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Rage - 100% Complete Step By Step Walkthrough
by: Patrick V. Regan

This guide will tell you what you need to know when you need to know 
it. No need to double check with other sources, you'll get everything
you need to know to platinum and 100% complete this game. From mini 
games to obtaining loads of money to earning all trophies this guide 
has it all. It took me awhile to accumulate all the data contained in 
this guide and some of it was not found online but rather from my own 
bit of research testing in the game. I personally have tested every-
thing this guide talks about so no information is out of date or in-
correct, but I'm not above typos or errors. If you happen to find one 
please let me know. You can send my GameFAQs account a message and 
I'll be sure to go and correct any errors you might have found and of 
course give you full credit for the correction. Simply go through 
this guide checking off each step as you go with no worry if you are 
missing anything. I also pride myself on having little to no 
spoilers. If you happen to find one you feel is unnecessary or over 
explanatory just send me a message and I'll consider your thoughts. 
Thanks for choosing my guide to help you through your time with this 
underrated gem of a game. I'd like to mention is that I don't care if 
you copy this guide and pass it off as your own. I write these guides 
for gamers who need help and for my own pleasure in providing that 
help. I won't be mentioning the trophy's that come naturally as you 
progress in the game because your going to get these no matter what. 
Enjoy the guide.


Table of Contents

Main Story

01. Haggar Settlement
02. Ghost Hideout
03. Outrigger Settlement
04. Wasteland - Outrigger Territory
05. Wasted Garage
06. Wellspring
07. Ghost Hideout (Revisit)
08. Wasteland - Ghost Territory
09. Wasteland - Wasted Territory
10. Wasteland - Shrouded Territory
11. Wasteland - Scorcher Territory
12. Wasteland - Feltrite Crater
13. Wasteland - Kvasir Chasm
14. Mutant Bash TV
15. Crazy Joe's Shack
16. Shrouded Bunker
17. Dead City (1st Visit)
18. The Well
19. Authority Prison
20. Dead City (2nd Visit)
21. Subway Town
22. Blue Line Station
23. Abandoned Distillery
24. Gearhead Vault
25. Wasteland - Open Territory
26. Wasteland - Gearhead Territory
27. Power Plant
28. Jackal Canyon
29. Authority Bridge
30. Wasteland - Authority Territory
31. Capitol Prime

Other Information

32. Night Blossom & Desert Spore Locations
33. Unlimited Money Tricks
34. Ammo Damage
35. Engineering Costs & Parts
36. RAGE Frenzy Card Game Combos
37. 100% Checklist
38. Kill Trophies
01. Haggar Settlement

This is the first place you will visit in the game. It contains a 
single mini game. Talk to Loosum Hagar to learn of it. Its also where 
your first main quests will be issued.

Collector Card 1/54 - Dan
This card is located inside Haggar Settlement. In the building where 
you find Dan on the nightstand next to the only empty bed is this 

Collector Card 2/54 - Grenade
This card is located inside Haggar Settlement. Just outside the 
Garage, where the Dune Buggy is first found, if you go straight 
towards the barrels, is this card found sitting on one of the barrels 
next to the pipes and valve.

Collector Card 3/54 - Loosum
This card is located inside Haggar Settlement. To the left of the 
front door of the building Dan Haggar is located inside you will find 
this card on a rock.

02. Ghost Hideout

Collector Card 4/54 - Ghost Bonestick
This card is located inside the Ghost Hideout. After eliminating the 
second bandit you will walk down a hallway with a wooden platform 
with two lit torches on it. Sitting next to the left torch is this 
card. You can also loop around to the back by going through the door 
to your left of here, then around to the right and up the ramp which 
leads to the top of the platform this card is on.

Collector Card 5/54 - Ghost Boss
This card is located inside the Ghost Hideout. From the location of 
the last card, you should see a metal square monument to your left 
through the doorway. The card is lying on the ground under a small 
table to the left of this monument.

03. Outrigger Settlement

This is location you have limited access to. Once you are done with 
the few quests here it will close off to you. Though it is possible 
to glitch your way back in, its recommended you just finish all side 
quests and grab all collector cards before leaving the Settlement.

Collector Card 6/54 - Janus - LIMITED AVAILABILITY
This card is located in Outrigger Settlement. Upon taking a certain 
list to a lady called Janus inside this Settlement for a quest given 
by Dan you'll find this card on the couch nearby where she is found.

04. Wasteland - Outrigger Territory

Collector Card 7/54 - Turret
This card is located in the Wasteland while on a quest to fix a 
radio tower. When you find yourself at the area with a sandbag wall 
and a few enemies firing at you from across the way turn around and 
look for a set of stairs leading down into a small bunker. Inside 
this bunker on a chair is this card.

Collector Card 8/54 - Rikter
This card is located in the Wasteland while on a quest to fix a radio 
tower. Once you climb a small hill to reach the building where you 
need to go to continue this quest you will come to a room with a 
ladder in the back. The card is sitting on a ledge of sorts hidden in 
the dark on the left side of the room.

Schematic 1/19 - Bandages
Upon completing the quest "Where's Juno" you will be given this.

Schematic 2/19 - Adrenaline Overdrive - LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Upon completing the side quest "Mutant Alert" (given by Ramos in 
Outrigger Settlement) and returning to Ramos your given this as 
a reward.

Schematic 3/19 - Lock Grinder (3/19)
Cannot miss this Schematic. Will automatically obtain it for doing 
the main quest in the Outrigger Settlement.

05. Wasted Garage

Collector Card 9/54 - Wasted Club
This card is located in the Wasted Garage. When traveling through 
this area, you will eventually come across a door with an electrified 
lock. After manage to get the door open, head down the stairs on the 
other side. At the bottom you will find another staircase near by 
with a burning barrel underneath it. Climb these stairs and follow 
the path till you in this card on the floor.

Collector Card 10/54 - Wasted Pistol
This card is located in the Wasted Garage. Once you find yourself 
traveling through a blown open hole in a wall and down the stairs on 
the other side, this card can be found under these same stairs inside 
a box on the floor.

Collector Card 11/54 - Wasted Turret
This card is located in the Wasted Garage. After defeating the bandit 
on the turret you'll need to go through a small route to go around 
the now destroyed turret mounted vehicle. After you come out on the 
other side turn around and the card is found in a box to the right of 
the door.

Collector Card 12/54 - Dagger Thrower
This card is located in the Wasteland just outside the entrance to 
the Wasted Garage. Above the entrance to this garage hidden in the 
corner is the card. To get to this located simply follow the dirt 
path up to the road above using the buggy. Then follow the railing 
around to the area your buggy cannot go. Get off and follow it 
around and the card is found around the corner here.

Collector Card 13/54 - Dune Buster
This card is located at the Hagar Settlement. Talk with Durar and 
accept his challenge. Upon completing the challenge your given this 

Schematic 4/19 - Wingsticks
This is found inside Hagar Settlement. Speak with Loosum and beat her 
mini game score of 10. Then speak with Halek Hagar (the shop owner) 
and you will be able to purchase this schematic. This can also be 
purchased at other shops found later in the game if you don't have 
enough money for it now.

