here are your orders.


VARROT: If capturing the enemy is not feasible, then kill them. They merit no 


GIORGIOS GELD: Listen up, my little hostages. You're going to be our shields
until we reach the next camp. I recommend against trying anything, or things may
get unpleasant for you...heh heh.

VARROT: Geld and his men are hiding in that house. There are patrols monitoring
the perimeter. Be careful, if they detect your approach, they may harm the
hostages. Don't let anyone spot you as you approach the building. If they see
you, the mission fails. Once you're close, take out the lookouts. Leave even one
and Geld will know we're here. Those are your orders. Failure is not an option!

[The action takes place in a grassy place on the banks of Fagrakona Lake.
A small group from Squad 7, led by WELKIN on foot, emerges from the grass and
makes their way towards the houses where the hostages are. There are sentries
positioned outside and on the roof. They are easily taken out, allowing the
Gallians to stage their assault on the house. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Yes! That's the last of the lookouts!

VARROT: Good, now storm the building immediately! Get those hostages and bring
me Geld!

GELD: What...? A Gallian attack? When did you...?

VARROT: It's all over, Geld! Your miserable life ends here!


VARROT: So this is Giorgios Geld...taking civilian prisoners violates treaty
law, does it not?

GELD: Please, forgive me! We just wanted to see our homes again, that's all! I'd
have released the hostages along the way! It's true, Valkyrur strike me down!

VARROT: Silence! Who'd believe the words of scum like you? I've no doubt you'd
slaughter them all. Your evil won't go unpunished. You are hereby sentenced to
death by firing squad.

WELKIN: But Captain Varrot?! Prisoners of war have a right to a formal trial.
You can't just...

VARROT: I can and will! I'll kill him myself if I have to. I'll take full

ALICIA: If you do this, you'll be discharged from the militia, Captain!

VARROT: And what of it? I've LIVED for the day I end this man's life! It's all
I can do for Frederick now. There's nothing else left.

[LARGO slaps VARROT across the face.]

LARGO: Don't do this Elle.

VARROT: Largo...why? Why stop me? This snake of a man killed Frederick! He 
butchered our friend! Frederick horribly...tortured, broken. Doesn't that make
you angry?!

LARGO: Course it does, Elle. I could wring the rat bastard's neck myself. But
do you think Frederick would want that? Think he'd want you to bloody your

[VARROT sputters, speechless.]

LARGO: Back then, us three were always talkin' about how we'd build a peaceful
Gallia. Frederick's gone, but...I know he'd still want that, even now.

VARROT: Largo...

LARGO: You didn't stick around the force this long just to take revenge, Elle.
You stayed for a chance to give yourself this new beginning.

[VARROT starts to cry.]

LARGO: D-don't cry, Elle. If you'll have me, I...I'll watch over you. Forever.

[Some time later, in Ghirlandaio...]

GELD (laughing softly): Finally back in friendly territory again. That could
have ended exceptionally badly...thank goodness the Gallians are weak!

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Halt! Identify yourself.

GELD: Captain Giorgios Geld. I was returned as part of a prisoner exchange.

OFFICER: So you're Geld, are you? I hear you took non-Darcsen civilians as
hostages. That was after serving time for abuse of captives in the First
Europan War, correct?

GELD: Y-yes, but...that was a long time ago, and...

OFFICER: Lord Commander Maximilian is a strict man on protocol. You've roused
quite a fire in him. You're to be court-martialed forthwith. Brace yourself for
the worst, Captain.

GELD: No, b-but I...!

OFFICER: Take him away!

GELD: Stop, no! Let me go! No, I...I don't want to die! This can't really...I
don't want to die!


[Back at Fagrakona Lake.]

VARROT: Largo...has everything I've done up to now been a mistake? Ever since
Frederick was killed I've thought of little else other than avenging his death.
But, it's like you said, killing that man...won't bring Frederick back.

LARGO: So we can't get Frederick back, but we're still gonna have to live our


LARGO: Know what I think? We've got to live our lives the best we possibly can.
You ask me, part of that means bringin' peace back to Gallia. That's what I
think he'd want.

[VARROT looks down. All of a sudden, LARGO claps his hands together.]

LARGO: I know! How about we start a vegetable garden? Vegetables taste good,
look good, and they're good for you. We're going to make Gallia one big farm!

[VARROT bursts out laughing.]

LARGO: What's so funny?

VARROT: I just pictured Gallia as this giant pumpkin patch. It's too funny.

LARGO: Well, I ain't laughin'.

[VARROT sighs and stands in front of LARGO.]


VARROT: I know you've always been watching my back for me. That's the only 
reason I've made it this far. Largo...thank you.

LARGO (blushing): Uh...sure.

[Looks the other direction to hide his blush as ROSIE and WELKIN walk over.]

ROSIE: Look at this. Just what's going on here?

LARGO: Hey, we're just...that is...uh...

ROSIE: Well, well, Largo. Who would have guessed?

LARGO: Who would have guessed what?

[WELKIN and ROSIE smile knowingly.]

VARROT: That's quite enough. The hostages were all recovered safely, mostly 
thanks to your squad's efforts. Your orders are to return to the capital as
soon as possible. That's all, dismissed.

[ROSIE, WELKIN, and LARGO salute.]


====Chapter 11: The Marberry Shore====

____11-1: Peril on the Coastline____

[The operations room.]

WELKIN: Everybody gather round. I've got our orders. The target is on Gallia's
northern coast. 

[He points on a map to the proposed landing site. (Author's note: It bears an
uncanny resemblance to the Normandy coast on which the Allies landed in WWII)]

WELKIN: The enemy's entrenched along the shore flanking the industrial region
up north. Squad 7 has been giving one of their camps at Marberry to suppress.

LARGO: Hmm...lookin' at the map, seems there's nothin' there but big cliffs and
open sand.

WELKIN: As you approach the cliffs, the beach slopes up steeply. Their camp
is at the top. The path leading up there is narrow, meaning infantry will have
to take the lead here. That said, they've lined the cliffside with gunnery to
combat incoming foot soldiers.

ROSIE: You tellin' us to dodge bullets runnin' across an open beach with 
nothing for cover? Boss, I may be catty, but I ain't got nine lives here.

LARGO: Stop your complainin'. We're soldiers, Rosie. Ain't no such thing as a
safe mission. Dangerous or not, it's our job to get the job done as best as we

ROSIE: You don't gotta...I know that, all right?

WELKIN: You're right. If we just charge in, you'll be facing a hailstorm of

ALICIA: Welkin, any more brilliant ideas for another of your crazy plans?

WELKIN: Hmm...sorry, but I don't have any silver bullets for this one. What we
need is some way to blind the enemy while we advance.

ISARA: A way to...blind them.

ROSIE: Ugh. This is just great.

ALICIA: Come one, let's stay positive about this! Tomorrow's the Feast of All

LARGO: Combat on the Feast, huh? We sure got some kinda luck, don't we?

ZAKA: Well, getting down about it now won't help anything. Let's just do what
we can.

ISARA: If we could...hmm...they may not need nine lives.

____11-2: The Feast of All Spirits____


[In Squad 7's common room.]

LARGO: Somebody said tomorrow's the Feast, right? I forgot all about it this

ELLET: Hey, now! Do you guys even know the reason for this holiday?

ROSIE: Reason? It's the day you give presents to the guy you like, ain't it?

ELLET: Yes, but no! The Feast of All Spirits is the day all the spirits in
Gallia share their love. They say the practice of giving gifts to those you
love came from that belief.

ZAKA: Back in the day, people gave presents to everyone important to them, not
just lovers.

ELLET: Bingo! Give the man a prize. For a big grizzly bear, you sure know your

ZAKA: How gracious of you to say...though I like to think I'm more of a teddy

[ISARA steps in.]

ISARA: Largo, Rosie, may I have a moment?

LARGO: Sure. I'm surprised to see you in the lounge. What's up?

[ISARA takes out two traditional handmade Darcsen dolls. They are dressed in

ISARA: Would you accept these gifts?

LARGO: This is...from before...

ISARA: These dolls are Darcsen good luck charms. I wanted to give them to you
and Rosie.

LARGO: Why to us?

ISARA: I...I've always wanted to be your friend, from the first day. We may
have had our share of disagreements, but you've helped me more than I can say.
I'd like to use the Feast as an opportunity to grow a little closer to both of

LARGO: I see. You know, seein' Fouzen gave me a lot to think about. Plus, I...
you know. (blushes) I been wantin' to talk to you for a while now, too. For 
bein' so young, you got some perspective. Still a little bull-headed, though.
Thanks for the lucky charm. And for comin' out here, Isara.

ISARA: Largo...thank you so much.

ROSIE: I...I can't take it.

LARGO: Rosie, you ain't a kid here. Quit bein' so damn stubborn already.

ROSIE: You shut it! I just...look, I got no need for presents from dark-hairs,

ISARA: I understand. I'm sorry, I'll be on my way now.

[She runs off.]

ZAKA: Yeah, I think I'm done too.

[He walks away too.]

LARGO: Look, I know you've been wanting to apologize. Just out and say it 
already, dammit.

ROSIE: Look, shut up! I know, okay?! I know, but I...I can't just change 
overnight. I'm not that big a person.

____11-3: Alicia's Gift____


[WELKIN's office.]

WELKIN: It's just too open. We need some kind of plan.

[ALICIA bursts into the room. She is dirty.]

ALICIA: Welkin!

HANS: Moionk!

WELKIN: What happened to you? You're covered in dirt, Alicia.

ALICIA: Yeah...heh...funny story about that...anyway, I've got something I want
to show you. Come see. Look real close at my hands.

[She reveals a pale blue butterfly.]

WELKIN: That' found a mottled vagabond! They're migratory butterflies,
but...they shouldn't be in Gallia at this time of year.

ALICIA: It's pretty rare then?

WELKIN: They call it a vagabond because it never stays in one place. They're
hard to find. I've tried to hunt one down more than once before, but never had
any luck.

ALICIA: like it?

WELKIN: Absolutely! Thank you, Alicia. But you still got to tell me how you 
found it. I-I'm amazed.

ALICIA: Me and Hans caught it.

HANS: Moioink!

WELKIN: You and Hans?! Wait, is all that dirt...?

ALICIA: Ha! I've never been bug hunting before. I got a little mud-plastered.
I mean, tomorrow's the Feast of All Spirits. I wanted to get you something
you'd like. I brainstormed on what you might like best, and this is what I
finally came up with.

WELKIN: Wow, thank you...

ALICIA: Not the most romantic gift ever, seemed right for you!

WELKIN: You went to all that trouble for me? Thank you, Alicia. I'm happy I got
to see such a rare specimen, but I'm even happier at the sentiment.

ALICIA: Really?

WELKIN: Yeah. Thank you.

ALICIA: Umm...Welkin? They say if you give a present to the guy you like on the
Feast, things'll go well for you. I hope things go well for the two of us. I-I

WELKIN: Huh...? I...! Me too... (smiles goofily)

____11-4: Tomorrow____


[The tank hangar. ISARA is alone, sad. ZAKA steps in.]

ZAKA: Isara, I don't think Rosie really meant to hurt you.

ISARA: No, I...I know that, Mr. Zaka. But I do wonder if dreams of a future in
which we're all equal will only bring pain.

ZAKA: Now, don't get impatient on me. Getting close to somebody takes time,
Isara. People don't just change overnight. That said, nothing in this world 
doesn't change.

ISARA: Yes...I know. Even if slowly, change will happen.

ZAKA: Exactly. So don't let it get you down. She's just worked up over
tomorrow's operation.

ISARA: Tomorrow's op...? Oh, that's right! I need to speak with Welks about the

ZAKA: What plan? You come up with a solution for those guns?

ISARA: If we modify something I've been developing, it may provide our ground
troops protection. I'll go speak with Welks about it now. Goodbye.

[She runs off.]

ZAKA: Goodby...bye? Hey, Isara! And she's gone. Those two really are siblings.
They get into something, and they're in their own world.

____11-5: Isara's Commitment____


[The operations room.]

LARGO: Hey, boss. a plan today?

WELKIN: Well, Isara and I came up with a little something last night.

ALICIA: Speaking of, Isara still isn't here, is she?

[The door bursts open. ISARA is out of breath.]

ISARA: I apologize for being late! Welks, it's done!

WELKIN: You finished in time!

ISARA: Yes. These smoke rounds should help keep our foot soldiers safe from

ALICIA: Smoke rounds?

WELKIN: A new type of tank cannon rounds. They don't do any damage, but they
create a smokescreen. If we run through those, we'll be able to move without 
being sighted.

ZAKA: And you just finished them now? So you didn't sleep at all last night,

ISARA: The 7s are like my family. Alicia, Rosie, Largo...Mr. Zaka, Welks, little
Hans, too. I don't want...none of you can die. If those smokescreens can protect
you even a little, it'll be well worth it.

ROSIE: Isara, you...

LARGO: Nice goin', kiddo! With these things, we'll be practically invisible.

ALICIA: Yeah, this battle just got a lot less scary! Thanks, Isara.

WELKIN: All right, let's get ready. Squad 7, move out!

____11-6: Battle at Marberry Shore (B14)____


VARROT: Here is a brief on the task at hand.


VARROT: Now, let's begin the operation. I'm confident victory is within reach.


[WELKIN gives orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: Clear out the Imperial shoreline defenses! Squad 7, move out!


WELKIN: Here we are, the Marberry Shore...there really isn't any cover at all 
out here.

ISARA: Welks, aim the smoke rounds at the ground or at objects, not at the
enemy. That should spread the smokescreen around that area.

WELKIN: Got it. I'll do what I can.

ZAKA (radio): My Shamrock can't fire smoke rounds, but I'll pick up the slack
on offense.

WELKIN: That's right, this is our first op with you, Zaka. Good to have you.

ZAKA (radio): Wouldn't miss it. Now let's go sock one to the Empire! 

[Amphibious entry to the beach appears to be impossible by the amount of 
anti-tank traps at the entrance. Squad 7 appears to have made their entrance
through a path from the west. There is no cover, and the lines of sight for
the gatling bunkers in the cliffs are excellent. The Edelweiss fires the smoke
to cover the Gallian advance.]

ISARA: The smokescreens will dissipate a short while after they're fired, Welks.
Plus, a blast from a mortar, grenade, or anti-tank lance will blow it away

WELKIN: Understood. Let's be careful.

[The path continues and narrows out, making it hard to maneuver the tanks. They
manage to establish a beachhead and keep moving inland.]

WELKIN: All right, we've cleared the beach!

ISARA: We managed to avoid the threat of the enemy's machine guns, at least for

[The bunkers, while very much resistant to small-arms fire, are eliminated by 
the cannons of the Edelweiss and by blowing up the spare ragnite fuel placed 
outside them. There is some tank support from the Imperials, but they are taken
out. The Gallian assault pushes further in, and they capture another enemy camp,
and another still further inland. The cover from the smoke rounds helps greatly
in avoiding enemy crossfire. The final, most inland enemy base is protected
by both tanks and infantry taking cover by sandbags. By this time, however, the
strength of the Gallian assault is at full force, and the Imperials are 
eliminated, their commander killed, and the camp taken. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Operation complete! We took their base!

____11-7: A Dream Interrupted____


[Squad 7 is fixing up in the aftermath of the battle. WELKIN and ALICIA are
talking, LARGO is puffing a cigarette, and ISARA is wiping down the wheels of
the Edelweiss. ROSIE walks up to her.]

ROSIE: Isara.

ISARA: Hi Rosie, how can I help you?

[ROSIE holds up her doll.]

ROSIE: have already.

ISARA: You mean the doll I made? I didn't know you kept it.

ROSIE: You said it was a "protective charm," didn't you? 

[At this point all of Squad 7 is watching ROSIE in surprise.]

ROSIE: I still owe you one from the Feast, so...anything you want, just name it.

ISARA: Let me know what? I'd like to hear you sing, Rosie.

ROSIE: Huh? You want me to sing?

ISARA: Yes, you told me before that you always enjoyed it. I'd really love to
hear you. I bet you're great.

ROSIE: Okay then. It's a promise.

[She extends her hand toward ISARA. ISARA is about to shake to it, but then a
gunshot rings out and ISARA gives a gasp. ROSIE is in shock as she watches ISARA
slowly crumple to the ground.]

ROSIE: Isara...?

LARGO: Down!

[An Imperial counterattack has begun. ROSIE falls to her knees at ISARA's side.]

ROSIE: No...Isara!

[She nudges ISARA's shoulder, oblivious to the bullets flying all around her.]

ROSIE: Don't you die on me, Isara! I still...haven't even had the chance to say
thank you yet!

[ISARA opens her eyes painfully. She reaches out to ROSIE, who clasps her hands

ISARA (whispering): Sure you did. Now we're...friends.

[The rest of Squad 7 is returning fire. The Imperials retreat.]


[Squad 7 gathers around ISARA.]

ALICIA: Isara!


ISARA: Sorry...your dream...I wanted...I so make it real...just for
you, Welks.

WELKIN: My dream? What do you mean?

ISARA: said you wanted fly...remember? You wanted... we could...see the...the sky together.

WELKIN (biting his lip): We will. We'll go flying real soon, Is. I promise.

[ISARA smiles faintly, and then her eyes close forever.]

ROSIE: Isara? Isara!!!

____11-8: Farewells____


[In the cemetery. Squad 7 stands in front of ISARA's gravestone. Her shawl is
draped over it.]

WELKIN: Isara...the dreams you's up to us to build them.

[He salutes. The rest of Squad 7 salutes as well. Behind them, FALDIO and VARROT
stand quietly. ROSIE steps forward.]

ROSIE: Hey, kid. I'd like to sing for you, if that's okay. I mean, after all,
a promise is a promise, right? So listen up...this is yours.

[She sings "A Love Passed On," clutching ISARA's doll all the while. Flashbacks
of ISARA play as she sings.]

You stood always smiling, 
Ever quiet, ever tender.
And I, a lost child,
Always frightened, I remember
That you came and found me 
Blinded by unshed tears.

The tears we cry are echoes
That tell what tomorrow can hold. 
And I wept in your arms, 
And I heard: 
Bells ring out across the land,
Ringing peace at last,
To your heart, my dearest friend.
And now the love that you gave me blooms 
And will live on
Through the tears in us all 
Without end.

====Chapter 12: The Fight for Bruhl====

____12-1: A Kindred Spirit____


[In the operations room.]

VARROT: Let's begin the strategy meeting. First off, I need to ask...
Lieutenant, how is Squad 7's morale?

WELKIN: It's been three weeks since we lost Isara. We're all still in shock
Captain. Personally, it still doesn't seem real to me. I can't believe she's
really gone.

VARROT: I see. Nevertheless, you have new orders. I sent in a request to
General Damon to allow this op and received full clearance. The Gallian 
militia's next task is to liberate a small border town called Bruhl.

[WELKIN gasps.]

VARROT: The regiment will surround the area while your squad enters and secures
the plaza. Any questions, Lieutenant?

WELKIN: No, Captain.

FALDIO: I'm taking temporary personal leave, but I wish you the best of luck
out there. 

VARROT: Also, I'd like to introduce the new tank pilot assigned to the 

[KREIS enters.]

KREIS: I'll do the best I can, Welkin!

WELKIN: Kreis!

VARROT: He recently volunteered to be a pilot. I'm hereby assigning him to
Squad 7. 

KREIS: Isara inherited the Edelweiss from her father. I'd like to take over
where she left off. I'm still nowhere near as skilled as she was, but I'll
still do my best!

WELKIN: Thank you, Kreis.

VARROT: That concludes our meeting. I look forward to good news from Bruhl.

____12-2: Jaeger's Reason____


[In the command room in Ghirlandaio.]

SELVARIA: Fouzen was lost...and Gregor with it, in a warrior's death. 

JAEGER: What comes next, Maximilian? Things aren't looking very good these

MAXIMILIAN: The Empire claimed the earliest victories, and most of Gallia with
them. Their struggles since have bested the detachments holding each location.

JAEGER: Meaning...we reconcentrate our forces?

MAXIMILIAN: Yes. Send word to gather Our armies on the Naggiar plain. Selvaria,
the time has come to show these rubes your power.

SELVARIA: Sir! By my Valkyria blood, I swear the Gallian forces will bow before

[She leaves.]

JAEGER: Heh, I believe it. They won't last long once you get serious. And 
that's good news for me and the prospects for Fhirald's reinstatement.

