Question from manaya00

How can i find the hidden door which lead to magnatic field in the huch?

In the swan place i have to find the hidden door which lead to the way my compass pointing at

snowflake608 asked for clarification:

OK i am struck in the hatch in the room and it shows the drawing on the wall of the swan a little pond then it goes to another circle and i have 4 minutes to find the way out when i go to the computer what do i have to enter to get out? then it tells me that i know the way home. please help me.......


Vivox answered:

Leave the hatch, and right across from where you come out theres a pond. Walk straight ahead through the pond, and you'll find a cave "hidden" behind a water fall. Follow the cave to the end and you'll find the door. After finding the door, you'll have to leave and go find some dynamite...
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david8898 answered:

No first figure out the tests when your done it will restart to 108.00
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