Trophy - Open Minded
This trophy requires you to get 10 headshot kills with a Sniper 
Rifle. You can work your way through this trophy when your first 
assigned to take out the gateway passage to Wellspring as part of the 
"Destroy the Barricade" mission. You might get it then or simply get 
a few towards this goal. Either way keep this trophy in mind from the 
moment the game hands you a Sniper Rifle.

06. Wellspring

This is your first major town you visit in the game. You will have 
plenty of side quests, mini games, races, and main quests to do here. 
There is a lot to see and do here so be sure to speak with everyone.

Mini Games
-RAGE Frenzy: Only required to beat a single card game match on Easy.
-Five Finger Fillet: Only required to survive the first round then 
cash out.
-Races: Place first on each race in the town including Starky's 
Challenge, all regular events from all three levels, and the 
Sponsorship match. Be sure to do the deliveries for Stanley too. They 
don't count as races but they are required for 100%.
Tombstones: Just play until you survive. You don't have to win 
anything, it just has to say you won.

Trophy - Lead Foot
This one only requires you to win a race. I recommend you win all 
races found at Wellspring so you can help yourself get closer to the 
obsessive compulsive trophy.

Trophy - Just a Flesh Wound
You need to play Five Finger Fillet and survive until and beat round 
5. If you fail three times in a row during any round you have to 
start over. A tip for beating the final round, if you don't have Jedi 
reflexes, is to press the pause button and the 'X' button at the same 
time when the knife is over the 'hit' spot. This will pause the game 
before the animation of the hand striking the table and show you the 
location of the next 'hit' spot. Do this each time and you'll make it 
through the final round and earn this otherwise maddeningly difficult 

Trophy - JACKPOT!
This just requires patience. Simply keep playing until you roll all 
four targets in the first round. The game will eventually give it to 
you. There is no skill involved, just patience.

Trophy - Arts and Crafts / Tinkerer
You will need to create 10 items and 50 items respectively for these 
trophies. It would be a good time to buy any parts needed to create 
the ammo type you like and start to engineer a bunch of them so you 
can get both these trophies and be prepared for all the rest of the 
game can throw at you. I recommend either Fat Mamma's and / or Pop 
Rockets. Both of these ammo types will more or less decimate anything 
the game has to throw at you either in one shot or (for those big 
enemies) only a few shots.

Trophy - Demolition Man
This requires you to destroy 100 enemy cars. If you've done any races 
you can upgrade what ever car you want to. I recommend using the Dune 
Buggy for this challenge. This is the only vehicle you can use that 
uses rockets. Purchase some rockets and be sure to have Mick in the 
garage install them. Then go outside of Wellspring to shoot down some 
enemy vehicles. Its also good to note that the enemy vehicles you 
shoot down in any races also count. Keep this up and you'll earn some 
cash back from Sally in the bar as well to soften the financial blow 
this will cause you. But don't worry because you can always use one 
of the many money tricks I have in another part of this guide.

Job Board
This is the side quest central hub, more or less, of Wellspring. 
Finish all the quests on this posting board and return after each 
main mission of the game to check for more. These are required to 
earn that elusive Obsessive Compulsive trophy.

Collector Card 14-18/54 - City Guard, Club Mutant, Jetter, Mayor 
Clayton, Sheriff Black
These cards are purchased in Wellspring from Coffer. You will first 
have to get a new pair of clothes from him but after that you can 
purchase the starter deck containing these cards.

Schematic 5/19 - Fat Mammas
This schematic is found inside Wellspring and purchased from Coffer.

Schematic 6/19 - Pop Rockets
This schematic is found inside Wellspring and purchased from Coffer.

Schematic 7/19 - Sentry Turret
This schematic is found inside Wellspring and purchased from Coffer. 
However, it might not be available until after finishing some main 
story quests first. Check back after doing a few quests if its not 
available from the start.

07. Ghost Hideout (Revisit)

Collector Card 19/54 - Ghost Pistol - REQUIRES LOCK GRINDER
This card is found inside the Ghost Hideout. Upon entering the 
hideout go to your right, duck under the opening, and jump over the 
debris here. There will be a door locked on your right. Its the 
restroom with the skull painted above it. Use the lock grinder to 
open the door and you will find this card inside on a table.

08. Wasteland - Ghost Territory

Jump 1/18 - Beginner's Jump
Heading from the Ghost Hideout towards Haggar Settlement you will see 
this metal devices floating in the air just past a sort of cliff you 
can drive off. Simply boast off the cliff enough to hit this metal 
device to complete this jump.

Jump 2/18 - Butterfly in the Sky
Turn around after doing the last jump and underneath the destroyed 
over pass you'll see this next jump. To be clear the metal floating 
devices are the markers for jumps, you need to hit them to complete 
any given jump. For this one you need to use the dirt mount built up 
around the pillar of the overhead freeway as a ramp to propel your 
vehicle high enough to hit it. You will need to be in full boost to 
get enough air. Keep trying because its a difficult one to get.

09. Wasteland - Wasted Territory

Jump 3/18 - Tiger Jump
After you head through the passage just outside of Haggar Settlement 
you needed to blow open with explosives, go right and hug the left 
wall until you come to this obvious jump.

Jump 4/18 - In The Basket
When heading through the gate from Haggar Settlement towards 
Wellspring this jump can be found on the far left. Its next to a 
guard tower hovering above a huge crater. Use the side with a lip to 
launch yourself into this marker.

10. Wasteland - Shrouded Territory

Jump 5/18 - I Think I Can Jump
From the entrance of Wellspring, go down the path on the immediate 
right then hang another right. The left side of this path will have a 
ramp leading up. Use it with boost to reach the cliff top on the 
other side. Doing this will score you this jump accomplishment.

Jump 6/18 - Mini Gap
From the exit of Wellspring go right, then right again. Follow this 
path past the previous jump and down the long road using the upper 
right side. You come to a turret on the left and a jump that takes 
you towards it. Use the cliff ramp to accomplish this jump.

Collector Card 20/54 - Sally
Simply talk to the bar tender of Second Chance in Wellspring to get 
this one going side quest. Then head out into the Wasteland and kill 
as many bandit vehicles that you can and return to Sally. After 
enough vehicles have been eliminated Sally will reward you with this 

Schematic 8/19 - Sentry Bot
This can be bought from Coffer inside the Outfitters shop in 

11. Wasteland - Scorcher Territory

Jump 7/18 - Leap of Faith
Just after your last jump you'll be heading under an overpass as 
you continue forward. After driving under it you'll come into an 
open area. The on-ramp to your left has a jump at the end of it so 
take it up. If you don't go fast enough or you hit the ramp at a 
weird angle you might die when you land. Be careful and save before 
attempting it.

Jump 8/18 - Highway Hop
In the same area just past the last ramp that takes you to your 
previous jump is another road leading up on your left. Take it up and 
then make a u-turn when you can to get in the other lane heading back 
in the direction you went up the ramp. The road will cut off and you 
will fly off it and right into this jump marker.

Jump 9/18 - Dedicated
Near the last jump but instead of making that u-turn keep going down 
this very long road. Once you hit dirt make the curve around to the 
left. You should see this jump on your way down the road just so you 
get an idea of where it is. Anyway, now in this area you'll need to 
line up your jump to this marker by putting to rocky mound in between 
your vehicle and it. Then boost and if your lucky you'll get it. This 
one can be tricky so keep at it and you'll get it eventually.