MAXIMILIAN: Once We conquer Gallia, you shall have independence for your
homeland, Jaeger. But until then, you have no country of your own. You shall
serve Us with your very life.

JAEGER: I'm well aware, Your Grace. The fate of the empire is no concern of
mine. But will be victorious. It's the only reason I'm
fighting this war.

____12-3: Return to Bruhl____


[The streets of Bruhl.]

WELKIN: We're back...back to where it all started.

ALICIA: It's been five months since we left Bruhl. Now...all but one of us is
back to make it home again.

WELKIN: Captain Varrot said she specifically requested this operation from
General Damon.

ALICIA: She said that?

WELKIN: Yes. You know how she feels about him, but she begged him to give us
Bruhl. She wanted to remember why we're fighting, to help us get past Isara's
death. For right now, let's stop thinking and just move forward. Let's take
back our...take back Isara's home!

____12-4: Return to the Temple____

[Meanwhile, at the Barious Temple...]

FALDIO: Back again...I had to return one more time.

[He goes into the temple.]

FALDIO: But the area we saw last matter what I try, the door won't
open anymore. What was written on those walls turns all of Europa's history on
its head. It's staggering! It began, "Welcome, sister Valkyria." Did they hide
the truth from all but their own? The door won't let me in. Given what's on the
walls, maybe it opens only for the Valkyrur. Maximilian got through, but he had
Selvaria with him. She must have opened it for him. But wait! The door was
closed when we first arrived. 

[He flashes back and remembers ALICIA first discovering the hidden chamber.]

FALDIO: Then we...the one who opened it was... (gasps)'s not...the
chances of But there's no other explanation...she...what should I

____12-5: Recapture of Bruhl (B15)____


VARROT: You will now be briefed on the operation.


VARROT: All right, we're set to begin. Good luck!


[WELKIN gives orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: Isara...we're taking back our home, Is! Squad 7, move out!


KREIS: Phew! Here we are. Sorry, but I'm a little scared.

WELKIN: That's right, this is your first time out in battle, isn't it? Kreis, 
combat is always a scary thing. I don't think anyone should ever forget that.
I feel like getting used to the horror of war means losing hope.

KREIS: Yes, sir. I understand.

WELKIN: Okay then, let's begin! Everybody watch out for enemy snipers!

[Squad 7 is deployed on Bruhl Road, with their objective to take Mill Plaza.
Fierce urban warfare results. Imperial tanks, infantry, snipers, mines,
anti-tank guns...they do not intend to give the city without a fight. After
much blood and sweat, Gallia has finally captured the camp in Mill Plaza.

KREIS: Sir, we've done it! We've occupied the enemy's primary base!

WELKIN: Great, that's excellent! Kreis, I'm proud of you. 

KREIS: Sir! I still can't hold a candle to Isara but I did what I could!

WELKIN: It's ours, Is...home is finally home again. And your Edelweiss is alive
and well and in good hands. You can rest easy.

____12-6: Hope Amid the Wreckage____


[WELKIN stands beneath a working windmill. ALICIA returns from a patrol.]

ALICIA: Well, that's it, Welkin. No sign of the enemy here either, searched
all over. Looks like they've cleared out of Bruhl. 

WELKIN: That's good. We've finally recovered possession of our old homestead.

ALICIA: Yeah...but if Isara saw it as it is now, I think she'd feel sad. I
mean, look at it. Empty of all the people who lived here, the mill just barely

[WELKIN puts a hand on ALICIA's shoulder. He looks up and gasps.]

WELKIN: Look at that!

ALICIA: Welkin?

[He runs over and kneels by something.]

ALICIA: What is it? What do you see?

WELKIN: Look! A lion's paw!

ALICIA: Is it...the same one?

WELKIN: Mm-hmm. It's the flower that you planted that day, when we first met
each other. It took root and grew in this soil, and now it's flourishing.

ALICIA: Mm-hmm.

WELKIN: Remember what you said? That there's more going on in this world than
just people killing people? There are new lives all around. New things being
born, even in the middle of war.

ALICIA: I was right. And if I let myself get depressed, well, Isara wouldn't
want that. Once this war's over and we come home, we'll just have to rebuild
it. We'll rebuild all of it, every last building. (She cries a tear of joy.)

WELKIN: Yes we will. And we'll show Martha's little boy; we'll show him the
town where he was born.


[They walk off.]

____12-7: The Approaching Clash____


[In the field HQ.]

VARROT: The liberation of Bruhl was a success. Excellent work, soldiers.
Lieutenant Gunther, do you have anything further to report?

WELKIN (saluting): Yes, Captain. Through this op, I...we've found a new goal
to strive towards.

VARROT: Very good. And Faldio, you're back from your leave. Feeling rested
and ready?

FALDIO (saluting): Y-Yes, Captain. I'm ready.

VARROT: Good. We're receiving reports of major shifts along the front lines.
Imperial forces previously posted all over the country are gathering at one
point. The Naggiar plain, in northeastern Gallia. Our forces are being directed
there as well. 

FALDIO: Does that mean we're expecting a major clash at Naggiar, Captain?

VARROT: It's very probable. This battle is going to decide Gallia's fate one
way or another. After a brief rest, the militia move out to Naggiar. (saluting)
I want all of you rested in the meantime. You're dismissed.

____12-8: Once the War is Over____


[Nighttime at Bruhl. WELKIN and ALICIA sit on the Edelweiss, gazing up at the

ALICIA: So what you're saying is the next battle is so critical it could
actually determine how the rest of the war goes.

WELKIN: Yeah. Both for us and them. The opposing armies are assembling their
forces at Naggiar. It'll be the biggest battle we've fought yet, the biggest
battle of the war.

ALICIA: That means more things we love will be destroyed, more people we care
about will be taken away. 

WELKIN: There are some things we lose that never get returned. That's the
world. Everything around us is in flux. The old Bruhl, the town we used to
know. Isara...we've lost them forever.

ALICIA: Welkin...

WELKIN: But, it's like you said, Alicia. We build new things as we lose the 
old. If we can win this battle at Naggiar, we can push the Empire all the way
back to northeast Gallia. If that happens, then victory will be right around
the corner.

[ALICIA brightens up.]

WELKIN: Once the war is over the real work will start. We'll build a new Mill
Plaza. In fact, we'll build a whole new town.

ALICIA: Right. And I'll be there to help you. You know, it's funny, whenever I
talk to you, I feel like everything is going to be fine. 

WELKIN: Yeah, well, you're the only reason I haven't completely lost it, 

ALICIA: Really? Thank you, Welkin. Me too. I'm glad we were able to meet...and
work together.

[WELKIN jumps off the Edelweiss.]

ALICIA: Hey, Welkin?

WELKIN: What is it?

[ALICIA jumps off as well.]

ALICIA: Once this war is all over...I have...there's something I want to tell

WELKIN: Anything.

[They embrace.]

====Report 7: War Without Weapons (R7)====


[In the operations room.]

VARROT: The battle at Naggiar is almost upon us. Is there anything left to do

WELKIN: No, Captain. We've made due preparation.

VARROT: This will likely be the largest conflict you or I have seen. I want you
rested and ready.

LARGO: Oh, by the way, did the Darcsens who survived back in Fouzen make it out
all right?

ZAKA: They should've. I told them all to evacuate to Randgriz, soon as they

VARROT: Speaking of the Darcsen...I hear the Empire's begun another wave of 

[ROSIE's eyes grow wide.]

ALICIA: Darcsen hunting...

ZAKA: Well, I guess that's one way to get back the labor force they lost at

VARROT: The report I read mentioned an enemy unit hunting Darcsens by the 
border. I'm sending a squad to take care of it now. You all have earned a rest,
though. Go catch up on your sleep and relax a while. Dismissed.

ROSIE: Captain Varrot. Would you let us do it?


ROSIE: Please.

ALICIA: Rosie...

WELKIN: I'll second that. If we may, Captain...

[VARROT sighs.]

VARROT: All right. I'll place Squad 7 in charge of this operation. The village
in question has a large Darcsen population. It's been raided time and again.
Secure the village and its peoples' safety, and stop those hunters.

WELKIN (saluting): Yes, Captain! We'll leave as soon as we can.

____RB-4: An End to Darcsen Hunting____


VARROT: Here is your mission brief.


VARROT: If there are no questions, let's get started. I wish you good luck and
happy hunting.


[WELKIN issues orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: The Darcsen hunts end here and now! Squad 7, move out!


ROSIE: Awful lot of spots to hide around here.

WELKIN: Yeah. Especially around those rocks, I can see a lot of unexpected 
run-ins happening.

ROSIE: Heh, better believe they'll be runnin'. I'm a damn shocktrooper.

WELKIN: All right, let's begin the mission! Take out every last one of them!

[Squad 7 intercepts them by a large tree known as the Wizenring Tree, which
grows on the road to Ironfield Village. There is an upper path and a lower path
running through a maze of curiously shaped rocks.]

IMPERIAL OFFICER: The world's better off with those oily dark-hairs dead 'n'
gone, you idiots! Get in our way and we'll be all too happy to send you to your
next life!

[The Imperial hunting party consists of tanks and infantry support. The 
Gallians make their way around. The dry grass makes an ideal place for both
the Gallians and the Imperials to crawl and hide.]

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: Why risk your hide for some dark-hair? There's those who rule
and those who obey. That's the way this world was made to be!

[The clash continues.]

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Gah, who ARE these guys?! They just won't go down! We've got
no choice! Pull out! Everybody, get out the best you can.

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: You know where to meet up afterwards. Once we all get there,
the hunt's on!

ROSIE: Smug bastards! They're makin' plans for their next hunt before they're
even out of this! 7s, we're huntin' these cowards right back! Don't let a 
single one of 'em go!

[The Gallians continue the assault, eliminating the hunting party as they move

WELKIN: Operation complete! That's all of them!


[Squad 7 encounters a DARCSEN BOY.]

ROSIE: You live in this village, kid? Where's your family at?

DARCSEN BOY: The Imperials who came to the village before...they killed my

ROSIE: That's rough.

BOY: Why do they all...? why do people hate us? Are they gonna keep hating us

ROSIE: I'll tell you something. My town got hit by a hunt too.

BOY: Really?

ROSIE: A whole bunch of Darcsens lived near me, see? And...they burned the
whole place mom...and little brother...died in the fire. After that,
I started hating Darcsens too. Figured if it weren't for know? But
a good friend showed me I was all wrong. She was the first Darcsen friend I had.

BOY: What's she like? How'd you become friends?

ROSIE: She was real stubborn, but...she was true. Kind and honest and strong to
the core. But...she and I were off fighting the Empire and...she got killed.

BOY: Oh...

ROSIE: Building a world where Darcsens and everybody else got along was always
her big dream. I figure now it falls on me to make sure that happens.

BOY: Do you know a way to get people not to hate us?! If so, please, please
tell me!

ROSIE: I wish I did, kiddo. All I know is how to get things done my own way.
Wnat to know my plan? When this war's over, I'm gonna be a singer.

BOY: A singer...?

ROSIE: Yeah. Songs sound the same to folks of all kinds. The feelings behind
them get through. I'll keep singing until her dream comes true. That's my way
of making her world happen. You should figure out your own way, kiddo.

BOY: How I'd change the world?

ROSIE: Well, I gotta get going. Take care, kid.

BOY: You, too. Thank you very much.

[In the cemetery. ROSIE is at ISARA's grave.]

ROSIE: Isara...I got somethin' to report to you today. A while back when we went
to stop the hunts, I met a boy who'd lost his parents, right? Well, he sent me
a letter. Said once I got to sing again, he'd come listen to me. Heh, good
taste for a little squirt, huh? And he says he wants to become a doctor. Says
that's his way of changing the world. I'm not promisin' miracles, but we'll try
bit by bit. You just watch. Take it easy, Isara. I'll come again soon.

====Chapter 13: The Clash at Naggiar====

____13-1: On the Eve of Battle____


KOLLER: After wresting it from the Empire's control, Squad 7 left Bruhl for
Naggiar, the stage for this war's grandest battle. Even as they traveled, an
increasing number of soldiers streamed into both camps. Both sides braced to
feel the brunt of the other's army in the fight for all of Gallia. --Irene
Koller, "On the Gallian Front"

[In the operations room.]

VARROT: General! As I've said a hundred times now, I strongly recommend a
change of tactics. With the disparity in numbers, it's lunacy to send the
Gallian forces on an all-out attack! We'd stand better chances centered around
our defensive holdings, fending off advances...

DAMON: The enemy have gathered in one place for us! We can't let this chance
slip by. If we win this one battle, we'll be able to kick those Imps out of
Gallia for good!

VARROT: General, we lack the manpower to break through an enemy force that 

DAMON: If we're short on soldiers, why aren't you out drafting more farmhands
for us?

VARROT: Do you honestly plan to let our countrymen die needlessly out there?!

DAMON: When attack if not now, Varrot?! We WILL win this battle. We must! We'll
throw everything Gallia's got at them. A few casualties are going to be

[VARROT makes a noise of disgust.]

DAMON: If you've got time to sit there fretting, go light a fire under those
yokels of yours.

VARROT: Understood. I will do my best.

[In the field HQ.]

WELKIN: Sorry I'm late.

LARGO: We deployin'?

WELKIN: We're still on standby. I'm figuring we'll get the order to move out a
bit past noon. 

LARGO: Gotcha!

WELKIN: Is everybody ready to go?

ZAKA: All set and waiting for the word. But it sure looks like the enemy's got
us in numbers.

WELKIN: They do. The invading front's nearly all here. This one's gonna be a
major battle.

ROSIE: I've made my peace with it and all, but...seeing 'em all lined up out

ALICIA: Guys, can I say something? Umm, I grew up in an orphanage. I don't have
a family, and I always thought I was alone. But Welkin showed me I was wrong.
That I wasn't alone at all. Not anymore...the 7s guys are my family

LARGO: The squad's your family?

ALICIA: Before a big battle like's scary. I figure I feel just like 
all of you do. But when I think I'm here alongside my family, I feel strong
enough to fight.

LARGO: Family, huh? My old folks're gone and I got no siblings, but, I bet this
is what it's like. Course, any siblings of mine woulda grown up a lot better
actin' than you lot!

ROSIE: Sounds odd to say it,'re right. And I bet Isara's watchin' over
us all.

LARGO: Alright...let's go do this.

ZAKA: Yeah, let's go put holes in those tanks.

ALICIA: Yeah. Then let's all come back here together.

WELKIN: We'll get through this fight and see Gallia free again on the other 

____13-2: The Iron-Willed Valkyria____


[In the Imperial command room.]

SELVARIA: Your Grace, all troops have arrived at Naggiar and adopted combat
positions. This time we'll crush their feeble army and see Your Grace to the
doorstep of Randgriz.

MAXIMILIAN: Make it so. Selvaria, you have never failed me in your loyalties
thus far. I exist because you exist, one aside the other. You go with my trust.

SELVARIA: Sir! Your are too kind. I was a worthless wretch before
you brought me into the light of Your Grace's company. Estranged from my parents
before I could know them, thrown into that research facility...the object of
heinous experiments and deprived of human contact. But Your Grace took me from
that place, raised me to be a human before a Valkyria.

MAXIMILIAN: Then awaken the powers within you...I betrayed the trust you placed
in me.

SELVARIA: No, Grace. Once I learned that the Valkyria's powers stir only when
the body faces death...

[A flashback to SELVARIA plunging a dagger into her chest.]

SELVARIA: I didn't hesitate a moment. I would gladly pierce this breast again,
even now. When you granted me the shield and the lance from the ruins, I became
Valkyria only for you. Never until then had I thought to feel pride in the
Valkyrur's blood in me.

MAXIMILIAN: Now is the time to show the world the power that blood holds. Go
forth, Selvaria. Bring victory to my army.

SELVARIA: Yes sir!

____13-3: Selvaria, Destroyer____


[The battle of Naggiar is in full force. Reinforcements under SELVARIA come.
She stands atop a tank, glowing bright blue, wielding both shield and lance.
An IMPERIAL SOLDIER looks through his binoculars.]

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: Tanks at 0-1-5! Gallian forces approaching! Approximately
two regiments!

SELVARIA: Silly fools...

[She extends her lance.]

SELVARIA: feel the power of the Valkyrur.

[The lance spins rapidly, and a blue flame starts to build up around it. She
fires the intense blue beam, which takes the shape of a drill, at a Gallian
tank, which is thrown up and frozen almost vertical before exploding. SELVARIA
jumps off the tank, but she seems to float back to the ground.]

SELVARIA: My Lord Maximilian. This time we will win. I promise you. Rragh!

[She charges forward at a superhuman speed.]

____13-4: Showdown at Naggiar (B16)____


VARROT: This is a full-scale showdown against the Empire's entire invasion 
force. Here are the details.


VARROT: It's time to begin the operation. I ask that you give me 100% on this 


ALICIA: Well, here we are, I guess. That enemy camp looks awfully 

WELKIN: This one's going to come down to slipping past the enemy fire and into
their lines.

VARROT (radio): Lieutenant Gunther! That Valkyria from Barious has been sighted 
here as well! The eastern front is suffering debilitating losses to her, as we

WELKIN: Are you serious?!

VARROT (radio): It's possible she'll head this way before much longer. Keep 
your eyes open!

[The plains of Naggiar are a maze of trenches, remnants of EWI. The Gallians
in Squad 7 charge down No-man's-land to the Imperial trenches on the East,
taking cover in the trenches as long-range rocket support from the Imperials
bombards the Gallian camp and No-man's-land. They fight through the maze of 
trenches to the midway camp, where rocket fire is being directed. Upon its
capture, the chain of command to the rocket fire is disrupted.]

KREIS: Sir, we've occupied the midway camp!

WELKIN: Good, that means they can't call in any more rocket salvos.

[At this point, tank support is able to come in. The Edelweiss arrives.]

SELVARIA: Ah, so here you have you been since Barious?

WELKIN: Oh no, the Valkyria's arrived.

SELVARIA: Heh heh...I need to pay you back for that defeat.

VARROT (radio): Lieutenant, the Valkyria appears to be making her way to our 
base camp.

WELKIN: It's too dangerous to confront her directly! What are your orders?!

[VARROT pauses, with no good answer.]

VARROT (radio): All right, continue your attack as before. If we take their
base camp, she may fall back. It's a race to see which of us can capture the
other flag first. You probably can't stop her, but sending a few tank rounds her
way may slow her down. There are dips and divots across the field. Hide your
tank in those and snipe at her.

WELKIN: Understood! We'll try our best, Captain!

[From the midway base there's a set of wooden doors that lead to the main
Imperial base behind the trenchworks. It is heavily guarded. Meanwhile, the
Edelweiss rumbles towards the enemy lines, taking potshots at the soldiers in
the trenches and craterholes, as well as at SELVARIA. SELVARIA, in return, fires
her lance upon Gallian tanks, destroying them with one hit.]

WELKIN: that what that woman's capable of? If we're hit with that, 
it's all over. We need to proceed with extreme caution! Stay in those trenches
as you make for the enemy camp!

[Squad 7 rushes to capture the enemy camp. The wooden barracks in the site
make excellent cover as they keep the offensive. They manage to take the camp.

WELKIN: Yes! We've occupied their base camp!

SELVARIA: Rrgh...those fools let them through. Fine, it's a mere delay. We've
made a good start of this battle. His Grace will be pleased.

KREIS: Sir! The Valkyria appears to be retreating!

WELKIN: Haah...we're saved.

VARROT (radio): Lieutenant, excellent work out there. Sending that monster back
was a salvation for us. That said, our side has suffered heavy losses. They're
the clear victors of this first round.

____13-5: A Bullet from the Blue____


[Squad 7 surveys the flat landscape of Naggiar. Smoke pours out of fresh 

ROSIE: What IS she...some kinda monster?!

LARGO: That's a Valkyria's real power.

[Unbeknowst to them, someone is looking at them through a sniper's scope.]

WELKIN: We were able to occupy their main camp, but took massive losses.
Alicia, we can't hold it, we're undermanned. We have to call for additional

ALICIA: Right. I'll go gather the rest of the squad.

[The scope focuses on ALICIA and the shot rings out. ALICIA's eyes widen in
shock as she slowly crumples to the ground.]

WELKIN: Alicia?!

LARGO: Alicia...

