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How do you eat bigger things, such as trees? 2
I'v heard of people combining swallowed objects... how? 2
Why can't I pick up items? 1
Does this game feature online play? 2
Is this game worth it? 1
When i poop objects out, does my overall size increase? 2
How Do I Eat NOBY NOBY BOY in manual? 1
Is Noby Noby Boy coming out on the 360? 3
What causes Boy to split? 2
How long until we reach Mars? 2
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
765 Trophy? 0
The Prince? 6
How do you "Take 10 inhabitants for a ride."? 1
Getting the Unproportional Trophy - attainable? I just did it! 1
Eating? 2
How do You get people or animals to ride????? 1
Picking Up Items? 1
100m Trophy? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 9

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