Collector Card 21/54 - Enforcer
This card is located in the Wasteland Scorcher territory. Just as you 
pass under the overpass leading into this area you'll want to make 
your way past the first on-ramp on your right hand side. Now drive 
your way through the tight space in-between the 2nd on-ramp on your 
right and the cliff. You should be able to drive under it but then 
you'll have to get out and head on foot down the path leading east 
away from the ramp above you. At the end is a large tunnel entrance 
and this card in the dirt.

12. Wasteland - Feltrite Crater

Collector Card 22/54 - Shrouded Minigun
This card is located at the Feltrite Crater area of the Wasteland. 
During the quest "Feltrite Crater" you will come here. The card is 
located inside the cargo container on the bottom left of this 
drilling station. Its dark inside but if you head to the back of it 
you'll find this card making its presence known by flashing.

13. Wasteland - Kvasir Chasm

Collector Card 23/54 - Sentry Bot
Like the last one the path begins are you enter the Scorcher 
territory from the overpass. This time head to the back of the area 
where the on-ramp on the left is but go down the path just to its 
left which leads to a road underneath it. This will lead to an open 
area with a oddly shaped building. Next to the ramp leading to this 
building down next to a rock nearby is this card hidden in the bush. 
Its left of the flashing mail box.

14. Mutant Bash TV

This is my favorite area of the game and home of my favorite way to 
earn boat loads of cash. Essentially you complete in a four to five 
round event where you simply need to survive to win. After you 
progress enough in the game you'll be given a task to get sponsorship 
from the guy who runs this place called JK Stiles. Simply beat the 
first run through Mutant Bash TV and he will sponsor you in races.

Trophy - Decapathon
This trophy requires you behead 10 enemies with wingsticks. It also 
counts when you get one stuck in the head of an enemy. Keep this 
trophy in mind when going through your rounds of Mutant Bash TV and 
you will probably get it by the end of your first time playing this 

Trophy - Bringing Home The Bacon
To earn this you must simply earn $750 or more playing a game of 
Mutant Bash TV. This can be better achieved on your first run but I 
honestly don't advise this. Simply because most likely you will 
struggle your first time through. I'd wait until you can get better 
equipment like the Pop Rockets for your shotgun. With these ammo 
alone you can easily speed through with little to no damage earning 
around $1000 each time. There is also a way to make this easier that 
I wrote about in the "Money Tricks" section of the guide.

Trophy - Keep 'Em Coming
This trophy requires you to kill five mutants with one Sentry Turret. 
This is easier done once you obtain the advanced schematic for Sentry 
Turrets but it can be done now. I personally did it before getting 
the advanced schematic. During the first round before it starts 
(avoid standing on the center logo) put a sentry turret in the small 
crevasse in the center of the back wall and then one off to the right 
or left side corners. I did this and I was lucky enough to actually 
get the trophy. Something to keep in mind would be to help the 
turrets out by shooting the mutants a bit to weaken them for the 
turrets. This also makes it a bit easier. You might even use a Sentry 
Bot to further distract the mutants away from the turrets.

Collector Card 24/54 - Scoop Mutant
This card is located inside the Mutant Bash TV battle arena. Simply 
make it past round 5 and on your way out its on a container on your 
left. Even if you miss it rushing out your first time, though you 
should not be in a hurry leaving, it will remain there until you pick 
it up.

Collector Card 25/54 - JK Stiles
This card is obtained as a reward for beating your first game of 
Mutant Bash TV. Simply talk to JK Stiles upon completing the game.

Collector Card 26/54 - Cuprino
This card is obtained inside Wellspring. You will need to have 
completed the sponsorship race with the Cuprino, then return to 
Sheriff Black with this quest complete and you are rewarded with this 

15. Crazy Joe's Shack

Collector Card 27/54 - Crazy Joe
This card is located inside Crazy Joe's shack. When you are on the 
quest called "Miracle Cure" you will pass right by this shack. It is 
just before the swamp you need to walk through. Go inside and its on 
a table next to Joe.

Jump 10/18 - Crazy
On your way up the path to Crazy Joe's shack you will see this marker 
on your left. You will need to use the boulders here as a ramp to get 
it. Back your car up against the opposite rock face wall and boost it 
toward the jump marker which should be just barely visible if done 

Schematic 9/19 - Apophis Infusion
This is obtained for completing the side quest "Miracle Cure" which 
is obtain by speaking to Richard in the Second Chance Bar of 

Jump 11/19 - Science Makes You Crazy
Heading east of North Watch Tower you will come to a path on your 
right side that loops around a rock. Take this path until it re-
connects with the road you were on then fly off the cliff here 
towards the West so you nail the jump marker as well as land on solid 
ground. It might be easier to understand where it is by getting out 
of your vehicle to take a quick look off the cliff to find it.

Schematic 10/19 - RC Car Bomb
Upon accepting the quest "Destroy Bomb Cashes", Sheriff Black will 
give you this schematic in order to help complete it.

16. Shrouded Bunker

Trophy - Silent But Deadly
Basically this trophy requires you to one hit kill 10 enemies without 
them having noticed you. To do this, headshot an enemy who does not 
know you're there. He won't turn around or hear the arrow flying at 
this head so don't worry about that. The added bonus to eliminating 
an enemy this way is that no one else will hear it happen so long as 
the other enemies are not looking the way of your victim then you can 
take the next enemy out the same way. Mostly I'm just putting this 
here to have you keep it in mind as you go through the shrouded 
bunker, which is the next step in this guide. As long as you kill as 
many enemies in this bunker as possible this way, you will earn it by 
the time you've finished the Shrouded Bunker.

Collector Card 28/54 - RC Car Bomb
This card is located inside the Shrouded Bunker. You will visit here 
during the quest "Destroy Bomb Cashes". In the first major room of 
this area you will find this card under a railing next to a green 

Collector Card 29/54 - Shrouded AR
This card is located inside the Shrouded Bunker. After you go down a 
lift from the initial area of the bunker you will arrive in a area 
with enemies busy working. This card is on the right in front of 
stacked boxes. I would eliminate the enemies first however, because 
they will see you if you just try to grab it first.

Collector Card 30/54 - Shrouded Heavy
This card is located inside the Shrouded Bunker. After traveling 
through a large pipe you will come to a hallway. Head down this 
hallway to another room. This card is next to a smaller pipe on the 
right side of the room.

Schematic 11/19 - Advanced RC Car Bomb
After finishing the quest in the shrouded bunker a side quest will be 
available on the job board called "RC Prototype". Accept the quest 
and eventually you will find yourself heading back to the bunker to 
find this schematic.

Trophy - Mr. Oddjob
By now you should have enough jobs on the Job Board in Wellspring to 
get this trophy. Simply complete 5 or more of them to get this trophy.

Trophy - Field Goal
There are three locations in the game you need to launch your self 
off of the Jetter ATV through a Field Goal post to get this trophy.
1. Down by where the main entrance to the Wasted Garage is. Its to 
the right of the door off the cliff.
2. Take the right path after heading through the now destroyed entry 
from Hagar Settlement towards Wellspring. Go right at the first 
opportunity and go straight until you come to a large metal door. 
This field goal can be found to its left.
3. On the left of the back side of the North Watch Tower. Just peer 
over the cliff and you will see it. Line up your shot and drive into 
the rocks to launch yourself into it.