[He runs over to her side.]

ROSIE: It can't be...we got 'em all.

ZAKA: We don't have time to go search. We've got to get Alicia out of here.

[WELKIN is at ALICIA's side, in shock.]

LARGO: C'mon boss! Got to move, bring Alicia!

WELKIN: Alicia!

====Report 8: Flowers of the Battlefield (R8)====


[At the field HQ.]

ROSIE: What do you mean we're deployin'?! Alicia's been shot, remember?!

VARROT: An Imperial raiding party is approaching via a long path around eastern
Naggiar. If they manage to hit us in the flank in the shape we're in now, 
things will get ugly.

ZAKA: wouldn't kill the other side to show a bit of consideration.

VARROT: The Naggiar battle hurt the militia just as badly as the rest of the
Gallian Army. It pains me to send you back out there now, but I need you to
stop that raid. The enemy is approaching a refugee camp housing evacuees from
border towns like Bruhl. I'd like you to secure the safety of that camp in
addition to halting the enemy.

KREIS: Umm...may I ask how Alicia's condition is? We haven't seen her since she
was hurt.

VARROT: Sergeant Melchiott is still unconscious. Still no signs of waking up.
You'll have to make do without her this time around. Good luck, Lieutenant.

[WELKIN does not seem to be paying attention.]

VARROT: Lieutenant Gunther, are you listening?

WELKIN: Oh, yes...yes, Captain.

VARROT: I know you're worried about here, but times like this are when the
squad needs you most.

WELKIN: Yes Captain.

VARROT: I look forward to a favorable report. You're dismissed.

[She walks away.]

LARGO: Hey, boss...what's the plan?

WELKIN: Right, okay...everybody, get yourselves ready. I'll do the same.

[He walks away.]

ZAKA: Welkin's taking this pretty hard, isn't he?

ROSIE: I just hope he doesn't let that gloom slow him down in the field.

LARGO: Alright, let's go do this.

____RB-5: Guarding the Refugee Camp____


VARROT: Here are details on the current operation.


VARROT: We're prepared to commence the operation. I look forward to good news
from you.


[WELKIN gives orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: Defend the refugee camp! No one gets through! Squad 7, move out!


LARGO: This place is one big patch a' grass...wish we had a good scout like 
Alicia here.

ROSIE: You dumb lunk! Ixnay on mentionin' Alicia! You tryin' to distract the 

LARGO: Ack, sorry! Just kinda slipped out.

KREIS: Enemy sighted straight ahead! They appear to be advancing toward the 
refugee camp, sir.

WELKIN: Okay, 7's. Don't let any of them through until the people in those camps
can evacuate. Spot the approach routes they're likely to take and be there to
greet them!

[Squad 7 is deployed to the north of the refugee camp. ZAKA and his Shamrock
are not present, as he is organizing the evacuation. The place is a plain of
tall grass. The enemy appears en masse to the northeast: tanks and infantry.
Apart from a rock or two, there is very little cover. The Gallians use this
unobstructed field of fire and guerilla attacks from the grass to resist the
attack. After a long battle, the victory is for the defense. OPERATION 

WELKIN: Operation complete! That's all of them!


[At the evacuee camp.]

WELKIN: Everyone, you're all safe now. We've turned back the Imperial raid.
Still, this place could turn into a combat zone soon. Evacuate as soon as you


WELKIN: I guess that takes care of this operation.

[He sees some lion's paw growing in the field.]

WELKIN: Lion's paw...

[A GIRL from Bruhl walks up to him.]

GIRL: Um, hey, Mr. Soldier! Thanks for saving our lives!

WELKIN: No problem...

GIRL: Ooh! It's a lion's paw! That's my favorite flower! This girl from my
orphanage told me about 'em. She liked 'em a lot, too. 

WELKIN: Oh yeah?

GIRL: Yeah! And she was really good at cooking. I mean soups, fish, even bread!
Mmm, I wish I could eat her bread right now. Good things always happened when
she baked!

WELKIN: Lion's paw...and bread? Was her name Alicia Melchiott?

GIRL: Whoa, you know Alicia, mister?!

WELKIN: Yeah. We're good friends.

GIRL: Did you know she planted lion's paw seeds all around the orphanage and
aaaall over? When they bloomed, she'd jump up and down, cheering like crazy!

WELKIN: She did, huh? I didn't know that.

GIRL: Um, hey! So do you know what lion's paw means in the language of flowers?

WELKIN: The language, what does it mean?

GIRL: It's supposed to mean "unbending spirit"! That's what Alicia told me the
first day I was at the orphanage. I was crying a lot.

WELKIN: Unbending...spirit.

GIRL: She said lion's paw seeds are super light and get blowed all over, but 
they're real strong! Wherever they wind up, they just grow roots and turn into
flowers there! I don't got a mom or dad anymore but...I'm gonna grow up into
a flower just like that!

WELKIN: I'm sure you will.

GIRL: So you should do like me, mister, and look at the lion's paws whenever 
you're feeling sad.

WELKIN: I'll do that. Thank you.

GIRL: Sure! Oh, um, I gotta go now. See you later, mister!

[She waves goodbye and runs away.]

WELKIN: Okay. See you later! (to himself) Alicia...thank you.

[Later, WELKIN meets up with the rest of his squad.]

WELKIN: Everyone, I...I'm sorry. You shouldn't all have to suffer for my

LARGO: You got that right! You got that right! You had us worried there, boss!

ROSIE: Yeah, you owe us one, big time. Be ready to pay up on that one someday.

WELKIN (laughs): Okay.

ZAKA: Then you're feeling better, huh?

WELKIN: Yeah, I am. Alicia...she cheered me up.

KREIS: Alicia did, sir?

WELKIN: Yeah, from way back when. All this has helped me see just how important
she really is to me. I've got to keep my head on straight so we'll be ready for
her when she comes back.

LARGO: Right on! Cheers to that, boss!

ZAKA: Squad's just not the same with the little missus gone.

WELKIN: Okay, 7s. Alicia's waiting for us. Let's head back home to her.

====Chapter 14: Loss within Victory====

____14-1: At the Field Hospital____


[ALICIA is lying in bed at the field hospital.]

WELKIN: Oh, Alicia...

LARGO: They said it missed her organs, but she's still out cold, huh...? C'mon
boss. There ain't nothing' we can do for her cooped up in here. We really got
our hands full, keepin' those Imps from crashin' down on top of us.

WELKIN:'re right. We'll be back soon, Alicia.

MEDIC: Lieutenant Gunther...might I have a word?

WELKIN: Hmm? Sure, what's up?

MEDIC: Well, it's...I'd feel more comfortable if we could talk alone.

LARGO: Right. I'll head on back to the squad, boss.

WELKIN: Thanks, Largo. Get everyone ready to move out.

MEDIC: I'm sorry to keep you. I know you've got a squad to run here.

WELKIN: It's fine. What is it?

MEDIC: Well, I removed the bullet from Alicia's body, but when I took a look
at it, it...

[She takes out the bullet.]

MEDIC: It's...the bullet wasn't of Imperial make. It was a Gallian sniper rifle
round, sir.

WELKIN: Wh-What?!

MEDIC: And not just a normal round, either. It's part of a new series still in

WELKIN: So you're think Alicia was shot by someone on our side?!

MEDIC: I can't be completely sure, but...I believe it's a very real possibility.

WELKIN: But, why? What would anyone stand to gain from shooting someone in
their own camp?!

____14-2: Clashing Opinions____


[At the field HQ.]

DAMON: Augh, those incompetents! Why are they letting the Empire have their 

VARROT: With all due respect, General! Our army isn't equipped to fight a 
Valkyria! We ought to pull back for now and think of a strategy to neutralize
her safely!

DAMON: Eagh, quiet! Quiet! If we pull out now, how will I explain this to the
higher-ups?! Tomorrow at noon we march on the the Empire again! Every soldier
we have fights!

VARROT: General!

DAMON: Know your place, Varrot. You are dismissed.

VARROT: Rgh...this is hopeless. We'll lose the whole army. Isn't there...? What
can we do?

____14-3: Awakening____


[ALICIA still sleeps at the field hospital. Someone quietly lifts the tent flap
and steps in, putting a Valkyria lance and shield on her bed. The lance starts
to glow blue, just as it did for SELVARIA. Unconsciously, ALICIA gets up and
opens her eyes...but they are glowing red now.]

____14-4: Twin Valkyrur____


[The Imperials stand at the field of battle again, with SELVARIA in the front,
glowing blue. She points her lance towards the Gallian side.]

SELVARIA: Listen to me, Gallia! Cast aside your weapons and surrender! If you
do not, Naggiar's plains will drink deeply of your blood!

[The Imperial army shouts a warcry. The Gallians on the other side are cowed.
One of the Gallian soldiers turns around.]

GALLIAN SOLDIER: Wait a minute. (pointing at it) I don't believe it.

[Coming forth from the Gallian side is ALICIA. She glows blue and wields a
lance and shield just like SELVARIA. However, her eyes are open in a blank
stare and she does not appear to be fully conscious of her actions. She walks
slowly and unsteadily.]

WELKIN: No! She can't be a Valkyria!

SELVARIA: Another scion to the Valkyrur? This world has no need for two. Get

[She charges at ALICIA with a loud cry, leaping up and slicing quickly. Quicker
than the blink of an eye, ALICIA sidesteps the attack.]


[She slices again horizontally, but ALICIA has disappeared...she has
somersaulted up into the air, floating back down to Earth. She turns around,
facing SELVARIA and extending her lance. SELVARIA charges again, and they spar
for a brief moment before locking their lances. ALICIA's power is greater,
and she pushes SELVARIA away, who rolls about before getting up. This time,
SELVARIA runs over and fires a beam of blue light at ALICIA, but ALICIA
leaps high, pirouetting in midair, and fires a beam in turn at SELVARIA. She
blocks it with her shield, but she can only hold it for a second before it 
blasts her away.]

SELVARIA: Gyaaugh!

[She loses her glow, and the lance and shield tumble to the ground beside her.]

SELVARIA: This can't be...

[She tries to get up, but falls back down, unconscious.]

____14-5: Showdown at Naggiar (B17)____


VARROT: Let me catch you up on the current situation.


VARROT: You'll commence combat now. Stay sharp out there.


[WELKIN gives orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: Concentrate on taking their base camp! Squad 7, move out!


ROSIE: Boss! What's happened to Alicia?!

WELKIN: I don't know...but that blue flame is the same as that Valkyria's.

LARGO: You don't sayin' Alicia's Valkyria?!

WELKIN: It looks like she's acting unconsciously. Get too close, she might 
attack us. I'm worried but...we're better off watching for now. In the
meantime, we strike their camp!

[ALICIA is slowly walking forward, blocking gunfire with her shield. With a
single blast from her lance she destroys men, tanks, and bunkers alike. Squad 7 
capitalizes on the chaos and demoralization in the enemy lines, charging across
the flat plains of Naggiar and taking out the tank destroyers and the cannon
bunkers in the way. With the help of ALICIA, taking the enemy camp is a quick


[ALICIA stands there. Slowly her blue glow fades. She drops her lance and shield
and falls to the ground.]


WELKIN: Alicia! Medic! Medic!!!

MEDIC: What happened?

WELKIN: It looks like Alicia's passed out. Can you get her back to base for me?

MEDIC: Yes sir!

[A sudden tremor rocks the earth.]

WELKIN: Wh-what now?!

VARROT (radio): Massive tanks are approaching from the north and south! Be
careful, Lieutenant! It's a pincer attack!

WELKIN: Rrgh...they left the camp open as bait to lure us in!

VARROT (radio): Those tanks fire incendiary rounds. The impact explodes into a
broad blaze. That flame can get at you even in trenches, and takes a while to
die down. Be careful!

WELKIN: Change of plans, 7s! Hold the camp and take down those tanks!

[Massive tanks known as the Dromedarius have entered the battlefield with
infantry support. The Gallians fight hard to destroy the tanks. One of the 
Dromedarius are destroyed.]

KREIS: One enemy tank neutralized! One to go, sir!

WELKIN: Keep it up, everybody! It won't be long now!

[The second tank is defeated only after a pitched battle. With their armored
escorts destroyed, the Imperial infantry is routed. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

WELKIN: Operation complete! Both enemy tanks neutralized!

____14-6: At What Price Victory____

KOLLER: The watershed battle on the Naggiar plains ended in the victory of the
Gallian forces. It made military history not only with its ferocity, but with 
the duel that ended it. The Imperial army then fell to retreat, while Gallia's
grasp on victory tightened. --Irene Koller, "On the Gallian Front"


[In the field hospital.]

WELKIN: Alicia! Are you all right?!

ALICIA: Welkin...I'm...what happened? I can't remember...what did...? I was
shot, wasn't I? But here I am, alive and fully healed...and it's like...everyone
looks at me differently they're scared. Welkin, did...has something
happened to me? Tell me, please!

WELKIN: Alicia...

====Report: Parting Ways====

____R-1: Suspicion____


[The operations room. A knock at the door.]

KREIS: Sir, may I come in?'

[He enters the room.]

WELKIN: Kreis...any results on that thing I asked you to look into?

KREIS: Yes, sir. For starters, this bullet you gave me...its shape and markings
perfectly match rounds used by an experimental Gallian sniper rifle.

WELKIN: I Alicia really was shot by someone inside the Gallian force.
So, any leads on who fired it?


WELKIN: Tell me, Kreis.

KREIS: The night before the shooting, records show Lieutenant Landzaat checked
out the rifle.

WELKIN: What?! Faldio had the gun? Are you sure that's not some mistake?

KREIS: It's rare for a tank commander to ask for a sniper rifle, so the clerk
remembered him. Sir, only two of those rifles exist right now. One is confirmed
to be locked in the arsenal. The other was checked out to Lieutenant Landzaat
and has yet to be returned. I can''s hard for me to believe too.

WELKIN: Faldio...? It couldn't be...

____R-2: Truth____


[In Faldio's office. A knock at the door.]

WELKIN: Hey, in?

[He opens the door.]

WELKIN: Guess not.

[He takes a look at the books in FALDIO's bookcase.]

WELKIN: "Notes on the Valkyrian Race"..."The Anthropology of the Valkyrur"...?
Maybe he was reading up on the enemy.

[He spots a document on his desk.]

WELKIN: Hm? This is his handwriting. (reading it) "Alicia must be made to
awaken." (His eyes widen) What?!

FALDIO (voiceover): Alicia must be made to awaken. No matter how much I try,
I can think of no other way. I almost wish I had never joined them on that
expedition to the Barious ruins. I'm convinced that the inner chamber was built
to admit only Valkyrur, but the door opened at her touch. That could only mean
that the blood of their tribe courses through her veins. Still, I was shocked
to find her bathed in that uncanny light that night in the field. Though I
doubted my eyes, I never once doubted. That light was the Valkyrian blue flame.
Ultimately, I had no choice but to accept the simple truth that Alicia is one
of them. I'd already begun to question all I knew. The walls of the temple
sanctum were inscribed with the Valkyrur's account of history. History as it
truly was. We are all taught of the Darcsen Calamity, and how their actions
forever scorched the land. But this account told a different story. The Valkyrur
invaded the land from the north, slaying the indigenous Darcsen people as they
came. Their grasp of ragnite technology and the art of war were vastly superior.
They trained the destructive power of ragnite on the Darcsens' land, burned it
to ash, then had the gall to pass the blame for their inhuman deeds off on their
Darcsen slaves. Darcsens have borne that stigma ever since, while the Valkyrur
became godlike saviors. The victors simple rewrote the history books. The 
Barious ruins promulgate a lie to all but their own descendants as hard fact.
Reading about the Valkyrur's power, the true face of these "saviors" left me
stunned. Yet, at the same time, I cannot help but think of how useful it
could be to us now. Since then, I've investigated every text and report on the
Valkyrur I could find. They lead me to believe that at least a few scions of
the Valkyrur must have survived to this day. All across Europa, these rare
individuals live and die unaware of their own nature. But history has recorded
rare cases of individuals who have awakened to their powers. Their stories
share one common thread: All of them suffered grave wounds before awakening.
If those accounts are correct, the blood of the Valkyrur stirs at the approach
of death. Their power, having slept for thousands of years, bursts awake at
one step shy of the end. Once awakened, if one of these individuals takes hold
of the refined ragnite arms of their ancestors, they make their mark on history
as one of the Valkyrur of old. I couldn't stop myself. I stole the Valkyrian
lance and shield out of the university archive. Supposedly their blood serves
to amplify the ragnite's nature power. I have no idea what science lies behind
it. Perhaps it's a consequence of their origins in the ragnite-rich northern
regions. Regardless of the reason, the Valkyria's life force itself calls forth
a reaction from the stone. The enemy Valkyria decimated our forces on the 
Naggiar plains. I could not afford to stay my hand on account of ethics...I had
the rifle, and I forced myself to use it. I shot her. I placed the lance and
shield on her unconscious form. I was wracked with insecurity and guilt, hands
red with the blood of my best friend's love. But now I know. The choice I made
was right.

[WELKIN is enraged.]

WELKIN: Faldio!!!

[A GALLIAN SOLDIER hears his shout and runs into the room.]

GALLIAN SOLDIER: H-Hello, lieutenant Gunther. Is something wrong?

WELKIN: Faldio! Where is he?!

SOLDIER: S-Sir! Captain Varrot just called him in. He left only a minute ago.

WELKIN: Rgh...

[He runs out.]

____R-3: Confrontation____


[WELKIN bursts into VARROT's office. He walks up to FALDIO, seething in anger.]

WELKIN: Faldio, I'm only going to ask you this once. Was it you who shot Alicia?

FALDIO: Yeah. I shot her.

[WELKIN punches FALDIO in the face, then grabs him by the collar.]

WELKIN: Tell me why...why did you have to shot her?!

FALDIO: The people...Gallia needed her. Now let me ask you a question: How else
do you think we could have won that battle? If not for Alicia's power, Gallia
would have most certainly lost.

WELKIN: I still can't...

FALDIO: And not just this battle! I'm talking about Gallia's future! How else
are we supposed to survive, Welkin?! Caught on either side by giants! It's
Alicia, our Valkyria! She's the only one who can protect us from them!

WELKIN: Wrong! Our side gaining power won't end this war! All it does is
escalate the conflict!

[VARROT slams her hand on the table.]

VARROT: That's enough!

[WELKIN lets go of FALDIO.]

VARROT: Listen to each other. You may both be right, but still, you're both
very wrong. I don't claim to have the perfect answer either. However, regardless
of the reason, attacking one of your own comrades is deplorable. By Gallian
military law, I remand you to the stockade until further notice, Faldio. And
you, Welkin, 24 hours in isolation for engaging in fisticuffs!

[She turns around and looks out her window.]

====Chapter 15: Citadel Ghirlandaio====

____15-1: To Fell a Citadel____


[In the field HQ.]

VARROT: Thanks to the victory at Naggiar, our forces have pushed the enemy back
to the border. the Imperials are currently holed up in the citadel at

WELKIN: Ghirlandaio...

KOLLER: A crucial checkpoint along the commerce routes tying Gallia to the East
since medieval times, the pass at Ghirlandaio had been fortified for ages. The
existing structure was rebuilt as a modern fortress during the First Europan
War, and its grounds were littered with the casualties of war. In the current
war, it housed the Empire's command center, and now it stood as their final
stronghold. --Irene Koller, "On the Gallian Front"

WELKIN: What's our strategy for attacking the citadel, Captain?

VARROT: Hmm...I still haven't received any details on our orders from above yet.

[DAMON steps in.]

DAMON: Oh, stop your worrying, Varrot. I came here myself to give you your 

VARROT (saluting): General Damon? I'm honored, but why not just send a 

DAMON: Your regiment really showed 'em up, out there at Naggiar. In return, I'm
granting you the honor of assaulting the citadel at the van of the army.


DAMON: Here are your orders. There's a supply line running into the citadel.
We're sending a train car loaded down with explosives along it to blow us an
entrance. The militia will run along the track ahead of it, flipping the right
rail switches.

VARROT: Flipping rail switches, sir? This while dodging a hailstorm of bullets?
That sounds like a suicide mission, sir.

DAMON: Bah ha ha! What are you talking about? It's the perfect challenge for
your fearless crew! If we succeed here, the Empire will finally be forced out
of Gallia for good. You'll pave the way for the real army. You got that, Varrot?

