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How do I get past (Locate Patient Zero)?

Im having trouble passing this part all it says Destroy the Blackwatch Specter Vehicles i don't understand how to beat this.

Gavin20059 provided additional details:

I have destroyed the tanks but they keep coming back and if do grab a tank its gets destroyed right away

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silverfox11202 answered:

You have to disguise yourself as a Blackwatch and then take any one of the tanks indicated by a blue DNA symbol above it. From there, you need to get to the checkpoint and destroy all of the tanks indicated by a red scull above them. This can be done by first taking out most of the marines (preferably consuming them since you'll have plenty of helicopters above you taking out chunks of your health) that are on the nearby rooftops. This allows you to enter into the tanks without having rockets blasted at you while you're trying to hijack them. Get inside one of the tanks and start firing at the others (don't worry about the helicopters since they're a pain to take down with a tank and it's health gets torn down way too quickly to waste your time on them). When your tank gets destroyed, run up to the nearest tank, hijack it, and repeat. If you ever begin to run low on health, run away from the initial combat zone where there's less action and start consuming the nearest pedestrian/infested (which can also be a good distraction for the Hunters to get them away from the tanks that you're trying to hijack) and then run back and continue hijacking/destroying tanks. If you're lucky, you may find a Hunter that has already had its health torn down enough to to where has a red DNA icon above it's head. When all tanks are destroyed, one will appear with a blue DNA icon. Hijack it, and Mission Complete.
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