Trophy - Three Birds, One Bomb Car
This would be a good time to get this trophy. Head on over to Mutant 
Bash TV. In the first stage of this game you can use a Car Bomb to 
blow up the first few enemies that emerge. It will be very easy to 
do, even without the advanced schematic on hand.

Trophy - Passive Aggressive
Same with the last. But this time instead of using a Car Bomb just 
use a Sentry Bot. I got mine the second attempt at it. Try to make 
sure that only one enemy is trying to attack your bot at a time.

Trophy - Mechanocide
This can be done while attempting to get the other "kill" trophies 
while at Mutant Bash TV. Simply be sure to kill enemies with either 
Sentry Bots, Turrets, or RC Bomb Cars. When the combined total from 
all three equals or exceeds 100 this trophy pops.

17. Dead City (1st Visit)

Collector Card 31/54 - Large Mutant
This card is found inside the Dead City. Once you enter a large area 
where 2 mutants are throwing molotov cocktails at you from a great 
distance away in the upper floors of a destroyed building across the 
way, you are near where the card is. You will head down a narrow path 
to a sewer hole that multiple enemies will come out of. Take them all 
down and then send a car bomb inside this small sewer tunnel. On the 
other side you will find a door with a couple gas tanks next to it. 
Park the RC Car Bomb next to this door and blow it up. This allows 
you access to the room with the card. Now turn to your left, head up 
the stairs into the building. Look around inside until you locate a 
stairway leading back down into the basement, of sorts. Here you 
will find this newly blown open door. Head through and your card is 
waiting to be picked in the back.

Collector Card 32/54 - Kraken
Once you lead the building you found the last collector card inside 
of you will drop down into a large open area. A Kraken Mutant will 
explode from a wall at a certain point. Kill him and all mutants in 
the area. Then head into the room he burst out of. Its covered in 
mucus and blood and cuts. This card is on the floor in this room.

Collector Card 33/54 - Slime Mutant
This card is located inside Dead City Central. Immediately on your 
left as soon as you enter Dead City Central for the first time. Its 
on a table with a lit lantern.

18. The Well

Collector Card 34/54 - Mine
This card is located inside The Well. You can access The Well while 
doing the quest called "Hijacked Well" inside Wellspring. When you 
find yourself fighting a lot of enemies in a long room with multiple 
coulombs, eliminate all enemies. Then as you walk toward to back of 
this long room you might notice a rung ladder to your left just 
before the first bared window. At the top of this ladder is a shelf 
with this card on it.

Collector Card 35/54 - Valder
This card is also located inside The Well. In the final area of The 
Well you will come across Wellspring Soliders. They are attempting 
to open a metal gate. Run past them to a dead end with a box and 
this card along with ammo.

Schematic 12/19 - Dynamite Bolts
Bought from Coffer after "Hijacked Well" mission is complete.

Schematic 13/19 - Mind Control Bolts
This schematic is given to you by Dr. Kvasir when doing the quest 
"Deadly Delivery".

Trophy - Hat Trick
You must kill three enemies with one mind controlled enemy.
Once you obtain the last schematic head on over to Mutant Bash TV. 
During the first round, when the last 3 enemies pop out of this 
round (and you'll know when you play Mutant Bash TV enough) wait 
until they are all surrounding you. Then use a mind control bolt 
take explode one enemy to kill it and the other two. Make sure you 
are at full heath or near it when you fire that bolt because for 
some odd reason if you die during the explosion it does not count. 
Go figure.

19. Authority Prison

Schematic 14/19 - EMP Grenade
This is found inside the Authority Prison. Upon entering this area 
for the first time you will follow the path until you go up a small 
set of stairs. You will find an open doorway to your right with a 
couple of tables inside. This schematic is on the table to your right 
as you enter.

Collector Card 36/54 - Power Supply
This card is located inside the Authority Prison. After destroying 
your first generator to gain access to a room which was blocked by a 
laser grid you will find this card on your right on a container.

Collector Card 37/54 - Giant Mutant
This card is located inside the Authority Prison. You will come to a 
room that has a turret guarding it. Take out the generator that 
powers it. Now leave the room the way you entered it originally and 
you'll notice a hole in the wall. Inside this hole is the card.

Collector Card 38/54 - EMP Grenade
This card is located inside the Authority Prison. You will navigate 
through a series of rooms with turrets in them until you find a room 
where a bunch of Authority Soliders crowd in. Kill them all and then 
destroy the device powering the laser grid blocking access to the 
next area. Climb the stairways to the top hugging the right side. 
Follow the right wall into the next room and around the corner to 
find this card on a small table.

Collector Card 39/54 - Drop Ship
This card is located inside the Authority Prison. After rescuing 
Captain Marshall from his cell and defending him from the onslaught 
of troops that rush the room he will open a weapons cache. Inside 
this cache is your card. This can also be obtained just before 
freeing Captain Marshall and before he opens the cache by simply 
pointing your cursor over the location the card will be after it 
opens up. This is a minor glitch I discovered by accident.

Collector Card 40/54 - Marshall
After the last card follow Captain Marshall forward but once at the 
bottom of the stairs turn left instead of continuing to follow him. 
You will come to a locked for requiring a Lock Grinder to get inside. 
Open it up and inside on a Air Conditioning looking device is this 

Trophy - Jetpacker
For this trophy you need to simply defeat a jet-packing enemy before 
they reach the ground. Though this could have been obtained a bit 
earlier when you first encountered this type of enemy, it tends to be 
easier here. Once you find yourself needing to defend Captain 
Marshall as he sets a bomb to blow open a door, mount the mini-gun. 
Save here so you can reload if you miss your opportunity. When the 
jet-packing enemies come down they tend to delay near the ground and 
this is your chance to kill them. If done right they fly around out 
of control and blow up earning you this trophy.

Collector Card 41/54 - Shield Guard
This card is located inside the Authority Prison. After you and 
Captain Marshall separate an enemy will burst through a door. Kill 
him and then head through the door. Immediately hug the right wall 
following it forward to the other side of the room. Here in a darkly 
lit area is this card on a table next to Gas Canister.

Collector Card 42/54 - Elizabeth
This collector card is located inside Wellspring's Second Chance bar. 
Its in the back room that Elizabeth took you into before. Only now 
she is down the stairs instead of blocking the walkway. Down the 
steps on a barrel is her card.

20. Dead City (2nd Visit)

Collector Card 43/54 - Drone
This card is located inside Dead City. Once you find yourself back 
in the large room with escalators enemies will be waiting. Heading 
down the first escalator turn right and around to the rear of it on 
a table is this card.

21. Subway Town

This is the last major town of the game, complete with another Job 
Board, more mini games, races, stores, and NPC's assigning the main 

Collector Card 44/54 - Authority Mutant
Once you find yourself inside Subway Town for the first time you will 
gain control while inside the Resistance Base. If you head left and 
into the small room here you will find a dead slime mutant lying on 
a table. To the right of this guy is a card.

Schematic 15/19 - Authority Augmenter
Speak with Lassard while in the Resistance Base at Subway Town. He 
will tell you about a project he has been working on and the 
schematic that creates it.

Mini Games
-RAGE Frenzy: For an easy trophy beat the hardest level.
-Five Finger Fillet: If not already done, finish all 5 rounds.
-Strum: Beat all 5 rounds for an easy trophy.
-Tombstones: As long as you survive before the mutants kill you it 
-Races: Place first on all races.