[VARROT sputters in frustration as DAMON walks away.]

GALLIAN OFFICER: Damn it! Another mission they don't have the guts to do for

WELKIN: Maybe, but it's a mission that someone still needs to do.

VARROT: Precisely. As the general said, if we win, the Empire will be driven 
out of Gallia. Let this be our final battle. I'll await good news from the 
field. Dismissed.

____15-2: The Cruelest Order____


[In MAXIMILIAN's dreams...he is a child in the wreckage of an rail explosion.]

MAXIMILIAN: It hurts...mother, where are you?!

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: Hey, there's a survivor here! It's too late for the mother.
C'mon, we gotta get the child out, now!

MAXIMILIAN: Mother, where are you? Mother! MOTHER!!!

[He sees her thin arm sticking out from beneath the wreckage.]

SELVARIA: Sir...Your Grace...

[MAXIMILIAN slowly awakes. SELVARIA is before him.]

MAXIMILIAN: Hmph. That incident grows old and stale. Selvaria, what news have
you from the front?

SELVARIA: Sire, they seek to push our soldiers past the border, and the total
of their forces approach those of our own.

MAXIMILIAN: I see...the advantage now begins to sway towards the other side.
It seems the loss at Naggiar has ended our hopes of strolling through the gates
of Randgriz.

SELVARIA: The fault lies with me! This would be over had I but won at Naggiar.
Your Grace, grant me another chance. I beg you! Please allow me to fight for
your glory, sire!


[He gets up and puts a hand on SELVARIA's shoulder.]

MAXIMILIAN: Dear you truly wish to be of help?

SELVARIA: Yes! More than anything! From the time you saved me, Your Grace...
I've...known...that I love you more than I do my own life. Sire, I want to work
in the service of your dreams!

MAXIMILIAN: Very well. So Selvaria, you report that the strength of our opponent
now matches our own. In that case, let the fire of destruction rain down upon
them. Use the final flame of the Valkyria.

[Her eyes open wide in shock.]

SELVARIA: But...?!

[MAXIMILIAN walks away.]

SELVARIA: Your Grace...

MAXIMILIAN: The hour of your death shall mark the inauguration of Our rule.
Farewell, Selvaria.

[She falls to her knees.]


[The Imperial command room.]

JAEGER: Can't say I'm impressed, Your Grace. Making a lady cry?

MAXIMILIAN: This is simply one of a number of scenarios We'd planned for since
before Naggiar. If her prowess as a Valkyria is insufficient, Selvaria's uses
quickly narrow to one alone.]

JAEGER: Hmph. Anyway, there's a messenger here for you straight from Castle

MAXIMILIAN: So there is. Let him wait. I have no time for simple messengers now.
We are set to commence Operation Steel Scythe. Jaeger, prepare to return back

JAEGER: What?! Then it's...the Marmota's finished?

MAXIMILIAN: It is. Word has come that it has completed its trial run. The
Gallians are hasty to assume victory. We shall see them gutted yet.

[He walks away. JAEGER broods, then looks at SELVARIA. She weeps silently.]

JAEGER: I'm sorry.

[Then he too walks away.]

____15-3: Bracing for Battle____


[In the field HQ.]

WELKIN: Is everybody here?

ROSIE: No. Still no Alicia, boss.

WELKIN: Right...well, let's start.

ZAKA: I already heard from another squad. We're prepping some tracks for a bomb?

WELKIN: That's right. It's a rough one, but this is a critical mission.

LARGO: Eh, this is the militia. We're used to gettin' all the bum missions by
now. With that settled, there's one question I gotta ask you, boss. Alicia's
Valkyria powers and plan to use those this time, too?

WELKIN: No, Largo. Of course I don't. I have faith in your natural abilities.
Who needs Valkyrur when I've got you all?

LARGO: Good answer. I'd expect no less from you, boss.

ZAKA: We're ready for anything out there. After all, this could very well be it.

ROSIE: Yeah, we're fine. You go be with Alicia, boss. She needs you real bad
right now.

WELKIN: All right. You all know what you're doing.

[He walks off.]

ROSIE: But does he? This is a tough one, even for nature boy.

LARGO: Havin' Alicia and the boss mopin' around is a drag for the whole squad.
I hope for everyone's sake they can pull outta this funk really soon.

____15-4: Doubts_____


[Outside, ALICIA is kneeling in a patch of grass. WELKIN walks up to her.]

WELKIN: Alicia, there you are! What's up?

[She stands up, holding a lion's paw.]

ALICIA: Look at this, Welkin. Guess what? I found some lion's paw growing while
I was out on my walk.

[WELKIN seems a bit taken aback at how happy she looks. She tucks the flower 
behind his bag.]

ALICIA: There we go. Very sharp! Makes you look like a real gentleman.

WELKIN: Uhh...well thank you.

[ALICIA looks glum all of a sudden, then hugs him again.]

ALICIA: Welkin...they said it was Faldio. Is it true?

WELKIN: Afraid so.

ALICIA: Then, when I...when I walked through camp before, some of them got down
on their knees like they were worshipping me. "Praise the Valkyria...the 
god-child"...they...they were begging me to save Gallia. Me. I mean, what am
I supposed to say to that?

WELKIN: Alicia, I...

ALICIA: What kind of life can...can I live from now on?

WELKIN: I wish I knew.

[ALICIA pushes herself away and tries to sound confident.]

ALICIA: Heh. Well, I'm sorry! Guess that was pretty heavy. Here we are right
before the last battle and I'm not helping things one little bit. Don't worry
about me! (saluting) Sergeant Alicia Melchiott, sir, reporting and ready for 
duty! My mind is focused on the mission. See you later boss!

[She turns around, upset, then runs off.]

WELKIN: Alicia...

____15-5: Fight for Ghirlandaio (B18)_____


VARROT: Here is your mission brief.


VARROT: If there are no questions, let's get started. I wish you good luck and 
happy hunting.


[WELKIN issues orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: There are three switches total. Let's clear the way! Squad 7, move out!


WELKIN: Foot soldiers, mortars, tanks... You name it, they'll be sending it all
at us. Stay calm and just get from switch to switch. All right, soldiers, move 

[The citadel is not only defended by the things WELKIN describes, but also by
mines and the citadel's own cannons. The Gallians push through and make it to
the first switch, as well as capturing the first camp.]

WELKIN: Okay, that's the first switch down! Keep it up, 7s!

[There are sandbags and a deserted train station stop ahead near the second
switch, along with more hostiles. Not only this, but the way ahead is extremely
heavily mined. The offense continues, and the second switch is taken along
with the camp.]

WELKIN: Great, that's two switches! Just one left to go!

[The next switch is behind a large metal gate and wall. There are, however,
several trenchworks that wind around the wall. From here a flank attack on
the enemy camp is made.]

KREIS: The citadel cannonry is awfully fierce, sir.

WELKIN: Yeah. We need to find a way to... (An idea flashes in his mind) The
ladders on the walls...they might be the key.

[There are ladders leading up to the battlements of Ghirlandaio indeed. From 
these battlements the Gallian stormtroopers can use their flamethrowers to
clear out the cannon bunkers. Finally, after fierce fighting, the Gallians hit
the third switch, opening the metal gate.]

WELKIN: Yes! We've hit all three of the switches!

VARROT (radio): Excellent job, Lieutenant Gunther! All right, we're sending the
explosives down! Once we blow the gate, we storm in!

WELKIN: Yes, Captain!



[The train laden with explosives races down the track, slamming into the gates
and destroying them in a massive explosion.]

WELKIN: Operation complete! The road's open, 7s!

____15-6: One Human's Struggle____


[Squad 7 has crossed into the huge breach in the citadel of Ghirlandaio. The
sun is setting.]

WELKIN: Great! There's a clear path to the citadel!

SELVARIA (shouting from the battlements): Proud warriors of Gallia, I must
commend you. You have breached Ghirlandaio's gates!

[Squad 7 looks up. SELVARIA is carrying a huge machine gun, the Ruhm, with

ALICIA: Look up there! The Valkyria!

SELVARIA (to herself): We meet looks like fate is toying with us.
(to ALICIA) You have already defeated me once as a Valkyria. Still, I have
come to fight you again. It's a matter of pride. But this time...I will face
you as a woman. (She aims the gun at ALICIA) This will be our last time then.
One of us is going to die here! Now! We fight!

____15-7: Selvaria's Last Stand (B19)_____


VARROT: Here are details on the current operation.


VARROT: We're prepared to commence the operation. I look forward to the good 
news from you.


[WELKIN issues commands from his tank.]

WELKIN: Take out their commander and claim Ghirlandaio! Squad 7, move out! 


WELKIN: Move out, 7's! Use the stairs and elevators on either side to head for 
the top!

[Night has fallen in Ghirlandaio. It is a massive battlefield, and one with
plenty of vertical space. There are many enemy encampments scattered around
the place. SELVARIA, the target, is high up in the battlements, and the battle
to reach these battlements is fierce. The machine gun crossfire in particular 
is deadly. Despite this, the Gallian infantry is able to ascend the staircases
and capture the side camps.]

SELVARIA:'s been some time since I last held a firearm. I've cast
aside my lance and shield. I fight you now as a mere mortal soldier!

[The range, accuracy, and power of the Ruhm is amazing...a weapon like this
is basically a handcannon. Combine this with SELVARIA's razor-quick reflexes,
and she seems practically invincible. Sniper and tank fire blazes through the

KREIS: We're under heavy fire from the upper level!

WELKIN: Remember to keep tucked away behind cover! Move along while healing
as necessary!

[There are elevators to the sides large enough to admit masses of infantry
or even tanks to ascend up to the broad battlements. Despite heavy suppressive
fire, the Gallians proceed to take the northern camps and turn on the power to
open the gates ahead. The Gallian offensive pushes further into the Imperial
lines, managing to bring the fight to SELVARIA. The shots that manage to hit
her do not seem to faze her whatsoever.]

SELVARIA: What's the matter? It will take more than that to strike me down.
Even as a mortal woman, I am still a warrior! I will fight on while this heart
still beats!

[Many Gallians fall by her hand. However, she is not all-seeing, and the 
Gallians attack her from every angle so that she is unable to dodge every 

SELVARIA (panting): Not yet...I haven't...lost this yet. Heed me, men of the
Empire! On my orders, heal your wounds! Fight with pride, strong to the bitter

[The fight becomes close-quarters. Eventually, SELVARIA is sufficiently

WELKIN: Operation complete! Secure the enemy commander!

____15-8: For Whom, for What?____


[The Ruhm clatters to the ground. SELVARIA is on her knees before ALICIA.]

SELVARIA: You have defeated me. It's over.

ALICIA: I need to ask you. Tell me, how do you live as a Valkyria? How do you
deal with the weight of that all the time?

SELVARIA: I fought because...I loved him. (She stands up) And what drove you
to take up the lance?

ALICIA: It wasn't voluntary. The truth is, I never became one because I wanted
to. And even now, I...I still don't know what to do. It confuses me. It scares

SELVARIA: I bear a heavy burden without the aid of purpose. So I was a girl without commitment to a cause.

DAMON: Freeze right there, war witch!

[Gallian soldiers surround her and put her at gunpoint.]

DAMON: Hands up! No funny business!

[She puts her hand up. One of the Gallian soldiers hits her in the back with
the butt of his rifle. ALICIA gasps as SELVARIA hits the ground with a cry,
unconscious. DAMON laughs.]

DAMON: We finally bagged a Valkyria! Good work!

WELKIN (running over): General! There was no call for violence. She had

DAMON: Watch your mouth! Impudent peasant! She uses evil magic, she's dangerous!
The only way I'm comfortable with her is when she's unconscious!

[SELVARIA comes to.]

SELVARIA: Please, Lord General. In the name of mercy, I beg you.

DAMON: Huh? Alright there, out with it.

SELVARIA: Do to me what you will. I ask only one thing. Spare the lives of the
men you've taken captive. Spare them...and let the militia escort them to their

DAMON (stroking his beard): Hmph, good idea. Rats escorting rats, sounds like 
a perfect match. Stand up, witch!

[Two Gallian soldiers lift her up by her arms.]

SELVARIA: I have found the purpose to justify my life. I don't think there's
much chance we'll be meeting again. That said, I'll admit I am curious. When
the time comes to make a choice, what cause will your life finally serve?

[ALICIA tries to step forward, but DAMON and his soldiers take her away.]

DAMON (laughing): A glorious victory! Send word to Randgriz immediately. Tell
them that Damon has taken Ghirlandaio!

____15-9: The Valkyria's Flame____


[DAMON sits in the Emperor's chair in the captured Imperial command room.]

DAMON (laughing): I could easily get used to this! It's my throne for a day!

GALLIAN SOLDIER: General, you look like you belong there, considering what 
you've accomplished.

DAMON: Yes! After dealing the final blow to the Empire, I proceeded to capture
the Valkyria alive. Damned if there's more glory to be had than that! Come to
think of it, that promotion to marshal may not be far off!

[SELVARIA's hands have been bound, and two guards have her at gunpoint.]

SELVARIA: General...the crew you sent with the prisoners, when did they all 

DAMON: Well now, let's see...I guess around three hours ago.

SELVARIA: Excellent...that should be enough time.

DAMON: For what?! You're just a bird in a cage now! A cage from which you will
never emerge! Have you forgotten yourself, witch?!

SELVARIA: You are the one who has forgotten, General.

[She glows brilliant blue, more brilliantly than she ever has. With a single
motion she breaks her bonds.]

DAMON: What the...!

SELVARIA: Witness the power of the Valkyria's flame. Fed by the dying embers
of her own life, it blossoms into hell's own inferno.

[Her guards cower back.]

DAMON: Hey! What are you doing?! Shoot her!

[They open fire.]

GALLIAN SOLDIER: Gah! You monster!

[They enter her, but she does not seem harmed. SELVARIA winces. All of a sudden
the flames envelop all around her. The guards burn with a cry, then DAMON with
a loud cry of fear and agony.]

SELVARIA: Lord Maximilian...farewell. All glory to you.

[Meanwhile, at the militia's place, they hear an explosion in the different.
ALICIA makes a gasp of surprise and looks back. One of the towers of 
Ghirlandaio has a single shaft of blue beam shooting out of a window...then
another and another, before the tower explodes. Then, all of a sudden, all of
Ghirlandaio is destroyed in a monstrous blue explosion. The shockwave of wind
and debris sends a huge cloud of dust in a massive radius. The militia and
their Imperial captives alike are knocked off their feet. The sky glows red
under the dust. Squad 7 gasps at the destruction.]

WELKIN: The Valkyria...

[A red mushroom cloud in the distance billows up.]


LARGO: What the...?! The whole damn citadel's up and erased!

ROSIE: No way...! Is this part of a Valkyria's power, too?

WELKIN: The blast claimed all of Gallia's main army.

ALICIA: this is the purpose of your life?

[VARROT runs over.]

VARROT: Welkin! Welkin, bad news!

LARGO: Calm yourself down, Elle. What's bigger news than what we just saw?

VARROT: I just got word from Randgriz, an emergency dispatch. A massive 
unidentified weapon is barreling through Kloden en route to Randgriz now!

WELKIN: What...are you serious?!

====Chapter 16: The Maiden's Shield====

____16-1: The Marmota____


[The Marmota, a giant land dreadnought (Author's note: Us American folk call 
them battleships), plows through the Kloden Wildwood. Dense forest untouched
by man now sees its end as the Marmota levels all. It appears to be powered
by a series of propellers.]


[In the Marmota control room.]

MAXIMILIAN (chuckling): The Kloden Wildwood is but a tender flower patch before
the Marmota.

IMPERIAL GUARD: Your Grace! A massive explosion was reported at the citadel
at Ghirlandaio, sir. Our rear guard and Gallia's primary force were both caught
in the blast...and obliterated!

MAXIMILIAN: I see...then Selvaria has performed her duty. Now nothing remains
to stay Our hand. Continue the march to the Gallian capital!

____16-2: Operation Maiden's Shield____

KOLLER: The Empire's ultimate weapon passed unhindered through the thick of
Kloden's woods, said to be impenetrable to all but bird and beast, and 
continued its juggernaut march north towards the gates of Castle Randgriz. 
Leaving the former site of the citadel at Ghirlandaio behind, the militia
raced to the capital's southern gates to intercept it. --Irene Koller, "On the
Gallian Front"


[In the field HQ.]

VARROT: Everyone, we've received intelligence on the weapon coming through 
Kloden's forest. The report identifies it as one of their most tightly guarded
development projects. It closely matches plans for a terrestrial dreadnought,
"Marmota." It's heavily armored, and carries a host of large-caliber cannons.
A battleship on legs.

LARGO: Leave it to the's one ridiculous tank after the other from
these people!

VARROT: Futhermore, it is likely that Maximilian is aboard the Marmota in

ROSIE: ARe you serious? How'd he get there so quickly?!

WELKIN: Regardless, we need to stop that thing, or the capital will be in

LARGO: Oh, sure, just gotta stop it. It's a battleship, boss! How we gonna stop

VARROT: We'll be cooperating with the Randgriz Royal Guard in effecting
Operation Maiden's Shield. Our job is to lure the Marmota into a canyon the
guard has lined with mines. Beyond the mines, they'll be concentrating all of
their firepower to stop it.

LARGO: Leadin' it into a minefield, huh? So we're the bait.

VARROT: Unfortunately, yes. With Gallia's army vaporized, this plan is our
only real option. Once they get out on open land there's no stopping them. It
has to happen in that gully.

WELKIN: A land dreadnought...I still can't even imagine.

ALICIA: Welkin...

WELKIN: Alicia, what's wrong? You look kind of down. 

[ALICIA sighs, then puts on her game face.]

ALICIA: It's nothing, I'm fine! Now let's go beat us up a battleship!

[She waves, then runs off.]

WELKIN: Alicia...

____16-3: Cordelia's Stand____


[In the throne room.]

ROYAL GUARD: Highness, the Empire's dreadnought approaches at great speed.

CORDELIA: Thank you.

ROYAL GUARD: The Royal Guard and militia were deployed in a tandem operation,
but the outlook is grim.

CORDELIA: We understand. We shall join them on the field. Fetch here the royal
armaments and tell the castle guard to assemble outside.

BORG: Your Highness, where do you intend to go?

CORDELIA: I cannot idly sit atop a throne while the nation crumbles around me.
It is the office of the Archduke's duty to fight for the safety of its people.

BORG: Ah, yes...but that would be inconvenient. Highness, I ask you make no
foolish choices.

CORDELIA: Borg?! What is the meaning of this?!

BORG: You are a precious bargaining chip alive. It would not do to allow you to
simply leave.

CORDELIA: Bargaining chip? You plan to sell our nation to the Empire then?!

BORG: Perish the thought, dear princess! Gallia is about to be reborn anew,
child: As a glorious kingdom with me as its king! (laughs evilly)

____16-4: Diverting the Marmota (B20)____


VARROT: We're about to commence Operation Maiden's Shield together with the 
Randgriz Royal Guard.


VARROT: Letting the enemy past here means allowing them into the capital. That 
must be avoided at any cost. Good luck!


[WELKIN gives orders from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: We have to divert that monster away from the capital! Squad 7, move out!


LARGO: So that's it, huh? They weren't kiddin' with that battleship stuff.

WELKIN: Remember, our mission's just to lead it along. Avoid combat where you
can. And don't forget to keep your distance: Get run over by that thing and it's
all over!

[Indeed, there is little need to actually fight, with only a very few Imperial
ground reinforcements. There are two primary roads that need to be closed off
to lead the Marmota to the mined valley.]


[The Marmota looms forward.]


VARROT (radio): Lieutenant, explosives have been installed next to the gully
walls. Detonate them with a gunshot. They'll cause a rockslide that may slow
the enemy down.

WELKIN: But won't the person setting them off also get caught in the rockslide?

VARROT (radio): They're shock sensitive time bombs. Once you arm them with a
shot, there's still time. Shoot them, then pull out before they go off. Their
range is wide, though, so be careful.

[The first set of canisters is by the gates of the South Kloden Road. Squad 7
shoots at some strategically placed ragnite canisters, causing rockslides to 
block it off. As if rockslides aren't dangerous enough, the Marmota also opens
fire with its cannons. The next stage of the battle leads down to the garrison.
The Edelweiss uses its cannon to open up the wall blocking the way forward,
which has plenty of friendly mines.]


