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How can i unlock lu bus horse?

I want to unlock his horse but i dont know how to can someone tell me how to unlock lu bus horse?

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You don't "unlock" it like you used to. You have to randomly get a red horse with certain stats, then raise it well. It's based on your system clock. If you're on PS3, you can look at the general FAQ. I don't know about Xbox or PS2.

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the best way to horse farm is gaun du on master, get two chars with lady luck skill, 2 find saddle horses, and when starting the level with liu bei head left and fall into a very dark wooded area, theres a box with a saddle in it everytime and yuan shu usually drops a saddle after defeat, just go for the saddle then gdefeat yuan shu for 4 usually good to great horses, save the RED horse that "considers the world and has a heavenly physique" and then level them up to 5, your wont get red hare, but his title will be RED HARE KING, look like red hare have 4 skills (check a skill hunting guide to get the the right skills on him) and all stats will be 500

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The general FAQ sais that you need to set the time on 8/04/2008 and the time on 12:01 when starting the battle. Then, equip/do the following:
1: 2 characters with lady luck
2: guan du, easy
3: 2 horses with find saddle
4: smash the saddle box; REALLY IMPORTANT, because this one increases your chance of getting a rare horse.
5: get target 2 and 3 - NOT 1!!!
6: get the saddle Yuan Shao drops.
Now: you get 4 horses. One named Ginger striker. Save this one. Do the mission EXACTLY over again with THE SAME TIME!!! Hooray, Red Hare (named ultimate dream).

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PS: The date is on the 8th of April. Sorry for the wrong date, I'm Dutch xD

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i get the horse like second answer
but if you get the horse tell me becase
The most important thing that the training of the horse will be different

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i will soon be posting a complete horse FAQ on the ps3 section, with someones permission i will have it done soon

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Read the FAQ.

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Read my horse FAQ, which can be found near the bottom of the FAQ's page

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