Trophy - Minigamer
Simply play and win each of the mini games in the game. Tombstones is 
first found in Wellsprings but can also be found in Subway Town. Five 
Finger Filet is in both the bar of Wellspring and the one in Subway 
Town. It only requires you to play the first round and cash out. 
Strum is only found in Subway Town and only is required to beat the 
first round, though all five will net you a trophy. As for RAGE 
Frenzy, it too is in either the bar of Wellspring or that of Subway 
Town. Simply choose any difficulty and win.

Trophy - Deliverance
You will need to complete the final round of Strum to unlock this 
trophy. Simply write down the notes in between rounds so you can more 
easily remember them. This should make this very easy.

Trophy - Hardest Deck
In Subway Town there is a bar called Fez. Inside this bar (which is 
really just a subway train car being used as one) you will find 
Teague. She boasts about how she has the best deck in the Wastes. 
Prove her wrong by choosing Hard and winning. All you have to do is 
win a single game on hard difficulty and this trophy unlocks.

Job Board
This is the side quest hub of Subway Town. Its located on the first 
floor next to the tracks on the wall. Complete them as they become 

Schematic 16/19 - Advanced Wingsticks
This can be purchased from Jani of Jani's Supplies on the 2nd floor 
of Subway Town.

Schematic 17/19 - Advanced Sentry Bot
This can be purchased from Jani of Jani's Supplies on the 2nd floor 
of Subway Town.

Schematic 18/19 - Advanced Sentry Turret
This can be purchased from Jani of Jani's Supplies on the 2nd floor 
of Subway Town.

22. Blue Line Station

Collector Card 45/54 - Dyno-Mutant
This card is located at the Blue Line Station. As you go along 
mutants will run away and hide as you progress through. Once you head 
up a set of stairs you should see a set of three ATM machines on your 
right and a mostly closed security gate with a yellow box next to it 
on the wall. Shoot this box with an Electro Bolt or use an EMP 
Grenade. This opens the gate fully allowing you to grab this card on 
the right side shelf as well as Feltrite Crystals and some Wingsticks 

23. Abandoned Distillery

Collector Card 46/54 - Portman
This card is located in the cave entrance to the Abandoned 
Distillery. As you enter and travel through this cave you will see 
it open up a bit to your left and hear water dropping. This card can 
be found on a table to the right of this path a few steps after the 
cave opens up.

Trophy - Dev Graffiti
While traveling in the Distillery you need to locate the secret 
developers room. When you come to a room with a bunch of silos in it 
you will hope over a railing to enter it. Beyond this railing is a 
silo with writing on it saying "Still No.3". This is your clue your 
in the right area. Now head to the back of this area where a railing 
is located. It has a part where it is destroyed. Jump down into the 
area below through this break. Follow the path to a small area with a 
picture and some supplies. Turn the half busted valve here which 
opens this room. Travel back to the area you came from and you should 
notice a door partially opened up from the bottom on your right. 
Enter inside this room and the trophy will pop.

Schematic 19/19 - Regenerative Infusion
As a reward for completing the side mission "Abandoned Distillery" 
given by Dietrich in Subway Town you will earn this schematic.

Trophy - Master Chef
This trophy requires you to collect all the schematics in the game. 
As long as you have been following along with this guide then you 
will instantly get this upon getting the last schematic. If you don't 
I highly recommend you go back and get what your missing if at all 
possible (seeing as some are missable).

24. Gearhead Vault

Collector Card 47/54 - Advanced Sentry
This card is found inside the Gearhead Vault. Continue along this 
area until you come across the first heavily armored enemy with a 
mini gun shows up. Kill him you will come to a white card. Inside the 
back seat of this destroyed car is the card.

Collector Card 48/54 - Gearhead Shotgun
This card is located inside the Gearhead Vault. You will come to a 
room with fire blocking your path. After you deactivate the fire 
blocking the path and pass through the opening, this card is found 
down the path to the right. Its sitting on the fountain found here.

Collector Card 49/54 - Jarhead Jet
This card is located inside the Gearhead Vault. After obtaining the 
item the quest needs you to get you will return to the room with the 
plane propeller that spins. Eventually, while fighting enemies a wall 
will explode and a Armored Mini Gun enemy will emerge. Kill him, 
proceed through the newly opened path until you come to a staircase. 
Turn around at this point and jump the railing you will see. On the 
chair in this area is the card.

25. Wasteland - Open Territory

Jump 12/18 - Gimeee
Driving away from Subway Town this jump can easily be seen to your 

26. Wasteland - Gearhead Territory

Jump 13/18 - Bunny Hop
From the entrance of Subway town make the first left into a new open 
area which you should immediately see this jump. You cannot use the 
small raised dirt mount to hit it. Instead keep going forward until 
you can drive up the freeway ramp on the left side. As you drive up 
the ramp take the left path and drive off the dead end to nab this 
easy jump.

Jump 14/18 - Over The Hill
Same general area as the last jump. Instead of taking the left 
freeway path, take the right one to the top of the area. Now use the 
green ramp made out of freeway signs (to your left upon reaching the 
dirt area).

Jump 15/18 - Shock And Awe
Facing away from the Power Plants entrance, use the left side path to 
drive up the rocky surface to get high enough the drop off the rocky 
cliff to nail this jump.

Jump 16/18 - In The Gear
From the entrance to the power plant, facing the entrance, drive down 
the left path. Its very hard to miss.

Collector Card 50/54 - Monarch
The card is located to the right of the Power Plants door on the 

27. Power Plant

Collector Card 51/54 - Gearhead Boss
Once you have finished the quest by defeating the boss you can find 
his card up the path to the left of the "exit to wasteland" door. Up 
the stairs and found inside the cabinet.

28. Jackal Canyon

Collector Card 52/54 - Jackal Crossbow
This card is located at the start of Jackal Canyon. Upon entering the 
doors to Jackal Canyon a few steps forward and to the left up on a 
small raised platform, you'll need to jump up to get on top of, is 
this card sitting on a box.

Collector Card 53/54 - Jackal Club
This card is located inside the Jackal Canyon. Also near the 
beginning. Once you come to a closed gate, take the left path to find 
a switch to open said gate. This card is near the switch; hard to 

Warning - After you begin (yes begin; meaning to accept the quest) 
the "Assault on Authority Bridge" a lot of areas in the game are 
blocked off. This creates a problem if you have not completed a lot 
of side things. Do so before beginning this quest. Your obsessive 
compulsive should be at 126/130. If it is not do what needs to be 
done to get it there before accepting this mission.

29. Authority Bridge

Trophy - Roadkill
To earn this you must run over 10 enemies in a vehicle. During the 
mission "Assault on Authority Bridge" you will be required to blow 
open a back road door to the bridge. As you approach this doorway 
there will be three enemies. Run them over then get out of your 
vehicle and approach the doorway. Then three more enemies will 
attack. Get back into your vehicle and run these guys over too. 
Once you've blown the bridge four enemies will emerge from the 
gateway. Run them over for this trophy, as they make 10 in total.

Collector Card 54/55 - Elite Guard
This card is found on the Authority Bridge. During the mission 
"Assault on Authority Bridge" you must destroy two generators found 
on this bridge. The generator on the left has some boxes behind it. 
This card is on one of the boxes with ammo.