[The Marmota continues going forward.]


KREIS: Sir, there's a fork in the gully.

WELKIN: The straight path leads away from our target. We need to make them turn.

KREIS: In that case, why not use the explosives on the straight path to block
it with debris?

WELKIN: Right, good plan. Let's give it a try.

[The tanks are able to clear a path through the mines as well as destroy the
anti-tank barricades ahead.]


[The Marmota rumbles forward and diverts its course away from South Kloden


ALICIA: Enemy course change confirmed!

WELKIN: Looks like we made 'em turn. Okay, let's keep guiding that thing home!


[The Marmota rumbles through the garrison.]


ALICIA: Sir, there's another fork!

WELKIN: Let's block off their course with rockslides like before! We're not far
from the Royal Guards' minefield now. Hang in there, 7s!

[The next fork needing to be blocked is the one leading down Kloden Highway.
Squad 7 shoots the ragnite bombs, triggering the rockslides. They then head for
their objective destination on Old Kloden Road.]


[The Marmota avoids the rockslided area and goes down Old Kloden Road. OPERATION

WELKIN: Operation complete! We managed to lead the dreadnought here!

____16-5: Into the Fire____


[The Marmota barrels through the minefield, but they have no effect on the
massive dreadnought whatsoever. Neither do the Gallian tank salvos on the other
side. The Marmota aims its cannons at the tanks, obliterating them with a series
of blasts. Squad 7 watches behind cover.]

LARGO: Would you look at that. We're raining cannonballs on that thing and it
ain't flinchin'.

ROSIE: And now it's pretty much clear of the gully. Well boss, what's your plan?

[WELKIN has none.]

ROSIE: no wonder of nature up your sleeve to fix this one, Lieutenant?

[Then, there's a blue figure in the distance walking towards the Marmota.]

LARGO: Hey...that a person out there?

ZAKA: What are they thinking?!

[ZAKA looks at the figure through his binoculars.]

ZAKA: What?! That's Alicia. She's going to attack that thing all by herself.

WELKIN: That's insane!

[He climbs out of the Edelweiss.]

LARGO: What does she think she can do against that juggernaut?

WELKIN (running as fast as he can): ALICIAAA!!

LARGO: Wait a minute, where are you going?!

[ALICIA has the lance and shield in her hands. She is in her Valkyria mode.]

ALICIA: Forgive me, Welkin...I shouldn't have just left. Not without saying 
goodbye. I've been thinking this whole time, Welkin. Wondering why I was born
like I am, a Valkyria. If only I weren't a Valkyria, things would be just like
they were before, wouldn't they? But no, that is one way. But I have found
another. I know how I can give my life as a Valkyria meaning.

[She extends her lance.]

ALICIA: I can use my power. I can stop this thing. I'll stoke my life fire into
a blaze. I'll save you. I'll save Bruhl, my friends, and everyone else in

____16-6: Love____


[ALICIA proceeds forward. The cannons of the Marmota swivel around to aim at
her. WELKIN sees this and stops running.]

WELKIN: Hagh...!

[The cannons fire a massive volley at ALICIA, and the force of the explosions
knocks WELKIN off his feet. His hat is blown away, and his face is covered with
dust. He slowly gets to his feet.]

WELKIN: Alicia!

[As the dust clears, ALICIA has protected herself with her shield, unscathed.]

ALICIA: I am Valkyria...

[Her eyes glow bright red. As she charges forward, she dodges cannon fire with
superhuman reflexes.]

ALICIA: I never wanted this!

[She hurls her lance at the Marmota. It speeds forward, hitting the Marmota in
the stern and causing a large explosion, cutting a gaping hole in it. The 
Marmota is still running though.]

ALICIA: I am Valkyria, not a woman. (She drops her shield.) No, that life has
ended. Alicia Melchiott is dead.

[Her eyes and the flames around her glow even brighter as she prepares to use
the final flame of the Valkyria. Meanwhile, in the Marmota control room...]

MAXIMILIAN: What?! That blue flame, she wouldn't! Fool! What does she think to
do, sacrifice herself and take the Marmota down with her?! Fine. 45 degrees to
port! All ahead full! Now!

[Outside, ALICIA stands defiantly as she watches the Marmota turn and rumble
past, but WELKIN finally runs over to her, panting.]

WELKIN: Alicia!

ALICIA: Welkin?! Why are you here? Leave! I'm destroying the Marmota. Only I
can do it! I'm one life! My death could save a whole country!

WELKIN: Alicia, you're wrong! You could destroy them with your power, but 
that's not real victory! Real something we must claim for 
ourselves without relying on your power.

ALICIA: I can't. Welkin, I can't. Valkyrian blood runs in my veins. I-I'm not
human like you are.

[Tears run down her face.]

WELKIN: You're right. It's true that you have powers that we don't have. But so
what, you're still yourself, Alicia. Kind, bright, a future baker. Alicia, has
any of that changed? You may be Valkyria, but you're still the same girl.

ALICIA: Welkin, I...

WELKIN: You mean so much to me, Alicia. I will not let you come to harm. I will
protect you. Alicia...I love you.

ALICIA (eyes opening wide): Welkin!

[WELKIN takes the lion's paw ALICIA gave him and ties it up into a ring. He
takes her hand and slips the ring on her ring finger.]

WELKIN: Alicia...once this war is finished, will you be with me? I will be with
you. Together, always.

ALICIA: Yes, always.

[ALICIA beams up at WELKIN. He holds her arms, then brings her closer to him
for their first kiss. Alicia's flames rise up to the sky, enveloping them, then
dissipate, leaving ALICIA human again.]

____16-7: Squad 7 Moves Out!____


ALICIA: Welkin...

WELKIN: Alicia...

[They are gazing into each other's eyes, when...]

LARGO: Wooh! You're making me blush over here! But, sure that's wise?
You know, this being a combat zone and all?

[WELKIN and ALICIA turn around and see LARGO, ZAKA, VARROT, and ROSIE staring
at them.]

WELKIN: Uh...hey!

[All of a sudden, ELLET just seems to walk over out of nowhere.]

ELLET: Just look at the happy couple! And I get the big scoop! That is, I would
if it were anyone else. For you two, well, I'll keep my big mouth shut. Just
this once, you hear?!

ROSIE: Alicia, welcome back.

ALICIA: Thank you...all of you! I missed you so!

[She hugs ROSIE.]

LARGO: dropped this, boss.

[He is holding WELKIN's hat.]

VARROT: So, Welkin. We'll hear your orders.

[WELKIN puts on his hat.]

WELKIN: We go to hunt the Marmota. We'll head straight to Randgriz. All right,
everyone! Let's get moving!

====Chapter 17: The Bridge to Hope====

____17-1: Champion of a Lost Land____


KREIS: Sir, we're almost to the Great Vasel Bridge.

WELKIN: Good. Once we cross that, Randgriz is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

ALICIA (gasping): The enemy is deployed, blocking the bridge!

VARROT: Those tanks are...that's Jaeger's battalion. Just our luck it's him.

[On the enemy lines.]

JAEGER: Nice of you to join us, my militia friends! Nothing personal, but the
road ends here. My country, Fhirald, needs Maximilian's support to regain its
independence, you see. And if it means getting Fhirald back, I don't mind
playing the man's guard dog.

IMPERIAL GUARD: General Jaeger! The Gallians are attacking, sir!

JAEGER: Let them attack. We'll show them what the tank brigade's made of!

____17-2: A Friendship Lost____


[In jail.]

JAIL GUARD: Lieutenant Faldio Landzaat? Get in.

FALDIO: least I get a roof over my head. I feel bad for the men on the
front lines.

JAIL GUARD: I don't get it. How did two squad leaders wind up in a fight?
Thought you were friends.

FALDIO: No friend could do what I did to him. Now this is supposed to be 
solitary. Leave me alone, would you?

JAIL GUARD: Just don't do anything stupid for the next ten days.

[He closes the cell and walks away.]

FALDIO: did we get to thinking about the war so differently from
one another? I figured we'd be friends as old men...I still wish that were
possible. But I can't deny the feeling that Gallia needs power to survive,
either. I hope we get the chance to talk this talk about the Gallia
we want as old men.

____17-3: Breaching Jaeger's Blockade (B21)____


VARROT: Here is a brief on the task at hand.


VARROT: Now, let's begin the operation. I'm confident victory is within reach.


[WELKIN issues orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: Our target is Jaeger's tank! Stay sharp, 7's! Squad 7, move out!


JAEGER: Rule one of hunting is to conserve your energy while driving the prey 
into a corner. Enjoy wasting your strength struggling in vain against my 
unassailable tank!

ALICIA: From the look of those defenses, they really don't want us crossing that

WELKIN: Yeah, they've set up a whole bunch of camps. Plus, Jaeger's commanding 
them. This one's not going to be easy, 7's.

[Once again Squad 7 finds themselves in Vasel urban combat. The fighting
centers around Randgriz Boulevard. The Gallians proceed to take enemy

WELKIN: Enemy camp successfully occupied!

VARROT (radio): Good. That should preclude further backup and repairs to
Jaeger's tank in this area. Keep it up and take out the other camps.

[Imperial units are not only on the ground, but also up on the rooftops, making
the advance difficult.]

VARROT (radio): Lieutenant, it appears the enemy camps have facilities to
repair Jaeger's tank. Until you take the camps, you won't be making any headway
against that armor. It also seems they've requested backup troops. Either way,
those camps are bad news.

WELKIN: Understood, Captain!

[JAEGER's tank, the Lupus, appears to deliver the action. It is covered by a set
of armor that protects its treads and radiator. It takes a flurry of rockets
from Squad 7's lancers to destroy it. Meanwhile, Squad 7 hurries to capture the
enemy encampments and deprive the Imperials of repair facilities and 
reinforcements. Finally, the Lupus' armor splinters off.]

JAEGER: Not half bad. I'm impressed you got through this tank's armor. I can
see how you could've bested Gregor and Selvaria. But the guts of this tank are
still untouched. The real battle begins now!

[With its massive radiator exposed now, the Lupus is an easy target. OPERATION

WELKIN: Operation complete! Enemy tank neutralized!

____17-4: True Strength____


[Under the shadow of a huge church, JAEGER stands next to the ruins of the
Lupus. An IMPERIAL GUARD runs over.]

IMPERIAL GUARD: General Jaeger! The battalion has almost completely evacuated,

JAEGER: All right. Then you shall join with them at Randgriz. And tell this to
His Grace: The Gallian Militia are not to be underestimated.

IMPERIAL GUARD: Yes sir! You won't be coming with us, sir?

JAEGER: No. I shall not be returning to the Empire again. I placed my lot on
Maximilian's army as the swiftest means to reclaim Fhirald's sovereignty. I
thought force would restore our home, that military might was a country's
strength. But then I found myself fallen to the Gallian Militia. That is
when I realized: They fight in order to protect their homes, their families.
Their dedication to this land is the strength that shall preserve Gallia. Ah
yes, tell His Grace another thing. "True strength lies not in steel and powder.
Valkof and the Marmota alone will not win this war."

IMPERIAL GUARD: Sir! May the over you!

JAEGER: And you...

[JAEGER walks away through the smoke and wreckage.]

____17-5: The Capital Falls____


[The streets of Vasel.]

WELKIN: All right, we've broken through Vasel.

ALICIA: We're in striking distance of Randgriz now!

VARROT: Welkin. I'm afraid I've got some bad news. The Marmota reached the
gates at Randgriz. It plowed through them and into the castle.

WELKIN: No! We're too late...


[The Marmota rumbles through the streets of Randgriz. It slams into the wall,
breaking it completely. Stone crumbles in its wake. It finally stops as it
collides into Castle Randgriz.]

====Finale: Shadow of the Valkyrur====

____F-01: The Real Cordelia____


[MAXIMILIAN strides into the throne room. BORG and CORDELIA await him. 
MAXIMILIAN makes a little bow.]

MAXIMILIAN: Your Highness honors me with an audience. I offer my thanks. We,
Maximilian, stand humbly before you. Your Highness, you must allow me to
apologize for the somewhat brutish manner of my entrance to your domains.

BORG: We expect no less from Europa's premier commander, the Great Maximilian.
To cross our sovereign border with such lightning speed, your tactics are

MAXIMILIAN: And you are the one they call Borg. You attempt to ally yourself
with the Federation, then you turn over a new leaf, and become the Empire's

BORG: It is all to ensure that Gallia remain a stable nation, of course. Ours is
a small land, you know. Our fate is made secure by such arrangements. The
sovereign state of Gallia will accept unconditional surrender and become a 
vassal state to your empire. In return, by our treaty, and Your Grace's favor,
I, your humble servant Borg, will rule Gallia in your stead.

MAXIMILIAN (chuckles coldly): I'm afraid you're mistaken. What use could We 
possibly have for Gallia as a vassal state? We, Maximilian, shall be the one
to assume the Archduchy, and then, Gallia shall be made anew under Us.

BORG: But...? We agreed!

MAXIMILIAN: Then as sole master of this palace, We shall wake the lance that
lies resting within its walls: Valkof, the key to ruling all of Europa!

[CORDELIA gasps.]

CORDELIA: The lance! How could you know?

MAXIMILIAN: My dear Princess, shall serve as Our bride. The
Valkyrian bloodline, legacy of the great House Randgriz, would be a fitting
dowry for Us, King of Europa.

CORDELIA: The Valkyrian bloodline! I wish to ransom Europa with its

MAXIMILIAN: Indeed. The reverence and respect the people of this continent hold
for that ancient blood is undiminished to this day.

CORDELIA: Well then. I hate to disappoint you, but this is...the true face of
House Randgriz.

BORG: Y-Your Highness...what are you doing?!

[She stands up and casts off her headdress, revealing her blue-black hair.
BORG is shocked, but MAXIMILIAN is unaffected.]

BORG: That's...impossible.


CORDELIA: As you can see, my blood is not Valkyrian. It is Darcsen.

BORG: Princess! What is the meaning of this?!


CORDELIA: Thousands of years past, the Valkyrur invaded from the north to lay
claim to Europa. The indigenous people, the Darcsen tribes, fought them for
control of this land. But the powers of ragnite they possessed were too great.
The Darcsen cities were burned. The struggle continued, though its conclusion
was clear. Ultimately, one influential clan among the Darcsen tribes defected
to the Valkyrur side. The Darcsen were defeated and quickly became slaves to
the Valkyrur.

MAXIMILIAN: And victorious, the Valkyrur authored history to blame Darcsens for
scorching the earth. Of course. Then the descendants of that clan of treacherous
Darcsens lived on as...

CORDELIA: Yes. As House Randgriz, the Archdukes of Gallia. In return for their
betrayal, the Valkyrur established them as the rulers of Gallia. We donned the
identity of our masters and were complicit in the Darcsen slander.

MAXIMILIAN: With a perfect scapegoat, the people quickly acquiesced to new rule.
A common tale.

CORDELIA: A common tale that has caused me much grief. To face my people
deceptively has pained me. Until the day came that I ran from that pain,
trading my free will for comfort. Were it not for a single officer's words, I
would no doubt still be lost in that conceit.



CORDELIA: I am bound by neither fate nor duty to obey the false blood within
me. I live by my own will. I live for the sake of Gallia and its people. This,
and this alone, is my calling.

MAXIMILIAN: All the more reason to be my bride.

CORDELIA: No. For the sake of my people, I shall see you dead!

[She draws a hidden dagger and attempts to attack MAXIMILIAN, but he easily
grabs her hand, chuckling to himself.]

MAXIMILIAN: What delightful barbarism. Do all Gallian brides share your lust
for blood?

[He throws her down to the floor.]


MAXIMILIAN: If you desire safety for your people, it would behoove you to obey
me, Highness. The Valkof is in my possession. To see your homeland burn again,
that would be a shame.

____F-02: Jailbreak____


[At the jail.]

FALDIO: Has something happened? What's all the commotion?

JAIL GUARD: I-It's them. The Imperial army invaded Randgriz.

FALDIO: What?!

JAIL GUARD: They crashed through the city walls with a huge tank and drove it
into the castle. And now they're doing some kind of work on the tank still
half-stuck into the castle.

FALDIO: Work on the...? Did they learn of the Valkof's location?! No...I can't
afford to wait around here. Sorry...but... Rngh! M-My's tight.
It hurts...!

JAIL GUARD: Hm, what? What's wrong?

FALDIO: M-My heart! I' me!

JAIL GUARD: Are you all right?!

[The JAIL GUARD steps into his cell.]

FALDIO: Nngh...ungh...

JAIL GUARD: H-Hey! Talk to me!

FALDIO (whispers): I'm sorry.

JAIL GUARD: Gwargh! Nngh...l-let go of...!

[The JAIL GUARD collapses to the floor, choked to unconsciousness by FALDIO.]

FALDIO: Haugh...huff...forgive me...I've got to get to Randgriz. I just hope
I'm in time!

____F-03: Final Preparations____


VARROT: We're drawing close to Randgriz now. As for our plan of attack once we
arrive...focus your attacks on the spot damaged by Sergeant Melchiott in the
previous battle. Exploit that, gain access to the interior, and destroy the
dreadnought's engine. You follow?


VARROT: I'm confident you can do this, soldiers. You are dismissed.

WELKIN: Quite a risky operation.

VARROT: I know. I'm worried about morale if everyone feels like it's a suicide

WELKIN: We're used to your crazy missions by now. Aren't we, guys?

LARGO: Yeah, you bet. Nothin' bothers me anymore now. 

ZAKA: And it helps to know that if we can just win this one, our war will be

ROSIE: We'll do it for Isara and all the other friends we lost along the way.

KREIS: And for all of Gallia's people!

ALICIA: One more victory, and they'll have peace!

VARROT: Words fail me. Thank you.

WELKIN: All right, everybody get ready to deploy!

ELLET: Almost showtime, huh, Welkin? "Militia Rides Into Randgriz Showdown!"
Mind if I put you all's story on the radio? I'm afraid I can't go help you 
fight...but I'd like to do what I can to stand by you. As ace journalist, Irene

WELKIN: Okay, why not? Our activities are hardly a secret to the Empire at this
point. "Irene Ellet," eh? I can't remember ever hearing your full name like

ELLET: At least until the war ends and I get married. Then I'll be Irene Koller,
just FYI. This'll be my last big assignment as an Ellet. Time to do the old
name proud!

____F-04: Stowaway____


[On the deck of the Marmota. It is in front of a large spire. This is the 

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Give me a status report on affixing the lance.

IMPERIAL SOLDIER: Work should be complete shortly, followed by final testing,

OFFICER: Good. Keep it moving along, soldier.

SOLDIER: Yes, sir!

[FALDIO is behind the corner, eavesdropping on the conversation.]

FALDIO: I knew it. They came to the capital to get at the Valkof. Bastards...
you won't have it!

____F-05: Faith Alive____


[In the throne room.]

MAXIMILIAN: Now, Your Highness, affix your signature to this treaty of marriage.
You have no choice if you wish to keep your people safe.


IMPERIAL GUARD: Y-Your Grace, sir!

MAXIMILIAN: Be silent! This treaty seals our victory!

GUARD: Sir, the Gallians have broken through the Vasel defenses! General Jaeger
is defeated! N-Now the militia is headed here to Randgriz even as we speak!


[Meanwhile, in the militia tank hangar...]

ELLET (radio): News flash from Radio GBS, your source for the news. The Gallian
militia has faced and thwarted the Empire's defenses at Vasel Bridge. They march
now to the capital to liberate it from occupation.

LEON: All right! That's my bro, Welkin!

HANS: Moioink!

DRILL INSTRUCTOR: Huh! Reckon I did a fair job whippin' those kids into shape!

[In the streets of Bruhl...]

ELLET (radio): Citizen of Gallia, keep your faith alive! Turn and face the 
threat ahead, and fight!

MARTHA: Go, Welkies, go! We're all cheering for you, now make us proud!

[Her baby SALIX laughs and babbles.]

AGED GENTLEMAN: Belgen...if you're watching up there, your son could probably
use a little help.

[In the throne room.]

MAXIMILIAN: So be it. We shall fight them off Ourselves. Quickly, to the 

GUARD: Yes sir!

MAXIMILIAN: Heh heh...last time, their war witch had Us on the defensive. But
now we possess a lance of Our own. Let Us settle this now, for all time!

BORG: Your Grace, may the Valkyrur protect you! Leave the defense of Castle
Randgriz to me!