Trophy - Gotta Have 'Em All
So long as you've collected all cards up to this point in the game, 
this trophy is unlocked seeing as its the final card to find in the 

30. Wasteland - Authority Territory

Jump 17/18 - Off The Dune
Drive over the Authority Bridge towards Authority Territory. Drive 
down this path and under the arch you will notice on your right. Just 
past this arch is a dune hill you can use as a ramp to hit this jump 

Jump 18/18 - Near the Heart
Past the location of the last jump you will see a enemy vehicle 
spawning garage on the left. Just to the right of this garage opening 
is a small rocky cliff path. Follow this path to a ledge with a jump 
marker just past it. Line up the marker and boost your way to this 
final jump.

Trophy - Jumper
This trophy requires you to jump and hit all jump markers in the 
game. You know you got a jump down when you destroy a floating "jump 
marker" and the screen animation slows down and the screen will 
display the name of the jump you've completed.

31. Capitol Prime

Trophy - Hurt me plenty / Ultra-violence / RAGE Nightmare
When you finish the game playing on Nightmare you will automatically 
get these three trophies. If you played the game on Hard or lower, 
first off your an idiot, second off you will need to play the game 
on Nightmare to get RAGE Nightmare.

Trophy - Obsessive Compulsive
If you have followed this guide this trophy should activate after the 
"Hurt Me Plenty" trophy pops. This is the hardest trophy in the game 
to get so congratulations if you get it, otherwise, you obviously 
ignored one or more of the steps I listed here.

Well, thats it. The end of the game and my point by point 
walkthrough. I hope you enjoyed it but stick around. Below I have a 
few categories describing a few other things not talked about in 
the point by point. Like locations of particular items that really 
help you along, or various money tricks, etc. At any rate, if you 
enjoyed my guide please let me know. I you hated it, keep your 
trolling to yourself. :)
32. Night Blossom & Desert Spore Locations
(Ingredients for a longer life)

Night Blossom Locations

Night Blossoms are a unique item in this game for they re-spawn like 
nothing else in the game. When are where is still unknown to me but 
they only have a limited number of locations they can do this from. 
In this part of my guide I will describe to you where these locations 
are. At one point in the game they can be bought in unlimited 
quantities but until then these locations are at least somewhat 
helpful to know.

- 2 are rewards for finishing the side mission "Miracle Cure" in 
- Immediately upon entering the waters of the swamp just past Crazy 
Joe's shack sprouting from a plant next to the rock filled shores of 
the right hand side.
- A bit further down the swamp on your left hidden in the tall 
- Directly across from the last one next to a large darkly lit 
- Just as you emerge from the waters of the swamp on the other side, 
it's on the left in front of another bolder.
- Much further down this same path on the right next to yet another 
bolder just before the crater.
- Down the path you took for the Radio Tower Repair quest, you'll 
find a cave opening just before the underpass. This is the bathroom 
area for the bandits. The plant is on the left of the toilet.
- Just inside the Ghost Hideout in the woman's restroom you have to 
use a Lock Grinder to get inside. Next to where a Collector Card is 
found on the table is this plant.
- Behind the locked door in Subway Town.
- Can be bought in Jani's Supplies from Jani in Subway town.
- Inside Jackal Canyon on the rocky ledge right before the elevator 
with the red control panel.
- Inside Jackal Canyon at the start on the right up high on a ledge 
right by the entrance.
- Inside Jackal Canyon after the bridge that goes under the ship, on 
the right side of the rocky path (behind a large stone).

Desert Spore Locations

These are really the main ingredient in the Apophis Infusion drink, 
which raises your health permanently. Once these are picked up they 
never re-spawn so there is no need to check if they return later on. 
This also unfortunately gives you life a maximum. I highly recommend 
going out and collecting all of these before heading into the Lost 
City for the first time. This way you have around 130+ life going 
into that.

- Two are automatically given to the player after you obtain the 
schematic to make the Apophis Infusion.
- Just outside Wellspring on the other side of the bolder on the 
right facing away from the Wellspring entrance.
- Start from the exit of Wellspring. Take the path to the right, then 
right again. Use the ramp here on the left to reach the area above. 
This was/is the jump called "I Think I Can Jump". At the back on the 
floor next to the mail box is the Desert Spore.
- On the cliff side of the Northern Watch Tower, it's on the floor.
- Heading back under the building from the Northern Watch Tower and 
going NE down the path until you see a raised area on your right with 
a mail box on top. Drive past this to find the path to get up where 
this mail box is. The path up is behind it and along the path further 
a small bit. This spore is on the ground next to the mail box.
- At the foot of the bridge leading to Kuasir's lab on the right side 
- To the left path beside Mutant Bash TV's entrance you'll find this 
sitting next to a large rock.
- At the crater past the swamp by Crazy Joe's Shack there are 2 
found. They are on the right and left sides of the circular shaped 
craters impact point.
- Under the bridge to Subway Town near the sandbags.
- To the left of the doors to the Power Plant in the Eastern 
- Inside the cave path to the Abandoned Distillery, its on the ground 
next to a Mixom barrel.
33. Unlimited Money Tricks

Something to keep in mind is that not all of these work anymore. 
Sadly 2 of these were patched or fixed with the patches that were 
released for the game since launch. 1.2 fixed a few one and 1.3 
fixed the other. Thankfully every other trick still works but you 
can always just choose NOT to install the updates simply to exploit 
the glitches but that might mess up your chances of some trophies as 
a whole lot of trophies were glitched in the game until the final 
patch was released. Numbers 1 and 3 were patched and no longer 
work until you uninstall, or simply never install in the first place, 
these patches. You can uninstall any patches by deleting the game 
data (NOT SAVE DATA) from your PS3 HDD. Then simply reboot the game 
and choose NOT to install the updates.

1. This requires you to have a 5% discount at stores. It involves the 
buying and selling of items. You can do this trick in Subway Town. 
You need to have at least one "mind control bolt" in your inventory. 
Simply find Jani to start this process. Sell her the "mind control 
bolt" for $100. Then, because of your 5% discount at all stores (must 
be wearing either the pre-order exclusive Crimson Armor Elite or the 
Wastelander Outfit), you can buy it back for only $96. This creates a 
$4 profit each time. Do this enough times and you can get as much 
money as you want. This can also be done at a slightly slower pace in 
Wellspring. Simply buy the parts to make a Lock Grinder, create one, 
and sell the newly made Lock Grinder back to the store for an overall 
profit of $3 each time.

2. This trick also involves buying and selling but does not require a 
store discount. In Subway Town, you can purchase rotating deals from 
a person named Stew. Sometimes you are able to purchase items at a 
discount that can immediately be sold at Jani's Supplies nearby for a 
higher price. In example Stew might sell you Viper Rockets for $66, 
which you can sell to Jani for $75. Repeat this as much as desired.

3. For this one you will need to have finished the quest "Missing 
Persons" and NOT yet picked up the Comet Blossom nearby. Now return 
to the Ghost Hideout entrance. Just before you cross the bridge to 
the door, turn around and you'll see it (a Comet Blossom). Pick it up 
and then head inside the door to enter the hideout. Once the game 
loads up, simply exit back out & return to the spot where you found 
the flower. It should have returned. This process can be repeated as 
much as you would like. Also, in this same area, inside the Ghost 
Hideout, head to the women's rest room where a Night Blossom can be 
found. This Night Blossom re-spawns much the same was as the Comet 

4. This is a method that requires combat and patience. Head over to 
Mutant Bash TV and play as many rounds as you like. Simple and not as 
much a trick as it is exploiting the game but this is one of the 
funnest ways to earn big cash. It also happens to be (bar none) the 
fastest way to earn money in the game. Note, you must exit and re-
enter Mutant Bash TV after your first re-run match for some odd 
reason before you can just instantly play one after another after 
another. A few tips and tricks to mention would be to use Pop Rockets 
as ammo for a shotgun to make this a piece of cake. Also, in the last 
arena of the game, you will be in a room with spikes on the floor and 
a prop ship on your left. There are three lights way above this ship. 
Once the round begins shoot the lights from right to left, then 
immediately aim below the far left light and shoot the green fish 
that jumps out of the prop water. He will proceed to jump out twice 
more, once in the center of the water prop and finally the far right 
side. Manage to shoot the fish each time (you'll hear a cha-ching if 
you do it right) and you'll get $200 each time you do, for a total of 
$600. This helps boost your profit for the game tremendously.

5. Another exploit is to use the old tried and true RPG card game 
trick. Save before starting up a card game of RAGE Frenzy and play 
5-6 rounds. Use either Easy, Medium, or Hard, which ever you prefer 
and then check your cash afterwards comparing it to the amount you 
had before starting. If its more than before you started, save again 
and repeat. If its less, reload and try again. Rinse, repeat. The 
approximate money per time is as follows: $110 per 3 minutes 56 

6. This method comes later in the game when you reach Subway Town. 
You will need to clear all enemies out of the Gearhead Vault. The 
enemies will re-spawn only once. Once you've cleared the vault twice 
your free to exploit this glitch. The ATMs at the bank will refill 
each time you exit and re-enter the Gearhead Vault. The quicker that 
you grab the money in the ATMs the more money you'll get each trip 
(for a maximum of up to $275), per trip. Not sure why this is but for 
some reason that is how the game was programed.

7. Just like the RAGE Frenzy method, it also works for the Tombstone 
game found just outside Coffers store in Wellspring. Save before 
playing a few games. Then make sure you made more than you lost and 
go from there. The profits per time turn out to be as follows: $175 
per 1 minute 10 seconds. Please note that this only works in short 
bursts of time. Much like gambling in real life Las Vegas, the longer 
you play the more likely the "house" is to win. For instance, if you 
play for 2 - 3 minutes at a time you will end up winning just as I 
averaged out but if you play for a stretch of 10 minutes (like I did 
for another test) you will probably end up just about where you 
started, if not with less. This is the least recommended method for 
gaining money as it is far too slow and requires you to come back 
again and again at later times.

8. Playing Five Finger Filet is a great way to earn large amounts 
of money just as fast as RAGE Frenzy can. Simply do the first 4 
rounds then cash out. The Fifth round is simply too hard, even though 
it gives you a trophy for completing it. If you must try it simply 
press X+Start at each hit area. This shows you the next hit area & 
pauses the game before the animation of the knife stabbing the table. 
This will allow you to beat the final round with a lot less trouble, 
but its too slow for quick cash. The money to time approximate ratio 
is as follows: $120 every 4 minutes 30 seconds.
34. Ammo Damage

These are rough estimates that I've personally made while playing the 
game. I have not source other than my own opinion for these 
particular ratings. Basically I was unable to find any information on 
the power of weapons compared to other weapons so I thought I'd make 
my own. So here you go.

Settler Pistol -
Pistol Rounds : *
Killbursts: *** (semi-auto)
Fat Boys : **
Fat Mamma : ****

Settler Assault Rifle -
Steel AR Rounds : 1/2 (half star)
Feltrite AR Rounds : *

Combat / DB Shotgun - 
Buckshot : **
Pop Rockets : ****
Pulse Shot : ** (ranged), **** (vs machines)

Striker Crossbow - 
Steel-tipped Bolts : * 1/2
Mind Control Bolts : N/A (controls enemies upon impact)
Electro Bolts : *** (electric bridging)
Dynamite Bolts : **** 1/2 (plus stuns enemies)

Authority Machine Gun - 
Authority MG Rounds : *
Authority AV2x Rounds : * 1/2 (plus armor piercing)

Authority Pulse Cannon -
Authority Pulse Rounds : 1/2 (extremely fast firing speed)
BFG Rounds : ****** (one-hit-kills)

Rocket Launcher - 
HE Rockets : **** 1/2
Viper Rockets : **** (only effective vs vehicles)

Nailgun - 
Nails : * (fully automatic)
Rebar : ** (pins enemies to wall)
Railgun Slug : **** (sees through walls)

Sniper Rifle - 
Sniper Rounds : **, *** (head shots)
35. Engineering Costs & Parts

This will be the part of the guide you use as a quick check when 
buying parts for creating items. It will tell you what to buy and how 
much it will cost you. Enjoy. I advise printing this out so you have 
it on hand when playing the game.

Fat Mamma Ammo

Fat Boy x12 ($28) + Explosive Pack($20) = 
Fat Mamma x12($48) , Fat Mamma x120($500) , Fat Mamma x996($4144)

Sentry Turret

Ordnance Pack($12) + Turret Barrel($18) + Nanotrite Conduit($22) +
Small Battery Pack($16) + Electrical Wire Kit($16) =
Sentry Turret($84) , Sentry Turret x10($840) ,
Sentry Turret x99($8316)

Apophis Infusion

Desert Spore x2(Only Found) + Bandges($15) + Night Blossom x2($70) =
Apophis Infusion($85 + Found Items)


Steel Blades($15) + Hardware Packet($20) + Electrical Wire Kit($16) =
Wingstick x15($51) , Wingstick x150($510) , Wingstick x999($3417)

Pop Rockets Ammo

Buckshot x16($24) + Explosive Pack($20) =
Pop Rockets x16($44) , Pop Rockets x160($440) ,
Pop Rockets x999($2772)

Lock Grinder

Electrical Wire Kit($16) + Hardware Packet($20) + Small Gear($36) =
Lock Grinder($72) , Lock Grinder x10($720) , Lock Grinder x99($7200)

Adrenaline Overdrive

Bandages($15) + Night Blossom($35) + Mutant Adrenal Gland($12) =
Adrenaline Overdrive($62) , Adrenaline Overdrive x10($620) ,
Adrenaline Overdrive x99($6138)


Cloth Rags($4) + Antiseptic Formula($8) = 
Bandages($12) , Bandages x10($120) , Bandages x99(1182)

Regenerative Infusion

Bandages($15) + Comet Blossom x2(Only Found) + Vial of Blueshine($72)
= Regenerative Infusion($87 + Found Items)

Authority Augmentor

Nanotrite Conduit x2($44) + Electrical Wire Kit($16) + 
Feltrite Coupler($11) + Feltrite Power Pack($11) = 
Authority Augmentor(82) , Authority Augmentor x10($820) , 
Authority Augmentor x99($8118)

EMP Grenades

Electrical Wire Kit($16) + Feltrite Power Pack($11) + 
HE Grenades x3($57) = EMP Grenades x3($84) , EMP Grenade x99($2772)

Mind Control Bolts Ammo

Steel-tipped Bolts x12($46) + Explosive Pack($20) + Ghost Toxin($48)
+ Mutant Adrenal Gland x2($22) = 
Mind Control Bolts x12(136) , Mind Control Bolts x96($1088)

Dynamite Bolts Ammo

Steel-tipped Bolts x6($23) + Explosive Pack($20) = 
Dynamite Bolts x6($43) , Dynamite Bolts x96($688)
36. RAGE Frenzy Card Game Combos

These card combinations have been tested a lot. I can say for a fact 
that 9 times out of 10 you will win using these combinations. I 
enjoyed this card game but it needed a bit more depth to be a true 
card game. Its a great fun way to waste away time gaining money while 
you go, so I made it easy for you by creating a set of cards for 
each difficulty.