MAXIMILIAN: Do We look the fool that might trust a dog with so little loyalty
to his master as you? Put this man to death by firing squad. The Gallia of
tomorrow has no place for him.

[He walks away.]

BORG: M-Maximilan! We had agreed...we had an understanding!

GUARD: All right, come along!

BORG: S-Stop this! Desist at once! Who are you to touch me?!

[He is dragged off by the GUARD to be executed.]

CORDELIA: Welkin, you are our final hope. Please...I beg of you, make victory

____F-06: The Marmota's Purpose____


[The Marmota fully picks up the spire. The stone around it crumbles to reveal 
the Valkof, a massive Valkyrian lance.]

____F-07: The Valkof____


[The Marmota rumbles ahead, but this time with the Valkof in tow.]

ALICIA: Marmota sighted ahead, sir! Range, 4000 meters!

LARGO: What the...? What's that big pointy thing on top?!

[WELKIN looks through the periscope.]

WELKIN: I've seen that. It's just like the Valkyrian lance, the one that Alicia
carried. Look out, 7's! Clear the Marmota's forward path! Move it!

[In the Marmota's control room.]

PILOT: The Gallian militia is fanned out ahead of us in a line, sir. Range,
4000 meters!

MAXIMILIAN: They say that in antiquity the Valkyrur called upon Valkof's light
to crush and subjugate the entire Darcsen tribe. The greatest of all time,
fashioned into something as pedestrian as a castle tower. How could they have 
known? And now it awakens, shouldered by the Marmota We have engineered to
bear it. A leviathan upon the land. Now, know the futility of your struggles!
Bow before the terrible light that once scorched the earth!

[The Valkof spins rapidly, building a blue beam around it. Suddenly, it fires,
and the beam scorches the earth in a straight line, obliterating the Gallians
in its path. It streaks over and hits a mountain ahead, leveling it. The Marmota
lets off a cloud of steam.]


ALICIA: The Marmota's fired an unidentified beam of light! Squads 4 and 5 have
been wiped out!

LARGO: Hot damn! If we'd been one step slower we'd be a big pile a' dust by

VARROT: Stay clear of the front of that thing! Move around to its side!

[In the Marmota control room.]

MAXIMILIAN (laughing cruelly): Dare you face Us yet, after that display? We
wield power enough to bring any foe to his knees! This is the future face of
warfare! To impress the magnitude of Our power upon the world, you shall all
die gruesomely! Now, cross Us if you dare! Our history of unrivaled glory begins

____F-08: Marmota's End (B22)____


VARROT: Here are the details on this operation. 


VARROT: Our reclaiming the capitol hinges on this. Concentrate your fire on that
dreadnought and destroy it!


[WELKIN issues orders from his tank.]

WELKIN: Our target is the Marmota! Sink it at all costs! Squad 7, move out!


ALICIA: Here we are...actually squaring off against the Marmota.

WELKIN: Yeah. This will really be the final battle.

CORDELIA: Lieutenant Gunther! Are you all right?!

WELKIN: P-Princess Cordelia?! What are you doing here, Your Highness?

CORDELIA: I know I may just be in the way, but I wish to be of assistance 
however I am able. I wish to fight as well. Allow me to stand in defense of my

WELKIN: I understand. We'd be honored to have your help in the rear guard. 
Here's the plan. Start by focusing our fire on the hole Alicia's lance made.
The dreadnought's side is lined with cannons, though, so you'll need to be 

ALICIA: Roger!

WELKIN: Also, tanks can use the depression in front of the Marmota to fire 

ZAKA:  Right, I'm on it!

WELKIN: We've come through a lot of tight spots, 7's. Believe in yourselves! I
know we can do this. Squad 7, move out!

[There is a ton of gatling fire coming from the Marmota. Not only this, but
Imperial ground support is approaching from the West. The damaged plating from
ALICIA's lance, however, is blown open with an explosive.]

KREIS: We've blown open the damaged area on the Marmota's side!

WELKIN: Yes! The plating on that spot was vulnerable after all!

KREIS: Sir, part of the side plating damaged in that explosion appears useable
as a foothold!

WELKIN: You're right! It looks like we could climb up from there.

KREIS: Judging from its design, the ragnite drive system is likely near the
propellers. If foot soldiers could get at those to attack them, they may be
able to do further damage!

WELKIN: Okay, let's go with that plan of attack!

[The Gallian infantry charge at the exposed site, mounting the deck and up the
ladders. There are several infantry defenders on the decks. The Gallians 
eliminate these defenders, then attack the exposed ragnite radiators to destroy
them and hopefully remove the shield of light surrounding the Valkof.]


[Once the two heat sinks have been destroyed, the shield indeed breaks.]


VARROT (radio): Look! The light surrounding that giant lance is gone.

KREIS: It looks like destroying the drive system powering the propellers has
paid off!

WELKIN: Good. If we can just destroy that lance, the Marmota will be defanged!
Listen up, 7s! Your orders are to direct all attacks at that lance's tip! Tanks,
use the incline at the Marmota's front. Ground units, aim high and let fly!

[The Gallians not trying to hold off the enemy counteroffensive on the ground
are pouring shells and bullets into the Valkof. This doesn't stop the Imperials
from using it to blast away at its direct front as soon as it cools off. 
Finally, the Gallian attack is sufficient to destroy the Valkof. OPERATION 

WELKIN: Enemy dreadnought destroyed! Repeat, enemy dreadnought destroyed!

____F-09: Maximilian's Final Gambit____


[Squad 7 is on the uppermost deck of the Marmota.]

WELKIN: Okay, let's find the engine and kill it.

MAXIMILIAN: That would be most inconvenient.

[His voice seems to have come out of nowhere.]

WELKIN: Maximilian? Show yourself!

[A floor panel slides, and large generators emerge. From another floor panel
comes Maximilian. He is equipped with an artificial Valkyrian lance and shield.]

MAXIMILIAN: The finest engineers of the Empire shed both blood and tears to
forge this Valkyrian shield and spear. As you will observe, their powers
exceed even the originals.

ALICIA: Stop this! Haven't enough men died? Why are you doing this?

MAXIMILIAN: Why, We fight for Our dream. Do you not think that reason enough?
So many have died for less. Besides, We must. Rightful vengeance must be meted

ALICIA: What is this?

MAXIMILIAN: We were born an Imperial prince, but Our mother was of low station.
For this, Our father shunned Us. The other heirs saw Us as a threat to their
ascension. They bombed Our train when We were but a child. Though We survived
by some cruel miracle, the fates were not so kind to mother and the rest. On
that day We swore an oath. We would take the Empire, and the Emperor's throne
for Our own!

____F-10: Maximmilian's Vision____


[The two generators turn on now, feeding blue energy to MAXIMILIAN. While in
this state, his skin wrinkles and his pupils disappear.]

MAXIMILIAN: For years we sought a way to lay our rightful claim to the Empire,
and at last our answer has come. 

WELKIN: Let me're talking about the Valkyrur's power.

MAXIMILIAN: the time of wars waged by men wielding powder and steam is fated
to end ere long. The new age will be shaped by emperors, not men! Yes, he
who wields the destructive power of the Valkyrur grips the very reins/reigns of
history! Peasants, let us end this!

[He raises his spear to the heavens.]

MAXIMILIAN: We shall never stop, not while We draw breath! And I'm so gay!

____F-11: Final Showdown (B23)____


WELKIN: Here are your final orders.


WELKIN: All right, we're all set to begin. Let's take Gallia back with our own 
hands, 7's!


[WELKIN issues orders from the Edelweiss.]

WELKIN: This is our final operation! Let's end this war! Squad 7, move out!


LARGO: Up on the Marmota's deck, eh? Nice spot for a showdown.

ROSIE: It's just a shame we got no audience.

ZAKA: My Shamrock's chomping at the bit for a piece of this action.

KREIS: The Edelweiss is also all ready to go, sir.

ALICIA: We're ready for your orders, Welkin!

WELKIN: Okay! Let's get started, 7's. Our target is the enemy commander, 
Maximilian himself!


[Chunks of the Valkof start falling off.]


[MAXIMILIAN fires Valkyrian beams at Squad 7, but they target his generators
in an attempt to shut off his power. Accomplishing this, they attack him.]


WELKIN: Yes! That one managed to connect!

KREIS: So he was using the towers to induce an artificial Valkyria state.

WELKIN: All right, everybody! Keep your sights trained on those energy towers!

[They press the assault.]

MAXIMILIAN: Grungh! filthy vermin! Very well. We shall see how you
fare once the power output is raised to its limit!


[Even more power surges in, and his shield goes flying. MAXIMILIAN shouts in
pain as he is surrounded by blue flame.]


[MAXIMILIAN has retreated backwards, but this time Gallia's snipers take the 
lead. However, his next attack is an extremely powerful explosion that affects
the tanks the most. Squad 7 attacks the towers and MAXIMILIAN, keeping up the
pressure. They finally deal him his mortal blow. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

MAXIMILIAN: Impossible! Ours is the power of the Valkyrur! are We

WELKIN: Maximilian, you lost the moment you began to rely on the Valkyrur's

____F-12: Ambition Thwarted____


[MAXIMILIAN's Valkyria powers have faded away; he is quite a human now. WELKIN
and ALICIA stand in front of him.]

MAXIMILIAN: Damn you...dogs of Gallia!

WELKIN: It's time to surrender, Maximilian! Your war is over.

MAXIMILIAN (laughs): Surrender, you say? I think you forget. We Valkyrur can 
give our lives to fuel a blazing hot inferno of destruction.

[The blue flames come again, and blue bolts of electricity surround him as he
attempts to summon the final flame.]

WELKIN: D-Don't do this! It doesn't have to end like this!

MAXIMILIAN: It seems Our dreams our not to be. Well, then...join Us! Let Gallia
fall to ash! Gwaaagh!

[The towers burn bright, then turn off.]

MAXIMILIAN: What...? How?! Why has it stopped?

FALDIO: My guess is it's because I killed the power supply.

WELKIN: Faldio! You made it!

FALDIO: I snuck out in time to hitch a ride on this monster. I'm sorry it took 
me so long to stop the engine.

[He jumps down from the upper deck he is on to a position behind MAXIMILIAN.
He grabs his arms from behind and puts him in a hold.]

MAXIMILIAN: Unhand Us! What are you doing?! Let go!

FALDIO: Sorry buddy, but I can't do that.

[He starts to slowly step backwards, dragging MAXIMILIAN with him to a large

WELKIN: No! What are you doing, Faldio?! This is insane!

ALICIA: Faldio! Stop!

FALDIO: Welkin...Alicia...No matter my reasons, I was wrong to have betrayed 
you. Now it's time that I paid for what I have done.

MAXIMILIAN: Let go! Let Us go now!

FALDIO: Look at the two of us. Thinking power could save us. Now it's our cue
to leave the stage.

[They stand at the brink.]

FALDIO: Farewell, of luck.

[He closes his eyes and plummets backwards into the bowels of the Marmota with
a screaming MAXIMILIAN. All of a sudden, a vast plume of blue shoots up from
the chasm, which turns to red. WELKIN quickly shields ALICIA with his body 
from the fire. On the other side of the fire is the rest of Squad 7. LARGO

LARGO: Damn it! The boss and the little missus are still in there!

ROSIE: Hey, boss! Alicia! You two okay?!

ALICIA: Welkin, you all right?

WELKIN: Yeah. Except for that...our way is blocked off. (He shouts to the other
side) The entire deck's gone up! We can't cross! All of you, go on and get out
of here!

ROSIE: Not a chance, boss! You get over here! We're leaving together, or not
at all!

LARGO: We're going to look around and find a way to connect to your side.

WELKIN: There's no time for that! Stay here any longer and you put the whole
squad at risk! Listen, I'm not saying this again. You're going to leave now!
That's an order!

LARGO: Rrgh! (He slams his fist on the floor) Damn it all! 7's, we're leavin'!
Get off the Marmota!

WELKIN: The deck's a lost cause. Alicia, let's find a way up.

ALICIA: Right. Lead on. I'm not afraid when I'm with you. Now let's go.

WELKIN: Thanks. Right. Let's move!

____F-13: Escape____


[The entire Marmota is in flames now. WELKIN and ALICIA stand on the highest
deck now.]

WELKIN: It's no use. There's no way we're getting out of this. Alicia...

[They look into each other's eyes for what appears to be the last time.]

LEON: Comin' brooo!

ALICIA: Welkin! Look!

[She points up into the sky...ISARA's biplane.]

LEON: Hang on there! I'm comin' for you!


ALICIA: Welkin, that's Isara's plane!


[The plane swoops low.]

WELKIN: We're not going to have time! We've got to jump!

ALICIA: No problem!

[As the plane flies by they jump, grabbing on to the wing. The Marmota starts
to disintegrate, and the Valkof cracks and explodes.]

LEON: Whew, that was a close one, bro!

WELKIN: Leon, it must have taken forever to finish building this. Where did
you find the time?

LEON: After we lost Isara, KC and myself, well, everyone in the squad really
came by to pitch in a hand. It was Isara's dream, you know, so it wasn't hard
to find help.

WELKIN: I don't suppose it was.'ll always live inside us. The dreams
you left that day, now they're all of ours.

ALICIA: Rest in peace.

LEON: So, tell me, bro! How far we going today? This baby could take us clear
across the sea if we want!

WELKIN: Back home. Back to a free country. Our friends are waiting. Take us to

[The Isara flies off into a bright blue sky.]


[The Squad 7 Member Register rolls.]

KOLLER: The 25th day of October, 1935--the death of Maximilian, commander of the
Empire's invasion of Gallia, paved the way for truce between the two nations.
After seven tumultuous months at war, Gallians everywhere looked forward to
a time of hard-won peace. Squad 7 of the Gallian militia disbanded shortly
after the conflict's conclusion, and its members began to move on, each
following his or her own path. And here, at the end of their long stuggle, I
lay my pen to rest.

[The cast credits roll. After the credits, information about each of the main
characters' fates appear.]

ELEANOR POTTER (nee VARROT): Upon retirement from the armed forces, Eleanor
began and still manages a publishing outfit. Following her marriage to Largo,
her holidays are now spent helping out on the farm under the shade of the 
straw hat he made for her.

LARGO POTTER: Leaving military service after the war, Largo returned to his
hometown to restore the family farm. After offering Eleanor a bouquet large
enough to fill an ox cart, a gold ring, and ten years' worth of love, the two
finally married.

BRIGITTE "ROSIE" STARK: The war's end marked the birth of a new star. Her hit
song, "A Love Passed On," became an anthem during the years of Gallia's revival.
She now travels Europa on a constant tour, but returns home yearly to visit
Isara's grave.

ZAKA: Zaka returned home to establish the Fouzen Toy Factory to bring smiles
back to Gallia's war orphans. The Enigma Box, a three-dimensional jigsaw
puzzle with a hundred possible shapes, is currently the hottest toy on the

KREIS CZHERNY: After returning to school to get his Master's degree, Kreis
delved into passionate research in the field of aeronautic engineering. His
graduate thesis has become a cornerstone of contemporary thought on flight.

LEON SCHMIDT: A speed demon since the day he piloted Isara's airplane, Leon
subsequently became a racer by trade. He hasn't slowed once after taking the
gold at his first event, and he continues to race in competitions across Europa

CORDELIA GI RANDGRIZ: After the war's end, she publicly confessed her heritage,
shocking the masses. Her candor won the support of most Gallians, however, and
she now leads Gallia in both name and fact. She remains single amidst many
marriage offers.

[More credits continue to roll. The final image is that of WELKIN's proposal to

====The End====


[A petal of lion's paw drifts over a field of lion's paw outside Bruhl. WELKIN
walks down the street of Bruhl with his duffel bag again. A boy and a girl run 
up to him.]

GIRL: Mr. G!

BOY: You gotta take us bug hunting again soon, okay?

WELKIN: You bet! You know, I think you're ready for my top secret hunting spot.

BOY: Yippee!

GIRL: Thank you! We'll see you tomorrow!

WELKIN: Yup! Go right along home now!

[The children run off. The camera pauses on WELKIN's face, and KOLLER narrates.]

WELKIN GUNTHER: After the war, he returned to his studies. Many had
thought the Gallian hero would rise to further fame, but Welkin had something
else in mind. He returned to Bruhl, there to realize his long-held dream of
becoming a teacher. On weekends, he's often seen taking his students out on
nature hikes. His is a peaceful civilian life, and he would have it no other

[He looks up at the newly repaired mill. On the other side of Mill Plaza he
spots ALICIA in an Alicia's Bakery truck, delivering bread to a customer.]

ALICIA: Thank you for choosing Alicia's!

[She bows.]

WELKIN: Hey honey! How's business today?

ALICIA (looking up): Hey!

[She gets out of the truck.]

ALICIA: Hey you, what a surprise! Guess what? So I started selling the smoked
cheese bread today, and everybody loves it!

WELKIN: Course! I told you that bread was great! Guess everybody in town
agrees with me.


[The camera pauses on ALICIA's face, and KOLLER narrates.]

ALICIA GUNTHER: Trading in her rifle for a rolling pin, Alicia trained around
the clock to pursue her dream. After many long months, she received her 
national certification as baker. On the same day, she married her sweetheart,
Welkin Gunther. Together, the two opened Alicia's Bakery. It didn't take long
for word to spread about her delicious creations. And now, even visitors from
far away make a point of stopping to sample her fresh baked bread.

ALICIA: How 'bout you? How were your classes today?

WELKIN: Ah, you know. Those kids never seem to run out of questions. You know,
they're amazing. Their curiosity's endless.

ALICIA: That so? Then you're a kid too. You're as incurably curious as any one
of them. (giggles)

WELKIN: Speaking of kids, how's Isara been today?

[A child hops out of the truck: ISARA GUNTHER. Alongside her is HANS.]

HANS: Moink?


HANS: Moioink!

[She runs over to him with arms outstretched, and her father picks her up.]

WELKIN: Hey there! Have you been a good girl?

ISARA: Yep! I was real good! I was just helping Mama make some bread! I kneaded
the dough all by myself!

ALICIA: Oh, I wish you could've tasted the bread that dough made. Our customers
said it was the best ever.

WELKIN: Hey, Isara, that's pretty great! All right! You show me how and I'll 
help, okay?

[He puts her down and she jumps in excitement.]

WELKIN: Yaaay! C'mon Papa, I'll teach you!

[ISARA holds her mother and father's hands, leading them to their home. The
camera pans over to the truck. On the counter is a picture of Squad 7. All is



Enter the Edy Detachment!

====ED-1: Prologue=====


[It is dark outside a little Gallian village. A few members of Squad 7 have 
been left behind.]

HOMER PERON: Unbelievable...Miss Edy, you got us all separated from the Squad.

EDY NELSON: Excuse me?! What part of this is MY fault?

JANN WALKER: Umm, maybe the part where you ran after those Imps, screaming like
a banshee?

EDY: W-well, what about Marina, then? She ran off after that silly puppy, didn't

[MARINA WULFSTAN gasps in indignation.]


SUSIE EVANS: Now, now. Let's stop assigning blame and think of what to do next,
shall we?

LYNN: You're right. Lieutenant Gunther's orders over the wireless were to
rejoin the squad ASAP. That battle was all over the place. We probably weren't
the only ones separated.

EDY: O-Of course we weren't! Now, let's hurry along back. They're all waiting
for us.

HOMER: Because you ran off. Don't forget that p--

[EDY punches HOMER in the face.]

HOMER: Oof! (laughs softly) I like your right cross best, but that left hook...

JANN: Oh, honey. Don't let her get you down. Must be tough though, playing
whippin' boy.

HOMER: Heh heh...don't worry, Jann. Whipping boy suits me just fine.

LYNN: You're colorful as ever, Homer.

EDY: Ignore him. And where are we, anyway? I can't see a thing in this dark!

MARINA: There are houses up ahead. A village.

EDY: Maybe I should thank that puppy. I'm glad to have your eyes here, Marina.

SUSIE: Do you suppose we could sneak in a quick bath in town?

JANN: Ooh, count me in, too! I'm getting to feel like a musk ox here.

EDY: Have you two lost your minds? We need to get back to the squad before--

[A sudden explosion rocks the ground.]

JANN: Eek! What was that?! An explosion? Where?!

EDY: Marina!