1. Wasted Turret / Loosum Hagar / Sally / Sheriff Black / Ghost Boss
2. Wasted Turret / Loosum Hagar / Sally / Dune Buster / HE Grenade

1. Sentry Turret / Wasted Turret / Loosum Hagar / Ghost Boss / 
Shrouded Minigun / Sally / Dune Buster / Sheriff Black
2. Sentry Turret / Wasted Turret / Lossum Hagar / Ghost Boss / 
Shrouded Minigun / Sally / Shrouded Heavy / Sentry Bot
3. Sentry Turret / Wasted Turret / Loosum Hagar / Ghost Boss / 
Shrouded Minigun / Shrouded Heavy / Dune Buster / Scoop Mutant

1. Drop Ship / Giant Mutant / Large Mutant / Shrouded Minigun / 
Kraken / Slime Mutant / Shrouded Heavy / Dyno-Mutant / Valder /
Authority Mutant / Drone / Elizabeth
2. Drop Ship / Giant Mutant / Large Mutant / Shrouded Minigun / 
Kraken / Slime Mutant / Shrouded Heavy / Dyno-Mutant / Valder / 
J.K. Stiles / Shield Guard / Scoop Mutant
3. Drop Ship / Giant Mutant / Large Mutant / Shrouded Minigun / 
Kraken / Slime Mutant / Shrouded Heavy / J.K. Stiles / Gearhead Boss
 / Gearhead Jet / Scoop Mutant / Wasted Turret
37. 100% Checklist

() Tombstones
() Five Finger Fillet
() Strum
() RAGE Frenzy
() Wingstick Mastery

() Hagar Settlement
() Wellspring
() Subway Town
() Starky's Wellspring Challenge
() Starky's Subway Town

() Starter Deck
() Dan
() Grenade
() Lossum
() Dune Buster
() Ghost Boomstick
() Ghost Boss
() Ghost Pistol
() Rikter
() Wasted Club
() Wasted Pistol
() Wasted Turret
() Sally
() Cuprino
() Elizabeth
() Scoop Mutant
() J.C. Stiles
() Kraken
() Slime Mutant
() Drone
() RC Bomb
() Shrouded Heavy
() Shrouded AR
() Valder
() Mine
() Power Supply
() Janus
() Turret
() Jackal Crossbow
() Jackal Club
() Crazy Joe
() Large Mutant
() Monarch
() Portman
() Elite Guard
() Giant Mutant
() Dagger Thrower
() Sentry Bot
() Shrouded Minigun
() EMP Grenade
() Dropship
() Marshall
() Shield Guard
() Authority Mutant
() Dyno Mutant
() Advanced Sentry Bot
() Gearhead Shotgun
() Gearhead Jet
() Gearhead Boss
() Enforcer

() Beginner's Jump
() Butterfly in the Sky
() Tiger Jump
() I Think I Can Jump
() Mini Gap
() Leap of Faith
() Highway Loop
() Science Makes You Crazy
() Crazy
() Dedicated
() In the Basket
() Gimeee
() Bunny Hop
() Over the Hill
() Shock And Awe
() In The Gear
() Off the Dune
() Near the Heart

() Missing Persons
() Stolen Merchandise
() Mutant Menace
() Caravan Cover
() A Proposition
() The Exchange
() Bounty Hunter
() Eviction Notice
() Help Wanted

() Quell The Bandit Threat
() Medical Supplies
() Where's Juno
() Find Durar the Mechanic
() The Missing Parts
() Find the Buggy Parts
() Grab The Radio
() Debts Unpaid
() Destroy The Barricade
() Dan's Message
() Changing Cloths
() Renting a Garage
() Arming Your Buggy
() Resupply Dan Hagar
() Grab The Crossbow
() Wellspring Bound
() Visit the Sherif
() Cuprino Needed
() Dusty 8 Sponsorship
() Mutant Bash TV
() Win The Dusty 8
() Resupply the Watch Tower
() Destroy The Bomb Cashes
() The Mayor Calls
() Feltrite Crater
() Feltrite Sample
() Defibrillator Upgrade
() The Wellmaster
() The Hijacked Well
() Talk to Carlson
() Deadly Delivery
() Secret Delivery
() Talk to Elizabeth
() Liberate Captain Marshall
() Talk to Captain Marshall (1)
() Recover ID Drive
() Talk to Captain Marshall (2)
() Subway Town
() Talk to Captain Marshall (3)
() Gaining Influence
() Foreman Jones
() Mutant Expansion
() Gearhead Vault
() The Price of Power
() See Lassard
() Ark Equipment
() Talk to Portman
() Assault the Authority Bridge

() Wingstick Mastery
() Radio Tower Repair
() Mutant Alert
() Durar's Time Trail
() Missing Person
() Settler Postal
() Bandit Postal
() Northern Express
() Mutant Menace
() Stolen Merchandise
() Caravan Cover
() The Exchange
() A Proposition
() RC Prototype
() Miracle Cure
() Sally's Offer
() Sally's Bounty
() Finding Feltrite
() Brick's Offer
() Brick's Bounty
() Comet Bloom
() Abandoned Distillery
() Bounty Hunter
() Eviction Notice
() Help Wanted
() Monarch Needed
() Starky's Monarch

() Bandages
() Adrenaline Overdrive
() Lock Grinder
() Wingstick
() Fat Mammas
() Sentry Bot
() Sentry Turret
() Dynamite Bolts
() Advanced Wingsticks
() Advanced Sentry Bot
() Advanced Sentry Turret
() RC Car Bomb
() Advanced RC Car Bomb
() Pop Rockets
() Mind Control Bolts
() EMP Grenade
() Authority Augmenter
() Regenerative Infusion
() Apophis Infusion
38. Kill Trophies

~ 3 Kills with a single Sentry Bot
~ 3 Kills with one RC Car Bomb
~ 5 Kills with one deployed Sentry Turret
~ 100 Kills total with either Sentry Turrets, RC Car Bombs, or 
Sentry Bots
~ 3 Kills with one Mind Controlled enemy
~ 10 Headshot Kills with Wingsticks
~ 10 Headshot Kills with Sniper Rifle Ammo
~ 100 Destroyed Enemy Cars
~ 10 Silent Kills with Striker Crossbow Ammo
~ Kill Authority Enforcer during Jetpack decent
~ 10 Enemies run over with a Vehicle

Okay, thats it. All I have researched / accomplished myself. Hope this 
guide helped you and you got from the game what you wanted.