MARINA: Imperials. No doubt about it. They're attacking the village. There's a
tank, too. That was probably the explosion we heard.

EDY: We have to help them!

HOMER: Miss Edy?

EDY: I'm saying we should go help that village!

SUSIE: B-But, they have tanks...the difference in our firepower is too great.

EDY: Don't give me difference in firepower! If we don't help them, that village
will be wiped clean off the map! If we can't beat them outright, we can at
least buy the villagers time to get out.

[SUSIE sighs.]

EDY: What?

SUSIE: No,'re just...I didn't know you got this worked up. 

EDY: Wh-What are you talking about?! I-I'll have you know I'm perfectly calm
right now!

JANN: It's nothing to deny, hon. I like a little fire in a soldier!

HOMER: But are you sure we should, Miss Edy? Our orders are to return to the
squad ASAP.

EDY: Oh, to hell with our orders, Homer! Why do you think we're fighting this
war? Because of our orders?! Of course not! We're fighting to protect people
like these! Am I right?! I'm not about to walk on by after seeing a defenseless
village taking Imperial fire!

LYNN: I'm with you, Edy! Let's go lend a hand.

JANN: And a few rockets while we're at it.

MARINA: I'm in.

SUSIE: If you all say so...I'll go too.

EDY: Well? What about you, Homer? You're the last holdout here!

HOMER: I'm not holding out on anything. I was just checking. Besides, do you
think I'd say no to conditions this grim? (laughs softly)

EDY: Oh, pretty, so broken. Anyway, that settles it. The six of us
head into the village and buy them some time! Needless to say, leading the 
charge will be yours truly, Edy Nelson!

HOMER: Heh heh, I guess that makes us Squad 7, the Edy Detachment.

EDY: The Edy Detachment! Marvelous! Let no one say you're completely useless,
Homer! All right, Edy Detachment! We march!

====ED-2: Enter the Edy Detachment!=====


EDY: Here's the situation, darlings.


EDY: We'll begin the operation now! Squad 7, Edy Detachment...move out!


IMPERIAL SOLDIER: Gallian units, here?! We didn't get any intel about this!

JANN: Oh, hush, you! It's not like we're here by choice, either! But we're not
about to let you lowlifes hurt these people while we're around! If it were up
to me, I'd have been back at Papa Largo's side hours ago! If anything happens
to him while I'm not there, you'll hear from ME, sweetie!

SUSIE: I didn't choose this either. There's been far too much killing already.
The slaughter at Marberry... War is cruelly casual in stealing good men's lives.
I want nothing to do with it. But this war will not be ended through our 
inaction. So I'll fight, too. To put an end to the needless sacrifice of so
many innocents!

[The Edy Detachment takes a defensive position behind some sandbags in the 
north side of the village of Pleasant Well. The battle begins at dawn, and 
visibility is gradually increasing. Mortar strikes fall on their position, and
infantry come from from the north and south with a tank coming from the west,
but they hold the defense.]

EDY: Homer! How's the evacuation going?

HOMER: About 80% complete and counting. No civilian casualties so far.

EDY: Things are going well! 

HOMER: Heh...I guess you're just that good.

EDY: Aww, Homer! You're so perceptive! As long as you keep following my orders,
we'll make it through this, no problem! Now hang in there, darlings! It won't 
be long now!

JANN: Roger that, sweetie!

SUSIE: Understood!

LYNN (saluting): Leave it to us!

MARINA: Roger.

HOMER: I'll do what I can.

[The flanking path to take out the tank's radiator is heavily mined and guarded
by a stormtrooper, but JANN manages to take out the tank and avoid the mines.
The next wave of infantry advance and mortar support is resisted.]

JANN: All the villagers are out safe! Now we just have to keep up a front as
we pull out!

MEDIC (radio): This is the medic! Repeat, this is the medic! Come in! If anyone
can hear me, respond! Please!

LYNN: Wait! There's an incoming wireless signal!

MEDIC (radio): Corporal Stark is down! Condition critical! We don't have enough
men to effect a rescue! If anyone is there, help her, please!!!

EDY: Wh-what? That's...that's not...that can't be true!

SUSIE: Edy? Are you all right?

MARINA: This isn't good. It's another of her panic attacks.

EDY: I haven't told her off nearly enough...there's so much left to rub in her
face! (starts bawling) She can't...she can't DIE! No! It's not...NO!

[HOMER slaps her across the face.]

HOMER: Get a hold of yourself, Edy!

EDY: H-Homer?

HOMER: I'm sorry, Miss Edy...I shouldn't have hit you like that. But, you're in
command right now. If you lose your cool, then the whole detachment's finished.
Please, just calm down...we're all with you on this. Tell us what to do. We'll
do everything we can to back you up. You go help Miss Rosie.

EDY: Homer...

LYNN: There should be an opening in the enemy's perimeter south of here.

JANN: If any of those nasty tanks are in the way, I'll be happy to blow them
right up, hon!

MARINA: I'm not the buddy-buddy type...but you have my support.

SUSIE: We'll hold things down here. You go take care of Rosie!

EDY: Guys, I... W-well, I SUPPOSE so. If you all are so insistent, I'll go help
her at once! I trust you all can handle this, lovelies. Oh, and Homer?

HOMER: Hmm? What is it, Miss E--

[She gives him such a powerful punch to the face that he is knocked off his

HOMER: Uugh!

EDY: My little thank-you for earlier! Savor it, darling.

HOMER: Hngh... (laughs) That's our Edy. Now, order me around! Er...we're 
awaiting your orders!

EDY: All right, listen up! It's a two-front, defend-and-rescue mission. Squad 7,
Edy Detachment, get back to work!

[The destination area just happens to be where the wave of Imperials are 
approaching from. The rest of the detachment gives her covering fire as she
makes her way to the destination point. Enemy fire and tanks cannot stop her as
she runs to the aid of ROSIE. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

====ED-A: A-rank Ending====


[EDY has reached the destination point.]

EDY (laughs): Did you see that?! Quick! Graceful! Decisive!

HOMER: Nicely done, Miss Edy.

LYNN: Now, quickly! Rosie is waiting for you!

EDY: All in good time, darling! You all be careful, too!

[She runs off.]


[After rescuing ROSIE...]

HOMER: Well that's a relief, Miss must be glad to see Miss Rosie safe.

EDY: Wh-what? Why ever should I care what happens to that horrible ogre of a 

SUSIE: We prevented any casualties on this end as well. Truly a stunning

MARINA: And the puppy's safe. Yay!

LYNN: Goodness, Marina, when did you...? You are a wonder!

JANN: And now we can finally go home! I'm coming, Largo! Wait up for me, honey!

HOMER: Heh heh...we all did pretty well out there.

EDY: Everyone, were all...I mean...thank you. I'm proud as a peacock to
have commanded the Edy Detachment, darlings! Oh! I know! As a reward, I'll give
you all a song! That number Rosie sang for Isara...I hate to say it, but it's
a wonderful piece. So, as the true star of Squad 7, I took it upon myself to
add it to my repertoire!

HOMER: Ooh...I'd like to hear.

EDY: Then listen up! This one goes out to you with all my heart and soul,

[Unfortunately, EDY is tone-deaf, and delivers a rousing rendition of "A Fail
Passed On."]

JANN (covering his ears in pain): Gah! H-head...exploding! Aah, I've taken
headshots that hurt less!

LYNN (covering her ears as well): Th-This pushes the limit of the human audible
sound range!

SUSIE (rocking back and forth insanely): Tee hee, such beautiful flowers 
everywhere...and there! My sweet, departed granny...

MARINA (covering her eye): left eye...MY LEFT EEEEEYEEE...

[All of her squadmates drop to the ground in pain.]

LYNN: Ahh...Karl, ears are ringing...I'll always...

SUSIE: War is...hell...

JANN: Aaaugh! L-Largo...I never wanted to...go like this...

MARINA: I-I've heard...sweeter song elk shot through the lung...

[Everyone faints, except for EDY, who is oblivious to the true horror of her
singing, and HOMER, who is barely holding on to consciousness.]

EDY (laughs): Overwhelmed by the moving power of my angelic voice?! (looks at
all her floored squadmates) Hmm? Speak up, darlings! Don't be shy! Though your
response is certainly dynamic!

HOMER: last...the sweet embrace of sleep...

[He faints.]

EDY: Well, if you all insist, here's an encore!

====ED-B: B-rank Ending====


[EDY has reached the destination after a hard fight.]

EDY: Rngh! Took a while to break through the enemy line there!

HOMER: Please hurry, Miss Edy. Miss Rosie is fading fast.

EDY: I know, I know! I'm not ready for her to sell the farm yet, either!

[She runs off.]


[After rescuing ROSIE...]

EDY: Phew...that was rather close. Any longer, and we'd have been too late!

LYNN: Thank goodness we weren't. I'm just glad to see both you and Rosie are

SUSIE: It was touch-and-go for a while, but we managed to avoid casualties here
as well.

MARINA: whew.

JANN: All's well that ends well, right?

EDY: All except that deadweight woman, you mean! The trouble we went through
for her!

HOMER: Heh heh...come on now, Miss Edy. What happened to, "She can't die! 

EDY: Wha--I, I never...Homer! I never said anything of the sort!

JANN: Oh really? Sure sounded like it to me.

LYNN: I heard it too.

SUSIE: And me three.


EDY: W-well, all right...I suppose I do have a modicum of respect for her
accomplishments. When she sang before Isara's grave, I...I'll admit, I was
touched. You could her heart in every note. The tears welled up and just didn't really sing with all one's's simple enough to say, but...
I want to sing that way. To sing that song. I couldn't help but feel that.

HOMER: Wow...

EDY: So I've been practicing it! I can tell you now, my version puts Rosie's to
shame! And she needs to be alive to know shame. I need those hot, salty tears,

LYNN: So that's why you flew into a panic?

JANN: If your version's so good, let's hear it!

SUSIE: Yes, I'd love to hear you sing it, Edy.


EDY: Absolutely not!

JANN: What? Why not?

EDY: As the star of Squad 7, my performances are to be pined for! No handouts,
you moochers. Maybe...juuust maybe, if you perform just a bit better, I'll

HOMER: What a letdown...

EDY (laughs): Not this time, darling whipping boy! If you really want to hear 
it, get that whip to cracking! Hup to, soldier!

====ED-C: C-rank Ending====


[EDY reaches the destination in a not-so-decisive fight.]

EDY (panting): F-finally...made it to...go save...that

MEDIC: Attention, all units! Corporal Stark has been evacuated.

EDY: Muh?

MEDIC: I repeat! Corporal Stark has been safely evacuated! She's going to be



[After the battle...]

SUSIE: Please, calm down, Edy!

EDY: What is the meaning of this?! I demand an explanation! I want 

LYNN: Another squad member must have gotten to her position. Thank goodness
she's safe!

JANN: You said it, hon! The villagers are a safe distance away, too. Now it's
Largo time!

MARINA: I'm glad everyone's safe.

HOMER: Well, Miss Edy? Ready to give the order to fall back and rejoin the 

EDY (muttering to herself): ...ceptable!


EDY: THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! I won't stand for it! That...that WITCH!! She
couldn't wait for me to rescue her?!

HOMER: Wow...even less rational than usual.

SUSIE: B-but she's safe now, just the same. That's what really matters, isn't

EDY: Well, yes, but...but still! This is wholly unacceptable! I hate, hate,
HATE that woman!

JANN: Whatever you say, hon. Welp, time to ignore the bat-flappity insane woman
and go home.

MARINA: Agreed.

LYNN: Yes, we should hurry back to the others.

EDY: D-Darlings? One moment, please! A-A whole pack of nasty Imperials are 
making a beeline for me here...

HOMER: Huh. I guess the Imperial elites that got Miss Rosie have set their
sights on you.

EDY: Eeeyaaaagh! You're riiiiigght! Mayday! Mayday! Extremely mayday! Somebody!
Anybody! HEEEEAALP!!!

====ED-D: D-rank Ending====


[EDY barely manages to escape a long, grinding battle.]


[After that fiasco...]

EDY: I refuse to accept it!

HOMER: Wha--? What was that, Miss Edy?

EDY: How could I get a D rank?! Me!

HOMER: A D...rank? Umm...what?

EDY: The only appropriate rank for me is A! MAYBE a B. On a bad day! As a joke!

HOMER: Wow. Impressively oblivious...

EDY: But no, it was a D! Unbelievable! Ugh, the whole thing took way too long!
(Now really breaking the fourth wall and talking to the player) Hello? Are you
listening out there?! I'm talking to you, sloth-fingers!

HOMER: Miss Edy? Who are you talking to?

EDY: Quick! Graceful! I have standards! If you're going to control me, then
get wise!

HOMER: Heh heh...completely ignored again.

EDY: Do we have an understanding? Hmm?! Good. Homer, we're leaving.

HOMER: Huh? We're through neglecting me?

EDY: What are you babbling about? Come on! We're doing the whole thing over,
from the top!

[She runs off.]

HOMER: Wha--? Miss Edy, I don't understand...

EDY: I refuse to let this rank stand! Now quit your dawdling, Homer!

[She gives him a left hook to the face.]

HOMER: Hunngh! I...I don't get it, but...mmm...yes, ma'am.


Behind Her Blue Flame

====BF-1: Prologue====


(Author's note: In the Japanese version, JOHANN is known as KARL.)

JOHANN OSWALD EISEN (voiceover): My name is Johann. Engineer, 3rd Class, posted
to the Gallian Invasion Front. May the Emperor reign forever. War against the 
Gallians was formally declared two days ago. Within the hour, the attack upon
Ghirlandaio, the citadel guarding the border, had begun. That operation was the
start of something larger...something that would decide my fate forever

[In the Imperial barracks.]

OTTO: Johann! Hey, Johann! You made it!

JOHANN: Otto? I'm glad to see you're still in one piece too.

OTTO: When I heard we were storming the citadel from the front, I got all
fired up to do my shocktrooper thing...but after His Grace Maximilian and his
Batomys were through with the front guard, there was barely a thing left to do.

JOHANN: I hear there are still a number of them holed up inside, though. I hope
that won't lead to trouble.

OTTO (laughs): Pessimistic as ever, I see. Ah, which reminds me--I have news for
you! You know that our squad is being folded into General Bles' regiment, right?

JOHANN: Yeah, I just heard. What about it?

OTTO: Well, the great Selvaria herself just asked for you by name. She wants to
see you in the war room, now.

JOHANN: What, me? That has to be some kind of mistake.

OTTO: You be sure to tell her that when you see her. In the meantime, those were
her orders. Hop to it. I don't have any clue what a Valkyrur witch would need
you for either, but it's not my place to question it.

JOHANN: I should at least go and see, I suppose. Anyway, thanks, Otto.

OTTO: Hey, what are friends for, right? Let's swap stories after you get back!

[Later, in SELVARIA's command center.]

JOHANN: The General's command center...I've never seen the inside before. Huh?

[He sees SELVARIA, who has her back to the door. She is grooming herself.]

SELVARIA: Hmm? Who's there?

JOHANN: S-Sir! I apologize for the intrusion! I was told you wanted to, er,
5th Regiment Engineer, Jo--

SELVARIA: Ah, you. The new engineer.

JOHANN: I'm terribly sorry, I...I didn't know you would be, er, grooming 
yourself. Sh-Should I, um...?

SELVARIA: Stay. It's fine. I just like to at least try to remember that I'm a 
woman, even out in the field. I am Selvaria Bles. Command of the citadel
takeover falls to me. That's why I called you here. In two hours, I'll be
taking a force into the citadel interior. We'll eliminate the entrenched Gallian
forces, and take Ghirlandaio as our own. Unfortunately, my engineer sustained
serious injury at the battle outside the gates today. You'll be standing in for
him as my support henceforth. Understood?

JOHANN: O-Of course, sir. B-But I...I have so little battle experience, still,
and I...well, I'd just hate to be a liability to you, sir.

SELVARIA: Hmm. Come to think of it, your commanding officer was hesitant to
recommend you for the job as well. He said you were meek. That you might panic
out there and bring the rest of the team down.

[JOHANN is speechless.]

SELVARIA: Are you afraid of being out on the front lines?

JOHANN: Yes...when I'm out there, I...sometimes it's all just too much. My legs
stop listening to me, and...

SELVARIA: It's a natural response. There's not a person alive who doesn't feel
unsure in battle. But that's when you need to remember: "I am not alone."

JOHANN: Not...alone.

SELVARIA: You'll have me at your back. And, in turn, I'll know I can fight
safely because of your help. Believe in your squad mates. In your friends. That
will be what gets you through the mission.

JOHANN: Yes sir.

SELVARIA: Heh, that's better. You look a bit less terrified now. It's almost
time. Let's get moving.

JOHANN: Yes, sir.

====BF-2: Assault on Ghirlandaio====


SELVARIA: Brothers-in-arms in the service of His Grace! Here are your orders.


SELVARIA: This battle will shape the future of the Gallian front. Have faith
in the Empire, and let no man stand in your way!


GALLIAN SCOUT: General Damon! The Imperials have breached the citadel walls,

DAMON: Rrgh, will they give us no rest?! Well, we'll just have to see they 
regret it! This fortress has withstood greater threats than this!

SELVARIA: Hmph. Any fool knows the shortest road to victory is to secure the 
high ground. Their defeat was settled the minute they gave up a piece of the 
outer wall. How can he not realize that? Listen well, engineer. I'll carve us a
clear path. Your job is to keep me in fighting shape. I don't carry any ragnaid

JOHANN: What? But, why not? I-If you don't mind my asking, sir.

SELVARIA I...dislike it. That blue light. As a child, in that facility, I 
was...I spent every waking moment bathed in that light.

[JOHANN is speechless.]

SELVARIA: Heh, surprised to hear a Valkyria warrior of the blue flame speak in 
such a way?

JOHANN: N-Not at all, sir!

SELVARIA: I fight without depending on ragnite, except when using the powers of
the Valkyrur. I carry no ragnaid. No grenades. Only this gun, a gift from His 
Grace. That makes your role all the more important. I need you to stay close, 
understand? But there's nothing to be afraid of. If anyone stands before us, 
they'll fall to me.

JOHANN: Yes, sir!

SELVARIA: All right, let's move! We must show these Gallian fools the glory of 
His Grace Maximilian!

[The Imperials have deployed on the citadel wall, while the Gallians have
a number of camps on the west side. The Imperial force splits up into two 
forces, one moving down the relatively not-so-well guarded east side, the other
proceeding down the more heavily defended west side.]

JOHANN: Erm, General? I-I have a question. 


JOHANN: I should think that with His Grace's Batomys, it should be quite easy to
simply level the citadel, right? Why go to the trouble of sending in
footsoldiers to take it over from the inside?

SELVARIA: This place is the ideal stronghold to weather a Gallian 
counteroffensive down the road. It was decided the optimal course of action was
to take Ghirlandaio in as close to perfect condition as possible.

JOHANN: A counteroffensive? Do you really think a tiny country like Gallia could
push our blitz back to the border, sir?

SELVARIA: You'd do well to remember this, engineer. There are no absolutes in
war. There may well come a day when it's us held up in here, Gallians barking at
the door.

JOHANN: I see...

SELVARIA: Heh. Don't get nervous on me, now. I'm merely saying the possibility
is there. With our forces, the Empire ought not be defeated. It falls upon us
to have faith in that, and to fight as best as we can.

[There are a number of barricades that make the citadel walls a maze to 
traverse. Gallian tanks and snipers are also making it difficult to proceed.]

(Author's note: This segment only takes place if you're trying to unlock
Silencing the Artillery for the next mission.)

[On the southwesterly most camp, the Imperials destroy Damon's tank.]

GALLIAN SCOUT: General Damon! Are you all right, sir?!

DAMON: No, you dimwit! What are you simpletons doing?! You let my tank get
destroyed! Haven't you heard of a defense?! Rrgh, it's too late to be whining
about it now! I'll fall back and brace for the enemy's follow-up assault. You
all stay here and defend the citadel at any cost. I need you to stall them here,
do you understand?!

GALLIAN SCOUT: Y-yes, sir!

DAMON: Just you wait, Imperials. You'll rue this day yet! Who needs this drafy
relic of a fort, anyway? I'll see you pay dearly for this affront to my good

(Author's note: End Silencing the Artillery segment.)

[The Imperials manage to battle it into the freight station in the middle and
and take the main Gallian camp. OPERATION COMPLETE.]

(Author's note: This dialogue plays if DAMON's tank was not destroyed.)

SELVARIA: The enemy base camp is ours! The Imperial flag flies proud above
Ghirlandaio tonight!

GALLIAN SCOUT: General Damon! The Empire has taken our base camp, sir!

DAMON: What?! What are you idiots doing? How did they break through our defenses
so easily?!

SCOUT: S-sir...perhaps in your eagerness to reclaim the enemy camp, those
defenses were spread too thin.

DAMON: Sh-Shut your mouth! I simply didn't expect that barbarian commander's
assault to be so unreasonable aggressive!

SCOUT: It's true, few could predict that sort of force.

DAMON: Rrgh, it's too late to be whining about it now! All units, fall back to
outside the citadel walls! You just wait, Imperials...heh heh. I've got an ace
up my sleeve yet.

SELVARIA: Excellent work, engineer. Victory is ours!

JOHANN: Y-Yes, sir.

SELVARIA: What's the matter? You should be happy. The two of us are still here,
well enough to celebrate the day.

JOHANN: Yes, I...I'm very...glad...

[He collapses.]

SELVARIA: Heh. Seems the toll of battle caught up with you in a hurry, hmm?

(Author's note: This dialogue plays if DAMON's tank was destroyed.)

SELVARIA: The enemy base camp is ours! The Imperial flag flies proud above
Ghirlandaio tonight! We've dealt a crushing blow to the enemy force and its
commander! Victory is ours!

JOHANN: Congratulations, General. Another masterful win, sir.

SELVARIA: Ah, it's you, engineer. You've done your job well, too. I appreciate

JOHANN: Of course, sir. that we're safe, tired...I just need

[He collapses.]

SELVARIA: Heh. Seems the toll of battle caught up with you in a hurry, hmm?



JOHANN: Nnh...

[He gradually comes to. SELVARIA is standing over him, peering at him.]


JOHANN: General?

SELVARIA: Ah good, you're awake. Don't worry, you just passed out from 

JOHANN: Where...?

SELVARIA: I set you up in my cot for convenience sake. You're in the war room.

JOHANN: I-I'm sorry. I don't want to take up your bed...

SELVARIA: It's fine. Get your rest. 

[JOHANN seems to try to say something.]

SELVARIA: What is it? Are you hurt somewhere?

JOHANN: N-no, it', I...y-your, um, chest's on my arm, sir.

[SELVARIA blushes and makes a cry of anger.]

SELVARIA: L-lecherous pig!

[She smacks him right on the face.]


SELVARIA: Ah! Sorry, my hand just shot out by reflex.

[JOHANN groans.]

SELVARIA: H-hey! Engineer? Snap out of it, man!

[He falls back to unconsciousness. Later, on the citadel walls...]

SELVARIA: Ahem. I apologize for my behavior before.

JOHANN: N-No, no! Not at all, sir, it was my fault. I apologize for any offense.
Though I'm kind of surprised...even you blush sometimes, huh, General?

[SELVARIA glares at him.]

SELVARIA: What was that?

JOHANN: N-Nothing, sir! Just thinking to myself again! Out loud. Quietly.

SELVARIA: Hmph. Very well. I was impressed with your tenacity out there today.
You fought well.

JOHANN: Sir, I...thank you, sir. The whole reason I became an engineer was to
avoid fighting on the front lines, but...I feel like serving under you on this
last operation has helped to bolster my confidence some. But at the same time,
seeing your fearlessness out there, I knew I could made me question
my worth.

SELVARIA: I see. I imagine you're already aware that I carry the bloodline of
the Valkyrur. To the point my own men are calling me a witch, it must be common

[JOHANN gasps at her frankness.]

SELVARIA: As a Valkyria, my worth is determined by my ability to strike down all
those who oppose me. But my purpose is not yours. There's no need to compare 
your fighting to mine. You fulfilled your responsibilities well. That's 
something you can take pride in.

JOHANN: hear that from you is...I feel I better understand why I'm
here now, out in the field.

SELVARIA: Hm. Your reason for fighting, hmm? I fear there's no home but the
battlefield for a Valkyria.

JOHANN: General...

SELVARIA: Heh, just thinking to myself. Out loud. For now, we have the Gallians
running. Prepare to move out in pursuit.

[She walks away. OTTO comes up.]

OTTO: Heey, Johann! I hear we owe the victory at Ghirlandaio to you, pal! What
happened to the guy who used to curl up into a ball the minute he picked up a
gun, eh?

JOHANN: It was all General Bles' command. Her leadership made me feel like I
could fight.

OTTO: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You falling under the witch's spell, man?

JOHANN: Don't be stupid. It's...she's not like that.

OTTO: Well, she's still no normal human. Nobody that gorgeous, that strong, and
that smart is the same animal as me. 

JOHANN: She's all those things, sure...but she also seems lonelier than anyone

====BF-3: Rout of the Gallian Forces====

(Author's note: This mission is the regular mission that you get if you do not
destroy DAMON's tank in the Assault on Ghirlandaio mission. It is replaced by
Silencing the Artillery if Damon's tank is destroyed.]


SELVARIA: The citadel has fallen. Ghirlandio is ours. All that remains is to 
pick off the stragglers.


SELVARIA: We'll begin the operation now. Justice is on our side! Fight fit to 
do her proud!


SELVARIA: Hmph, stubborn fools... Their loss is apparent. Why lose more lives?
We march! Attack squad, fall in with me. We storm the Gallian camp--(blue smoke
pours in around her all of a sudden) Hngh... Wh-What... What is this?        

JOHANN: General? Is something wrong?

SELVARIA: This is... M-My body's numb. I can't move!

[Her body seems to be paralyzed.]

DAMON (laughing): How do you like THAT, Imperial scum?!     

GALLIAN SCOUT: G-General! That isn't...don't tell me you had the pre-war armory
vaults reopened for-- 

DAMON: Poison gas! You got it!

GALLIAN SCOUT: B-but, General! The release of poison into the air is expressly
banned by the continental treaty!

DAMON: Oh, stop your whimpering! I'm not going to allow Gallia to be invaded by
some flimsy piece of paper! All right, their commander's isolated. Grab her!
If I don't turn this miserable mess of a loss around, it'll be a scar on my 
reputation! All units, move out!

OTTO: Wait, what's going on?! The attack squad is acting strange. They're hurt!

JOHANN: That...that's ragnide gas! How could they?! Chemical and biological 
weapons were outlawed by the Continental Council's land war treaty!

OTTO: General Bles is out on her own...this could be real bad.

JOHANN: General...

[He has a flashback of SELVARIA.]

SELVARIA (flashback): But that's when you need to remember...I am not alone.
I fear there's no home but the battlefield for a Valkyria.


[He runs off in her direction.]

OTTO: Johann? H-Hey, Johann! Where are you going?!

JOHANN: Ragnide gas wreaks havoc on the nervous system, but it's easily
neutralized by injecting a common anti-shock agent. The only ones carrying 
those hypos around are us engineers. I'm the only one who can help her! Hang in
there, General! I'm coming!

[The battle is taking place on the outskirts of Ghirlandaio. The Gallian camps
outside are protected by tower sentries, gatling turrets, infantry, and tanks. 
JOHANN makes his way towards SELVARIA's position.]

SELVARIA: Ngh...I can't...ahh...still won't...move...I'd hoped to...die a 
grander death...

DAMON (laughing): Look at them reeling! Attack, attack, attaaaaack!

[JOHANN runs headlong through the trenches to SELVARIA.]

JOHANN: General! General, sir, are you all right?!

SELVARIA: E-engineer...? What's happening...?

JOHANN: They used chemical weapons, sir. Poison gas! It's interfering with your
body's nervous system. I've got just the thing to fix it, though. You're safe

SELVARIA: They gassed us? came here for me? Into their trap?

JOHANN: Of course, sir! But I've already infected myself with the anti-toxin.
I'm fine, general.

SELVARIA: Bold move...for a little mouse like you, isn't it?

JOHANN: You were cut off from the rest of us, sir. I couldn't leave you like
that. General, you're have to know you're not alone, either. Valkyria
or not, you're the reason I can keep fighting!

[SELVARIA is speechless.]

JOHANN: I've got the hypo prepped and ready, sir. If you'd let me at your neck
a moment...

SELVARIA: Of course...thank you...

[He injects her, and she gives a little grunt of pain.]

JOHANN: Engineer...I never asked your name, did I? S-sir! It's Johann...Johann
Oswald Eisen.

SELVARIA: Very good...I shall remember it.

JOHANN: There, all done. The effect should be fairly immediate. How do you 

[She moves her limbs around to check.]

SELVARIA: Yes, body's responding again!

JOHANN: Oh, Emperor be should recover fully in just a few moments.

SELVARIA: Thank you, Johann. I owe my life to your bravery, soldier. Please, see
to the rest of the squad as soon as you--

JOHANN: They're ready to fight, sir! It's already taken care of!

SELVARIA: Hmm. Quick thinking for a tight spot. All units, hear this! The 
Gallians havve strayed from the path of humanity. A hero has saved our lives
today. Let us repay him with a decisive victory in his honor!

[It is their destination to reach the Gallian base camp some distance away
from Ghirlandaio. SELVARIA leads the charge towards the enemy camp, which 
DAMON's tank is guarding. The Imperials destroy it.]

DAMON: I-If you fools had...fought properly...I wouldn't be...nngh...

[He falls down on the ground.]

GALLIAN SCOUT: Oh, fates be cruel! The General is DEAD!

[He suddenly gets up.]

DAMON: You idiot, I never said I was dying! Don't seem so eager to start writing
my obituary!

GALLIAN SCOUT: Y-You're alive, sir! No matter what they say, you at least have
hero-grade persistence.

DAMON: Rgh, I'm falling back. I'll take up command from the rear. You men
defend your positions with your lives! You'll have no post to return to if you
let them at our camp!

[The Imperials eliminate all other resistance and take the Gallian base camp.]

SELVARIA: Their base camp is ours! Victory is with the Empire!

DAMON: How?! How are they still fighting after being gassed?!

GALLIAN SCOUT: General! Our formation has been completely broken! There's
nothing left we can do, sir!

DAMON: Rragh, Imperial scum! Fine! All units, pull out. You tell central command
the enemy's use of poison gas forced us to retreat. Am I understood?!

GALLIAN SCOUT: Y-yes, sir!

====BF-4: Silencing the Artillery====

(Author's note: You only get this mission if you destroy DAMON's tank in
Assault on Ghirlandaio. Otherwise, the mission you play is Rout of the Gallian


SELVARIA: The citadel has fallen. Ghirlandio is ours. All that remains is to 
pick off the stragglers.


SELVARIA: Now, march, brave men of the Empire! Victory is yours. You need but
reach out and claim it!


SELVARIA: Hmph, stubborn fools... Their loss is apparent. Why lose more lives?
We march! Attack squad, fall in with me. We storm the Gallian camp-- (blue smoke
pours in around her all of a sudden) Hngh... Wh-What... What is this?        

JOHANN: General? Is something wrong?

SELVARIA: This is... M-My body's numb. I can't move!

[She seems to be paralyzed.]

DAMON (laughing): How do you like THAT, Imperial scum?!     

GALLIAN SCOUT: G-General! That isn't...don't tell me you had the pre-war armory
vaults reopened for-- 

DAMON: Poison gas! You got it!

GALLIAN SCOUT: B-but, General! The release of poison into the air is expressly
banned by the continental treaty!

DAMON: Oh, stop your whimpering! I'm not going to allow Gallia to be invaded by
some flimsy piece of paper! Now on to phase two! All cannons, take aim at the 
citadel's powder magazine! I packed the place to the gills with explosives in 
advance. If we can break through that wall, the whole place is dust! This is
what they get for destroying my tank. I'll enjoy watching this place come down 
on their heads!

OTTO: Wait, what's going on?! The attack squad is acting strange. They're hurt!

JOHANN: That...that's ragnide gas! How could they?! Chemical and biological 
weapons were outlawed by the Continental Council's land war treaty!

OTTO: General Bles is out on her own... This could be real bad.

JOHANN: General...

[He has a flashback of SELVARIA.]

SELVARIA (flashback): But that's when you need to remember...I am not alone.
I fear there's no home but the battlefield for a Valkyria.


[He runs off in her direction.]

OTTO: Johann? H-Hey, Johann! Where are you going?!

JOHANN: Ragnide gas wreaks havoc on the nervous system, but it's easily
neutralized by injecting a common anti-shock agent. The only ones carrying 
those hypos around are us engineers. I'm the only one who can help her! Hang in
there, General! I'm coming!

[The Gallian camps outside Ghirlandaio are heavily fortified with tower 
sentries, infantry, turrets, and tanks. Despite this, JOHANN risks enemy fire
to SELVARIA's position. The Gallians send a barrage of artillery fire at the
powder magazine.]

DAMON: Good, keep it up! Concentrate fire on the powder magazine!

SELVARIA: Their trajectory is! Those Gallian barbarians are planning
to blow the entire citadel! There, at the central camp. That looks like the
observation point for the artillery. That camp will have to fall. That's our
one chance to stop them.

[The Gallians mount a counteroffensive against the citadel in the meanwhile.]

SELVARIA: Ngh...I can't...ahh...still won't...move...I'd hoped to...die a 
grander death...

DAMON (laughing): Look at them reeling! Attack, attack, attaaaaack!

[JOHANN manages to get to SELVARIA's position through a whole maze of trenches.]

JOHANN: General! General, sir, are you all right?!

SELVARIA: E-engineer...? What's happening...?

JOHANN: They used chemical weapons, sir. Poison gas! It's interfering with your
body's nervous system. I've got just the thing to fix it, though. You're safe

SELVARIA: They gassed us? came here for me? Into their trap?

JOHANN: Of course, sir! But I've already infected myself with the anti-toxin.
I'm fine, general.

SELVARIA: Bold move...for a little mouse like you, isn't it?

JOHANN: You were cut off from the rest of us, sir. I couldn't leave you like
that. General, you're have to know you're not alone, either. Valkyria
or not, you're the reason I can keep fighting!

[SELVARIA is speechless.]

JOHANN: I've got the hypo prepped and ready, sir. If you'd let me at your neck
a moment...

SELVARIA: Of course...thank you...

[He injects her, and she gives a little grunt of pain.]

JOHANN: Engineer...I never asked your name, did I? S-sir! It's Johann...Johann
Oswald Eisen.

SELVARIA: Very good...I shall remember it.

JOHANN: There, all done. The effect should be fairly immediate. How do you 

[She moves her limbs around to check.]

SELVARIA: Yes, body's responding again!

JOHANN: Oh, Emperor be should recover fully in just a few moments.

SELVARIA: Thank you, Johann. I owe my life to your bravery, soldier. Please, see
to the rest of the squad as soon as you--

JOHANN: They're ready to fight, sir! It's already taken care of!

SELVARIA: Hmm. Quick thinking for a tight spot. All units, hear this! The 
Gallians have strayed from the path of humanity. A hero has saved our lives
today. Let us repay him with a decisive victory in his honor!

[SELVARIA leads the charge against GALLIA'S main camp through heavy enemy fire,
and they succeed in punching through the defenses, capturing the camp. OPERATION

SELVARIA: Their base camp is ours! Victory is with the Empire!

DAMON: How?! How are they still fighting after being gassed?!

GALLIAN SCOUT: General! Our formation has been completely broken! There's
nothing left we can do, sir!

DAMON: Rragh, Imperial scum! Fine! All units, pull out. You tell central command
the enemy's use of poison gas forced us to retreat. Am I understood?!

GALLIAN SCOUT: Y-yes, sir!

====BF-5: Epilogue====


[In the war room.]

SELVARIA: Johann Oswald Eisen.


SELVARIA: Whereas you have performed selflessly and heroically in the field, I
hereby bestow upon you the Order of the Iron Star. Here, I'll put it on you.
Stick out your chest.

JOHANN: Y-yes, sir!

SELVARIA: Heh, relax. There's no need to be so stiff. You wear it well.

JOHANN: Sir! Your words do me great honor, sir!

SELVARIA: You were in the paper, you know. "Oswald the Iron," they called you.

JOHANN: Yes, the other boys in the squad were teasing me about it. The little
mouse, square in the spotlight...

SELVARIA: This operation has given me cause to rethink my conception of supply
and support in combat as well. I plan to work on refining orders to cure and
assist my men henceforth. That said, I heard you've applied to be reassigned 
from engineer to scout duty.

JOHANN: Yes, sir. I've thought about it for quite some time now.

SELVARIA: I look every bit the soldier now. Regardless of your role,
I'll have you stay in my unit. I look forward to more good work from you,


SELVARIA: Now, how about some food? Tonight will be my treat, to celebrate your

JOHANN: would be an honor. Are there any suitable restaurants in the

SELVARIA: Oh, I hadn't planned on anything so fancy. I simply thought I'd cook
for you something here.

JOHANN: What? G-General, you cook?!

SELVARIA (blushing): Y-Yes, and then. When the mood strikes me.
Being out in the field, I doubt we'll find anything special by way of 
ingredients, but I'll work with what I can get.

JOHANN: you, sir.

SELVARIA: Shall we head to the mess hall, then? You can tell me what you'd like
along the way.

JOHANN (voiceover): I never told the General. I couldn't. I wanted to tell her
she was the reason I became a scout. So I could join her up at the front lines,
to keep fighting at her side. If a rank-and-file grunt like me could help ease
her loneliness, even just for a time, that'd be enough for me. I knew I could
die. I knew the risks. But I also knew that this was what I wanted. And I've
never regretted it. Whenever that final day comes, I want to have spent every
one before it with her. My place is there, fighting for her.

====BF-6: Covert Op: Azure Witch====

(Author's note: If you beat all three missions with an A-rank, you unlock this
mission. Chronologically, this takes place after the Epilogue, which typically
shows "The End" after it finishes playing.)


SELVARIA: Your orders are as follows. 


SELVARIA: We begin immediately. Fight bravely, men, knowing that you march under
the aegis of the Valkyrur!


[Several Gallian forces have breached the walls in an effort to retake the
citadel...but this time, SELVARIA is in Valkyria mode. Their objective is 
simple: Repel the attack, and repel it so completely that no one will know about
the Valkyrian secret. Her Gatling Beam and Beam Weapon lay waste to the Gallian
attackers. Her men also fight bravely, encouraged by their Valkyrur commander.
They take the camps of the defenders with ease and kill every invading Gallian.

SELVARIA: Operation complete! Another unconditional victory. This victory is
your doing, men. Well done.



Looking for the part of the script where an event happened? Look here!

- The first shots of the War: P-2 & P-3
- The destruction of the Bruhl Windmill: 01-3
- WELKIN's first battle: 03-4 & 03-5
- WELKIN's bet with LARGO and ROSIE: 04-2
- LARGO's vegetable love is revealed: R2
- First meeting of the Triumviri and MAXIMILIAN: 05-2
- The discovery of the hidden chamber: 06-5
- SELVARIA is revealed to be a Valkyria: 06-5
- The battle against the Batomys: 07-5
- ALICIA shows the first signs of being a Valkyria: R4
- ALICIA and WELKIN's night in a log cabin: 08-3 to 08-6
- First sight of ISARA's airplane: 09-5
- CORDELIA's kidnapping: 09-6
- Fanservice at the beach: R5
- GREGOR's death and the Equus' destruction: 10-6
- The Fouzen Darcsen massacre: 10-7
- LARGO admits his love for VARROT: R6
- ISARA's death: 11-7
- ROSIE's song "A Love Passed On": 11-8
- The recapture of Bruhl: 12-5
- ALICIA is shot by FALDIO: 13-5
- ALICIA is awakened as a Valkyria: 14-3
- FALDIO is discovered as ALICIA's shooter: R-2
- SELVARIA activates the final flame of the Valkyria: 15-9
- The Marmota makes its first appearance: 16-1
- WELKIN proposes to ALICIA: 16-6
- WELKIN and ALICIA have their first kiss: 16-7
- JAEGER is finally defeated: 17-3
- CORDELIA reveals herself to be a Darcsen: F-01
- The Valkof is taken by the Marmota: F-07
- MAXIMILIAN is defeated by Squad 7: F-11
- FALDIO sacrifices himself to kill MAXIMILIAN: F-12
- WELKIN and ALICIA are rescued by the plane: F-13


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